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AdSurvey Like TV commercials, online ads use motivating images and visuals to attract attention. Like print, online ads try to engage consumer interest while consumers are reading. Like direct response ads, online ads call for an immediate action - just click the image! However a click doesn't necessarily reflect an ad's success and even if clicks and conversions can be meaningful for direct-response advertisers, brand marketers find these data insufficient. Your ad may be doing so much more for you than an average click-through rate can measure and as there is no one-way to create a digital ad there should be more than one-way to evaluate it. Through years it has been market standard to copy-test creatives for offline campaigns i.e. magazine ads and TV commercials. This has never been standard for digital advertising but with the vast investments in digital advertising the need to have actionable target group insights has become evident. Therefore Adform has partnered with research company YouGov to exclusively launch AdSurvey.

AdSurvey brings a new evaluation aspect to digital marketing campaigns giving advertisers valuable and actionable target group insights. Through a seamless integration with YouGov, AdSurvey present clients with a detailed report describing how their ads are performing compared to industry benchmarks and where an ad can be changed to improve performance.

Adform has partnered with YouGov to offer an advanced product providing advertisers with clear and actionable results that are priceless in deciding which ads to run, which ads to toss, and which ads to change.

AdSurvey provides advertisers with a competitive advantage in being able to understand and improve individual digital advertising's executions - their strengths and weaknesses - in the context of industry norms.