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NYSS art is art that arises from stunning photo-reportages. Due to the particular world view of both artists a creative interpretation of the environment is created. Depth and detailed flowing lines form the basis of each artwork. NYSS art represents a specific combination of visual arts, photography and digital imaging, melting together into a whole to create a new reality. With an eye for detail and impossible combinations the works of NYSS art are like a perfect puzzle and a feast for the eye and the mind ‌

Make feeling tangible. That is the passion of visual artist and designer Barry van der Hoeven. Originally an industrial product designer, which is reflected in the perfection of the lines in his work. His creativity is found in the details and colour variations and in the special atmosphere it creates. Always looking for new ways to better express a better story or experience. But what method or technique he chooses, each artwork has its own specific style. A particular style that puts the imagination on edge.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Designer through and through with a sense of special design. Loves anything beautiful and functional. With training as an industrial product designer as a basis, he designs spaces and art where atmosphere is decisive. Typically, is his quality to arouse emotion with whom sees his work. Emotions of recognition. Or confusion. In his designs reality is transformed to his experience and the recollection becomes image.

The existing NYSS collection is based on several trips that the designers have made. Photography on location. Photography of the moment and memories. Experiencing the city, admiring the architecture, enjoying the beach or just learn from the conversations with the locals, it all contributes to the basis for a new NYSS artwork. To be able to fully grasp the atmosphere and the culture, the designers always travel alone, separately. The goal is to maximize contact with the local population and be part of their life - convinced that the people are at the heart of environment. All NYSS designs are limited series. They are reproduced in an edition of 6 pieces. They come with a certificate of authenticity, numbered and signed by the artists. Please keep this in mind when you purchase art of NYSS from another collector!!

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NYSS art Book (preview)  

The preview of the NYSS art book.

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