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AS Graphics Brief

Photo Manipulation Is a image editing techniques to photographs. It creates an illusion or deception on the original photograph. Types of Photo Manipulation;

Technical retouching ; for photo restoration or enhancement e.g. • Adjusting colour • Contrast • Sharpness • Removing elements Creative retouching; used as an art form or for commercial use to create more interesting images. e.g. • Compositing using multiple photos to create a single image, Artist ; Kyle Thompson, lizzy Elle, Steve Otto, fiddle oak, Odessa Sawyer.

Kyle Thompson

Fiddle Oak

Lizzy Elle

Quote Repetition of someone else ‘s statement or thoughts Using famous quotes as an inspiration, create designs incorporating text and images. E.g. • Typography Research into quotes and artists that work with text/type; Alan Kitching, Barbara Kruger, Alan fletcher, Stefan sagmeister, Peter Tarka, Luke lucas

, Barbara Kruger

Alan Kitching

Illustration Material used to clarify or explain Visual work Can be used for different things such as; • Book covers Artist that use illustration; Rob Ryan, Peter Callesen Mira Schendel, Tom Burns and Gary Eldridge.

Mira Schendel

Rob Ryan

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