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In-screen reporting With a host of different web browsers, monitor sizes, and screen resolutions, it's hard to predict where an ad will land, since the same placement may appear differently on each user's screen. Therefore, advertisers often look favorably at placements that are high on the page, assuming that their ads will be viewed and clicked more often. Furthermore, one overall complaint advertisers have about display advertising is that they book all inventory ROS (Run of Site) only to discover that most impressions are delivered below the fold...

Adform's In-screen reporting In response, Adform launched a new type of report called 'In-screen reporting', which monitors the positioning of all banner ads and alerts advertisers if they drop 'below the fold'. Adform's In-screen reporting is a unique tool that tracks every ad by scanning the pixels and charting the ad's positioning on the page. The report allows advertisers to be alerted to any ads or media that underperform, thus giving the advertiser data to act upon quickly. Besides giving advertisers more control, Adform's In-screen reporting can help boost campaign performance. The report shows the number of impressions that were served in the visible part of the browser window (i.e., "above the fold“), as well as other metrics, such as banner exposure time, mouse over count, mouse over time and click count.

Adform has created an In-screen testing tool that provides the possibility to see how the statistics related to banner visibility are measured. To access the demo please visit: m/bannertestpage/ins creen.html


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