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Adel Regragui Is Counted Amongst The Finest Fitness Trainers In The Industry

Adel Regragui was a huge fitness enthusiast right from the start, and that is why, he began playing sports at high school. As he was tall, he started with basketball, and later, volleyball. He has always been a competitive person, and even today, he has an active lifestyle as a fitness trainer, which he really enjoys. He always believed that the natural way to combine being active and being competitive is personal fitness, and that’s how he started his journey of being a fitness trainer.

For Adel Regragui, choosing to be a fitness trainer was a natural extension of his love for fitness and his competitive attitude. He has years of experience working with professional athletes, runners, bodybuilders, etc. He also advices other people to establish a healthy lifestyle, and make themselves capable of reaching their fitness goals.

According to the experience of Adel Regragui, the key difference between a successful client and an unsuccessful client is motivation and dedication. As a trainer, he can offer motivation to the client, but the dedication will have to come from the client. A client really has to be clear about his priorities when it comes to health and fitness, and make a point of taking time out of their busy schedule.

Adel Regragui offers really effective fitness programs for his clients, which work really well and he thinks that the reason behind that is accountability. He regularly checks the diet plan of his clients, seeing what they have been eating throughout the week, not just when they are in for that one-hour session. His programs also includes getting into the gym, which is really effective for weight loss purposes.

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Adel regragui is counted amongst the finest fitness trainers in the industry