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2012-13 Graphic Designer at “Man at War” brand (Murcia, Spain).

2012-13 European Volunteer in

2007 Laboral experience working in Carrefour

“Multicultural Language Café” Project (Wroclaw, Poland).

“Zaraíche” at Fruit Area during two months.

2010-11From April 2010 until September 2011 working as Graphic Designer & Illustrator at “Atosa S.A.”(Murcia, España).

2006 50 hours practicing at “PyP” design company in Murcia (Spain).

2005-06 Laboral experience working in 2010 Two months working at “Recrea Estudio” company as Graphic Designer (Murcia, Spain).

2009 Two months working as comercial agent in “Círculo de Lectores” (Books and Readers International Club).

2008 Two Months working at “Recrea Estudio”

Carrefour “Zaraíche” at Sport area (Murcia, Spain).

2005-06 Laboral experience working at Garden & Bricolage area in Carrefour “Zaraíche” (Murcia, Spain) from October until January 2006 (3 months).

company as Graphic Designer (Murcia, Spain).

2004 Worked in the "Juver" juice factory

2008 Three weeks as Seller at Unicef’s

for 3 months (Murcia, Spain). during 3 months.

Christmas Sell Point in Murcia, Spain (December-January).

2003-04 Experience as assitant at the ciber-room “ciberchat” in Murcia (Spain).

2007 11 days as Organizer and Director of the Drawing Workshop at the “Jugendakademie” (Walberberg, Germany).

2002-03 Experience as assitant at the ciber-room “ciberreino” in Murcia (Spain).

2001 Stage Building assistant for concerts SPANISH



Advanced level (written and spoken)


Basic Spoken


Basic Notions

with ”Bai” company of Madrid in Águilas, Spain (June).

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DEGREE 2008 Superior School of Art & Design of Murcia, Spain. Superior Technic in Plastic Arts and Design in Ilustration (Profesional Family of Graphic Design).

2013 "YOUTHPASS" specializing in culture, language, creativity and other, accredited in Wroclaw, Poland (with the organization "Semper Avanti"). 2013 Was present at “Creativity and Innovation training ” in HP, in Wroclaw, Poland. Coached by Martyna Mista 14th February 2013. 2012 Coach in the “Dolnoslaski Festiwal Wolontariatu 2012” in Wroclaw, Poland. 2012 Member del of the Staff organizating the “Human Rights Workshop” in the Highschool “Zespól Szkól Ogólnoksztalcacych” in Bielawa, Poland. 2011 Was present at the Manga for Gaijins training at "Japan close to you" event at Murcia, Spain. 2011 Was present at Japanese for begginers training at "Japan close to you" event at Murcia, Spain. 2009 Flash Mx training (40 hours) at Murcia, Spain. 2008 3D Studio Max training (60 hours) at Murcia, Spain. 2008 AutoCad 2D Design training (65 hours) at Murcia, Spain. 2008 Jewelry Design 3D training by Computer (40 hours) at Murcia, Spain. 2007 Web Design training (40 hours) at Murcia, Spain. 2002 Scanning & Digital Pictures Transformation training (234 hours). 2002 Was present at the Ilustration training by Agustín Sciammarella (3 days long at Murcia, Spain). Software Knowledge for Design: Freehand Flash Adobe Photoshop Corel Painter Adobe Ilustrator AutoCad Diseño 3D Dreamweaver

Software Knowledge for Office work: Windows Powerpoint Word Internet Explorer Excel Photography knowledge for Illustration and digital camera or analógic management (Reflex, compact, etc) Driving License “B” (Cars) and 50cc motorbikes

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