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Introducing the New Executive Board! Emma Reed President

Victoria Toal Vice President

Sharmila Samwaru Secretary

Kristina Cotroneo Treasurer



Sophia Conti Editor See pages 4-5 for more!


Member of the Month:




This convention inspired me to help make a difference in this world, starting with my local community and then branching out further. Circle K teaches its members to be leaders that unite together as a team to help those in need and District Convention helped to foster those tenets among myself and my fellow what we did, what we learned, and why we love circle k members. Rachel Voorhees


Attending Circle K’s District Convention opened my eyes to the many occurrences that are happening around the world. Due to the time, effort, and money spent by dedicated individuals, change is possible whether or not it is seen on the surface. If there is one thing I learned, it would be that every action causes a chain reaction. As a result, it can produce a better life for not only the people we directly impact, but the lives of the people around us as well. Sharmila Samwaru Overall, the Circle K District Convention was an irreplaceable experience. I had an amazing time, and I loved getting to meet new people that share the same passion as I have for community service. It gave me a better sense of what Circle K is about and also showed me how strong our club here at Adelphi is. I am proud to be a member and if I wasn't completely in love with the organization before DCON, I am now! Julianna Claase The convention reminded me that Circle K isn't just another school club; it is all over the world and they all have the same passion—helping others. I bonded with the club on a whole other level and met several people from other schools. Robin Zoldan I think this convention is a key component to understanding what Circle K is all about, and in a sense celebrates all the members who are and were involved in Circle K. I also enjoyed meeting other clubs and getting better acquainted with fellowship relationships with the other Circle K members. Mary Rose Keegan



The AUCK Word

MEMBER SPOTLIGHTS SARAH CINQUEMANI By Editor Sophia Conti Sarah is a soon-to-be sophomore environmental studies and political science major. Her favorite service partner is March of Dimes, hence her presence on the March of Dimes committee. Sarah’s favorite service projects are those which involve “NAY-cha,” such as park clean ups at places like the East Meadow Bird Sanctuary. Sarah has also participated in service projects such as the food pantry at Mary Brennan Inn. In addition to being a very active member of Circle K, Sarah is involved with Green Council and is the current Class of 2015 Vice President. She was recently awarded the Best New Senator Award by SGA. In her spare time, she helps her roommate Julianna with art projects and listens to hilarious British animal voiceovers. Sarah, Lauren, and Kat at Mary Brennan Inn

member of the month

ANA CHAVEZ By Secretary Sharmila Samwaru

Ana Chavez is an exemplary freshman from Orange County, California. Upon attending Adelphi University, Ana promised herself that she would get involved as much as possible as seen from her numerous on campus activities. With her active participation in the Student Government Association as Waldo Hall Council as well as being part of the Birthday Chair Committee, Ana has displayed exceeding competence in all of her extra-curriculars. She is also a member of the Spanish club, LASO, and CALIBER. From the moment Ana joined Circle K International, she has demonstrated her ability to evoke thoughtful and insightful ideas in regards to events such as fundraising for the ELIMINATE Project. She also attended other events such as the STUFH drive and Iron Chef at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Albany, which is her favorite service project to date. There is no doubt that Ana will continue to grow and prosper with all of her future endeavors.

Ana at the Service Week food drive for STUFH


Introducing the New E-Board Written by the Immediate Past E-Board

President Emma Reed By Immediate Past LICKI Lt. Governor Lauren Sacks

Most of you already know Emma, as she served as President for our incredible club last service year as well and lead us to new heights of success. So here I would like to tell you a few things you may not know about Emma. Emma loves bright colors, and her favorite is orange. She has an addiction to Pinterest, where she loves to look for crafts and baking ideas, as well as inspirational quotes. Emma is a fabulous RA, and her room is an office and storage unit for Circle K supplies. Emma is studying communications, and she would love to work for a non-profit organization like March of Dimes because she LOVES babies. Emma joined Circle K because she is passionate about helping people, but she also liked the aspect of professionalism in our organization, and all the opportunities Circle K International provides its members to become leaders and be a part of something big.

Secretary Sharmila Samwaru

Vice President Victoria Toal By Immediate Past Vice President Rickie Santer

Vicky Vicky schmo shmicky banana fana flo flicky. Shmickle schmackle schmo schmicky vah-Vicky. Just kidding! Vicky is a Junior majoring in Psychology and is in the STEP program for Elementary Education. Vicky’s mom is a Kiwanian. You would think that this is why she decided to join Circle K when she started at Adelphi, but it isn’t. She joined because our very own Kat Graves dragged her to a meeting. And thank goodness Kat did. Vicky is an amazing asset to this club. Her bubbly enthusiasm and genuine personality, and most importantly her 5% discount at Stop and Shop for bake sales and food drives, is what sets her apart. Vicky is literally everyone’s friend. She has an amazing ability to go up to anyone and strike up a casual and friendly conversation, which makes them feel comfortable, something which I admire about Vicky. Vicky has an amazing passion for this organization, and a phenomenal work ethic. I am so proud to see Vicky take on the reins as our club’s 2012-2013 Vice President. I have every confidence that Vicky will continue to serve as an amazing role model, and an outstanding friend to every one of us.

By By Immediate Immediate Past Past Secretary Secretary Kat Kat Graves Graves

Sharmila Samwaru. This girl here will be serving as your club secretary (the best position in the world, if I may say so myself!). She has the neatest hand writing I have ever seen in my life (legit, it looks like a type writer!). She was born into the position as secretary because she has been the perfect secretary thus far. She leads an interesting life here at Adelphi. She has just recently had her first experience with fondue, which was a life changing event. J Her favorite service project was the Baby Themed ELIMINATE Bake Sale. She enjoys leisurely walks on the beach as long as she is picking up trash along the way!


New Board Intros continued

Treasurer Kristina Cotroneo By Immediate Past Treasurer Victoria Toal

I am pleased to announce Kristina Cotroneo as your new Treasurer for the 2012-2013 service year. She is a Junior Psychology major. Kristina's favorite color is blue and loves peacocks. She works at Staples as a cashier and I know she will use her cashier skills in her Treasurer position. Kristina joined Circle K because of all the really cool people in it and because she loves service! Her favorite service project is Ronald McDonald House. I know for a sure she will be an amazing treasurer.

Editor Sophia Conti By Immediate Past Editor Jia Shi

Hi everyone, my name is Jia Shi, AUCKI Immediate Past Editor; and I am introducing to you all to Sophia Conti, your new club editor for the 2012 – 2013 service year. Sophia is going into her second year of college. She is a social work major hoping to work with victims of human trafficking. Her favorite service projects include making shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, a project she was passionate about prior to joining CKI, and raising money for The ELIMINATE Project because she believes that something as preventable as tetanus should not still be taking away lives of mothers and babies. She loves going on Pinterest and using it to come up with creative ideas for our club and is not afraid of public speaking, which makes her a great leader. Without a doubt she will be an incredible successor as well as you new club editor.

Shout-Outs! All of Circle K rocks my socks! ♥ Loryn Hey Kat! You did a great job color coordinating those cereal boxes at Mary Brennan Inn. –Sarah To Sarah— You did a great job jumping in to CKI Service Week with coming to both Mary Brennan Inn and the park clean up! –Kat To Sunshine— You’re awesome! You are going to change the world!!! Love, Julianna


Suzy Rinaldi

You Are My Sunshine

Encompassing Suzy Rinaldi’s accomplishments, personality, and character in just a few short paragraphs is almost impossible. She is kind, generous, and intelligent, and in her three years as an Adelphi Circle Ker, she has not only grown as an individual, but has helped bring the club to new heights. Suzy joined Adelphi CKI at the beginning of her sophomore year. She was shy and quiet and her dedication often took a backseat to the successes of some of the more outspoken and boisterous club members; yet her passion for helping others never waivered. She attended event after event, her love of Circle K growing with each act of service she selflessly gave. She got her hands dirty at community clean ups, caringly prepared meals for families at the Ronald McDonald House, wrote cards to seriously ill children, and so much more. In addition, each year Suzy became more and more passionate about the causes Circle K supports, and helped to raise money for a myriad of charities, including The Eliminate Project, March of Dimes, Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Center, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. In three years Suzy has dedicated over 250 hours to changing the lives of others. It wasn’t just the lives of others that were being changed, however, it was Suzy’s as well. In addition to her growing dedication to club events, Suzy began attending events held by other clubs, both in the Long Island Division and beyond, New York District conferences and conventions, Subregion F events, and even the 2011 Large Scale Service Project and International Convention in Virgina Beach ,VA.

By President Emma Reed

These experiences helped change Suzy from a shy new member into a shining star of CKI. She became more outspoken, speaking up to educate the club on causes dear to her heart, began befriending more and more club members, and grew into not only a club leader, but a role model as well. It is no surprise that in her two years as a Member Orientation Program Mentor, and this year as Fellowship Chair, that Suzy did so much more for this club and organization than increase service hours or dues paid members. She said her original reason for joining Circle K wasn’t just to help others, but to make friends as well. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Suzy fulfilled this goal phenomenally. Suzy has reached out to our members and welcomed them both into our club, and into her life. She is the kind of person, the kind of friend that comes along only a few lucky times in one’s life, and therefore she has been one of the best Circle K members Adelphi CKI could have asked for. Her strength, kindness, and compassion has made members feel at home within CKI, and she has helped them have their own life changing experience serving others. We often explain to others that Adelphi Circle K is more than a club or organization, we are a family— and Suzy Rinaldi played a huge role in making that happen. While we are truly saddened to have Suzy leaving us next year, we are blessed to have had her as a member of our club, and we are beyond proud of all she has accomplished, and all she will continue to achieve with her many talents. She will be entering Columbia University as a graduate student this fall to study psychology. Through this field she will be able to continue to help others, and she will certainly do it with the same unwavering kindheartedness that she has used with every individual she has come in to contact with during her time in Circle K International.


…And some other words about our Sunshine

The 2011-2012 E-Board awarded Suzy the New York District Circle K’s Worldwide Service Project Diamond Award for her outstanding commitment to not only Adelphi Circle K, but the Long Island Division and the New York District as well.

I have known Suzy for as long as I have been in Circle K. She has always been so dedicated to service and I am sooooo proud of her for already looking into the Circle K at Columbia. I am so happy for you and excited to host inter-clubbing events with Columbia next year! District Secretary Kat Graves

Suzy Rinaldi is definitely the coolest person that I have ever met. She is so dedicated and passionate about what she is interested in. She volunteers numerous hours and helps others constantly. I will miss her next year when she is gone and I can't steal her friends anymore. She is so popular and will be missed! Treasurer Kristina Cotroneo

I have known Suzy for less than a year, but in that time I have seen what an amazing individual she is. She never fails to give a smile and a greeting when we pass each other on campus. She gets so sad when she cannot attend a service or fellowship event. Her passion for other people—for both those who attend service events and for those we are serving—shines through everything she does, making her nickname “Sunshine” a perfect fit. Editor Sophia Conti

At the 2011 Subregion F Event in Atlantic City



Mary Brennan Inn By Sarah Cinquemani I truly began to understand the meaning of Circle K’s motto: live to serve, love to serve, after traveling to the Mary Brennan Inn soup kitchen and food pantry on Friday, April 19th. That afternoon fellow Circle Kers and I spent three hours directly aiding the local community. A few of us were able to help those visiting the Inn pick out food from the pantry and that’s when I really felt connected with the community and serving others. Oftentimes, service projects take place behind the scenes, but here I was able to physically help people gather their food for the week. For some, this was the only place they could afford food since it’s all free. We could all tell from the smiles and sweet comments that many of the people appreciated us being there. Along with helping people in the food pantry, a few people helped to organize the large children, teen and adult book collection. My experience didn’t stop once we left the food pantry. Many of us continued to discuss the next steps to take. We talked about when and where to hold food drives, how often we should do them and what the most essential foods are that people were searching the shelves for. We hope to be able to serve the food when the soup kitchen is open too in the future. It was an extremely gratifying experience and I highly recommend that people volunteer their time with those in need directly in their community. There’s no better place to start than your own back yard.

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