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The Gift of Divine Knowledge The Real Secret Workshop

Most people have felt optimal comfort only in short moments through their life. Even most experts in mental health don’t have a standard in what lasting optimal comfort is! Because most of them don’t have deep experience in this themselves. What if we can feel and be in optimal comfort all the time? In one beautiful way this is possible.

Most of all humans have not asked fundamental questions about who they are and how their reality really are functioning. Most humans believe they are their thoughts and feelings and base who they are on the experiences of the past. This source of knowledge is very limited, compared to who they really are. When you learn to ask questions from a state of higher consciousness through intellect, the door to real wisdom, inner peace and freedom opens.

When you discover who you are through deep investigation of your mind, thoughts and feelings. You will discover your divine power and true nature. Then it’s no doubt - only truth. This has nothing to do with faith or religion, it has to do with deep understanding, the experience of how reality works and how to live in synchronicity with the laws operating in this universe. This wonderful truth is the same for everyone and we can show you the door so you can see the truth of who you really are yourself.

From limited to unlimited! You live by known and unknown limited rules in your life. We can call it beliefesystems. It comes from the unconscious mind, ancestors, dna and genes, parents, memories, experiences and what you have been told. When you discover your false identity, all your limited beliefs changes to unlimited beliefs in your life.

You can learn to supermeditate in 60 seconds! Then stress turns OFF and your immunesystem turns ON. Some people call this instant healing. To come in contact with the part of mind that controls the immunsystem is one of the great secrets of master healers around the world. People come to our workshops to get deep healing and to get the real truth about who they are. Because that’s the optimal transformation in life.

You are already free! Inner peace and happiness is your true nature. But it can be nice to know how to really KNOW and BE that. That is what we call Divine Knowledge. When you understand who you are, you dont have to meditate or do techniques to find freedom. But you can do special techniques to find out that you are already free.

From unique understanding you will see that you are not your thoughts or feelings! You are not even your body or the voice in your head. The real you is the one who witness all these things. Deep understanding of the functioning of your mind, intellect and ego. Will transform your life and free your mind. We can show you how you can free yourself. No one can do it for you or give the highest form of love to you except yourself.

How can you become your biggest dreams? You don’t have control over your life the way you think. You don’t know what you are going to think or feel in 5 minutes. What happens when you can learn to let go of this control? Then you collapse waves in the field of all potensials and real beautiful transformation just happens by itself in your life. Without stress! With inner peace and vitality playing together.

The pure essence found in the teachings in our workshops is to good to be true. Through divine knowlegde on how your mind is functioning, you will discover a supreme system that will give you total freedom and inner peace. This understanding goes beyond religion, mental therapies or spriritual methods and opens to see all things in a broader context. This truth is universal and equally true for all human beings when they discover and experience it. The truth works in the same way for everyone. It sets you free!

You are welcome to join our workshops and retreats for the experience of unique systems for total freedom! If you look at the feedback on our website, it is so overwhelmingly positive that some people don’t believe it’s true until they themselves have attended a workshop or a retreat. You are Welcome...

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Descriere cat se poate de mare

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