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Wednesday, J anuary  3 0,  2 013  1 1:58:28  A M  C T

Subject: Re: Advising  Form Date: Tuesday,  August  28,  2012  10:39:39  PM  CT From: To:

Stevens, Nichaela  G Magnani,  Adele  C

Yes, thank  you  so  much  for  your  help.  This  class  is  much  more  on  my  level  and  I  feel  more  comfortable  with  my professor.   I  may  still  need  some  extra  help  but  it's  nothing  some  tutoring  sessions  wont  be  able  to  fix.   Thank  you  again  for  your  help!   If  I  need  anything  else,  you'll  be  my  girl. I  hope  you  have  a  good  day. -­‐Nichaela  Stevens On  Aug  28,  2012,  at  3:00  PM,  "Magnani,  Adele  C"  <>  wrote: Good  Afternoon  Nichaela, I  forgot  to  give  you  your  copy  of  the  advising  form  that  you  signed,  so  I've  attached  it  to  this  email.  How  did  things  go  with  your  newly  added  MATH  1315  course?    Do  you  think  you  will  have  a  better feel  for  this  course? Let  me  know  if  there  is  anything  else  I  can  assist  you  with. Sincerely,  

Adele Magnani Academic Advisor, PACE Texas State University-San Marcos 601 University Drive- UAC San Marcos, TX 78666 Phone: 512-245-2218 Fax: 512-245-2073 E-mail: Follow PACE Advising!

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