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love is in the details

photography essay by michel thomas

“Love is in the details” Some says that God is in the details. But so is love. But love needs a relation to exist. Love is a state of mind expressing itself in the casual meetings we have with each others. I had in mind a scene from the movie ”Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain” Amelie cultivates a taste for small pleasures and loves the details in life. “Amelie Poulain loves the costumes of figure skaters on TV; polishing the floor with runners; emptying her handbag, clean it well and refilling it. Amelie likes to return to the dark in the cinema and contemplate the face of other spectators. She loves to dive her hand deep with a sack of grain, break the burnt cream with the tip of the spoon, make ricochet, on the Canal Saint Martin...” The photography serie is my personal interpratation of love in the details of life. Love to YOU! Michel Thomas The serie was shown at Gallopperiet. Stadens Museum for Kunst. København, Danmark.

All rights reserved Š michel thomas 2009

"love is in the details"