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I found some friends seems less sensitive on the seasonal fashion products,In a recent promotional activities, many customers ask us, lovely color phosphor / bright yellow / bright green sold out, when once again arrive? The answer is not arrived. All designers, except customized services are the new season season. Designer based agents planned production order quantity, a subsection of a color sold out, not only no longer buy the same leather, but also factory production schedule has long been filled. Now comes the end of the quarter, Dongkuan upcoming, fresh colors, models, or to wait until the end of next year spring and summer vacation, will come.

Fashion people living in expectation. Hope wearing boots sandals, wearing short skirts hope coats, like fruit powder on the next generation iPhone wistfully, looking forward to next season's clothes bags shoes is our joy of life. About the autumn and winter fashion trends, I would combine line luxury brands and the most influential designer brands, write a separate article. This blog is mainly Preview Kate week independent designer brand handbags, designer fans give you a look at new autumn and winter.

Look at goyard bags. Some people say that success is star goyard online marketing. Yes, the endless stream of street shooting star, really help a lot for the brand, but the endless stream of innovation, is the brand real vitality. Both distinct personality but also the classic atmosphere, it is necessary to closely follow trends blindly can’t prevalent, a good grasp of the two balance, the absolute test of the ability of the designer. Rebecca goyard bags each new order, there will be several new models to my surprise, this year qiu dong is no exception.

Mixed colors and shoulder pouches, the prevalence of these two spring elements, autumn and winter will continue. new style of autumn and winter styles, is one of a packet of mixed colors shoulder. Be decorated in minimalist style above, it seems that designers balance classic and personality the best strategy, but how to skillfully applied decorative fashion trends, it is necessary to work hard in the details. Regardless of fashion trends, I always prefer a bag which is A few years ago in order to meet customer demand, almost all designers are coupled with detachable shoulder strap for the bag, but I never do. Many friends all know, MAB Mini is the first and most classic Rebecca Minkoff bag. Later, many models of handbags, many of them very beautiful, but all short-lived, one had to leave after two seasons. This year's Amourous Tote, I can not expect to be the designer retained long, but she's trapezoidal shape, zipper detail, staggered quilting, and brand elements in parentheses and clever use of a low-key, won my heart! Goyard handbag new, remarkable either. Hard shell handbag is one of this year's autumn and winter fashion trends, thick ladies wind. This time the wind was really fun lady, began two years ago to now, has been no stop too. Interspersed with a variety of retro, a variety of sweet, aintellectual, but everyone seems to appointment, improper tomboy, improper bad kids, only do as good woman.

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