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1-2 Meaning of the color orange

Why we love it

3-4 What mood does orange evoke?

Create something bold

5-6 Orange this spring

However you like it

13-14 Figure it out yet?

Interactive puzzle

15-16 How to wear it

A Guide

(this page will be hand done with paper and fabric)

The color orange represents

\ enthusiasm, happiness, creativity, determination, andenthusiasm, success . Orange is known to stimulate happiness, activity and spark thecreativity, social butterfly in you. Orange is a color that determination, generally sparks a lot of controversy. and success Is this peach, mango, terracotta or is one a color rust? WhateverOrange the hue, that generally thing is certain, we love sparks it. a lot of controversy. Is this peach, mango, terracotta or rust? Whatever the hue, one thing is certain.

We love it.

Sweet and juicy, the color orange will get your creativity flowing. This bold and energetic color will make you feel playful and fun. Wear it out to spice up a night or to work to juice up a normally typical routine day.

tangerine, mango, papaya, pumpkin. Whatever way you like it, bold orange is one of spring’s sweetest most refreshing color trends. .

spring 2011’s Sweetest Trend

how to wear it

(There will be a mini book attatched here)

Figure it out yet?

Zesty, fruity, fun and it adds a natural glow to your skin tone this hue will leave everyones mouth watering.


vibrant fresh

Orange you glad citrus hues

are big this spring?

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