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Talk With Google On Chrome To Make Searches Po sted o n May 24 , 20 13

Google has stepped ahead to prove that this is a technologically advanced world. It has made another move with its latest “conversational search” feature launch for its Chrome browser users. Technology is best used by the Google to make it easy and convenient for the users or say searchers. Now, you just have to speak your search for getting the results. Yes, if you have latest Chrome version in your PCs, laptops, or MacBook, then it is possible for you to get the benefit from this feature. Click on the microphone in the search box & speak your quest. A similar functionality was rolled out by Google 2 years ago. But then you could only make voice searches, but now, the Google as well speaks back to you. This is similar to Goggle’s search apps f oriPhone or Android software.

It’s as if you are having a conversation with Google: Yes, you can actually have a conversation with Google; probably that’s why it is quite impressive & cool. If you ask one question, for say, “When was Tony Tan, president of Singapore was born?” It’ll speak out to you that he was born on February 7, 1940. As your next question, if you ask, “Who his wife is?”, then it would spell out the name ‘Mary Chee Bee Kiang’. Note that, now you are making a conversation. You did not speak who is wife of Tony Tan, rather you used pronoun, as you do while conversing with another person. Isn’t this new feature quite cool?Exactly, you can use your previous questions as reference to the next one.

The Smartness of Google Search Engine: Google is smart to answer your questions. How? Yes, it’s a valid question. Suppose you ask about the weather conditions, say, ‘Will it be sunny day tomorrow?’ Google will probably give you the weather details of Singapore. Yes, it is smart enough to know your location & if you allow Google to access personal information through your Gmail account or other Google Plus, then it get you more personal answers as well. Now, suppose you want to know about the places to dine near Marina Bay, then it’ll speak out to you the nearest places to have food.

Mobiles search apps by Google Web developers develop several mobile applicat ions with an aim to bring ease to user’s life. Google has also done the same with the‘Google search apps’ for Androids & iOS systems. The Google app after this new conversational search feature has further enhanced the meaning of convenience.

Certain controversies: It’s obvious that when something new comes up, then criticism or controversies automatically rise. Something similar has happened

with this new conversational search. People say that it although is cool but isn’t that useful, as its quite time taking. It is better to type the search and get all the answers in one go on Wikipedia page. Glancing over the information would be less time taking then listening to it. These questions raised are somewhat true, but think about the usefulness in the other way. Suppose you are driving and you want to navigate about the route. Won’t it be too useful if it speaks out the way to you? Yes, it is smart enough to speak out & guide about the way to you.

Its benefit for SEO: If we talk about the benefits of this new app in terms of search engine optimiz ation (SEO), then it’s a great go. It would become easier to get the precise idea about the type of searches that searchers make. It is easy to understand the customers and then serve them accordingly. This entry was po sted in Se arch Engine Opt im izat io n and tagged we b de ve lo pe rs by adm in. Bo o kmark the pe rm alink .

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Talk with google on chrome to make searches  

Google has stepped ahead to prove that this is a technologically advanced world. It has made another move with its latest “conversational se...

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