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Philadelphia Zoo Scavenger Hunt

Social Committee Ross Sylvester Janet Sykes Allison Norton

Philadelphia Zoo Scavenger Hunt

We asked the company what they wanted for a social outing. Here is what they said‌


Philadelphia Zoo Scavenger Hunt SUMMARISE

Everything you need to know

Why a Scavenger Hunt? • Our small teams create an ideal environment to foster interaction. • Participants experience the diversity and history of Philadelphia. • Hunts get people relaxed, laughing and having fun • Questions emphasize nimble thinking and teamwork • Watson Adventures scavenger hunts are witty, entertaining and easy on your budget. Why Are Hunts Good for Team Building? • Teams have to come up with a group consensus before taking any action. • Individuals must pool their collective intelligence and forge a team game plan. • Teams must stay together. • Hunt questions bring out the unique talents of each team member.

3 Teams of 4 footer/3

Build Morale and Create Unity with an Engaging Team-Building Experience You’re not hunting for things (put back that statue!) but for answers to tricky and humorous questions about the intriguing places and objects you discover. The questions emphasize nimble thinking and teamwork and are crafted to bring out the various skills of each member of your team. A person who’s good at seeing the big picture will get one answer, a teammate who’s good with wordplay will get the next, and someone who is good at navigating may excel at getting the team from place to place. The best teams quickly learn that they must use the strengths of everyone in the group.

Appropriate for Your Entire Team – No Special Skills Needed Anyone can participate and succeed in a Watson Adventures scavenger hunt. No specific athletic skills are needed, which helps create an even playing field among hunters of all ages and abilities.


How much will it cost? Options 1.Zoo scavenger hunt only • Zoo admission


• Scavenger Hunt • Total $840




1.Zoo scavenger hunt + dinner • Zoo admission

($11/pp) $132

• Scavenger Hunt ($55/pp) • Dinner ($35/pp) $420 • Total $1,260



Team outing  

Presentation from the social committee for the Fall 2011 team outing

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