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Live Streaming Case background 1

Advertisers are focused on making their advertising material as innovative as possible to stand out


Recent research show that rich media banners with video positively impact campaign performance in terms of user engagement


High speed broadband internet allows marketers to take advantage of the benefits live video streaming provides


Adform Scheduler enables advertisers to automatically change material according to predefined schedules

Case Setup


Media agency


The Challenge 1

On January 21, 2011 Novozymes held a conference in Copenhagen to present their 2010 results and forecasts for 2011 and 2012


Novozymes wanted to broadcast the conference live to stakeholders and their investors


The conference itself only took 40 minutes, but Novozymes wanted to advertise it beforehand and also make it possible for the target group to view a recorded version subsequently


The Solution 1

The conference was filmed and broadcasted directly into banners served by Adform on the largest Danish business portals


Adform powerful ad serving engine allowed live video to be broadcasted directly from Qbrick’s servers to the banners


Creative material scheduling allowed for a smooth transition between campaign phases: Before the conference: Banners that announce the upcoming event During the conference: Banners with live streaming video After the conference: Banners with video recorded from the conference

The Result Extremely engaging solution 1

Live streaming attracted twice as many unique viewers


Campaign CTR% increased more than 72% during the live streaming phase


Material scheduling effectively changed creative material before each campaign phase eliminating manual work.


0,80% The conference was broadcasted live from 12:05 until 12:40

0,70% 0,60% CTR %

0,50% 0,40% 0,30% 0,20% 0,10% 0,00% 10:00





The Conclusion 1 1

1 2

Live video positively impacts campaign performance Live video streaming significantly increased campaign CTR% and boosted the number of unique viewers

Material scheduling saves time Automatic banner change according to a defined timeline, made possible by Adform scheduler, saves time by eliminating manual work

1 3

Quick and reliable integration process A dedicated team of Adform professionals made sure the integration process was executed on time and with high precision

“Adform managed the campaign with ease and professionalism and delivered a service beyond expectations. It is our belief that the campaign would not have been a success without their guidance and we can recommend Adform as a reliable ad serving partner� Thomas Stefansen, Qbrick Denmark


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