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Intelligent Buying: Cherry Picking Overview In a fast-paced digital advertising environment it is vital to engage users with messages that are important and relevant to them. At the same time, broadcasting ads to just anyone on the Web is waste of time, money and effort. Adform has developed a variety of Intelligent Buying models to help clients reach targeted users easily while avoiding those in whom they are not interested.

Cherry Picking: Show ads only to the users you want to reach! To identify users you need Cherry Picking technology, which employs a special script imbedded in the media. While a website loads, Cherry Picking script checks in real time whether the user meets client-defined criteria. If so, a relevant ad is delivered by Adform; if not, the publishing system selects another ad to show to the user. Currently, Cherry Picking can be used to retarget users and control frequency capping. Nevertheless, Adform works continuously to create new options for clients who may be using Cherry Picking in the near future.

Cherry Picking provides advertisers with the unique benefit of only reaching the users in whom they are interested but also avoiding those they do not wish to reach.


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