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Mobile Mobile advertisement is gaining momentum worldwide and it's no surprise that advertisers are looking for ways to include mobile media into their marketing mix. With so many platforms, technologies and different devices available in the market, marketers need a professional and reliable tool to set up and manage mobile advertising campaigns.

Serving Adform is a mobile-enabled platform – it allows advertisers to take advantage of mobile media without the need to alter standard tags, banners or any other details. In fact, Adform's tags can be used in standard web, mobile web or mobile apps without any inputs or amendments from advertiser or publisher.

Tracking and reporting

Rich media on mobile

Using Adform platform form mobile advertisement not only enables marketers to set up and manage such campaign with ease, but also allows combining campaign records from display, search, social media and mobile media channels into one complete database for holistic campaign performance overview.

Adform natively supports HTML5 technology, which allows advertisers to run interactive and video material on devices that do not support Adobe Flash, like the Apple iPad or iPhone. To make sure performance is optimal, Adform automatically detects what kind of device is used and selects appropriate material type.