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Week Beginning: 21.09.15

Timetable: Week One First Lunch: Year 7, 8 & 9.

USE THE TEN TOP TIPS FOR OUTSTANDING LESSONS Remember OUTSTANDING marking & feedback lead to excellent progress. The Week Ahead STUDENT COUNCIL SUB-COMMITTEE MEETINGS WEEK Monday 21st September 2015 3.45pm 5.45pm

Tuesday 22nd September 2015 8.15am 3.45pm

Wednesday 23 September 2015 8.45am rd

6.30pm Thursday 24th September 2015 8.25am 8.45am 4.00pm

Duty Students: Jack Leroy (G2) & Regan Stead (G2) SLT PBB STAFF BRIEFING Assembly Main Hall: House Assembly: Hockney House ESLT Meeting ESLT Governors’ Training Duty Students: Lucy Ward (G2) & Alicia Ashton (G3) SLT PBB STAFF BRIEFING Teaching & Learning Team Meeting Assembly Main Hall: House Assembly: Garrett House Faculty Leaders’ Meeting Duty Students: Sophie Baker (G3) & Ashton Beckram (G3) LMs’ BRIEFING FACULTY BRIEFINGS Assembly Main Hall: Year 11 Year 10 Chemistry at Work trip Numeracy Evening Duty Students: Katie Devine (G3) & Aidan Hutchinson (G3) SLT PBB STAFF BRIEFING Assembly Main Hall: House Assembly: Mason House Planning Educational Visits Training

Friday 25th September 2015 3.25pm

Duty Students: Tommy Ayres (G4) & Joe Barran (G4) Assembly Main Hall: House Assembly: Palin House PME Headteacher’s Detention

Staff Courses & Notified Absences Monday 21st September 2015 Tuesday 22nd September 2015

SBA- Course (all day)

Wednesday 23rd September 2015

JCM- ITT meeting (pm) CK- Personal (8.55-9.30) LCA- Personal (8.55-p2) GS- Course (am) MG- Personal (p2+3) MN- Personal (all day) HI- Personal (all day) SEC- Course (all day) MN- Personal (all day)

Thursday 24th September 2015

Friday 25th September 2015

Student Trips & Special Events Monday 21st September 2015 Tuesday 22nd September 2015 Wednesday 23rd September 2015 Thursday 24th September 2015 Friday 25th September 2015

Deadlines Monday 21st September 2015 Tuesday 22nd September 2015 Wednesday 23rd September 2015 Thursday 24th September 2015 Friday 25th September 2015

Other Notices

VG, DKB-Chemistry at work trip (all day)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Marina Denton 21st September 2015 other on a daily basis.

Green is the colour ……… Please remember- if you are asking for a lesson to be covered, a green “request for cover” form will need to be completed, even if you are staying in school. Students need a green card to be out of lessons including tutor period

AND Make sure your marking is carried out as per the START Policy! I am writing to remind you that you have a number of obligations with regard to CONSISTENTLY adhering to the marking and feedback section of the school’s START Policy. This is important for a number of reasons not least because: o Research findings prove that the quality of the marking and feedback, both written and verbal, you provide students with affects the progress they make and the speed of that progress. In order to clearly demonstrate the said progress it is not only important to ensure the chosen tasks and activities are suitable for the students to make and demonstrate progress, but to make sure the success criteria are clear and achievable. Good marking also includes evidence of both peer and self-assessment which are usually undertaken straight after the activity providing students with immediate feedback, which research also shows to be really beneficial. Moreover, it is vital that students act upon the feedback given to them in respect of the marked work. Unfortunately, if this does not occur then little or no progress is made and our hard work fails to achieve what we ultimately want it to!

o Current OfSTED inspections hinge on the quality of marking and feedback, especially with regard to how well students can show the progress they have/are making and how well they are responding to the feedback they have been given. It is not necessary to mark every piece of work utilising the WWW & EBI system, as per the START policy; only those pieces being used to assess progress. o It is one of your performance management objectives for the 2015-2016 cycle. If you do not achieve this objective you may fail your performance management. This will, depending upon your current position on the pay spine, have potential pay constraints. However, given that good marking is a basic core requirement, in respect of the eight Teaching Standards, it could result in developing performance proceedings being taken against all those staff who fail this PM objective. Your CAL; HoF or senior line manager will have to vouch for the fact that you have consistently, diligently, accurately and effectively discharged your responsibilities, utilising evidence from book scrutinies and retaining books and/or photocopied examples of typicality, to ‘prove the case’. Please don’t let me or yourselves down!!

2015 09 21 bulletin  
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