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Trade Promotion – Helps customers to get the best offers Many companies provide incentives to the retailers for selling particular products in the market. Promotions are divided into two parts that is above the line and below the line. The activities which takes place with the help of mass media such as newspaper, radio and television are known as the above the line promotion activities. These activities attract people to a large extent to purchase a particular product or thing in the market. The sale of the company is also increased with the help of the trade promotion activities. Social media can reach among large number of people and thereby the consumers will be educated by these activities. Below the line activities are known as the non-media advertising and communication. These promotional activities are very essential for companies which sell industrial and fmcg products. Companies perform BTL with the help of sponsorship activities, public relations, exhibitions and fairs, by offering coupons which be exchanged after sometime, providing reduce prices on products and lastly be providing trade discounts to customers and dealers. These activities mainly focus people and are short term incentives. The communication objectives are accomplished in a very proficient manner and thereby the target market sales are achieved. Following are the techniques of below the line sales promotion:  Coupons This technique is the best way to provide discounts to the people. For example, coupon on the back of the packing to encourage people to purchase that item again, coupons on the advertisements to educate people about a particular product. Coupon promotions work best for increasing the sales of the existing product or for new products.  Price promotions These are also called price discounting. There are two ways to perform these promotions. One is by offering numerous products at the same price and the second is by providing discounts on the normal selling price of the product.  Gift with every purchase This is a general trade promotion technique. The companies offer additional gifts to the customers other than the regular things to encourage them to buy a particular product again. These are excellent for consumer luxury products such as deos and perfumes. BTL promotional activities are gaining importance these days in all the big companies as these provides the customers with individual promotions other than the normal price. These activities are also adopted by the pharmeaucutical companies. As a result, doctors offer free calcium tablets to the patients to increase their value. These days event planners execute their marketing plans with the help of tpm software. Trade shows provides a huge platform for selling the products in the companies and also for face to face marketing. Social media is not a promotional activity. It helps people to share updates and news regarding the promotions.

Trade Promotion – Helps customers to get the best offers