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Adform Retargeting Case background 1

Many advertisers run digital campaigns year-round driving people to their websites; however many of these visitors only browse the advertiser websites without converting into customers.


Hi3G, the leading 3G Telco in the Nordics distributes wireless quality content and mobile services through an award winning network.


Hi3G Sweden is continuously executing digital campaigns and are therefore in constant need of optimizing their ROI.

Case Setup


Media agency

Retargeting tool+ Adserving,tracking& reporting

The Challenge 1

Fierce competition in the Telco industry means that Hi3G is constantly on the lookout for new conversions-generating techniques that can keep the price per conversion down.


Hi3G Sweden had a lot of prospects browsing their site without buying anything/ converting.


The Solution Adform Retargeting setup allowing Hi3G to re-pitch prospects with the product they almost bought and retarget purchasers with ads for complementary products and special promotions.

The Result

Positively impacted performance and increased sales

Compared to standard campaigns, retargeting campaigns has proven its


value with a increase in CTR (%) and

2 times

After implementing Adform Retargeting Hi3G has seen significantly increased CTR- and conversion rates

Adform Retargeting helped turn ’window shoppers’ into customers thereby giving Hi3G a staggering sales uplift!

higher conversion rates


The Result

“The results of using Adform Retargeting has been great with significantly increased CTR and conversion rate.�

Johan Markus, Hi3G Sweden

The Conclusion 1

Adform Retargeting positively impacts performance


Adform Retargeting can significantly increase click-through- and conversion rates.


Adform Retargeting can radically increase campaign ROI!


Adform Retargeting converts prospects and up-sell Adform Retargeting excellently converts prospects into purchasers and allows advertisers to retarget and up-sell their products.