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World AIDS Day

Calls made for HIV prevention to be in focus

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Budget 2017




VAT now on pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, Internet usage See stories on pages 3&7

NEW GPC wins award for innovation

Bandits kill minibus driver during robbery See details in Saturday’s paper

Budget confirms sluggish economy – PSC P7 …will continue downward spiral

Ex-cop slapped with attempted murder P2 charge P2 Men on ‘Police radar’ nabbed with gun, ganja

NEW GPC INC was presented with the Award for Innovation for its breakthrough achievements in technology, processes, marketing campaigns and development that have impacted positively on the quality of products, services, customer satisfaction, process efficiencies, employee satisfaction and company/product image during the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s 127th Gala Dinner and Awards presentation held at the Marriott Hotel on Thursday night. In photo, a NEW GPC staff (left) receives the award from a GCCI representative (Dexter Ceres photo)

D’Urban Park fiasco

No accountability, democracy P7 shown by Govt – Hinds

Consultations continue for new GECOM Chairman Page 11

Policeman charged on $2M bribe allegation


2 news Brazilian arrested after co- Ex-cop slapped with worker found dead in pit attempted murder charge A P FRIDAY, december 2, 2016 |

olice in F Division (Interior Locations) have arrested a Brazilian after the body of his North Rupununi, Region Nine (Upper Takutu/Upper Essequibo), co-worker was discovered in a mining pit at Dukwari Backdam, Cuyuni River, Region Seven (CuyuniMazaruni). Dead is Kido Lewis, a miner of Quataman Village, North Rupununi. His body, found on Wednesday morning, bore multiple wounds. According to a Police report, about 16:00h on Tuesday, the suspect and the deceased were seen leaving their mining camp; however the suspect returned alone later that evening. The following day about 10:00h, the General Manager and a group of

workers discovered Lewis’s body after they followed a trail of blood some distance from the mining camp. The matter was reported to Police and the suspect was arrested to assist with further investigations. Of recent, there has been an upsurge in robberies and murders involving Brazilians working in Guyana’s hinterland. However, most of those cases saw citizens from the neighbouring country being the victims of these crimes. In October, the body of Abraham Khan, 24, of Third Avenue, Bartica, Region Seven, was found in a shallow grave along the 16 Miles Issano Landing trail. Reports are that the man and another man were reportedly transporting raw gold for their employer

when they came under attack. The following week, another Brazilian miner was found dead in Port Kaituma, North West District. It was believed that Jose Pozzer, 43, also called “Goodie” and “Hilary” was robbed and shot by the perpetrators. Based on reports, Pozzer left his mining camp at Mazawini, Port Kaituma, after a “wash down” and he was paid in gold by his employers. He reportedly had eight ounces of gold in his possession when he ventured out to Port Kaituma centre. Investigators who travelled up to the area believe the man might have been beaten, robbed and fatally shot since there were evidence of lacerations and a gunshot wound to his abdomen.

former Policeman of Charlestown, Georgetown, was on Thursday charged with attempted murder and appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. Lloyd Hoyte, a father of seven, pleaded not guilty to the charge which stated that on November 27, at East Ruimveldt, Georgetown, he discharged a loaded firearm with intent to maim, disfigure or disable Martin

Atwell. Defence Attorney Adrian Thompson told the court that his client is attached to a security firm and at the time of the incident his client was only trying to disarm the virtual complainant, Atwell, in a scuffle when his firearm went off. He stated that the VC was accidentally shot in the process. The Attorney further made an application for bail, stating that the VC only suffered minor injuries and his

client was willing to abide by any conditions imposed by the court. Police Prosecutor Neville Jeffers indicated to the court that he has no objections to bail but asked that conditions be attached. Hoyte was granted bail in the sum of $150,000 and ordered to return to court on January 9, 2017, for report and fixture. In addition, he was ordered to report every Friday to the officer in charge at the East Ruimveldt Police Station.

Men on ‘Police radar’ nabbed with gun, ganja


anks of the Guyana Police Force on Thursday arrested two male suspects who have been on the Police’s radar from some time now. According to Police Public Relations Officer, Jairam Ramlakhan,, the

men were arrested sometime around 14:15h in a house at South Ruimveldt, Georgetown. It was revealed that during the operation, the Police conducted a search during which they found an unlicensed Taurus pistol and a

magazine with 13 matching rounds. Additionally, a quantity of leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be that of cannabis were unearthed. The suspects were arrested and taken into custody to assist with further investigations.



friDAY, december 2, 2016 |


The Demerara Harbour Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on: Friday, December 2 – 05:00h-06:30h and Saturday, December 3 – 05:30h-07:00h. The Berbice Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic on: Friday, December 2 – 05:40h-07:10h and Saturday, December 3 – 06:15h-07:45h.


Parika and Supenaam departure times - 05:00h, 11:00h and 16:00h daily

WEATHER TODAY Thundery to heavy rain showers with sunny intervals can be expected throughout the day, followed by clear skies in the evening. Temperatures are expected to range between 24 degrees and 29 degrees Celsius.

Winds: East North-easterly to Easterly between 2.23 metres and 4.02 metres. High Tide: 05:54h and 18:04h reaching maximum heights of 2.54 metres and 2.63 metres respectively.

Low Tide: 11:40h reaching a minimum height

of 0.71 metre.

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New Budget 2017 measures

Phone company forced to pass on VAT to consumers T he new Budget measures that were announced by Finance Minister Winston Jordan will now mean that Value Added Tax (VAT) will be charged on Internet service. This means that consumers will now be taxed for using Facebook, Whatsapp and other digital services. The damning revelation was made on Thursday by GTT Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Justin Nedd, who joined with a slew of executives of the Private Sector Commission (PSC), to express concerns over many of the new measures announced in the 2017 Budget. Nedd told media operatives that with the introduction of VAT on broadband Internet service and data plans sold to mobile and corporate customers, the company would incur an additional expense in the vicinity of US$6 million (G$1.2 billion). According to Nedd, “our concern is for the consumer of the country and while most Governments seeking ways to reduce taxes so they can attract more business, this budget is less business friendly”. He was at the time speaking about increased tax rates and inputs that businesses could not readily absorb which would inevitably have to be passed on to consumers. N e d d pointed out that GTT already forked over more than half of its earnings to taxes and pointed to a 45 per cent Corporate Tax.

GTT CEO Justin Nedd

On the matter of corporate taxes, Nedd used the occasion to point out too that the Minister announced that non-commercial businesses would be subjected to a tax rate of 27.5 per cent. Nedd pointed out that what this meant was that GTT would be paying a tax rate of 45 per cent, while its competitors would be paying almost half of that. “We will pay almost 20 per cent tax more than competitors,” Nedd said. On the matter of the new VAT regime, Nedd told media operatives: “We are stunned at proposals

on VAT if implemented as interpreted….We see the harmful impact on consum-

ers.” He used the occasion to point out that the measure announced by Finance Minister Winston Jordan represents a 180-degree turn on inconsistency in bridging the digital divide and expanding ICT sector. W i t h regard to the US$6 million that GTT will have to pass on to its customers, Nedd noted that the move by Government to institute VAT on the Internet service provided to consumers would inherently stymie demand for the service. He said it would also have a ripple effect on the company and its ability

to invest in ever- evolving technology in order to improve its services. The GTT CEO pointed to the fact that currently customers were clamouring for increased

Internet speed and interconnectivity, which would require continuous and costly investments According to Nedd, the introduction of VAT on the Internet service will have a negative impact not just on GTT and businesses, but on the country as a whole since the regime could in fact impede growth.


friday, december 2, 2016

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Ending AIDS by 2030


he importance of HIV prevention was reiterated as the international community banded together in observance of World AIDS Day, on December 1. The UNAIDS Latin America and Caribbean Regional Support Team Director, Dr Cesar Nuñez explained that the 2016 observance came a year after the community of nations committed to ending AIDS by 2030 as part of the Sustainable Development Goals. HIV prevention is central to achieving this goal. At this moment in history, the world has at its disposal a combination of new science, evidence-based prevention strategies refined over more than 30 years, and the understanding that in order to succeed countries must ensure that no one is left behind. Dr Nuñez made the statement against the backdrop that the Latin American region also has to continue to ensure that mother-to-child transmission is prevented, while emphasising the need for people to protect themselves during sexual activity. While he underscored the point that “condoms still matter”, Dr Nuñez also stated that new HIV drugs are bolstering prevention of the fatal virus. Some 55 per cent of people living with HIV live in Latin America and the Caribbean, and in Guyana, according to the National AIDS Programme Secretariat, over 7500 persons are living with the virus. According to UNAIDS to achieve the goal to end AIDS by 2030, significant investments and commitment are required. As Governments and Health Ministries strategise about how to achieve scale-up, it is important goals are feasible. In Latin America, Chile has already attained the treatment and viral suppression targets, while in the Caribbean, Barbados is on track to achieve the goals. In Guyana, Health Minister, Dr George Norton has announced that Guyana was on the “fast track” to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal to end AIDS in 2030, noting that the Ministry has intensified its efforts in reaching the 90-90-90 goal established by UNAIDS. By accelerating the response to HIV/AIDS in the Americas, the ambitious goal of reducing new HIV cases by 74 per cent by 2020 and reducing AIDS deaths in the Region by 62 per cent could pave the way for the end of the epidemic in 2030. However, this will require major attitudinal and behavioural changes in society, including changes with respect to fighting stigma and discrimination. The populace has a part to play in ensuring that all people are treated with dignity and respect, regardless of race, religion, ethnic background or creed. On Thursday, Pan Caribbean Partnership against HIV&AIDS (PANCAP) also advocated for more emphasis on HIV prevention in healthcare campaigns and education initiatives. The organisation is leading the way in revitalising awareness of HIV prevention methods through a social media education initiative. Since millions, especially young people, are using social media – Twitter, Facebook, etc – as a communication tool, this is an ideal platform to reach out to the younger generation to send the message of HIV prevention. Earlier this year, the UNAIDS had revealed that there had been a nine per cent increase in HIV infections in the Caribbean. The report highlighted that after years of steady decline, between 2010 and 2015, the Caribbean experienced a rise in annual new HIV infections among adults. Guyana’s Health Minister had confirmed that this country was among those battling the increase, with young people most affected in our case. The overarching aim of the social media awareness initiative is to propagate messages related to HIV prevention among this young population. Globally, there are an estimated 34 million people living with the virus. Despite the virus only being identified in 1984, more than 35 million people have died of HIV or AIDS, making it one of the most destructive pandemics in history. Stigma and discrimination remain a reality for many people living with the condition. World AIDS Day is important as it reminds the public and Government that HIV has not gone away – there is still a vital need to raise money, increase awareness, fight prejudice and improve education.

President David Granger and First Lady Sandra Granger visited the Cuban Embassy in Georgetown, and signed the Book of Condolence for the former President of the Republic of Cuba, the late Fidel Castro Ruizalso. Also in photo is Cuban Ambassador to Guyana, Julio Cesar Gonzalez Marchante

Why truth and politics cannot go together? Dear Editor, This 2017 Budget has caused me to reflect on an idea that I have always toyed with all my adult life – why truth and politics cannot go together? I have just read an excellent academic piece called “The Political Economy of Public Policy in contemporary India” which strengthens my resolve that you actually can bring the two together.   Only politicians who have a shallow commitment to politics need to resort to falsehood, subterfuge, and deception. If your commitment to people and politics is deep, the truth is your best armour. What has happened this week in Guyana?   Where should the people stand on this “SCUD-GET 2017” (yes a scud missile aimed at the poor and the working class)? What is the medium range projection for the

poor and the working class? What impact will this have on the 2020 elections? I apologise if I may not answer all these questions today because of space constraints but I will follow up with a subsequent dispatch to the media. What has happened this week in Guyana? Winston Jordan has unveiled a G$250 billion Budget aimed at “building a diversified green economy”. But what he has really forgotten is how to protect the existing economy to generate the resources that can feed and fund the diversification process. Instead, he is using the model of taxing and borrowing more, to spend more. But the operative question is who is being taxed more and why? The answer remains - the poor and the working class and the business class are being asked to pay more

into the treasury by way of these VAT charges on electricity so that the political “Fat Cats” in the Granger administration can spend more. This entire game plan is all about the bigger pensions, bigger perks and the future mansions for the new political “Fat cats”. Hammie is the latest beneficiary of this scheme. One of the principal documents within any budget is the Statement on the Central Government Financial Operations. This statement confirms how the Government intends to fulfil its mandate over a year through its financial activities. It basically gives you a summary of the total expected cash inflow into the treasury vs total expected cash outflow. Any householder can connect with this document since it reconciles to the same realities of every family – what

they earn vs what they spend. If it is in deficit, it basically means that the Government is spending more than it earns and irrespective of how respective ministers attempt to window-dress this number, a deficit is a deficit. When there is a deficit, it clearly means that the Government will be borrowing more money in the name of the newborn children of Guyana or taxing the people more in order to satisfy these increased spending. This is exactly what Jordan has done in 2017. Irrespective of how we twist it and turn it, the people are being taxed more so that the Granger Administration can spend more. Regards, Sasenarine Singh

Poor services at NA Hospital Dear Editor, I turned up at the New Amsterdam Hospital’s Dental Clinic, taking time off from my work, to have a filling done, only to be told that there was no dental chair, hence, “you will have to check back next month.” This is most horrible since I was waiting to have this operation done for over a month—on a waiting list at this clinic! I have heard horror stories about services (and medication) not being available to the general public and here was my first experience of that.

I would like to know what is really going on at this hospital. Why isn’t there a chair at the dental clinic? Where is the new one and why was it not installed? What really is being done at the dental clinic in the meantime? Where is the staff? What will be done to those persons whose dates have reached and expired? Will they be made to wait another couple of months to be seen? The attendant who told me to check back next month, behaved too as if I was bothering her from knitting! That’s the nonsense

that goes on in these institutions! For too long these complaints about shabby and poor services of the New Amsterdam Hospital have been made to continue— unabated without cessation! The Dental Clinic must be made to operate on a more efficient manner. If not, the services should be decentralised to the numerous health clinics around the place, so that people won’t have to be waiting months just to do a filling. Why is the government spending so much money on healthcare then,

if this is the experience citizens have to go through? It just does not match. Something is wrong here. The hospital did not even have the courtesy, like any efficient institution, to telephone its patients, a day or so before, and do the decent and right thing to say not to visit since they don’t have a dental chair to do work (as ridiculous as that sounds). I am expecting responses from left, right and centre. Sincerely, Leon Suseran

friday, december 2, 2016


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Compliments Diversify Social Protection Ministry to Business Minister for his insight Dear Editor, I have read with great interest the Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin’s presentation, on the fact that tourism cannot thrive in a discontented nation, which was recently published in various sections of the media. This presentation was delivered at the Guyana Tourism Authority Awards Ceremony. I must compliment the Minister for his insight and wisdom. It is impressive to me that he has hit the nail on its head, and as a result, I wish to suggest to the Government of Guyana and all non-governmental organisations to continue being dedicated towards self-development and the development of this nation. I am very concerned about the growth and development of our country and our people. We are an extremely fortunate society as most of our people are disciplined, and have ambition. Most of our people can read and write, and all of us can speak English language. Because of these positive traits, countries apart of the Caribbean and other nations such as the United States of America, Canada and others, welcome our citizens to work and live in their country easily. However, what we need is to create an atmosphere where our people can be comfortable, be able to see

their future selves, develop patriotism and the desire to remain here. Indeed our people, students and graduates are our most valuable assets. All of this is coupled with the fact that we have enormous natural resources to attract tourists, such as sunshine, fresh and salt water rivers, to attract ardent fishermen from around the world. We have the possibility to provide hinterland trekking, where persons can try climbing our very own Mount Roraima; the great Kaieteur Falls and many other waterfalls, located in the interior regions of this country. Millions around the world are enamored with the largest pharmacy in the world, our amazing Amazon jungles. I was so moved by the points made by the Minister and his insight into this reality. I can see from his heart that he is a man who truly wishes for the greater development of Guyana, to bring prosperity to all of our people. We have to develop Guyana to such a level that our youth, graduates, students and other citizens that have left to seek better elsewhere, return to a place they can be proud to call home and contribute to its growth. Sincerely, Roshan Khan RK’s Security Services

Dear Editor, I read Laurie Greenidge’s recent letter in another section of the media, captioned “Neighbor burns garbage under my bedroom window” with outrage after learning of such bellicose residents in his community. Greenidge’s ordeal can only be described in the context of dysfunction which saturates this country and cripples every aspect of it. Dysfunction upends lives, drives emigration and anchors us into poverty.  No doubt Greenidge’s letter resonates widely.  I too can relate to Greenidge’s experi-

ence. Although I no longer live in this country I still have memories of my dysfunctional neighbours who dumped garbage on my parapet, blared loud music from the wee hours, damaged my property, burglarised my home and pumped a bullet in a family member.  They even conspired in cover-up attempts and labelled me an evil person when I mobilised the Police.  What dysfunction!  Like any Guyanese, my unfortunate experience pushes me to rethink my future here in this country. Even against such a

dysfunctional backdrop Government turns a blind eye and advocates for overseas-based Guyanese to relocate here. Where is the logic?  Government lacks common sense and it is precisely why this country racks up five decades of failure. How can anyone live here or raise children here amid such bloated dysfunction? Obviously, they can’t.   It is worth noting that nearly every dysfunctional problem which pollutes this nation including crime, robbery, domestic abuse, harassment, racism, corruption, abusive minibus op-

erators, and so on, are tied to one common root cause – a lack of education. It seems that Guyanese for the most part can’t differentiate right from wrong and are in dire need of guidance. To ameliorate this problem Government desperately needs to infuse education. This means that at the very least Government must racially/ethnically diversify the Ministry of Social Protection or else this country continues on its dreadful, steep decline.     Sincerely, Annie Baliram

GRA’s access to accounts should be justified Dear Editor, Kindly permit me a few lines to comment on one aspect of the recently presented national Budget for 2017. That one aspect is the announcement of the intent to amend the law to provide for the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) to access the bank accounts of defaulting tax payers for the purpose of retrieving outstanding payments. While this announcement quite rightly has attracted much attention, to put it mildly, from various sections of the population, I am of the view that this measure is not as draconian as it appears if the process leading to the GRA accessing one’s bank account is fully explained. In the United States

the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the equivalent of the GRA, does have the authority to garnish salaries and to access bank accounts. But as I understand it, such action is only resorted to after several other processes and options have been exhausted, including acceptance by the taxpayer that the outstanding amounts are indeed accurate. In such cases the taxpayer, on advising of his or her inability to pay the full amount owed, has an opportunity to enter into a payment plan. It is only after wanton neglect in meeting the payments under that plan, and insufficient evidence to convince the competent authority (in this

case the GRA) of one’s inability to make the agreed payments, that action such as salary garnishment and access to bank accounts for retrieving payment, is reverted to. I am not sure exactly what process/methodology would apply in Guyana under the new law but I would want to think that no government would resort to freezing bank accounts of defaulting taxpayers until and unless all other options for retrieving outstanding taxes had been exhausted. If this is the case then the government, through the GRA, needs to fully explain this to the nation.

Regards, Wesley Kirton


friday, december 2, 2016



How sleep

enhances studying

- new research on studying, practicing, and sleeping



here are many situations in which you have to learn new things that you will need to recall later. When you are a student, there is material for classes that you study to prepare for recalling that information on exams (and hopefully later in life as well). As an adult, there are often new facts you need to remember at work, in volunteer organisations, and for your hobbies. Quite a bit of research on memory has demonstrated that distributing your practice helps you learn. That is, the more that you spread out your study time, the better you are likely to remember information later, compared to cramming all of your study time into one session. Studies have also been interested in whether sleep matters for learning. Research suggests that if you study new material and then sleep, you remember the information better than if you study new material and stay awake for an equivalent amount of time. What happens when you combine these concepts? That is, does it matter whether you sleep in between the study sessions you do? This question was addressed in a paper in the October 2016 issue of Psychological Science by Stephanie Mazza, Emilie Bergier, Marie-Paule Gustin, Zumrut Kasikci, Olivier Koenig, Thomas Toppino, and Michel Magnin. Three groups of participants were tested. All of them studied a list of 16 Swahili words and had to give their translation. The study was done in

France, so the participants responded with the French meaning of the words. To study the word list, participants first saw each word paired with its meaning. Then, they went through the list and typed in the meaning. Each item they got correct was removed from the study list. For each item they got wrong, the correct definition was provided, and was added to the list for the next round of study. The study period ended when the participant responded correctly once to each of the 16 items. A Control group, studied these words in the evening and then came back to the lab 12 hours later when they had slept. They were tested on the words the next

morning. They also came back and were tested again one week later and six months later. The Sleep group studied the words in the evening and came back to the lab 12 hours later after sleeping. They studied the words a second time. In the second study trial, they were not shown the definitions of the words again on the first round. Instead, they started by recalling the definitions of the words and then continuing to study the ones they got wrong. This group also came back a week later and six months later for tests of the words. The No Sleep group studied the

words in the morning and came back to the lab 12 hours later without sleeping in between study sessions. They studied the words a second time (just like the Sleep group). They were then tested a week later and six months later. The results demonstrate the importance of sleep. The Sleep group and the Control group both remembered the words better 12 hours later (as measured by the performance on the first trial of the second study session) than the No Sleep group. That is, consistent with previous research, sleeping after a study session leads to better recall than not sleeping. Not only that, but the Sleep group actually relearned all of the words in the second study session faster than the No Sleep group. So, the second round of studying was more efficient for people who had slept than for those who had not. At both the one week and six month tests, the Sleep group did the best. That is, studying a second time after sleeping led people to recall the words better after a delay than either studying twice without sleeping or studying only once and sleeping after the test. The performance in those two conditions was about the same. This research suggests that spreading out your study time benefits learning, but you should make sure that you sleep in between study sessions. Sleep is well-known to help consolidate memories. When you sleep before you study a second time, you are giving yourself a chance to allow sleep to consolidate your memories twice – once after the first study session and again after the second. (Psychology Today)

The protection, education and empowerment of Guyana’s children and youth Rights of the Child Chairperson Aleema Nasir’s Speech at the CRC Anniversary Workshop, Herdmanston Lodge, November 21, 2016 continued from thursday


n the area of juvenile justice, the RCC’s work at the Sophia Juvenile Holding Centre and the New Opportunity Corps has been dedicated to the rehabilitation and reintegration of Guyana’s children in contact with the law. It was the RCC that diagnosed the breach of the Convention at the Sophia Juvenile Holding Centre wherein, contrary to Article 40, the children resident at the Centre, pending trial, were denied legal representation. Out of this diagnosis, the RCC in partnership with UNICEF, crafted an agreement with the Guyana Legal Aid Clinic to provide legal representation to the children at the Holding Centre and the NOC. Critical to the development articles of the CRC is the state and quality of our education system. The RCC’s engagement of the education system has been twofold and has allowed the Commission to study the state of the education sector. The first entails an engagement of the teachers of Guyana with the letter and spirit of the Convention. This engagement has allowed the Commission to confirm the notion that the education of our children is closely linked to the love, care and protection that is afforded to them. In some primary schools, the teachers reported that their charges were falling to sleep in the very first session of school largely because of hunger. Such a situation is untenable and constitutes a serious departure from the spirit and intent of the CRC. The other component of the RCC’s engagement of the education system has involved the students themselves in a series of CRC and leadership engagements across the map of Guyana. From North West Secondary in Region One to Charity Secondary in Region Two to Stewartville Secondary in Region Three to Queen’s College in Region Four to JC Chandisingh Secondary in Region Six to Bartica Secondary in Region Seven to St Ignatius Secondary in Region Nine. The leadership emphasis has been guided by the notion that central to the participation rights of children will be their capacity and proclivity to express themselves in a responsible manner beneficial to themselves and peers. Today’s workshop will mirror this engagement. Today, as we celebrate the anniversary of the Convention, we recommit to its core principles establishing the best interest of the child. Guyana’s children are its most precious resource. Their protection, education and empowerment are critical to the task of nation building. Today’s deliberations will centre on a critical conversation relevant to the rights and interests of Guyana children. I wish the deliberations well.

7 Budget confirms sluggish economy – PSC news

friday, december 2, 2016 |

… will continue downward spiral

islation incurs another $600 million in expense. According to Dookhoo, it

is unfair to force local manufacturers to pay a $10 tax on each bottle of product it man-

ufacturers in addition to its other financial commitments.

D'Urban Park fiasco

No accountability, democracy shown by Govt – Hinds

Members of the Private Sector meeting with the media on Thursday


he 2017 Budget as presented by Finance Minister Winston Jordan, is not only convoluted, complicated and downright dangerous, but it will fail to realise its objectives with regards the projected economic growth and inflation rates. These were among the blunt sentiments expressed by the executives of the local Private Sector Commission (PSC) when they met with members of the media corps to give their take on the National Estimates for 2016. Chairperson of the PSCs Economic and Financial Committee, Ramesh Persaud, in railing against the 2017 Budget, said such a document is supposed to engender confidence in the business community but what instead has happened is that the Budget has confirmed a sluggish economy that will in fact enter into a downward spiral as a result of the measures proposed for implementation.

Complicated budget

Persaud told media operatives the modest inflation rate set at just above one per cent is unattainable. He suggested that the Minister could in fact get lucky if gold prices were to trend higher in 2017 but based on available information, the real growth rate for the economy as projected by the Minster at 3.8 per cent cannot be realised. Chairman of the PSC, Eddie Boyer, in giving his take on the Minster’s budget said it is the small man

that will bear the brunt of the measures that have been sent out in the 2017 document. According to Boyer, budgets are designed to illustrate Government’s anticipated revenues and its intention of spending that revenue but a perusal of the 2017 Budget reveals that it is in fact complicated and difficult to analyse. It is not a simple budget, Boyer said, who revealed that taken in its entirety the budget is in no way clear and precise. “We wanted a simplified budget, instead of something so complicated that the ordinary man at the end of the day will carry the major brunt of the Budget.”

Bitter taste

He used the occasion to lament too that the institution of a range of taxes and penalties has left a bitter taste in the Private Sector. Boyer also used the opportunity to lament the move by Government to access the private accounts of taxpayers in order to garnish monies it believes it is owed, saying citizens are now at the mercy of the Guyana Revenue Authority. According to Boyer, when circumstances exist where a country is going through an economic slump, high unemployment and crime rates in addition to sectors returning low outputs, such as in the rice and sugar industries, then the Government is expected to intervene in a positive manner. This, Boyer said, is absent

from the 2017 Budget.

Environmental tax

Ramesh Dookhoo, Executive member of the PSC, questioned whether the budget would have been prepared with such haste that many items would have been excluded. It was pointed out that while there are some positives in the budget for the Private Sector, “it actually takes a lot from the business community. In summary, it gives and take away a lot… It took away more than it actually gives,” according to the PSC Executive. Another of the measures that the PSC would have objected to, is the re-imposition of an Environmental Tax, this time not just on imports but also on locally produced items. Dookhoo told media operatives that the Finance Minister in his presentation of the budget sought to give the impression was as a result of Guyana’s commitment to the Treaty of Chaguaramas. He was adamant however this is not the case since without the tax, Guyana was already compliant. With regards the effects of the proposal, Dookhoo reminded that manufacturers such as Banks DIH already are required to meet onerous obligations such as the $10 million payment to secure and Environmental Permit. He said too that the acquisition and maintenance of equipment in keeping with the standards and requirement of the substantive leg-


Dr David Hinds

olitical commentator Professor David Hinds has stated that after careful study of the statements of the President and other Government officials the establishment of the controversial Homestretch Development Incorporated suggests that the Government did not show accountability and democracy. Questioning why this company was not made public at the time when it was established, Hinds commented that it took the People’s Progress Party (PPP) to draw this information out of the Government. Last week, President David Granger said the company was created solely to help completion of the D’Urban Park Development Project in time for Guyana’s 50th Independence anniversary celebration in the absence of budgetary allocations, following the May 2015 elections. The Opposition had claimed that Government had not been open with information regarding the D’Urban Park Development Project, the creation and registration of HDI, which collected funds for the Project, or Minister of Education, Dr Rupert Roopnaraine’s role as a director of the company. Hinds suggested that Government should have disclosed this information on

its own and “let the country judge whether it was prudent for the administration to create a company to oversee the project.” Underscoring that there was not widespread support for the project in the first place, Hinds stated that it was prudent for the Government to ensure that there was instant disclosure. “If there is nothing to hide—and I believe there was nothing sinister—then why not make the information public? Like many of the problems this government has created for itself, this one speaks to a culture that privileges secrecy when openness is the wiser and politically sensible way to go,” he said, adding that Government must have respect for the citizens and be guided by political morality. “Mistakes would be made but a responsible Government should not put itself in a position whereby its motives are constantly questioned and projected as sinister.” Although the President has explained Roopnaraine’s role in the company, Hinds posited that it is pertinent that Roopnaraine should give a public explanation on his own. “The revelation that WPA co-leader, Dr Rupert Roopnaraine, was a director of the company cannot pass without comment. I have not had an opportunity to speak to him personally on this matter, but as a public commentator, who is Dr Roopnaraine’s comrade, I have to assert that I hold him to the same standards of political morality as I do other public officials…But I feel very strongly that given his own political tradition and culture, Dr Roopnaraine should speak for himself by explaining to the public his role in the company and why he was party to keeping that information secret,” he sug-

President David Granger

gested. Hinds added that Roopnaraine owes his party—the WPA— and the country an explanation. The President had indicated that Roopnaraine’s role on the board only represents the Government’s interest, “because the celebrations, which we had aimed at, at the time of the establishment of the company, concerned largely the 50th anniversary celebrations.” However, the political commentator stated that he is worried that the Government continues to get itself tangled into situations that suggest it has something to hide. “These accumulated mistakes help to provide space for the PPP to project itself as the defender of political virtue. But equally important, it saps the energy of its supporters which in the long-run could dampen their enthusiasm for the government,” Hinds purported. Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson in a debate in the National Assembly at its last sitting on Tuesday, November 22, 2016, said the D’Urban Park project has its genesis in the efforts of private citizens, who took a decision to support efforts aimed at converting an area that was in actual fact ‘a jungle’ into a public space.



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IN THE COURTS Lindeners fined for DUI Trafficking accused S to know fate soon everal Lindeners, who appeared before Magistrate Clive Nurse at the Linden Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, were fined for driving under the influence (DUI).They were each fined $7500 with alternative sentences of a week in prison for driving vehicles while their breath alcohol levels exceeded the prescribed limit. Roy Stephens, 31, of Lot 27 Old Kara Kara, Mackenzie, was slapped with the fine after he was found guilty of driving car PKK 3787 along Greenheart Street, Mackenzie, on November 26, while his breath alcohol level was 58 micrograms. The court heard that the defendant was intercepted by ranks at about 18:40h and a breathalyzer test conducted when he was discovered to be over the prescribed limit. Meanwhile, Kenrick Glasgow, 61, of Lot 56 Constabulary Compound, Mackenzie, was also fined

in relation to the offence of DUI. The court heard that on November 26 at about 23:50h he was intercepted by ranks on the Amelia’s Ward Public Road. His alcohol level was revealed to be 65 micrograms, which exceeds the prescribed limit. At the time he was driving car PPP 9940. Additionally, Whidden Antiguea, 40, of Lot 352 One Mile, Wismar, was also fined for the offence of DUI. The court heard that he drove car PVV 3316 along Greenheart Street, Mackenzie, on November 27 under the influence. Feroz Ramnaran, 32, of Central Amelia’s Ward, Mackemzie, was also found guilty and fined for DUI. On November 27, Ramnaran drove car PGG 8007 on Greenheart Street while his breath alcohol level was 74 micrograms. Ignatius Titus of 27 Old Kara Kara, Mackenzie, was also fined for the offence in addition to the offence of failing to produce a driver’s licence. He

was slapped with a $25,000 fine for the latter offence. According to the Prosecution case he drove car PEE 9505 along the Washer Pond Road, Mackenzie, on November 12 while his breath alcohol level was 64 micrograms. He also failed to produce a valid driver’s licence. On November 22, the court further heard that Nathaniel Slowe, 59, drove vehicle PVV 6201 on the Washer Pond roadway whilst his breath alcohol level was 61 micrograms. Also appearing in court and fined for DUI was Gregory Scarder, 27, of Lot 921 Central Amelia’s Ward. Facts presented indicated that he drove car HC 4329 on the Amelia’s Ward Public Road on November 26, while his breath alcohol level was 84 micrograms. Scarder was intercepted at a Police road block at about 00:20h where a breathalyzer test was conducted, indicating that he was over the prescribed limit.


Linden woman, who appeared before Magistrate Clive Nurse at the Linden Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday was further remanded to prison on an alleged trafficking in narcotics offence. Ester Jules, 63, a widow of Cinderella City, Amelia’s Ward, Mackenzie, is accused of having two grammes of cocaine in her possession for the purpose of trafficking on May 19 at Rainbow City, Mackenzie. Jules, a mother of five was called to lead the defence, but chose to remain silent. She is slated to know her faith on December 14 when the case will be called again.



...questions on budget

our Eyewitness would love nothing more than get off this budget. “A pox on the budget!” he rails with upraised arms! But no matter where he turns - whether it’s the louche hoi polloi near Stabroek Market where he gets his coconut water or with the buttoned down corporate types with whom he plays squash, it’s “budget, budget, budget”. One of the latter, a very bright highflyer with an accounting/finance background took time out to educate him on the nuances, implications and differences between the “zero rated” and “exempt” items as far as the VAT is concerned. Your Eyewitness must confess Jordan could well have been talking about string theory, quantum indeterminacy and dark matter!! But within the context of the overall budget - which was too clever by half in trying to run with the hares and hunt with the fox - your jaded Eyewitness knew there HAD to be a “catch”. “And there was!” his erudite corporate buddy assured him. Seems when an item is “zero rated” all the taxes including VAT on items that you put into creating the item are reimbursed back to the producer. So therefore when the goods are finally sold to the consumer, no VAT is charged to the customer. It’s Zero rated!! Get it? On the other hand, when the item is “exempt” the taxes on the input goods and services that add value on the item are not reimbursed - and thus have to be passed on to the final customer as part of the cost, even though VAT’s not charged. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure items that are “exempt” will now be more expensive!! Just look at what you’ll be charged for bread and flour, next year!! All we need to know is by removing all those items from the “zero rated” basket and plunking them into the “exempt” one, the consumer will be hit in the end. Where it hurts the most!! And it’s this your Eyewitness finds so reprehensible about the manner in which the Finance Minister went about crafting this budget - he was VERY crafty! Like a fox. Even though he couldn’t hide some of the more outrageous new taxes - like the ones in water and electricity, which he tried to fob off as “encouraging conservation”!! - he had the chutzpah to disguise others like the above. As your Eyewitness’ corporate pal assured him, “This budget will therefore have the opposite impact to a stimulus which is what was desperately needed.” How could it be otherwise? It’s said he who “giveth” can also “taketh”. But what do you say about one who only taketh from our pockets and purses? Bandit?

...backwardness on Cuba Fidel Castro isn’t even settled in his grave and the thawing of relations between Cuba and the US, initiated by President Obama appears in danger of being rolled back. And here your Eyewitness had dared to hope the economic embargo that had strangled Cuba’s development in that quarter for over half a century would finally be lifted. Fat chance! If we’re to go by Trump’s tweet. Imagine after the massive outpouring of love and affection from the Cuban people at the passing of Fidel - as everyone called him - Trump insisted “If Cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the Cuban people, the Cuban/American people and the U.S. as a whole, I will terminate deal.” That is, just like in the sixties when the embargo was launched as well as the Bay of Pigs invasion, the US will judge what’s best for Cuba!! And what’s good for America is of course good for Cuba!!

...authoritarian streak And your Eyewitness has to end on...what else?... the budget. Have you noticed the stubborn streak of authoritarianism that’s exposed with every initiative of this Government? Imagine the wankers want the GRA to garnish your money in the bank. And that’s “garnish” as in “forcibly seize”, not “embellish”!! Readers are invited to send their comments by email to



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New VAT regime to drive up prices, inflation rate ― PSC …pharmaceuticals to become more expensive


he new Value Added Tax (VAT) regime being introduced by the Government through the Finance Ministry for 2017, will drive up prices for goods and services locally and the punitive tax measures announced could very well see more and more legitimate businesses being forced underground. The Private Sector Commission (PSC) on Thursday met the local media to give its post-budget analysis and used the occasion to caution Government over its tinkering with the VAT rate. It was explained that under the proposals submitted by the Finance Ministry, VAT will now be applied to a range of items including medical and education supplies but the recategorising of zero rated and VAT exempted items will create problems and could also in fact drive up prices. The officials explained that non-taxable items were not captured in the process but items that had attracted a zero rate to consumers still attracted VAT on many of its raw commodities. It was explained for example that while flour or bread might have been zero rated, many of its input commodities attracted VAT and under the current arrangement companies using such products would have been able to recover its expenses on the vatable inputs. According to the PSC,

now that the items have been placed into an exempt list, companies will not be able to recover any part of their investments and as such the total costs will have to be passed on to consumers. It was pointed out that NAMILCO already projects losses in the vicinity of $200 million annually. The PSC has since called on Government to come forward and offer some clarity on the matter since the Minister’s presentation has left more questions than answers.

Huge blow

It was pointed out too that under the list presented by the Minister of Finance, items required for school and other essential services such as visiti n g

t h e doctor will now also be attracting VAT. According to Chairperson of the PSC Committee on Economics and Financial Affairs, Ramesh Persaud , if Government is going to charge VAT on education then it is going to be a huge blow to the middle-class. It was pointed out that essen-

PSC Chairman Eddie Boyer

tial drugs and medical supplies will now be attracting VAT. This means that a patient will not only have to pay VAT on their doctor’s visit at a private hospital but any prescriptions to be filled will become more expensive. This obtains since drugs will also now be attracting a 14 per cent VAT, inherently driving up the costs to be paid by consumers. According to Persaud, “it is a significant challenge,” even as he called on behalf of the PSC for Government to revisit is new VAT regime. Persaud was of the view that should the new VAT regime as indicated by Government were to go ahead then it will inherently drive up prices and the inflation rate in the country. The PSC briefly weighed in on the proposal by the Finance Minister to place VAT on electricity and water, saying that this too will serve as a disincentive to small businesses. It was noted that while

large manufacturing companies would be able to recover VAT paid on electricity and water, the same would not obtain for smaller businesses. The PSC also used the opportunity to set the record straight on assertions being peddled that the vast majority of customers of the Guyana Power and Light will not be affected since 80 per cent fall below the vatable limit. According to the PSC, while the bulk of the customers may fall into the smaller category of payment, the bulk of the actual payments come from the rest of the customers, specifically the small and large businesses.

Underground economy

The PSC also railed against several other proposals by Government with regard to the readjustments of other taxes, fees and penalties. According to Persaud, punitive measures will not enhance the tax net but will in fact make it harder for persons in the informal sector to become formal and could in fact force more businesses into the underground economy. Persaud said some of the measures proposed by the Finance Minister are in fact impractical.

He pointed to the requirements for businesses large and small to maintain their books or face fines and jail time should they fail to comply with this requirement. Persaud queried whether a hypothetical audit of businesses be conducted, what would happen to the stall holders and minibus operators who would have a difficult time maintaining accounting records. He said what the new measure will mean is that if called upon to produce their books and a small business owner is unable to, then they are subject to a $200,000 fine along with six months imprisonment.According to Persaud, “we must have a conscience…we agree that

every business must maintain records but what about small business vendors…are we going to ask them to hire accountants?” Persaud maintained that large businesses will not be affected by the requirement

to maintain records but it is the vendor, farmer and small business operators that will feel the brunt of the penalties. He suggested that the move could in fact force more businesses out of the formal economy, reminding of the Guyanese adage “stricter the government, wiser the population.”

Budget cuts

Another of the queries made of Government by the PSC is the new requirement for contractors to pay a two per cent withholding tax as an advance tax. The PSC made it clear that the Minster was unclear as to what categories of contractors that would be required to make the payments. It was pointed out that some contractors are already made to pay an advance tax and the addition of a withholding tax will just add to the overhead expense. The PSC also expressed reservations over the decision to require Budget agencies to pay VAT. The PSC also used the occasion to rail against the proposed increase in late fees for filing returns with GRA and questions whether GRA will operate reciprocally, and asked whether the tax authority will in fact pay a taxpayer the applicable 18 per cent fee should it be late in making its returns.


friday, december 2, 2016


2017 Budget

Reworking of financial plan needed – Jeffrey


hile he is sure no government sets out to hinder the progress of the poor and working class, former Foreign Affairs Minister and Economic Commentator, Dr Henry Jeffery believes Government needs to dig deeper to first quell the fear of the poor, by giving a clear understanding of how it intends to see economic growth during the new fiscal year. Jeffrey was speaking to last Monday’s presentation of the 2017 $250 billion National Budget by Finance Minister Winston Jordan, and which has left sections of the population reeling in concern. Part of the budget, which points to a two per cent reduction in Value Added Tax (VAT), also speaks to a 14 per cent tax imposition on customers who uses electricity in

excess of $10,000 and water over $1500. While Jordan reminded that the budget was intended to provide a “good life” for all, the former parliamentarian said there needs to be a thorough examination and retrospection. “I believe that many of these things that he seems to be doing in terms of the VAT and others need to be better explained. His attempt to cut the Income Tax threshold will essentially cause rather than a progressive tax situation has created a regressive tax situation. He said most of these things need to be properly explained”. Jeffrey said he is always concerned with economic growth. “Last year, we saw him saying that economic growth declined by some 2.6 per cent

Former Foreign Affairs Minister, Dr Henry Jeffery

and he is trying to take that to a 3.8 per cent next year. But we need to know what he is going to do to achieve that goal”, Jeffrey said, speaking about the Finance Minister.

Then there is the issue of the VAT being reduced to 14 per cent and he has also zero rated and exempted some items, Dr Jeffrey said. According to him, the question will now arise as to whether the producer will still have to pay the VAT on those items. All these things, Jeffrey said, have to be considered. “And then there is the issue with the water and electricity that everyone is up in arms about. He may make back the taxes from reducing the VAT. I don’t think that his intent is to bring added burden to the poor. The Minister needs to explain just how he has come to these rates regarding electricity and water.” He continued, “Would it bring the sort of burden upon

the poor as everyone is saying at this stage?. I don’t believe that anybody goes into a budget trying to do that kind of a thing and so he therefore needs to explain,” Jeffrey told Guyana Times. He recalled that last year, Government spent less than it budgeted in terms of Capital works. He said now it has spent about $8 billion. He said while Capital Works can help Gross Domestic Product along the way, Government must hope that it also spends the amount of money it has budgeted for this year, if it is going to get that level of economic product. “Essentially, my concern is about economic growth and how the budget affects the poor. I think that that is his

intention, but in the things I pointed out, I thought that the richest people, those working for more than a million dollars and are getting benefits, paying less tax to over 400,000 a year… Maybe that it is his intention”. Dr Jeffrey said there should be no added burden on the poor by imposing such rates on electricity and water. “I believe that he needs to go and check this out more, he needs to be very clear about these things, he might have to look at again, but they certainly need explanation in terms of how will they affect economic growth, how these taxes will not affect the ordinary working people,” Jeffrey told this publication.

No API for sugar workers


ugar workers across Guyana will not be given their expected Annual Production Incentives (API) for 2016, a convention which dates back 64 years. This revelation comes despite Government’s announcement that it intends to award a $9 billion bailout for the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) to aid the cash-strapped sugar industry. However, in his presentation of Budget 2017 to the National Assembly earlier this week, Finance Minister Winston Jordan suggested that money injected into the sugar industry, in its current state, is money wasted and further opined that it would make no impact on the operating losses and cash deficit status of the industry. But the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) thinks otherwise and has stated its disdain for the move to deny workers API, noting that the payment, issued since 1952, was continued even after the indus-

try was nationalised 40 years ago. “This incentive to a section of the productive workforce continued after nationalisation which took place under the Administration of LFS Burnham who assured the workers on Vesting Day – May 26, 1976 – that their ‘conditions of employment shall not be less favourable’,” the Union stated on Wednesday. GAWU once again registered its annoyance over a lack of

extensive consultations from the Sugar Corporation over workers' API and claimed that GuySuCo hurriedly told it in a meeting last month that the Corporation’s financial position prevents issuing API. According to GAWU, the Corporation wrote to the Union seeking the basis of its claim and in response, the Union pointed out that its claim is related to whatever quantity of sugar is produced, as is always, and no other factor. Following, GAWU’s response, the Corporation on November 24, 2016, engaged the Union in a session.

“No wage rise for 2015 and 2016 and no API in 2016 constitute a blatant assault on the 18,000 sugar workers” – GAWU

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Consultations continue for new GECOM Chairman

The Leader of the Opposition, Bharrat Jagdeo, on Thursday, continued consultations with several civil society organisations in the process of nomination of individuals to be submitted to the President for selection as the new Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM). Thursday's round of consultations, at Parliament Building involved representatives of the Private Sector, human rights, Toshaos council, women, youth, medical association, among other Non-Governmental Grganisations (NGOs)



friDay, december 2, 2016 |

Tumatumari man charged for $4M equipment theft


31-year-old resident of Tumatumari, Region Eight (PotaroSiparuni) was on Friday placed on $150,000 bail when he appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan to answer to the charge of simple larceny. Desmond Deally pleaded not guilty to the charge which stated that between

September 1, 2014 and June 9, 2016 at Tumatumari, he stole a generator valued $1.3 million and several pieces of mining equipment amounting to a value of $2.7 million, property of a mining company. Police Prosecutor Neville Jeffers related to the court that the defendant was the security guard at the mining company at the time the items went

missing. He stated that Police ranks acting upon information arrested the defendant, who later revealed the location of the stolen items. Jeffers continued that the some of the stolen items were recovered. Attorney Paul Fung-A- Fat who represented the defendant stated that the accusations made by the prosecution against his client were inaccu-

No API for sugar...

GuySuCo’s lead person at the meeting, apparently, was in a hurry to convey to the Union’s delegation from the estates and Union officials that the company’s financial position precluded any API award. Furthermore, GuySuCo advised that its position was consistent with its no pay rise position this year. Last year, the Corporation did not increase workers’ wages and salaries, however, it awarded a mere 2.72 days’ pay as API. The Union further opined that the denial of the incen-

tives to workers is “cruel” in nature. “No wage rise for 2015 and 2016 and no API in 2016 constitute a blatant assault on the 18,000 sugar workers and represent a most crude and cruel treatment of the workers. No Government since independence in 1966 has ever been so unfair to the sugar workers. Such measures, as myriad experiences have shown, will not augur well for the industry. The turnaround of the industry is not being promoted but an aggravation of the industry’s problems and, sadly,

a degradation of the well-being of its employees, our fellow citizens, lives,” GAWU pointed out. It added that these “obnoxious and counter-productive” steps could be avoided. “A Government and a State corporation that is really concerned about its people and its workers would seek to overcome any such ‘hurdle’ as was done up to 2014 by the then Government/GuySuCo hierarchy,” the Union further opined. In the Finance Minister’s presentation on Monday the

rate. In a bail application, the lawyer told the court that the retrieved items were found some five miles from where his client lives. He said even if his client was the security guard, that does make him guilty. Fung-A- Fat was successful in acquiring bail for his client. The case will continue on January 17, 2017.

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$250 billion budget, it was reported to the House that sugar has in fact recorded a dismal performance this past year and it is projected to decline further in the coming year. According to Minister Jordan, the status quo of the sugar industry can neither be sustained nor maintained. He further told the House that as currently structured, the industry would require Government’s support to the tune of $18.6 billion and $21.4 billion for the years 2017 and 2018, respectively.

The Police and the Crime Wave


OAR was launched on January 17th 1999 asking citizens to, “Rise, Organise And Rally” against crime and violence. Twenty-five years later, what has changed? One of the points we made then was that while like all other societies Guyana had its share of people who will break the law and use violence, here, there was inevitably a political relation to aspects of that crime and violence. The “Chokeand-rob” of the sixties, the “kick-down-the door” banditry of the late seventies and eighties, the high-intensity violent “urban-guerrilla’ tactics in robberies and kidnapping of the nineties, the “African Resistance” and the Death Squads “Phantoms” of the millennium decade all sketch the increasingly open political nature of our crime and violence. Many persons (then and later) resisted our linkage between politics, crime and violence even though we made what we thought was an elementary logical inference: if our politics had a nexus with race/ethnicity (and very few disputed this assertion) then inevitably the crime and violence would refract that connection, politically. Many reacted emotionally to our analysis and saw us creating, “guilty races” who had some ontological connection to violence even though we had explicitly disavowed such a position. The conclusion we drew then that, and we would like to repeat now, was that if one agrees with our premise then one would have to also accept that any attempt to deal with our escalating wave of crime and violence must have a political impact. We cannot ignore the maxim that "a political problem must have a political solution.” I have said previously that at independence we inherited a state but not a nation and that that circumstance had presented us with a host of problems. But the truth is that the authoritarian colonial state we inherited has posed as grave a set of (not necessarily unconnected) problems as the lack of a "national" identity. Take the Guyana Police Force (GPF), which is the most visible (and coercive) arm of the state to most citizens. All accept today that this institution must be changed but few are prepared to make the radical changes necessary to deal with our post-colonial situation. When PPP presidents railed against the ineffectualness of the GPF to deal with the escalating violent crisis precipitated by the attacks against the state and innocent citizens, they missed the point: the Police Force itself was part of the problem. The fact is, the GPF was founded as a pacification “force” for the colonial masters to deal with a post-slavery potentially restive population: nothing has been done to change its modus operandi since then. In fact its authoritarian nature was exacerbated under the Burnham regime and continued with the Black Clothes unit under the PPP. The GPF will have to be completely revamped to become of any positive consequence now. In 1999 we had called for the GPF to be professionalised by “streamlining it, decentralising it and balancing it”. Essentially, this called for removing many extraneous tasks such as “vehicle fitness” and immigration that had little to do with police work; breaking the unified command and control structure that was intended to facilitate the colonial imperative for control and making it more responsive to local needs, and finally and most importantly, ensuring that the composition of the GPF reflect the general population breakdown of the country. Radical decentralisation, of course, facilitates the last imperative, with the least disruption. Interestingly, the Disciplined Forces Report, tabled in Parliament in May 2004 and approved in 2010, incorporates many recommendations that form an excellent starting point for a more effective GPF. The report has unfortunately, for all intent and purposes, been buried. We also repeated our 1999 call for the top COP’s replacement to be from abroad – and not only to address concerns about modern know-how and competency. The nexus between politics and race/ethnicity and crime mirrors the nexus between politics and race/ethnicity and almost all major activities and institutions in our country: and our Police Force is no exception. Any serious effort to professionalise the GPF cannot sweep these facts under any rug.



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World AIDS Day

Calls made for HIV prevention to be in focus A

s Guyana joined in the observance of World AIDS Day on Thursday, the Pan Caribbean Partnership against HIV/AIDS (PANCAP) urges local stakeholders to place more emphasis on the education of HIV prevention. World AIDS Day, observed on December 1, was held this year under the theme “Hands Up for HIV Prevention”; hence, PANCAP’s calls for greater focus on HIV prevention measures and education. Speaking at the an event hosted by the regional organisation at the Caribbean Community (Caricom) Headquarters, Director of PANCAP’s Coordinating Unit Dereck Springer explained that over the years, much emphasis has been placed on treatment with little or no efforts on promoting prevention. According to Springer, much has been achieved over the years with regards to the fight against HIV/ AIDS in the Caribbean, including the fact that some 52 per cent of persons living with the disease in the Region have access to anti-retroviral (ARV) treatment. However, the PANCAP official explained that while strides are being made, much more can be and needs to be done particularly in the area of prevention. On this note, Springer urges persons to look at practices which may put them at risk of contracting the deadly disease and take prevention measures. “Everyone of us, has an opportunity to be able to do our own introspection and to determine what might be making us vulnerable to HIV and if we recognised that there are vulnerabilities and risks in our lives that we take steps to ensure that we addressed those,” he stated. Springer further outlined the importance of stakeholders working together to promote HIV prevention education. He added that as the Region scales up its efforts to achieve the United Nations (UN) aspiration goal of ending AIDS

by 2030, PANCAP is committed to working along with Caribbean countries to get additional finances in order to achieve that goal. In fact, the PANCAP official disclosed that the Caribbean is poised to become the first Region in the world to eliminate mother to child transmission of HIV, with Cuba having done so already. “We have to recognise that the Caribbean can blaze the trail in this regard. However, the Caribbean has a lot of work to do in relation to addressing stigma and discrimination which serve as barriers to individual access to treatment, care and support services, primarily, for persons who are from key populations such as men who have sex with men, sex workers, young people, remigrant workers who are at increased risks because of their vulnerabilities,” Springer noted. Meanwhile, Caricom Deputy Secretary General, Dr Manorma Soeknandan, in brief remarks outlined that in order to achieve the UN’s aspiration goal to end AIDS by 2030, individuals need to start practicing and taking prevention measures in order to prevent transmission of the deadly disease. “Are we responsible enough? Do we want to change our attitude and behaviour? So long as we don’t want to do it, it’s not going to end. We often forget that if we do not change, despite their support, we often forget what sacrifices our families have to go through and bare because of us not wanting to change our behaviour and attitude,” Soeknandan stated. During the event, the contribution and support of persons living with HIV/ AIDs were also highlighted, with calls made for continuous support for persons infected. On this note, several food hampers were handed over the National AIDS Programme Secretariat (NAPS), whose Manager, Dr Rhonda Moore, explained that these contributions go a long way in

The representatives from PANCAP, Caricom, the Public Health Ministry and other organisations at the event held in observance of World AIDS Day

supporting HIV/AIDS victims. She disclosed that as of June this year, the National Food Bank has already distributed over 2200 food hampers. “We have had patients

who have given testimonies as to how much the supplies given by the Food Bank has done towards their rehabilitation process and changing their lives. We all know that HIV and nutrition are

very important and a balanced healthy diet goes a long way in aiding the reconstitution of the immune system,” she remarked as she encourages the continuation of such donations.

HIV/AIDS is said to be one of the most destructive pandemics in history, with over 35 million people having died of HIV or AIDS and an estimated 34 million living with the virus.


friday, deceMber 2, 2016


Golden Arrowhead to be flown at half-mast today …in honour of Fidel Castro


uyana has agreed to a suggestion from the Caribbean

Community (Caricom) Secretariat to join with Caricom member states to

honour the late President of Cuba, Fidel Castro Ruiz, by having all National Flags flown at half-mast on Friday, December 2, 2016. According to official communication from the Secretariat, this is an appropriate and meaningful gesture of support and solidarity with the Government and people of Cuba as they pay tribute to their former President. The late President Castro was the holder of a honorary award of the Order of the Caribbean Community (OCC).

Prince Harry and Rihanna join Barbados’ 50th Independence Anniversary celebrations


ritain’s Prince Harry joined Rihanna in celebrating 50 years of independence for her native Barbados. The Prince and the singer shared the stage with Prime Minister Freundel Stuart during a concert marking the date the island broke away from Britain. He read a message from Queen Elizabeth II congratulating Barbados and saying that the island should be “rightfully proud” of a vibrant culture and natural beauty. Prince Harry spoke Thursday night before a crowd of about 20,000 people at the Kensington Oval cricket ground, joining thousands of Barbadians for the Golden Anniversary Mega Concert.

Pop superstar Rihanna and Prince Harry when they both volunteered for HIV tests to highlight World Aids Day

He also encouraged residents to work together to confront challenges such as climate change. Earlier in the evening, Prince Harry had seemed thrilled to meet Rihanna

during the Toast To The Nation at St Ann’s Fort, Garrison Savannah, where he delivered a message from the Queen congratulating Barbados on its 50th anniversary. (Excerpt from Caribbean360)

Haiti cholera: UN chief apologises for 1st time over outbreak

Impoverished Haiti is especially vulnerable to cholera outbreaks


nited Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has for the first time apologised to the people of Haiti for the organisation’s role in a deadly cholera outbreak. Haiti was cholera-free until it was brought to the country by Nepalese peacekeepers in 2010. Since then the acute

bacterial disease has killed around 10,000 people. Ban, however, only said he was sorry for the UN’s failure to prevent the spread of cholera and not for bringing it to the Caribbean nation. “On behalf of the United Nations, I want to say very clearly we apologise to the Haitian people,” Ban said.

“We simply did not do enough with regard to the cholera outbreak and its spread in Haiti. We are profoundly sorry for our role.” The cholera outbreak has been blamed on leaking sewage pipes at a UN base, as Haiti was already reeling from the devastating earthquake of 2010. The UN had long denied involvement, only acknowledging it played a role in August this year. But the UN does not accept legal responsibility and says it is protected by diplomatic immunity from claims for compensation from victims’ families. Cholera causes diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting and muscle cramps. Once it enters the water supply, it is difficult to stop – especially in a country like Haiti which has almost no effective sewage disposal systems. (BBC


Secondary schools to benefit from HIV/AIDS counselling, testing


he Government, through the Public Health Ministry will be introducing HIV/AIDS counselling and testing services in secondary schools as recent data reveals that 1.9 per cent of young people are living with the disease. Public Health Minister, Dr George Norton revealed that statistics for the period of January to June 2016 showed that 1.9 per cent of young people aged 15-24 are living with HIV, at a prevalence that is higher than that estimated for the general population. “This is a matter of grave concern for the Government of Guyana, and we will be examining the possibility of introducing HIV/AIDS counselling and testing services in our secondary schools since this prevalence speaks to early initiation of first sexual contact and will therefore require structured interventions,” Minister Norton said. Meanwhile, the adult HIV prevalence at the end of 2015 stood at 1.5 per cent, and while statistics show that there is a decline in new HIV cases in Guyana, there are now 7800 persons living with the disease. Norton indicated that interventions for key populations at higher risk – which includes men who have sex with men and female sex workers, transgender, miners and loggers – being groups that are disproportionately affected by HIV, saw a combined total of 14,942 persons being reached and some 6755 tested and aware of their status during the first half of 2016. However, Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund, Dr Babatunde Osotimehin, in his World AIDS Day message, stated that HIV pre-

vention goes beyond access to services, instead it is more about inclusive societies. He stated that it is past time to get serious about HIV prevention. “We cannot hope to end the AIDS epidemic when every day almost 6000 people are infected with HIV,” he said. The Director indicated that since 2010, the annual number of new infections among adults has remained unchanged. He noted that while antiretroviral treatment has reached more than 18 million people in 2016 and has saved millions of lives and reduced the risk of new infections, treatment alone cannot stop the spread of HIV. “We know what to do, and we know how to do it better: governments, communities and international partners must scale up investments in behavioural, medical and policy interventions, which together can dramatically bolster prevention,” he said, adding that access to quality, rights-based sexual and reproductive health information and services, including condoms, is critical. “But prevention goes beyond access to services. It must include actions that reduce risk among vulnerable

populations, such as adolescent girls,” the Director noted, highlighting that a girl who is protected from child marriage, has access to comprehensive sexuality education and is empowered to finish her education is at less risk of HIV infection. He added that actions that lead to more inclusive societies can reinforce prevention efforts by eliminating the fear some groups may experience in seeking prevention services. Guyana, along with the rest of the world has committed to ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030. Three years ago, Guyana committed to the UNAIDS 90-90-90 goal which will see 90 per cent of the persons living with HIV knowing their status, 90 per cent of those knowing enrolled in a facility and 90 per cent of that group receiving therapy by 2020. So far, over 5300 Guyanese have been linked to a care and treatment facility with approximately 85 per cent receiving antiretroviral treatment, while it is estimated that less than 200 persons die annually from AIDS related illnesses. The mother to child transmission rate has decreased from 6.1 per cent in 2010 to two per cent in 2015.

Landslides block roads and cut off community in Trinidad from rest of the country


everish efforts to rescue villagers of Matelot and Grande Riviere marooned from the rest of Trinidad were expected to continue on Friday as the country emerged from the heavy downpours over the past 48 hours. The disaster, said to be the worst seen in 50 years, resulted in the destruction of two bridges, damaged houses, widespread flooding and power outages. One man cheated death after an electrical pole fell on this house. Residents told the Trinidad Guardian the heavy rainfall was accompanied by high winds, thunder and lightening. “The lightning was like Christmas bulbs blinking continuously,” said villager Joy Matthew. Another resident said it was the first time she experienced such severe weather, but thanked

Villagers were however able to receive food supplies and water from the T&T Coast Guard that accessed the area by sea

God no one was injured. On Wednesday, teams from the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation, Ministry of Works, and private contractors were hard at work trying to restore access, but progress was hindered by the large amount of fallen trees, rocks and other debris on the road. Affected residents in

Grand Riviere have urgently appealed for help for seven families whose homes lost their roofs. The Grande Riviere Community Centre, the emergency shelter, was flooded. Toco/Sangre Grande MP, Glenda JenningsSmith, admitted they could not access Matelot because of the poor conditions. (Excerpt

from Caribbean360)

friday, december 2, 2016

Around the World

Thai Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn proclaimed king


hai Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn, 64, has become the country’s new king, succeeding his much-revered late father King Bhumibol Adulyadej. He accepted the throne in a televised broadcast following an invitation from parliament, formalising his accession. King Bhumibol, the world’s longest-reigning monarch, died on October 13. The late king was widely seen as a pillar of stability during seven decades of political turmoil in Thailand. The crown prince had been expected to become the next king the day after his father’s death, but Prime Minister Prayuth Chanocha at the time said that

During the ceremony the crown prince paid tribute to his late father

he had asked to delay the official proclamation so he could mourn. Instead, the crown prince was anointed in a special ceremony 50 days after the death of the late Thai king. He becomes King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun,

the 10th monarch of the Chakri dynasty, but will also be known as Rama X. “I would like to accept in order to fulfill his majesty’s wishes and for the benefit of all Thais,’’ he said in a televised statement. The broadcast showed one official shuffling on his

knees to hand a microphone to the new king in the ceremony at the palace in Bangkok. Prayuth, who was among top government figures attending, said the new king would become the “heart and soul” of the nation. (Excerpt

from BBC News)

Nigeria: 400,000 children at risk of famine


ati Adamu has not seen three of her six children nor her husband since Boko Haram fighters attacked her hometown in northeast Nigeria in a hail of gunfire. Two years on, she is among thousands of refugees at the Bakassi camp in Maiduguri, the city worst hit by a seven-year-old conflict that has forced more than two million people to flee their homes. The United Nations says 400,000 children are now at risk from a famine in the northeastern states of Borno, Adamawa and Yobe – 75,000 of whom could die from hunger within the

next few months. A push against the fighters by the Nigerian army and soldiers from neighbouring countries has enabled troops to enter remote parts of the northeast in the last few months, revealing tens of thousands on the brink of starvation – and countless families torn apart. There is a renewed threat of Boko Haram attacks. The start of the dry season has seen a surge in suicide bombings, some of which have targeted refugee camps, including one at Bakassi in October that killed five people. The World Food Programme said it provides

Trump vows 'consequences' for companies leaving US


S President-elect Donald Trump has warned companies of "consequences" if they leave the United States. He was speaking in Indiana, where he took credit for saving 1000 jobs at the air-conditioning company Carrier Corp, which planned to move to Mexico. Trump is now in Ohio to begin a "USA Thank You Tour 2016" for his supporters. Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports suggest he is hoping to pick General James Mattis for Defence Secretary. It is unclear if the position has been formally offered to the former Marine general, or if he has accepted. Trump hailed his negotiations with Carrier Corp as a model for how he would work with other US businesses thinking of moving their jobs abroad. "We are going to have a


situation where they are going to know, number one, we're going to treat them well and, number two, there will be consequences," he said. "They will be taxed very heavily at the border if they want to leave." He also reiterated his promise to cut business taxes and regulations in the US. Carrier Corp has been promised a US$7 million package of tax breaks over 10 years in exchange for reportedly saving 800 union workers whose jobs would have been outsourced to Mexico and an additional 300 research and headquarters positions. An estimated 1300 jobs will still move south of the border. The $7 million tax incentive is contingent "upon factors including employment, job retention and capital investment", according to a Carrier statement.

(Excerpt from BBC News)

French President Francois Hollande decides not to run again


n a surprise move, Francois Hollande has announced he will not seek a second term as President of France. "I've decided not to be a candidate to renew my mandate," the Socialist leader said in a live televised address. The 62-year-old, faced with very low popularity ratings, has become the first sitting President in modern French history not to seek re-election. C o n s e r v a t i v e Republicans party candidate Francois Fillon is seen as a favourite in next year's election. Recent opinion polls suggest far-right contender Marine Le Pen from the National Front could be Fillon's closest challenger. "In the months to come, my only duty will be to continue to lead my country," Hollande said on Thursday. "The world, Europe, France have faced particularly serious challenges during my mandate. In these particularly challenging circumstances, I wanted to maintain national cohesion," he said. He was referring to deadly terrorist attacks in Nice last July and Paris in

Francois Hollande said he could not accept seeing the Socialist party falling apart

November 2015, as well as the shootings at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo several months before that. Hollande added that he was aware of the risks of running and warned of the threat from the National Front. One of the first reactions came from a former economy minister, Emmanuel Macron, who said the President had made a "courageous decision". He is himself standing for President as an independent centrist, having resigned from the Government a few months ago. (Excerpt from BBC News)

Air strikes kill 54 civilians in Iraq, Syria−US military


A girl displaced by Boko Haram rests at a camp for internally displaced people in Yola

food aid to 450,000 people in Borno and Yobe. About 200,000 of them receive

US$54 each month to buy food, soon to rise to US$73. (Excerpt from Al Jazeera)

Indian Govt officials propose breakup of Coal India


enior Indian Government officials tasked by Prime Minister Narendra Modi with reviewing energy security are recommending the break-up of the country’s coal monopoly, Coal India Ltd, within a year. Attempts to break up

the world’s biggest coal miner would be met by strong resistance from powerful unions representing the company’s employees of more than 350,000. The government backed down from a similar proposal in the face of union protests in 2014.

A worker unloads coal from a goods train at a railway yard in Chandigarh, India, July 8, 2014

he US-led coalition killed 54 civilians between March 31 and October 22 while carrying out air strikes against Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria, the US military said in a statement on Thursday. Up to 24 civilians were killed in one strike in midJuly near the Syrian city of Manbij, the statement said. At the time, the Opposition Syrian National Coalition called for a suspension of the air campaign against Islamic State in Syria while reports of the Manbij strike were investigated and US Defence Secretary Ash Carter said reports of those civilian casualties would be investigated. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights had said at least 56 civilians were killed in air strikes north of Manbij. On

July 18, about 100 Islamic State fighters were preparing for a counter attack against Syrian Democratic Forces near Manbij, the statement said. “Unknown to coalition planners, civilians were moving around within the military staging area, even as other civilians in the nearby village had departed over the previous days,” the statement said. It throws light on the challenges in coalition air strikes against Islamic State in parts of Iraq and Syria where the United States does not have ground forces or reliable informants within the population. This brings the total number of civilians killed by the Coalition to 173 since strikes started in 2014, which is significantly lower than estimates from other groups. (Excerpt from Reuters)

Around 70 per cent of India’s power generation is coal based. The country is the world’s third-largest producer and its third-biggest importer of coal, which the government wants to change by boosting local coal production. In a presentation seen by Reuters, government officials recommend that Coal India – with a stock market valuation of US$28 billion – should be broken up into seven companies, which they say would make it more competitive and efficient.

The proposal, dated November 30, is expected to be presented to Modi soon, three Government officials with direct knowledge of the situation said. They declined to be identified because the information has not been publicly released. Calls to a Coal India spokesman went unanswered. A source close to power and coal minister, Piyush Goyal, said the ministry would review its stand on Coal India depending on what the prime minister says. (Excerpt from Reuters)

16 news

friDay, december 2, 2016 |

Guyana gets forensic Policeman charged for video analysis training $2M bribe allegation A


losed circuit television (CCTV) cameras can now be found in homes and businesses all over Guyana. The challenge of the proliferation of video evidence requires a response from all justice sectors. Investigators, Police Prosecutors, prosecutors within the Department of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Magistrates and representatives from the Guyana Forensic Science Laboratory (GFSL) benefited from a twoday seminar on November 29 and 30, 2016. Hosted in Guyana, the seminar was held under the Canadian funded ‘Strengthening the Criminal Justice System in Guyana’ project and was in keeping with the project’s objective to develop the technical capacity of the Police, Police Prosecutors, State Prosecutors and Magistrates to collect, analyse and present forensic evidence as a means of decreasing impunity rates. The focus of the seminar was to also introduce technology being used in the newly established Forensic Video Units at the Guyana Police Force and Guyana Forensic Science Laboratory. Further, the seminar provided the opportunity for cross sector understanding of the various role and functions with the introduction of forensic video evidence. Through this project, the Justice Education Society (JES) of British Columbia has provided training and equipment to both the Guyana Police Force (GPF) and the Forensic Science

Sergeant of the Guyana Police Force on Thursday appeared in court charged with corrupt transaction by agent. He appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. Lakekram Deochan pleaded not guilty to the charge which stated that on April 26, 2016, at Charity, he corruptly obtained from Naline Bahrally $2 million as an inducement to forgo a charge against Lennox Baharally, the husband of said Naline Bahrallly, for

Lakekram Deochan

causing a boat mishap which led to the death of Mohamed Shammer, and act in relation to his principal offence. Defence attorney Sattesh Kissoon stated that his client has no knowledge of the alleged offence since he was on vacation leave at the time of the alleged incident. Police prosecutor Neville Jeffers stated that he has no objections to bail. As such the Chief Magistrate set bail in the sum of $100,000. The matter was transferred to the Mahdia Magistrate Court for return on December 19.

Suddie Hospital’s neonatal dept in dire need of attention Canadian expert Brett Hallgreen discusses processing video surveillance evidence and Judge Michael Hicks explains its use in court (bottom right) at the Forensic Video Analysis Seminar, in Georgetown

Laboratory. The two agencies are establishing units with standardised operational procedures. According to Evelyn Neaman, Guyana Project Manager of JES, the society’s experience with justice reform initiatives in other countries is that it is imperative that the different sectors of the justice system understand how this evidence is extracted, processed and secured and how it will be used in court. The seminar included an overview of best practices in collecting video evidence and presenting and assessing video evidence at

trial. The seminars are being delivered by Canadian experts, Judge Michael Hicks (retired) and Forensic Video Analysis Expert Brett Hallgreen. JES is a Canadian non– profit organisation with an impressive record of improving the effectiveness of justice systems in Canada and around the world. The Guyana project is being implemented in collaboration with the Public Security and Legal Affairs Ministries, as well as the Office of the Chancellor of the Judiciary, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and the GPF.


lthough the Suddie Public Hospital in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) recently received accreditation plaques from the Health Ministry for meeting the standard of a baby-friendly environment, the neonatal department requires much more attention. During a recent visit to the hospital by Region Two Region Democratic Council members, nurses and doctors complained about the status of the department. The health care providers bemoaned the fact that the department could not operate effectively since the airconditioning units were not functioning. They explained to the Councillors that babies were at a disadvantage since the neonatal room was humid. Nevertheless, babies are still placed in the incubator at the hospital. In addition to this, a section of the maternity ward,

The neonatal department at the Suddie Hospital

which was recently expanded to accommodate more mothers, was also in dire need of air-conditioning units. Nurses explained they have to work with whatever resources are provided, and despite recommendations made to relevant authorities, nothing has been done. Medical practitioners have called on the

Administrator and the RDC to represent their interests, as most of the AC units in the hospital are not working. After listening to the complaints, Chairman of the Health and Sanitation Committee, Arnold Adams, assured that he would raise the issue at the next meeting and follow up to ensure that the issues were addressed.

Dead: Sadeek Juman

One of the murder accused, Bhagnarine Bhola

G Division Commander, Magistrate’s effort lauded 2 arraigned with 2012 P murder at Double Day Hotel resident of the Minibus and Hire Car Association (MBHCA) in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) Mohamed Nazemul has lauded the efforts made by the new Commander Khali Pareshram and Essequibo Magistrate Sunil Scarce in restoring fairness to the justice system in the region. During an interview with Guyana Times, Nazemul pointed out that since the new Commander took office, the attitudes of Police have changed in a positive way towards the public, as citizens can now approach ranks with ease. In the past, most persons were afraid of victimisation whenever they wanted to make a report, he added. He also commended Pareshram’s efforts in helping to fight crime within G Division (Essequibo CoastIslands). With regards to the judicial system, Nazemul lauded the efforts of Magistrate


Magistrate Sunil Scarce

Sunil Scare, who he opined had done a “good job” in helping to curb drunk driving in the Division, and who has demonstrated “fairness” in his rulings. Statistics released from the Division show a 40 per cent reduction in accidents as compared to last year. In addition, the President of MBHCA highlighted that the executive recently met with the Commander and officers from the Traffic

Department, to discuss several issues which included driving under the influence, stray cattle, double parking in front of business places, traffic congestion, speeding and overloaded minibuses. The Commander, he added, promised the team to follow up on the issues as well as implement measures to deal with them. Crime in the Division has also declined by 23 per cent.

manager of the Double Day Hotel and a worker were arraigned with the murder of Sadeek Juman, 20, when they appeared at the Leonora Magistrate’s Court on Thursday. Bhagnarine Bhola, 27, and his co-accused Lealon Johnson, 29, were jointly charged with the murder which allegedly took place between November 18 and 19, 2012, at the hotel in Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo. Juman, of Blankenburg, West Coast Demerara, was found dead in the pool at the hotel on November 19, 2012. There were reports that he had visited the premises the previous day in the company of friends. It is alleged that Juman got into a heated argument with a group of men at the hotel. The men allegedly inflicted a severe beating on

Juman. He was reportedly put in a room until night fell. When night fell they placed the still-unconscious young man in the hotel pool to give the appearance he had drowned. However, relatives of the dead man said they were told by an employee that at around 10:00h on the day of the discovery, the pool was checked and no one was there. Also a camera placed in the direction of the pool

could not be found. This was brought to the attention of the Police who were investigating the matter. The Police’s Major Crimes Unit (MCU), known for solving cold cases, cracked this one. Family of the dead man especially his mother Farida Juman is elated with the new development and praised the Police for their work. The duo will return to court on December 16.


ll is set for “Joie de Vivre”, a musical extravaganza at the National Cultural Centre, and it is your last chance to reserve your seats since the show promises to be an exciting ride. The Broadway-

cal derived from a book that tells the story of a group of artistes at a nightclub who desperately want to be liberated from their domineering manager but feel trapped by their circumstances. It therefore follows the charac-

Members of the cast (also pictured above)

styled theatre production will be held on December 4 for general audiences and on December 8 for school children. “Joie de Vivre” is a musi-

ter arc of one who becomes empowered to change the course of her life. For over 25 years, Launce Northe and Oral Welshman have been entertaining au-

diences in the Caribbean, North America and Europe. In 2012, they joined forces with other artistes to form Laramade Musical Theatre and have been performing in New York City. The company’s focus is in musical theatre, the Big Band era and Caribbean folklore. However, for the first time, there are more than 25 talented Guyanese who will be part of the cast ranging from dancers to poets and actors. The names include Melissa Payne, Paul Charles, Kefa Smith, Charmaine Blackman, Cheeks Dance School and many others. The theatrical production is directed by Launce Northe with choreography by Oral Welshman; a renowned US-based Guyanese Choreographer/ Director and among the cast playing starring roles are Linda Northe and Simone Basil among others. It will be a fusion of dance, music, drumming and acting that will leave patrons mesmerised. In addition, several local artistes who have made a mark in the industry will be honoured at the event on December 4. These include Ron Robinson, Francis Quamina Farrier, Daphney Rogers, Margaret Lawrence, Desiree Edghill and posthumously, Habeeb Khan, Keith Andre Subryan and Robert Naraine. Tickets for the show are available at the National Cultural Centre. For further information about this event that combines singing, drama and dance, call telephone numbers 231-3644 or 615-5637.



on this Sunday

otspotgy will be hosting their second scavenger hunt titled “Hotspotgy Scavenger Hunt – The Christmas Edition” on Sunday, December 4, at 704 Sports Bar, Lamaha and Albert Streets, Georgetown. Hotspotgy hosted its inaugural scavenger hunt on May 6, 2016, as part of their contribution to Guyana’s Jubilee celebrations titled “Love Where You Live”. This scavenger hunt, like many of Hotspotgy events, is an annual event, however, due to constant reminders of how exciting the hunt was and given that many had to be turned away because of late registration, the demand for a scavenger hunt persuaded the team to host this one. With respect to the hunt, each team will be required to collect items that have a distinct Christmas theme, and some of the activities will require persons to take fun “selfies” and solve a

few puzzles within the prescribed time. The first team arriving at 704 Sports Bar before the stipulated 16:30h deadline with the most items and best arrival time will win a prize. There will also be prizes for the teams that place second and third. Teams can have no more than five participants with a registration fee of $2000 per person. Registration closes today, Friday, December 2, at 21:00h. Although open to adults, this event is also family oriented. Scavenger hunt registration forms and rules are available in the Upcoming Events section of, at 704 Sports Bar, Pink Memo Boutique or from any Hotspotgy team member. Hotspotgy would like to thank Banks DIH under their Banks Beer brand, Windjammer International Cuisine and Comfort Inn and 704 Sports Bar for their continued support.



friday, december 2, 2016

mmerse yourself in the sounds of modern Africa with a night of music, dance, food and drama at the first-ever African Music Festival. The event is billed to take over the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall tarmac for one night only on Saturday, December 17. More than 20 musicians and artistes from the African

continent and the Caribbean will perform and give attendees a taste, feel, and sense of the cultural wealth of Africa. Hosted by Peks Band, the concert will unveil new performances by RWCC and RCCG Potters House drama group and special guest appearances will be made by several Guyanese artistes, including Samuel Medas, Melissa Vandeyar, Shawn

English, Allan Petty Jr and Kester Deane among others. Director of Peks Band, Peculiar Ihunwo, explained that the band was formed in 2013 by mostly Nigerian medical students residing in Guyana. The Band has five African instrumentalists, and they have developed into an African Gospel Musical Fellowship band in the Caribbean.

Ihunwo said this festival is a mixture of Africa since it is a continent of different countries and those cultures are reflected in the band. “I know a lot of people think that African music is one particular type, but it's more than that, it is harmony and that is what we train ourselves for when we are little... Africans love drama, even when we sing, we don’t

just do the harmonies, we add our own drama, we have our own behaviours when we sing.” Local gospel singer Shawn English, who is excited to be a part of the festival, emphasised that the event is a cultural one which will give attendees the chance to also learn more about the African culture. “You don’t have to fly all the way to Africa to ex-

perience it because it’s going to be a great representation and you will be getting a full taste and feel of what Africa truly is.” Tickets cost $1000 and $1500 at the gate. They can be uplifted at Giftland Mall, Nigel’s Supermarket, Andrew’s Supermarket and Kester D Gospel Centre among others.


ll plans are in place for the hosting of Lake Mainstay’s Vehicle Sound Clash and after party which is billed for this Saturday at the resort. Thus far, several vehicles from the Essequibo Coast, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam); West Coast Demerara, Region Three (Essequibo IslandsWest Demerara) and Georgetown, Region Four (Demerara-Mahaica) have registered to participate in the sound clash which is expected to be epic. Vehicles will be judged on internal sound systems for the loudest and best sound. In addition, vehicles will be judged on their external sound system in terms of both the loudest and best sound. These criteria will be for cars, vans, SUVs and minibuses. In the extreme category, all vehicles can compete. All vehicles will be inspected by the judges before the competition begins and each vehicle will be allowed two minutes to show off its power when it comes to sound and music. Prizes will be awarded for winners in all 14 categories. However, after the sound clash, the party will commence with the best deejays and sound systems on the Essequibo Coast. Deejay “Chiney” out of Pream’s Mega Sounds will definitely heat

P up the environment with some of the best vibes. The emcee for the show will be Ravi out of Pream’s Mega Sounds. In addition, there will be a children’s fun park, including Merry Go Round, trampoline and bouncy castle among other games. Admission to the event will cost $1000 for adults and $500 for children. The annual Lake Mainstay Vehicle Sound Clash is sponsored by Banks Beer, Stag Beer, Valvoline Oil, Ramchan’s Auto Spares, Guyoil Gas, Castrol lubricants, Trans Pacific Auto Sales and Spares. For those who wish to travel up for the event, there will be special rates on accommodations and meals.

ersons residing on the East Coast of Demerara are urged to brace themselves for one of the most talked about events to hit the Better Hope Community Centre ground on December 10 and 11. The two-day affair is titled “East Coast Jubilee Fiesta” and will see a number of exciting activities to entertain every member of the family. Jubilee Fiesta is being promoted by B.E.S.T Family Entertainment along with “Craby” and the Guyana Floodlight Softball Cricket Association. On day one, there will be a ‘sound exhibition and juggle-off’ called “Unleash the Music” which will see five top music systems and several of the most popular deejays from the East Coast and Georgetown clashing for supremacy. Also passing through the event will be several music systems and deejays including 71 Sound, Gold Rock, Big Life, Royalti Vibes and the most versatile and hyped selector, Selector Diamond, from Fusion Sound and Boom

FM along with Deejay Gully Ras. Also making an appearance will be ZJ Killer Feelings out of African Vybz. It is expected that the sound exhibition will be the highlight of the evening since the deejays will be juggling selections from all genres of music. On day two, patrons can expect a hot day of competition among female and male cricket teams. Several teams are already registered and are eager to hit the field on December 11. There will be over $200,000 in cash prizes to be given away along with trophies. However, as the sun sets, the action begins on the stage with some live performances by Guyana’s own Kwasi “Ace” Edmondson and reigning Miss Global Guyana Poonam Singh. Both artistes have several new tracks under their belts and will obviously add some flair to the event. Deejay Fresh out of Solid Gold will make an appearance, with music provided by 71 Sound.

friDAY, december 3, 2016

2nd annual El Dorado Awards billed for Marriott on December 29 L aunched last year to honour advocates, activists and affirmation agents on the social landscape, the second annual El Dorado Awards is scheduled for December 29 at the Marriott Hotel. Organised by The Caribbean Voice and supported by Save Abee Foundation, team MMR and Galaxy 21 Communications, the awards also build connections with the business and professional community and fosters collaboration and a concerted approach to tackle issues such as suicide, abuse, sex crimes, alcoholism and drug abuse. The reality is that there are a plethora of individuals and organisations, local Guyanese and the Diaspora, engaged in making a difference and qualitatively impact the lives of Guyanese, especially the powerless and disadvantaged, while tackling the social issues that negatively affect lives. The El Dorado Awards provides a space to recognise the efforts of those involved so that they can connect with each other and establish dialogue that would enhance the collaborative approach within a national framework. The awards event comprises a cocktail re-


Roger Hinds

ception, a cultural interResearch Unit, Enterprise Youth lude and the presentation Development Group, Imam Bacchus and Sons, and Shivnarine of awards. This year’s honourees comChanderpaul. prise individuAmong those participating als and organin the cultural interlude are iconisations drawn ic singing star Terry Gajraj, former Chutney King Roger Hinds, from across Guyana and 2016 Chutney King Bunty Singh, Prince Krish, the versatile Satish the Diaspora and include Udairam and nightingale Celia Sattar Gafoor, Samaroo. Sham Tilak, In addition, there will be tassa and African drummers and Indian Dennis Charran, Godfrey Scott, and African dancers and the teenage singing sensation, Haresh Singh. S h a b a k i e Fernandes, Allison Popular TV and radio host from Butters-Grant, New York City, Shanaz Hussain of Jean LaRose, Shanaz Musical Sensation fame will co-host the event. Diane McTurk, Anna Caterina A limited amount of tickets will be available at a cost of $5000 each. Islamic Complex, Bunty Singh and Celia Samaroo SASOD, Guyana For tickets and/or further informaResponsible Parenthood Association, Guyana tion, please email or Nazim Cultural Association, Monique’s Helping Hussain at or call Hands, Krishndat Persaud, the Makushi telephone numbers 644 1152 or 646 4669.

Terry Gajraj

returns for Slingerz boat cruise of the year



releases new single

wenty-five-year-old US-based Guyanese Praise Jxnes is in Guyana and has excitedly launched his newest single, “Hallelujah” – one that was recorded at Mercy Sound Studio in Manhattan, NY. The young artiste, who is in Guyana to celebrate his birthday, explained that the song is about a girl he found and as soon as he found her, he was lit up and shouted “Hallelujah”. The song was released on BOOM FM and has since been creating some vibes. The music video is expected to be released shortly. The talented artiste ,who also goes by the name “Jay Anderson”, has several tunes under that name and is pushing for a new identity with Praise Jxnes. He travels to the land of his birth on a yearly basis to spend time with his

family on the Essequibo Coast. He is excited about the release of his new song, noting that he will continue to record new music. The song can be found on Sound

cloud and will be available soon on Apple. He can be followed on his Facebook page, twitter and instagram as Praise Jxnes.

ing of the Dancehall, Beenie Man will be the featured performer on Sunday, December 4, when Slingerz Family in collaboration with Promoter Blackboy hosts its boat cruise. The boat will leave the Parika Stelling and travel to Supenaam, Essequibo Coast and back to the Parika Stelling. This is one of the signature events of Slingerz Family for the year and it has been on the tongues of all dancehall lovers, especially boat cruise lovers. The cruise will see nonstop entertainment from the dancehall king as well as Gully Ras, Selector Face, Stichie One Man Band and 12 boat ride models. Tickets for the cruise cost $3000 in advance a n d $4000 at

Soca Camp Fire at

Water World on Saturday

the stelling. Advance tickets can be picked up at all Two Brothers locations, White Castle Fish Shop, Mark’s Beer Garden (Parika Junction), Candy Shop (Pit Street, New Amsterdam) and SVS Pharmacy GPO Building (Georgetown). This is one boat cruise you don’t w a n n a miss!


s Hits and Jams Entertainment continues to promote events of a high standard for all Guyanese, this weekend, patrons can expect another one which will definitely set the bar above all. Come this Saturday, the HJ Water World will be a buzz of activities with Soca Camp Fire. Fresh off Barbados, the main entertainer will be Marz Ville, a soca sensation who has been creating quite a buzz with his signature tunes “Bang Bing”, “Whinning Positions” and “Wine and Dip” among others. He will be backed by the Fusion Sound Family, including Selector Diamond and Deejay Gully Ras. Apart from the vibes, the main attraction will be the bonfire, and games and other fun activities for the entire family. Admission remains at $1000 after 22:00h and tickets will be available at the gate.


friDAY, december 2, 2016

CONCACAF mourns Chapecoense tragedy T

he Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) has put out a statement expressing its sadness at the tragedy which befell 77 persons and their families on Monday. The tragedy, as a result of a plane crash, decimated Brazillian club side Chapecoense, leaving a handful of support staff and six players as the organisation's representatives. Chapecoense were scheduled to play the first leg of the Copa Sudamericana final against Atletico Nacional at Medellin's Estadio Atanasio Girardot today, But the plane, carrying 72 passengers and nine crew, crashed en route from Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, coming down in Cerro Gordo in the municipality of La Union. There were six survivors and 71 dead. The events have left a pall of gloom over the world of football and CONCACAF has expressed its sadness at the occurence. "CONCACAF is deeply saddened by the tragedy of the Associação Chapecoense de Futebol, which occurred Monday, in Colombia," read a statement from the organisation. "The football family has lost a talent-

ed team, which had a promising future. Their outstanding path in reaching the Copa Sudamericana final for the first-ever time, will remain in the history of our game as an inspiration for younger generations across the world," the statement continued. "CONCACAF stands in solidarity with CONMEBOL, the Confederação Brasileira de Futebol, and the Chapecoense family. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the South American football community at this difficult time," the statement ended. In the meantime, the tribute to Brazil's Chapecoense football team is in full swing in Medellin, Colombia. Prior to the tribute's start, fans of the local Atletico Nacional team dressed in white and shouted slogans in support of the Brazilian squad, which was on a plane that crashed outside the city. The Brazilians were supposed to have played Atletico Nacional in the finals of the Copa Sudamericana tournament Wednesday night. A military band's memorial tune as the stadium lights dimmed has brought tears to the faces of Atletico Nacional's normally stern-faced players and everyone else

"CONCACAF is deeply saddened by the tragedy of the Associação Chapecoense de Futebol, which occurred Monday, in Colombia," read a statement from the organisation

Brazilian Foreign Minister Jose Serra fought to hold back tears as he thanked fans for their show of solidarity. He told them: "It's a light of hope when all of us are trying to understand what's impossible to understand." (Sportsmax)

in the nearly full 40,000-seat stadium. Black Hawk helicopters that helped in the rescue operation that managed to pull six survivors from the wreckage performed a fly-over. Several first responders who were at the crash scene attended.

Cooper reported for Fruta Conquerors illegal bowling action looking to maximise GFF/Stag Elite League II


est Indies bowler Kevon Cooper has been reported for a suspect bowling action in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL). The player had previously been reported for a suspect bowling action during this season’s Pakistan Super League. According to the BPL technical committee video of the Cooper’s action has already been submitted to West Indies Cricket Board (WICB). The Trinidad and Tobago national, a right arm medium bowler, plies his trade for the Khulna Titans where he has taken 10 wickets at an average of 17.70. Rangpur Riders left-arm spinner Arafat Sunny, who was suspended for an illegal action dur-

i n g this year’s World T20 in March but cleared to bowl by the ICC in international cricket on September 23, was also reported for an illegal action. Jalal Yunus chairman of the technical committee claims the issue of illegal bowling actions was one that would be closely examined for future editions. “In the next BPL, we hope to do the video analysis of suspected bowling action during the tournament itself,” Yunus said. “We will also have to be aware of foreign players who have been reported previously, so that we can inform our franchises beforehand. We don’t want to have such bowlers in future tournaments.”(Cricinfo)

home advantage T

he second edition of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Stag Elite League (SEL) continues this evening with an exciting double header at the Tucville Ground from 18:00h. The opening match will be an all East Coast Demerara affair between fourth and fifth placed teams Buxton United and Victoria Kings FC. With previous SEL experience and a victory so far this season, Buxton United will begin as favourites but will not take the settled and Victoria Kings unit lightly. Victoria Kings made their SEL debut on the opening night of the second edition of the league at DCC but got a royal baptism from points leaders, Guyana Defence Force (GDF) as they went down 1-7 while Buxton United registered their lone victory so far against Berbice side, Monedderlust FC right at the Tucville ground. Buxton United has three points and will be looking to move up the table while Kings will look to get their feet

in and add to the one point they have from the drawn encounter against Fruta Conquerors in a competitive match. In the feature game of the night, home team Fruta Conquerors who are second on the points table with four points (two behind GDF) will look to make better use of the home advantage when they take on Monedderlust FC from 20:00h. Conquerors last home game which was their last game was the draw with Kings when neither team was able to score. Conquerors defeated Linden’s Topp XX in their opening clash while their opponents lost to Buxton then beat Topp XX to sit in third position with three points. After tonight’s games, the SEL will head to the mining town of Linden for the first time ever on Sunday for a double header. From 16:00h Buxton United will tackle Fruta Conquerors while home team Topp XX will meet points leaders, GDF at 18:00h. Both games will be played at the McKenzie Sports Club ground.

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he Guyana Football Federation Inc. (GFF) has accepted an invitation from the French Guiana Football Association to participate in an international Under-15 football tournament and has shortlisted a squad of twenty-six (26) players for encampment. The tournament is scheduled for December 17 to 22 in French Guiana and encampment is scheduled for December 4 to 15 following which a sixteen (16)-man squad will depart on December 16 and return on Christmas Eve Day. The list for encampment will feature players from across Guyana including Bartica (1), Berbice (2), Rupununi (5), Linden (1), East Coast Demerara (5), East Bank Demerara (3) and Georgetown (9) – please see detailed list of shortlisted players for encampment below. The list was as a result of two days of national trials held in Georgetown on November 20 and 27 at the GDF Ground, Camp Ayangana and Ministry of Education Ground, Carifesta Avenue respectively. The programme began with seventy-four (74) players and was shortlisted to forty (40) following the first day of trials. The participating players of the first day of the trials were suggested by the respective

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

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Tyrel Khan Joshua Braithwaite Wayne Da Silva Cyrus Nicholson Shannon Samnauth Okifi Patoir Marcus Wilson Nicholas Andrews Derron Niles Orville Daniels Maliki Grannum Daniel Lowe Omari Glasgow

14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

Ken Salvador Richard Roberts Oswin fredericks Usher Jones Leston Smith Jermaine Padmore Jermaine Garrett Rickford Emmanuel Miguel Stoll Kevin Reddy Lindon Morris Troni Semple Jerimiah Douglas

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he national futsal player is alleged to have robbed a chinese businessman, Wei Hui Zhu at his home in Claxton Bay on November 11 of this year. The allegations suggest that Williams, who also plays for San JUan Jabloteh, came away from the incident with TT$406,000 and two iPhones and an FX Revolution air rifle. The iPhones are said to value $13,000, while the air rifle attracts a pricetag of approximately $20,000. Williams, also a policeman, is believed to be one of six officers involved in the robbery. It also seems robbery follows around the talented utility players, who at the time of the incident, was suspended from the police services because of allegations that he had stolen $80,000 in goods from a business place in Tobago in 2015. The winger is also one of 22 players who have sent a pre-action protocol letter to the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association for compensation after it was alleged the team received a US$10 per day per diem and no match fees for a futsal game against Honduras in Costa Rica. Also charged with Williams is Special Reserve Policeman Sean Joseph. It is alleged that Joseph confessed to the police.(Sportsmax)

Noel Williams has been charged with armed robbery


CPL viewership grows Int’l teams at record pace pledge support for longevity of local hockey


h e 2016 hockey season is done and dusted however it can be deemed as a successful year with the international teams expressing pleasure with the level of competition and camaraderie shown by their Guyanese counterparts. As such, the visiting teams from the recent Diamond Mineral Water Indoor Hockey Festival have given the Guyana Hockey Board a thumps up as it pertains to future events planned for Guyana. At the conclusion of the festival, teams from Trinidad and Tobago, USA and Canada that participated felt it was a good experience and have all returned home pleased to be part of the success. In relation to the experience, Trinidad and Tobago’s national captain, Darren Cowie, expressed his liking for the stint in Guyana and the liveliness of a return and promotion of the sport in Guyana to garner more sup-

Horace Burrowes

By Romario Samaroo



friday, december 2, 2016

ll things come to an end. At an Extraordinary General Meeting to deal with the affairs of cycling in Guyana, the Guyana Cycling Federation (GCF) was dissolved at Olympic House on Wednesday and will now be replaced by a nine member Interim Management Committee. The federation, who inherited office in March this year under the governance of Horace Burrowes was brought before the rod following the circulation of a petition which expressed the cyclists’ distain in the way the Federation was handling the affairs. In excess of 50 persons had signed the petition. At the Extraordinary Meeting, a total of nine clubs were present while notably absent were Team Cocos and We Stand United. The clubs present at the Meeting included Alanis Cycling Club, Carlton Wheelers Cycling Club, Continental Cycling Club, Evolution Cycling Club, Flying Ace Cycling

port from the twin island republic. Speaking with Guyana Times Sport, Cowie was asked about his plans to return and replied, “Definitely, everybody is excited with the games, you can see our guys having lost two finals but they were really excited for the tour and the tour definitely didn’t disappoint, on the court, off the court the type of comradery must be commended we are one big hockey family.” Similarly, Canada’s National Player, Kaelan Watson and her team also fancy the competition and experience when visiting the land of many waters for indoor hockey. “It’s amazing, this is my first time here after a couple of years and I’m with a team of girls, none of them who have played here before. We had such a good time and the competition is amazing.” Watson said while continuing to explain that “we [Canada] will be heading into the Pan American Cup 2017 and this was an incredible training opportunity for us, it puts us in top

gear with strict competition and it’s something we need.” Guyana will now be using the experience they have garnered as they prepare for the Pan American Indoor Hockey Championships next year.


Trinidad and Tobago Captain Darren Cowie


IMC takes charge of cycling Club, Flying Stars Cycling Club, Linden Bauxhall Flyers, Trojan Cycling Club and Roraima Cycling Club. According to Carlton Wheelers Cycling Club’s Malcolm Sonaram, the meeting was called specifically to deal with the motion to dissolve the Federation and was presented by former member of the federation, Andrew Arjoon of Evolution Cycling Club while being second by Sonaram. It was revealed that according to the governing law, in order to be eligible to vote members must be financially correct of which was reflected by all clubs. Further, there must be a 5/6th Majority ruling to have their request sanctioned and it was disclosed

that all nine clubs present at the meeting and eligible to vote, voted for the dissolution of the Federation. This in turn effectively dissolved the Federation which gave rise to the Interim Management Committee where Sonaram suggested that the IMC feature a representative from each club rather than a selected few. According to Sonaram, this will provide transparency and accountability especially in decision making and financial situations. When Guyana Times Sport contacted a number of cyclists, there were mixed feelings about the move ranging from a directionless approach, a replacement of the same ideologies and a step in the right direction. Meanwhile,

it was highlighted that a number of reasons had lead to the buildup of the motion including the handling of funds, the governance from overseas, lack of timely meetings among other managerial issues. Consequently, the IMC intends to deal with a number of issues in need of immediate attention including Constitutional reform, inclusive governance, and setting of the next annual General Meeting but there is still to be the decision of who will represent the clubs on the Committee. Also suggested to be a perception of biasness was the issue that a parent of a cyclist should not be on the executive committee as well as an active cyclist should not be eligible for an executive position. Sonaram informed this publication that there is still a space for the two absent teams to be present and actually work along with the other clubs to help better the sport. It is expected that there will be a next meeting where further developments will be made.

he Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) experienced a 44 per cent in viewership in 2016, the largest jump in viewership since its inaugural season in 2013. According to CPL, last season was watched by more than 134 million viewers worldwide, up from the 93 million that watched last year and twice as many as those who tuned in in 2014. In its inaugural season in 2013, the CPL got 34 million viewers. “Television figures from Sony SIX broadcast figures in India alone almost doubled from 44 million to 82 million, while there was also a significant rise in the United Kingdom arising from the partnership with broadcasters Dave / UK TV with audience figures growing from 548,000 (in 2015) to 2.5 million,” CPL said in a statement released on Thursday. “The partnership with One World Sports in the USA, meanwhile, saw audience figures increase from 694,000 (2015) to 743,000.” The CPL also broke new ground in 2016 by becoming the first professional cricket league to stage matches in mainland USA and matches were viewed across more countries than ever before, with One World Sports (USA), Sony SIX (India), Dave / UKTV (UK), Sky (New Zealand), Fox Sports (Australia), EcoNet / KweseTV (subSaharan Africa) and OSN (Middle East) all showcasing the CPL. Hero CPL also became the first sports league to supple-

ment its existing broadcast deals and use the Facebook Live* platform to ensure that, for the first time ever in international cricket, 40 countries around the world, including the likes of Pakistan, South Africa and The Philippines, could view the biggest party in sport live. There were a further 5.3 million views on this platform across all 34 matches. “The release of these global viewership figures are a tremendous boost, not just for the game of cricket in the Caribbean, but for each of the local tourism boards and our loyal sponsors who invest so much in the development and marketing of the game,” said Damien O’Donohoe, CEO of the Hero CPL. “The profile of West Indies cricket has never been higher and 2016 was a memorable year with the Men’s senior and Under-19 sides, as well as the Women’s team, enjoying international success in the first half of the year.” O’Donohoe said that from its inception in 2013, HERO CPL was determined to showcase the very best of what the Caribbean has to offer, both on and off the field. He believes that the growth of the ‘biggest party in sport’ in 2016 has further enhanced this reputation. “We are immensely proud of the huge steps that the tournament has made in just four short years. Furthermore, we believe that there is even more to come in 2017 as we continue to attract the biggest names to the Caribbean and shine a spotlight on the incredible and unique culture that continues to thrive across the region.” (Sportsmax)

GFF sends condolences to Brazil Football Federation


he President of the Guyana Football Federation Inc. (GFF), on behalf of the football fraternity in Guyana, sent a letter of condolence to President Del Nero Marco Polo of the Confederacao Brasileira de Futbol (CBF) expressing his profound sadness about the untimely death of members of the Chapecoense Football Team. The letter, in part, read: “I’m aware that the Chapecoense Football Team was on its way to Columbia to fulfill a lifetime dream of playing on the Copa Sudamericana Finals, unfortunately this dream did not materialize. The Guyana Football Federation Inc. (GFF) hereby expresses its grief and shock while remaining in solidarity with the CBF during this period of sadness. On behalf of the GFF and the entire football fraternity, please accept my deepest sympathy and blessings of strength during this challenging period.” Seventy-one (71) persons, including nineteen players and coaching staff, died in a plane crash as they approached Medellin, Colombia on Monday, November 28, 2016. There were six survivors, including three players.


friday, december 2, 2016

Linden year-end football tradition continues with GT Beer Cup − over $2M in cash and prizes at stake

JamRockers floor Jaguars in Trination final

Key players take a photo at the official launch of the tournament as Jeff Clement hands over the winning trophy to Sharma Solomon


ans craving the excitement of year end football have some action to look forward to with the launch of the 4th annual Upper Demerara Football Association (UDFA) Banks GT Beer Cup. Over $2 million in cash and prizes are up for grabs this year, with games scheduled to commence on December 6 and will run until January 1, 2017. At the official launch of the tournament which was held outside the Linden Enterprise Network (LEN) building, Mackenzie, on Wednesday, Banks DIH Communications Manager Troy Peters thanked the President and representatives of the UDFA for hosting the tournament once again. "It has taken on a new development because we see it now, more as a community development programme within the Linden/Upper Demerara area and we are committed to the development of football and you know that we have been sponsoring football for many years in this community. We will continue to show that commitment," he stated. Peters said he is looking forward to the exciting nights of competition and wished the teams well, noting that they are all winners for participating. He also urged patrons to come out in their numbers and support their teams. Meanwhile, GT Beer Brand Manager Jeff Clement expressed appreciation for support of the GT Beer Brand, while wishing all a smooth and successful tournament. "We're happy to be on board again for the fourth year of this tournament" Clement noted. UDFA President Sharma Solomon in recognizing the efforts of Banks DIH for committedly maintaining support for

the tournament also thanked players for maintaining loyalty and commitment to the game. "This an important feature that we would like to thank Banks DIH not only for their unwavering commitment but also to say to other corporate sponsors, to come on board with not only football but in general, is not only providing the opportunity for young people but provides for this community, the opportunity so that we can have a socio economic background built around sports...The year end football would have provided such a feature for this community," Solomon said. He further noted that UDFA would have ensured that it is prepared not only for year-end football but would have trained over 15 coaches and prepared it's under 17 team via a summer camp to participate in two tournaments, among other things. He praised Banks DIH's loyalty towards football while noting that the UDFA will continue to show loyalty to players through more tournaments. Solomon also urged all to come out and show support. Also present at the launch of the tournament were Banks DIH Linden Branch Manager Shondell Easton and Outdoor Events Manager Mortimer Stewart. Participating teams in this year's tournament include Winners Connection, Blueberry Hill, Silver Shattas, Kwakwani Strikers, Amelia’s Ward, High Stars, Netrockers, Eagles, Botofago and Milerock. First place will walk away with $1M in cash and prizes. The opening match on December 6 will see Winners Connection battling head to head with Blueberry Hill.

Ninvalle steering GBA for 4 more years S teve Ninvalle was re-elected President when the Guyana Boxing Association held its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday at the Guyana Olympic Association headquarters in Kingston. N i n v a l l e was elected unopposed as were the six other members of the execu- tive. The three elected Vice Presidents are Maurice Rajkumar, Carl Graham and Gordon Nedd. Sean Richmond retained his place as Secretary and Dexter Patterson as Treasurer. The new Assistant Secretary/Treasurer is Stacy

Correia. The president thanked affiliates for their confidence in his leadership and declared that the development of the sport’s nursery will be the focus for the next four years. However, he noted that the executive’s immediate task is getting a team to Barbados to participate in the Caribbean Development Tournament. Ninvalle immediately after appointed Vice President Rajkumar to head a fund raising committee. Today, the GBA executive will take part in a One Hundred The top brass of the Guyana Boxing Association, from left, Vice President Maurice Rajkumar, mile walk from Berbice to Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Stacy Correia, President Steve Ninvalle and Treasurer Dexter Georgetown in order to raise funds for the Barbados trip. Patterson

The dejected Guyana disappointing final





uyana Jaguars suffered their second defeat at the hands of the JamRockers on Monday when the finals of the Mega Mart/Sports Development Foundation’s inaugural Tri-Nation Invitational Basketball Series Classic was played at the National Indoor Sports Centre, Jamaica. JamRockers controlled the early exchanges and at the end of the first quarter they were leading 15-11 much to the delight of the local fans. The Jamaicans will further extended their lead after outscoring Guyana 20-13 in the second quarter to stretch their lead to 35-24 at the half. However, the third quarter would have been the most devastating session for the Guyanese as they struggled to get a grip of the match, going down by 12 points, 27-15 to give JamRockers an overall lead of 23 points (62-39). But it was the final quarter that Guyana showed they had some amount of fight left in them, being the only quarter they had won, but the eight point lead in the quarter was not enough to overcome JamRockers. The final score read, JamRockers 82; Jaguars 67 at full time. Stanton Rose was the leading Jaguars scorer with 16 points and eight assists while Terron Welch continued his fine run with 15 points as Akeem Kanhai and Nikkoloi Smith poured in 12 points apiece. It was Lynford Brown with 22 points and Kemar McLeish on 16 points that destroyed the Guyana Jagaurs. Meanwhile, in the third place playoff, Jamaica U21 defeated Libertyville Vipers 63-60 in a thrilling match up. The contest was on from the get go with Vipers leading by one point at the end of the first quarter where they managed 14 points but allowed Jamaica U21 to outscore them in the second quarter where they amassed 14 points once more while the U21 team netted 22 points. However, the Vipers were up to the challenge an stole the third quarter with 21 points as Jamaica U21 scrapped 15 points and for the second time, leading by a one point margin. But a two point scoring difference for Jamaica in the last quarter was enough to secure a three point victory. Mike Skinner with 14 points, 11 rebounds, five Steals and six assists along with Morris Roberts on 10 points and 17 rebounds were the main contributors for the Vipers while On the other hand, Ronaldo McKenzie lead the hometown heroes with 14 points and six rebounds as he was well supported by Daniel Martillier with 10 points and 17 rebounds.

friday, december 2, 2016

Sports is no longer our game, it’s our business

Pg 22

IMC takes charge of cycling Local cyclists have mixed views on the Administration’s standpoint to move the sport forward

Pg 22

Int’l teams pledge support for longevity of local hockey The Canadians will return in their numbers next season

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