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Symfony2 framework with CloudStaCk


Many Cloud-based platforms, such as CloudStack, make available an API (Application Programming Interface) for augmenting and controlling infrastructure on appeal. One has an alternative to either use current apps or develop their own. If one wishes to build up from scrape, each amendment to the API comes up as a challenge. Is there a way of avoiding this issue? Is it feasible to create a client that certifies harmony with API alteration? The purpose of this post is to point out the way to produce a lively PHP API client on the idea of a symbol of concept. The client ought to be able to range its own web app and 3rd party apps.


The Apache CloudStack is an open-source step to encourage the service model IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) in accordance with which the computer infrastructure is hired when required (on appeal), in contrast to conventional purchase models. The CloudStack platform gives the administration and augmenting of VMs. This incorporates a Management Server and expansions to industry-standard hypervisor package (eg. vSphere, XenServer, KVM), that are added on the cloud host.

As a Web App Framework: Symfony2

Symfony2 is used for the growth of the client. The subsequent are the numbers of the factors that can decide in favour of using the complete stack HTTP framework:

Extremely performing HTTP Framework

It has a very simple composition and has an error management

It is completely modularized

It is complied to deep-rooted principles


The Concept


Using web-scraping, appropriate information may be pulled out from the API documentation, through which, in-turn, the PHP code may be produced for the client API. In comparison to the manual input, this way of doing things may save a plenty of your time and few errors are also barred. By employing a web-scraper, it's believed that the API documentation is absolute and accurate, also if that's not the matter, that the client (or components of it) won't work correctly.


In order to understand the enterprising CloudStack client, the subsequent tool or components are used:

Twig Template Engine

It is used for producing the PHP classes

Guzzle Http Client

Used for contacting with the HTTP API

Data Collector / Symfony Profiler

This collects the logs and further rebounds them in a human readable format

Symfony DOM Crawler

It pulls out the vital data from HTML docs

Symfony Finder

It is used for file system activities

Monolog Logger

It logs the requests and linked errors / information from the API Client

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Symfony framework spécialiste  
Symfony framework spécialiste  

Many Cloud-based platforms, such as CloudStack, make available an API (Application Programming Interface) for augmenting and controlling inf...