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Ask ESTO! FASHION- hot african trends inside NSA

MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT You’ve seen the alumni and all the others who worked really hard to build NSA. We are all members today because of their passion, determination and dedication. These guys have been generous in contributions and support. NSA wouldn’t be “NSA” without them. We acknowledge your hard work and persistence. I am very excited to have WETIN DEY back again. Thank you Ofili, Ade, Nnamdi and Ikenna for your huge support. This issue is our anniversary edition, inside you’ll find interesting articles from members, fashion tips, featured alumni and our entrepreneurs. Make sure you check out Esther's column and the HOTTIES of the year. You might find a catch. ……..just saying. GO COOGS !!!! Nneoma Ezeobele, Editor


NSA PRESS Publishing Commitee

MISSION STATEMENT NSA is an organization that unites the minds, culture, and fellowship of Nigerians and UH students as a whole; by developing members who strive to achieve academic excellence, portray Nigeria in a positive light and ultimately improving the Nigerian community.

Cover page by Ofili Designs CONTACT PERSON Esther Oluwo 832-379-9707 University Centre Underground Box 289, Campus activities UH

Wetin Dey Vol I


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President Adelanwa Adesanya

V.P Nonso Ofili

Secretary Adewale JJ Taiwo

Treasurer Nwadiogo Okongwu

Director of Events Ladia Ebomwonyi

Public Relations Officer Beverly Duru

Parliamentarian Shawn Ottih

Director of Membership Esther Oluwo

Historian Nwando Okongwu

Community Service Director

Precious Adagbon

Cultural Director Ugo Eziuku

Fundraising Dierector Nicole Okeke-Oraeki

Hello NSA family and friends, Happy anniversary! It’s been a pleasure serving as the president of the 10th generation of NSA at the University of Houston. My tenure as president has been the most enlightening and rewarding experience of my life. I must confess that I didn’t know what I signed up for when I ran to be president but I’ve learned so much from all of you and I want to say thank you for standing beside me through it all. NSA means a lot to me, I came to UH when I was 16 straight from Nigeria. This was my first time leaving home and I didn’t have any friends, neither did I know anyone, the food was strange, the culture totally different and to say the least my first week at UH was overwhelming, until I found about NSA. I remember Eric Imasogie inviting me to the first general meeting, in his deep voice he said “were going to have jollof rice and stewed hen”, boy was I sold. Initially I came to NSA for the free jollof rice, however NSA had much more to offer, NSA offered me a home away from home, a place where I didn’t feel strange but I could identify with people who shared the same goals and aspirations, as I did. NSA helped me a lot my first year at UH, and I promised myself that I would ensure that other freshmen would benefit from NSA the way I did, and that’s why I became president. NSA’s achievements this year can be summarized as follows, Family, Culture, Scholarship and Community Service. Now more than ever NSA has become of close family of more than 140 paid members. We’ve raised over $4000 in our scholarship fund, and we also connected our members to over $4000 in scholarship opportunities. Through our activities, we’ve shown the University of Houston what it means to be African and Nigerian. Our dance team is the best on campus and there’s hardly any one you meet who doesn’t know about NSA. As a family, we raised $100 through a carwash for Cancer research at the Memorial Herman Hospital, we helped to feed the homeless at the Beacon and we participated in various community service activities on campus. As we celebrate 10 years I want to thank every member, past and present, for making NSA what it is today. NSA is recognized as one of the most active organization at UH thanks to all of you. As my tenure comes to an end, I would like to thank everyone on my E-board for making NSA the best organization on campus this year. I also want to thank all parents, members and alums who have given their time, money, support and advice to NSA. To the next generation of NSA’s leaders, NSA has been a positively light for Nigeria and Africa for 10 years, our alumni’s have excelled in every work of life and they’ve given back to our community. Always remember that everyone has the ability to be good, kind and loving, however it takes a leader to show them how. Happy Anniversary again! God bless you, God bless NSA, and God bless Africa. Adelanwa Adesanya 2010- 2011 President.

Recreational Director Andrew Onwuegbu

Wetin Dey Vol I

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THE GENESIS Our History, Fall 2001


orry sir, the position was filled an hour ago." This is what Okechukwu Ofili heard after rushing to the computer lab for a job opening. It was not until later that Oke discovered that the person who received the position belonged to a school-based cultural society that notified their members about job openings around campus. This experience only confirmed what Oke, Chigo Okere, Justice Akuchie and Tolu Ayoola and Nene Otum– among others – had been discussing for months. All of them thought that the Nigerians at the University of Houston needed an organization that would provide not only a place to socialize, but offer networking opportunities. After weeks of discussing, the four of them decided it was time to put their plan into action. Oke immediately started collecting contact information from every Nigerian he came across in the dormitories and together, they spread the word of this new organization in the making. The final step was for them to march down to the University Center and sign the necessary forms to create the new organization – thus, the Nigerian Student Association (NSA) was

Wetin Dey Vol I

born. As their idea was starting to materialize, the founding members ran into a few unexpected road blocks. To their surprise and dismay, the newly founded NSA was not very popular amongst Nigerians on campus and many voiced their doubts that this group would survive very long. Oke found that at that time, many people were not proud to say that they were Nigerian and it was quite the challenge to unite Nigerians on campus. The lack of support was rather disheartening to the founders, but they were determined to stick to their guns. A couple of informal meetings were immediately called to generate buzz about this new group. The few members they acquired set to work passing out flyers, Tolu developed a website, and Debbie Oluwo worked hard to raise funds from family and friends. Their collective efforts finally paid off on October 1st - Nigeria's Independence Day. The turnout was great! NSA slowly won over Nigerians on campus as they finally started to believe in the new club’s vitality. Members were both relieved and enthusiastic as they watched their vision become reality. Ten years later, NSA is stronger than ever.

The organization includes hundreds of members with countless more joining each year. One cannot deny the success that NSA has found in the community. In the same way NSA members have given their time and effort to the club, in return NSA has also given its' members leadership abilities. Numerous members have gone on to become successful in various facets of life. Okechukwu Ofili stresses that one of the great things about NSA is that it helps mold leaders. Among countless others, Oke uses Abby Kotun – former NSA president and now the prominent co-owner of the popular nightclub, Zanzibar, as a prime example of NSA’s instilment of management skills in its members. Since 2001 until the present day, the rate at which NSA is flourishing is nothing short of inspiring. From giving back to the community to encouraging academic prestige, NSA continues to be a model of excellence for Nigerian students. Thanks to the hard work of the founding members, present and future members of NSA now have a place they can network, gain leadership skills, and acquire lifelong friendships.

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ature as they say is the culmination of intellectual and creative knowledge indirectly proffering solution to man's lingering societal problem. In dominating the environment, Man evolve several schemes in form of technological advancement by copying and imbedding nature's design to solving the problems accrued to its modernization as they progress in their quest for development from the stone-age which was the nadir of mankind up till now. Furthermore, It's no longer a matter of discourse that every field of man's endeavour: science, art, aesthetics, landscaping, architecture, structural engineering that was initiated by different schools of thoughts is pioneered by Nature itself stemming from being a simple horticulturist and farmer to a complex aeronautical and structural engineer in the designing of birds and the complex physical laws that kept the solar system in place. But little did we know that nature in its own flawless and nonpareil insightfulness also expresses itself inanimately in objects, producing lovely works of art on rocks without chisel, blades and brushes but with simple geological processes of weathering whose brilliant features are discernible only to those gifted with the inner eyes that can perceive and appreciate the master's ingenuity. From the sahelian dunes in the North, to the majestic peaks of the Adamawa mountains in the

North-East, the enchanting cascades of the Gurara waterfalls in the middle-belt, the cool serenity of the Oguta Lake in the East, down to the luscious rolling greens of the gigantic Effon-Ridge in the west, with the riveting sun, sea and sand of a palm-fringed beach in the Lekki Peninsula. These are the peripheral of the vast enormous wealth of tourism potentials Nigeria offers. An adage states that people don't marvel what they have not seen marveled and unveiling this blueprints by nature will animate the sense of creativity that has always serve as a source of inspiration for many notable artist such as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. This is a call to all Nigerians to marvel & cherish the potentials in our cultural heritage that 'ordinary people' comprehended as "mundane" thereby showcasing them as the masterpieces which they are to the world.

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FEATURED ALUMNI Modinat “Abby” Kotun

Abby was NSA’s President Fall 2004-Spring 2005 and VicePresident Fall 2003-Spring 2004. She studied Chemical engineering and graduated in May 2005. She currently works as a Field Engineer for Chevron Pipe Line Company, also a JD Candidate, University of Houston Law Center. She joined NSA her second semester of school to get to know other Africans. “NSA has helped immensely in growing my network.” she says. Her advice to members is to take the responsibility (being in NSA) seriously and not so seriously at the same time.  Get to know your fellow members because the relationships last...forever.

Sean Mouneke

Sean was in NSA’s basketball team, he majored in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently a Creative Designer / He joined NSA to get to know more of my people because ne transferred from a school with very little or no Nigerians. His best memory is a basketball tournament (NSA weekend) a couple years back when Owen Junior Woghiren was the coach. “NSA has exposed me to a large arrangement of clientele, my advice is learn your native tongue to the best of your ability and don't be afraid to speak it even if it's not perfect.”

Ibraheem Pedro Mr Pedro was a big part of the Dance Team and Soccer Team. He graduated in 2010 with degree in Chemistry and a minor in Math. He is currently completing first year as Pharmacy Student/ Professional Disc Jockey. His best Memory is beating everyone at NSA weekend Dance Competition. NSA has helped me with time management and to keep me in tune with my culture on campus. “Those who are focused will achieve their goals quicker...Network with more Nigerians and help my people” he says.

Wetin Dey Vol I

Collins Metu

Mr. Metu was an active member of NSA while he was here at the University of Houston. He often helped the Historian with photos. He finished at Prairie View A&M University, with a degree Electrical Engineering. Collins is currently a full Time Photographer with Collins Metu Photography. “I first was exposed to NSA when I was a photographer for a website that focused on Nigerian events. I loved the sense of community that I saw in the NSA at the time and chose to get involved.” he tell WETIN DEY. His best memory as member is the first Intercollegiate African Extravaganza he photographed in 2004. “That started it all for me. Photographing the African Student Organization events around Texas--including NSA helped me gain exposure in our community but also in general. The first wedding I ever photographed was a referral from someone who had seen my work during this period.” his advice is “Don't take for granted the awesome people you meet through this organization. Enjoy these friendships as they may be people you call friends 10-15 years from now. Continue to build on the strong foundation that the founders of NSA have laid out for future generations.”

Temilou Ayoola Temzi was Recreation Chair (2003-2004), Treasurer (20042005), Soccer Team Member (2002-2006). Member (20012006). He graduated with a Bachelors in Accounting in 2007. He works as a Cost Accountant for GE Oil & Gas. “NSA offered Nigerians on UH campus a sense of community. I joined after attending the very first general meeting in 2001. I felt it was a good way to make lasting friendships and develop my leadership skills. I learned valuable leadership and communication skills while serving on the NSA executive board. Planning and organizing various NSA events helped in developing my project management skills. I landed my first job after college by selling my achievements during my tenure as treasurer.” He says. His best memory is being part of the NSA soccer team, taking trips to conferences (Baylor, Arlington), supporting the dance team, and planning the very first NSA weekend. “NSA offers tremendous opportunities to learn valuable leadership/people skills, so be actively involved and run for executive board and committee positions (This will help you in your career). Make a positive impact during your tenure and leave a lasting legacy for future generation of members (Make a difference). Never underestimate the value of the friendships you make while being part of NSA (It may last a lifetime and could also help your career).”

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NAIJA MUSIC By Fawziyat Aminu

One thing that can get everybody in every part of the bumping world is music. This is not different for Nigeria. Nigerians listen to all kinds of music in different languages and genres. We have a wide variety of old artists who are more commonly listened to by the youth such as D’Banj, 2Face Idibia, and Banky W. These artists generally sing hip hop and rap which engages more of the youth. There are also upcoming artists who produce about the same genre. They include but are not limited to Wande Coal, Ikechuckwu, WizKid and Eldee. These artists generally sing in English but input a little bit of their languages in sometimes. You usually hear this at events for the younger people. Then we also have the likes of Ayefele, King Sunny Ade, Oliver the Pope, Osadebe, Kwam1 and Barrister who entertain the older generations. They can be usually be heard at events for older people. There are different genres of music in Nigeria. We have acoustic music that artists like Omolara and Asa specialize in. We have the general hip-hop which is more popular and

the well-known D’Banj who is signed with Mo’Hits Records specializes in. Another genre would be Fuji music. This genre originated in Nigeria (big ups to NigeriaJ). It arose from the improvisation of Ajisari, which is a kind of “music” performed to wake muslims during the Ramadan season. It became popular in the 1970s by the “Fuji Creator” Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister. Although Alhaji Barrister (now known as Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde Marshall or KWAM1) started Fuji music, there are other Fuji musicians which include Wasiu Alabi (better known as Pasuma Wonder), Abass Akande Obesere, Adewale Ayuba, Saheed Osupa and many others. If you are in search of good Nigerian music that will keep you bubbling, you can find them on websites like DJ Mighty mike. com,, GidiLounge and NotJustOk.

Mistakes to avoid when first meeting a woman By. Jumoke Osude

Fellas, if you are new to the game or have had bad luck in the past with females, then this article is for you. There are several ways to impress a woman, but you must be aware of common mistakes you guys make when trying to talk to a woman. Making Intentions obvious Women absolutely love to feel wanted, that goes without saying, but they do not want you to give yourself right away. They want to feel like there is a challenge that they have to overcome. When you meet a woman for the first time, try to show a little mystery and this will get her interest going. Lack of confidence As you begin your conversation with the woman, your ability to communicate will decide whether or not she wants to meet with you again. Avoid being too shy or, on

the other end of the spectrum, overconfident. Try to find balance between the two or else she will quickly lose interest. Long personal narratives Avoiding talking about yourself too much, and instead, allow her to tell you about herself. Listen to what she has to say, even if you are not interested, and try to ask some questions that will in turn, rouse her interest in you. By encouraging a natural conversation you will avoid appearing nervous or arrogant.

of touching of the arms, eye contact, and looking at your mouth and lips as signs that she would like closer contact with you. It may be hard to judge at first, but with experience you will be able to distinguish whether a woman is attracted to you or not

Ignoring body language The final most common error is to initiate physical contact too early. This is a big NO-NO!!! If you do it too soon, you instantly appear shady and only interested in sex. Instead learn how to identify with a woman's body language. A woman will usually send out faint hints such as lots

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21 things I’ve learned in twenty-one years Adelanwa Adesanya

Here are some lessons I’ve learnt in my 21 years of existence. 1. You can have fun without putting yourself at risk (drinking and getting high). My definition of partying is having a relaxed time with friends and, bowling, karaoke, movies, attending a game etc. 2. Life’s all about people, you need people to achieve your goal and aspirations. 3. people will treat you based on how you carry yourself. 4. There’s always time. One of the most common phrases you hear people say is “there’s is no time” or I’m too busy. Do you know one thing you share in common with Barack Obama, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates , you have 24hrs a day. 5. There’s no such thing as time management, but there’s definitely something called self management. how can u manage something you don’t have control of, life’s short: 24hrs a day,7days a week. 6. Friends are important, but some friends

Wetin Dey Vol I

are for a season. Don’t feel too bad when a friend leaves you or if you don’t feel too comfortable around an old friend. Like clothes we outgrow our friends when our beliefs and circumstances change. if a friend leaves it probably means both of you now have different beliefs. 7. Stop talking, start doing. The grave has the largest deposit of talents and ideas. 8. If you fail, try, try, and try again. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from achieving something you believe in. 9. Christianity isn’t a set of do’s and don’ts that God wants you to obey, the bible contains principles that if followed will make your life so much better. Can you imagine a world in which we loved our neighbors as ourselves, there will be no wars, no crimes, no fraud only friends. 10. We would never comprehend God. I find it very hilarious when scientists and clergy people debate whether God exists and how he operates. A lot of times we try and explain God

through our own understanding, we assume he thinks and acts like us, the truth is we are his creation, just a figment of his imagination. Can clay understand the decisions of a potter, food the decision of the chef, painting the ingenuity of the artist? 11. Appreciate leaders. It’s very easy to criticize leaders and spot out mistakes they make in their decisions. Have you ever wondered how difficult the job of a president, governor, religious leader, or father is? leaders are humans like us, they have 24hours like we have, they have families, friends, hobbies and problems, yet they take the time out to take care of others. 12. Happiness is a state of mind and like all things it takes practice. Take the time out to smile at someone, laugh, act the fool (sometimes). Like the joker said, “why so serious?”

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13. Relationships… My dad once told me, relationships are like oranges, if you eat an unripe one it sets your teeth on edge and you’ll regret it. However if you wait for it to ripen, you’ll enjoy every bit of it. Don’t jump into a relationship to feel special or secure, Embrace who you are and develop your self esteem. Relationships work when both parties have a mutual goal and a destination. 14. Emotions Do the right thing even when you don’t feel like it. Don’t let your emotions control you, instead control your emotions. You’re the boss you know!! 15. You need a partner it’s easy to set goals, but its very hard to keep them when no one is watching. The best way to achieve a goal is to find people who will hold you accountable. That’s why the bible said “he who finds a wife finds a good thing”. 16. Consistency. Do you know what differentiates Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, from other ball players?

They’re consistent at what they do. Being successful doesn’t mean you win every time, it means you give it your best shot every time, no matter what happens. 17. Nothing is permanent If life brings success, celebrate If failure, ask what did I do wrong If life brings love, embrace it If hate, don’t retaliate. If life brings life rejoice If death, cry. whatever life throws at you make the best of it, because it’s only for a while. 18. Spontaneity The best things that have happened to me weren’t things I planned, in fact they are things I had no idea they were coming. Its easy to get disappointment when you try and plan everything, especially when you like someone. let things flow, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 19. Be different Standout, let your voice be heard, try something different, if your guts don’t agree with what everyone is doing, don’t be afraid to say no. Before I used to feel weird and out of place when I didn’t enjoy what everyone else was

doing. I have come to embrace who I am and understand that I’m different, special, unique and definitely not your average guy. 20. Appreciation There are two kinds of friends you have, those that appreciate you and those who don’t. Don’t try to impress someone who doesn’t appreciate you, someone who takes days to return your calls and messages, people who don’t care to show up for events that are important to you. Those aren’t the kind of people you worry about. Tip: your true friends are the ones you feel most special around, those who encourage and help you to grow. 21. Influence I bet you’ve heard the phrase ” show me your friends and I tell you who you are”, here’s my version ” show me your friends and I’ll tell you how successful you’ll become. People argue that they can’t be influenced by their friends, although this may be true, the people you spend most of your time with will determine how successful you become. If all you do with your friends is talk about other people and what they are doing, no one will ever talk about you.

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From left to right; Destiny, Ikenna, Obinna, Victor and Bayo Mission Statement: Skribblekidd Media is an independent media production company dedicated to artistic disobedience depicted through imaginative, original, and meaningful works of art. Using the mediums of music, film and photography we tell stories of characters who live in vivid worlds that thrill, astound and challenge the way you see yourself and the world outside your bounds.  We are always beyond horizons. Never within the lines. Raised outside the Box.  Our team is made up of Destiny Edokpa (Head Director), Obinna “Kenobi” Nwokem (Musical Director), Victor Mbachu (Producer), Adebayo Adewale (Creative Director), Ikenna Nwokem (Public Relations Officer) and Nelson Mbachu (Casting Director). To us, we aren’t a group of guys running around making skits to post on YouTube for laughs. What you are witnessing now is the Wetin Dey Vol I

building of a foundation that will, in the future, support a media and film producing corporation, eventually becoming an entertainment empire. The grandiose vision we have for this company is to expand our reach far across the globe through the craft of film and other mediums to not only tell the stories of who we are as Nigerians, Africans and AfricanAmericans, but to also recreate the image that we as a people hold into one that is more truthful, multidimensional and creative. I believe that if we are to show the ills that plague us, let us show the processes or causes of such ills, if we are to show the positive; let us highlight the positives that are within us all. There is a bubbling of energy amongst the youth; murmurings can be heard as eyes watch? Who will be the ones to take the spot light, rapture the audience, enlighten their minds and reshape our views? That’s why we are here.

We have plenty of things coming up in the future including our upcoming commercial for Ofili Designs. Also, we have more short films and skits we are gearing up for such as “Thirsty”, “Uncle Aristo”, and our first comedy short film that we will be shooting over the Summer 2011, beginning in June titled, “Party Like an African” starring, Ikenna Nwokem & Destiny Edokpa with original music by Obinna Nwokem and Adebayo Adewale. We also have a special contest running for a limited time. If you have an idea for a skit that you want to submit to us that we select to be produced, the winner will get a starring role in the selected skit, along with their name in the credits and, a role in our summer short film; “Party Like an African”. If you have any business/casting inquiries please email us at Also look us up on com/skribblekiddmedia or type in the search bar “Skribblekidd”. Don’t forget to Subscribe. You can also become a fan on Facebook just type in “Skribblekidd” into the search bar. Thanks for reading. ;)

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It was all a dream... How did u get into apparel design? It was the summer of 2010. My brother called my family to tell them that UofH had sent me an eviction letter stating that if I didn’t pay, I would be terminated from my position during that summer. The reaction of my parents was not funny at all. So this got me thinking and asking of ways I could ease the pain of my family. I began to browse through a couple of sprouting designers and saw that I could do the same, and create something great. So I decided to just go for it and began to sketch. Has it always been your dream to become a fashion designer? I guess you could say that. I was actually influenced by my brother Ike, who used to sketch apparel for guys. He had this habit of putting his name on all his clothing. In my secondary school we had to write our names on almost all our belongings, so I used this opportunity to develop my branding signature. Then in JSS3, I started using permanent marker on every under shirt my mom bought for me. I made sure I wrote OFILI on them. So, as you can tell, this design company was coming one way or the other.

every other shirt but always stop to check it again just like we stop to check the mirror. I believe in simplicity with a big bang. I believe fashion should be seen as something you do not pay much attention to, but ends up being very essential. My design philosophy can be likened to the mirror. You never pay attention to it the first time, but you make sure to pass by it again. So when I design, my intentions are for people to wear my clothes, and for others to take a double look. What do you enjoy most about designing clothes? For me it is all about making people smile and laugh. I use my shirts to create good conversation and many laughs. What’s the most challenging part? When I first started, the hardest part of being an entrepreneur at my age is dealing with finances. Maintaining a budget is the key to having a successful business. It is pretty stressful keeping track of how much I have made, and keeping up with the task of updating inventory and books. Now that I have a partner, things have been getting a lot easier for me.

3. What’s your favorite song to belt out at the bar/in the car/for karaoke? I am very fond of “Oleku” by Iceprince, “Zombie” by Fela, and “Why Me” by Dbanj. I also love “Don’t worry be happy” by Bobby McFerrin. It is a song that has gotten me through some very tough times.

7. So If you had the choice of all designers in the world to work with/for, would that person be your choice? I know I am still very new to this business, but I would not mind coming together with Kachi Designs. She is a big inspiration for young entrepreneurs in the fashion industry of Houston.

4. What’s your philosophy about the ART of fashion? I believe in simplicity with a big bang. I compare my fashion to a mirror. So when I design, I want you to wear the people to pass your shirt like

8. What are the five things you can’t live without? Oh man! I would have to say Nigerian food, fine Kokolets, pencils, pens, paper, and of course my bible.

Does your work reflect your personal fashion taste?? Can you describe your style? Of course it does! As I said before, I believe in “simplicity with a bang”. I make my t-shirts very simple but I make sure one can also spot my designs from a mile away. I would say my style is very simple but I make sure you remember what I wore at that occasion. Any closing thoughts? I would love to thank “Wetin Dey magazines” for this interview opportunity. I will be lunching my store website on April 21st, if not earlier. You can also check my blog ofilidesigns.tumblr. com and join my group on Facebook There you will recieve updates on sales, and upcoming t-shirt designs.

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NSA involvement: Dance team Intramural Soccer , Intramural bball, NSA Weekend Volunteer. Education: Undergrad: Kinesiology/Psychology (Grad year May 2009)Masters': Physical Education-Motor Behavior (Grad year May 2011) Occupation: Professional Track and Field Athlete for Nigeria: Event-100 Hurdles, 4x100; and Assistant Track and Field Coach at University of Houston. Why and how you joined NSA. I joined NSA after being introduced to the organization by my cousin and one of the first female, board members, Bisi Odunbaku. I have always been proud of my culture and a supporter of positivity in Nigerian people. It sounded like a very warm, culturally motivated, and fun organization that was excited to be able to relate with. It was a great opportunity for me to connect and network with those individuals with similar backgrounds. Your best memory as an NSA member. I have several memories with NSA, but the best memory is being on the dance team. We had some of the most ridiculously exciting practices, and we were SO GOOD! We were able to put together dances in less than a week and came out of competitions with first place standings time and time again. Baylor 2007 was the most fun experience for me, everything about it from the ride down there, to the competition, to the new friends (which I still have), to the after party, to eating out with fellow NSA members, and let's not forget all of the 'inside jokes' and sayings that came from that weekend! (TOO PON PON! haha). Classic. How NSA has helped you in your career. NSA has definitely helped me in my careers by serving as an excellent reference for my extracurricular activities while I was in undergrad. With this organization I gathered much of my networking skills and desire to give back to the country of Nigeria in the ways that I have chosen through sport. Being an active member helped provide a sense of responsibility and time management when balancing work and fun. The many debates that we had during the bi-weekly NSA meetings made me appreciate patience, listening skills, and respect for opinion which are key tools that I have needed to utilize in the 'real world'. Advice for the next generation of NSA members & leaders. The most important thing that the next generation of NSA members/leaders need to understand is that they cannot let this organization wither away. Although this association has faced it's bumps and bruises, it has managed to maintain a pulse for 10 years and it deserves to see many more. NSA is the closet

Wetin Dey Vol I

thing several people have to being back home in Nigeria whether they were born and raised there or here in the United States. Much hard work was put into establishing the rank, reputation, and safe haven that is found in the University of Houston Nigerian Student Association, and the benefits of active participation will surely be reaped. Nigerians have already been faced with disappointments, flagged with corruption, and left to survive in a 'dog eat dog' world. Being apart of an organization that is well on its way to becoming a national enterprise is worth the time investment and will surely fill in the missing piece to the puzzle of a complete college experience.

Rex the Artist

Rex was part of dance team and soccer team he studied communications-Radio and Television. He is a Graphic Artist and founder of God 1st Designs. He also attended Full Sail University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Film Degree in 2011. He is the Editor for the New Destiny Christian Center. Rex joined NSA because of the opportunity to meet fellow Nigerian Students schooling on campus. “It was a great opportunity to make new friends, mix, and mingle.” he tell WETIN DEY. His best memory our best memory as an NSA was when his Poem "It is Still My Land Nigeria," won 1st Place at the Baylor weekend competition in 2002. “This was the spark of all my prominent experiences herein after. I then represented NSA as a Poet during the Baylor Weekends and all NSA events from 2002-2004. I also represented NSA as a Cultural Dancer, and a player on the campus soccer and basketball teams. NSA has been a great opportunity to meet and make good friends. Most of the people I met while in NSA are still close friends, clients, and colleagues today. Since 2005, when I commenced as a Graphic Artist representing God 1st Designs, most of my clients stemmed from the people I met at NSA. My most notable would be Abby Kotun. Her involvement with AfriPRO Houston needed my expertise and specialty in promoting the organization. This relationship only open up more doors, including designing works for the well noted Amobi Okoye Foundation, Houston's own Tosa Collections, and also Zanzibar.” his avice is; “Past failures are only ground works for improvements and never allow the failures you know of to diminish the future success you know not of.”

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Where Diets Go Wrong free weight


hen we discover that we are heavier than we want to be, we have a natural inclination to eat less food. We may skip lunch or eat only a tiny amount of our dinner in the hope that if we eat less our body will burn off some of its fat. But that is not necessarily true. Eating less actually makes it more difficult to lose weight. Keep in mind that the human body took shape millions of years ago, and at that time there were diets. The only low-calorie event in people's lives was starvation. Those who could cope with a temporary lack of food were the ones who survived. Our bodies, therefore, have developed this built-in mechanism to help us survive in the face of low food intake. When researchers compare overweight and thin people, they find that they are roughly the same number of calories. What makes overweight people different is the amount of fat that they eat. Thin people tend to eat less fat and more complex carbohydrates. Losing weight is not something one can do overnight. A carefully planned weight loss program requires common sense and certain guidelines. Unfortunately, there's

a lot of misinformation floating The myth is that people get heavy around and lots of desperate people by eating too many calories. are easily duped and ripped off. Calories are a consideration it's true, but overall they are not Every day one can open a the cause of obesity in America magazine or newspaper and see today. Americans actually take advertisements touting some new in fewer calories each day than product, pill or patch that will take they did at the beginning of the excess weight off quickly. Everyone century. If calories alone were the seems to be looking for that reason we become overweight, we "magic" weight loss pill. Millions should all be thin. But we are not. of Americans are trying to lose Collectively, we are heavier than weight, spending billions of dollars ever. Partly, it is because we are every year on diet programs and more sedentary now. But equally, products. Often they do lose some as important is the fact that the weight. But, if you check with fat content of the American the same people five years later, diet has changed dramatically. you will find that nearly all have regained whatever weight they lost. People who diet without exercising A survey was done recently to try often get fatter with time. Although and determine if any commercial your weight may initially drop diet program could prove long- while dieting, such weight loss term success. Not a single program consists mostly of water and could do so. So rampant has the muscle. When the weight returns, it so-called diet industry become comes back as fat. To avoid getting with new products and false claims fatter over time, increase your that the FDA has now stepped metabolism by exercising regularly. in and started clamping down. Select an exercise routine that Being seriously overweight and you are comfortable with and particularly obesity can develop remember that walking is one into a number of diseases and of the best and easiest exercises serious health problems, and it is for strengthening your bones, now a known fact that when caloric controlling your weight and toning intake is excessive, some of the your muscles. excess frequently is saturated fat. Wetin Dey Vol I

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HOW to make MOI-MOI Moi-moi also known as bean cake and its made from a mixture of ground beans, red peppers and onions. Its mostly cooked in foils or little steamable containers. It is a common delicacy among West Africans especially Nigerians. Its usually on the menus of a African parties and weddings. INSRTUCTIONS: 1 Put the beans (washed and skinned), diced pepper and onions in a blender and grind until it's a smooth paste. 2. Pour bean paste into a bowl and mix with spices and oil. 3 Put a pot on the fire and add just enough water so that the cups or pans will float. 4 Start filling small steamable cups or cans to 3/4 with above bean paste mixture. INGREDIENTS 2 cups of beans 5 Put cups with mixture in pot after the water is hot enough. 1 medium onion(chopped) 6 Cover pot and let it steam cook for 30-45 minutes. Check frequently for water so it Ground red pepper doesn't burn. 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil 7 Serve as snack lone or as a meal with rice or soaked garri. Salt Spices: maggi and garlic TIPS/WARNINGS Water In place of cups, small clear plastic bags found in African stores can be used instead. You can also use regular foil paper. Just cut, fold on end tightly so foil forms a cup and fill with your paste mixture. The water for cooking needs to be hot enough. So, exercise caution when arranging the cups, pans or foil wraps. Wetin Dey Vol I

page 14 Naomi Campbell hosts Genevieve Nnaji, Idris Elba & Shingai Shoniwa at the Fashion For Relief pop-up shop launch in London Westfield shopping centre in West London was buzzing with celebrities, fashion insiders and press last night as Naomi Campbell held the gala launch of her Fashion For Relief pop-up shop. The charitable venture has received donations from designer brands including Burberry, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen and Victoria Beckham. The pop-up shop will be active at Westfield for one week and all the proceeds will go to the Prince’s Trust, a UK based youth charity that helps change young lives. Celebrities including Noisette’s lead singer Shingai Shoniwa, musician Keisha Buchanan, musician Sophie Ellis Bextor were all present to celebrate with Naomi. One international star who stood out was Nigerian actress, Genevieve Nnaji. The Nollywood superstar looked good as she enjoyed a night of networking and shopping dressed in her draped green dress paired with nude platform pumps.

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Positively Nigerian


n all nations there are challenges, and opportunities exist for everyone in all circumstance if only we look deep enough, the case in Nigeria is not the best or worst no matter how dire it look now. When I arrived in this country just barely seven months ago, the people that I met challenged me and the situation I met propelled me to ask questions. Then I found out that change was possible and there was room for improvement. For instance, I found out that in other for international students as well as students of the Conrad Hilton College to have their views aired someone needs to be in the place where decisions concerning their welfare are discussed. Humbled by this opportunity to be enrolled as a student who has been applying to the University of Houston since 2008, I was approached by the then Student Government Association President who

Anthony Agi, is a- Conrad Hilton College student and SGA

sensed my passion for student affairs. When I indicated my interest to contest the Student Government Association, I was discouraged by cynics and pundits. To those of you who have always thought that Nigerians are not making a difference, make no mistake, this campus has lots of opportunity for you to be an ambassador as some are doing already in different capacities. Particularly some felt I was too fresh on campus to get enough vote that will make me a Senator, but I refused to listen to such voices instead I chose to listen to positive student. I was fuelled with great passion for student issues and I chose not to belong to the camp of those who stay and watch things happen. We went to the polls and the students of the Hilton College chose me to serve them as a Senator in SGA. Because I went to my college student and made my case, talk to other international student, NSA, and other student groups

God gave us victory, now I have the honor to serve with the 48th Student Government Association as a Senator. “When the sun rises, the eyes do not melt at once�, so I agree that the journey to our greatness have just started. I am honored by the opportunity to serve and I look forward to the great future of the University of Houston. I intend to give it my all and when this is over, I shall look behind and say, we contributed to the moving forward of this great University. I returned and I saw that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favor to men of skill; but time and chance happen to them all (Ecc.9:11) This is our time to help, reach out and make this campus a better place for ourselves and those coming after us. Anthony Agi, is a- Conrad Hilton College student and SGA Senator.

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Talk it allwithTonyie .... Akuvue HOW CAN I TELL THAT MY GIRLFREIND IS JEALOUS OF ME. When she says negative things about you in your presence, if she constantly criticizes the both of you., if she always wants too outshine you in a picture or when you guys out. If she is always uploading bad pictures of you on Facebook. And when she competes with you and buys all the nice things you have. WHEN SHOULD I STOP TALKING TO A FRIEND When you notice that your getting bad grades because of her, when she tries to change you, even when she knows your personality type. When she starts messing around with your boyfriend. HOW DO YOU TAME A WILD ROOMMATE You can start by setting a good example, if you behave responsibly she may change positively. You can also give an ultimatum that you don't guys coming over to your room, then again she can do the visiting. You can make sure she accompanies you to church and bible study, and you keep repeating the pastors message at odd hours WHAT SORT OF FRIENDS SHOULD I KEEP You should have friends for different reasons, you should have friends for academic reasons, friends that you can call when you want to go out and friends that you can call in time of need. Most of all, don't let your friends make you.

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HOW CAN I MANAGE MY TIME WISELY 1. FORGET BOYS 2. FORGET GIRLS 3. TRUST ME. EVERYONE IS GOING NATURAL I HAVE COARSE PERMED HAIR, SHOULD I JOIN? Joorr oh, don't do things cause people are doing it “wannabe”. Will you put your head inside fire because people are doing it? If you can’t maintain your hair in its permed state, how would you take care of it when its natural. My answer is NO!!! I NEED TO MAKE MY HAIR FOR AN EVENT, AND I NEED TO BUY INDIAN HAIR. I WANT TO BORROW MONEY FROM THE BANK? What are friends for? Ask them to lend you and you’ll pay them back, its certainly better than taking a loan. Secondly, you shouldn't be too crazy for Indian hair (its still fake) I have a friend who spent over a 1000 box on Indian hair, and she threw all of it away. Its really not worth all the stress. I AM FROM AN AFFLUENT FAMILY,, IT BOTHERS ME THAT MOST OF THE PEOPLE I MEET ARE NOT WELL OFF. HOW CAN I PICK MY FRIENDS You really shouldn't let your social class get into your head because social class is dynamic, you could be poor God forbid! Just make sure that you don't make friends with people that suck up to you. don't keep friends that want you to pay for all their stuff every time or friends that always want to show you off

I LIKE TALKING TO PEOPLE BUT THEN I DON’T KNOE WHEN TO SHUT UP. IGET REALLY PASSIONATE AND I KEEP GOING Maybe you should give yourself a time limit, that would be useful. Plus it could be you talent just make sure you put it to good use. HOW I CAN STAY OUT OF TROUBLE AND DRAMA AMONG NIGERIANS. I will start by saying the fact that you think Nigerians are dramatic does not mean that you should act like your not Nigerian. If you stay way from trouble makers, you would avoid drama. WHY DO GIRLS PUT THEIR HAND INSIDE FIRE WHEN THEY KNOW IT WILL BURN THEM. Adelanwa Adesanya Girls are very curious. Most girls love make their own mistakes and learn from experience. I’m not the experimenting or the –i-am-different type I like to stay out of fire.

TONYE... I ADMIRED YOU A LOT, HOW DO YOU REMAIN FOCUSED WHEN YOU HANG OUT WITH DIFFERENT TYPES OF PEOPLE. Because I do me, I don’t let anyone influence my me negatively. I don’t try to please anyone or suck up and I know what I’m in school for. Its hard not to like my ype of person.

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Hey Esther, Im dating a guy and he says he isn't ready for a relationship, he asked me to wait for him. I really like him should I wait? Good question, I feel that if you were meant to be with that person then eventually God will one day bring you together inevitably. You have to realize that tomorrow is not promised and why put off tomorrow what you can have today. Forcing someone into a relationship that isn't ready will always have negative results. If that person isn't ready for a relationship and you are, you may not want to wait if you have other options. While that person is figuring out what they really want you should take the time and see what else is out there. And if you dont have other options #L's up! I suggest you focus on your books, because money and success will always be ready to be in a relationship with you. Esther, How can I tell if a boy really likes me. Im so confused! Well I'll tell you one thing never assume he likes you just because he is showing you attention, is nice to you or texts you. He could just be friendly or he could just be trying to see how far he can get. The best way to find out if someone likes you is for them to tell you. You should ask them. I know asking them may seem awkward but its the only way to know for sure! Dear Esther, I am pregnant at the moment and the  guy says the baby is not his, i am sure its his. what should I do? 2 words: PATERNITY TEST. Women lie, men lie but DNA... yea that doesn't lie. Paternity tests are also legally binding in court so I suggest you get one. Or I can give you the number to Maury Povich and I'm sure he will be able to find if he is the father or not, but hope you a 1000000% sure because if he isn't the father #thataintwinning. Hey Esther I was wondering why is sex so casual in college?  There are many things that factor into this question, and for different people there are different reasons. I for one don't believe in casual sex. Thats how you get casual diseases, casual babies, casual drama and

even some casualties. I feel that casual sex is so common in college because of peer pressure and society. Society makes many college student believe that there is nothing wrong with it and its completely ok. A hundred years ago this wans't the case so it was less common, but fast forward and times have truly changed. Peer pressure plays a role because everyone has the idea that everyone else is doing it so they feel as if they should do it also in order to fit in. Some people haven't really found themselves yet in college so they follow trends or the masses. A final reason college is a time for studying and it is also a time for getting wasted, trying new things, having fun, gaining your independence and some people just cant control themselves its part of the college experience. Esther, What's the difference between being thirsty and being persistent for guys and girls? The thirst.... something that must be quenched. Thirsty: (adj)   : to stop at no cause to get them draws.For guys we can call them man sluts, players etc. Girls: bops, tosses slores etc. You could also have that one moment of thirst and not be classified as any of the fore-mentioned, those terms are related to chronic thirst. I honestly think being thirsty deals with lust.  Some  people  just chase and wont stop until their thirst is quenched, they will do or say anything to get with someone and its all for the wrong reasons. Thirsty people aren't very selective either, they are generally this way towards many people. Now  persistence  thats dealing with one

thing that you truly or genuinely want and care for and you are determined to get. There is a thin grey line between the two and they may often get confused, but the key word is selectivity and discreteness.  Dear Esto, Why do girls think tights can be substitutions for pants? LOL! Tights are an ultimate asset to any girls closet. sometimes you want to wear something short but you dont want to look like a 2 dollar trollop, tights clean up the look. Tight are also very comfortable and very versatile and can be matched up with basically anything without any thought. And some girls wear tights for attention, yep key word "TIGHT" and honestly they leave little to the imagination and unfortunately some females like that attention. But it is ok to wear tights as pants as long as 1: You have the shape, tights accentuate your every curve. If you don't have any it makes it slightly more obvious and if you have too many thats just nasty. 2. Dont wear tights as pants if they cannot be passed as pants. That goes for people wear sheer stockings and passing them off as tights. If you can see right through them, that is inappropriate. Allways do the flash check, take a pic in your tights with flash to make sure they are not see through. Dear Esther, my boyfriend cheated on me, is it ok for me to cheat.? No, two wrongs never make a right as tempting as it may seem. If you stoop to his level that makes you just a big of a slut as he is. If you cant trust him just let it go and move on, karma will take care of it. Dear Esto, Why are there so many haters on the natural girls from guys? I dont think guys hate the natural sisters at all! If you are beautiful it  honestly  doesn’t  matter how your hair looks as long as it compliments your beauty. Unfortunately not every hairstyle compliments everyones beauty, basically saying not everyone can pull off the natural look. Some guys are a bit shallow unfortunately and if you want someone to want you for you and not your hair then you really don’t need to entertain the ones that are hating on your natural look.

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Greetings, I am humbly honored and very excited to know that you have chosen me for this unique award. First I would like you to give you a huge kudos on the great accomplishments and goals that you have achieved within the last few years. During my years of undergrad I initially started of with a pre-pharmacy major and joined in NSA. I was an active member various of committees, as well the dance and soccer team. I also joined the executive board as cultural chair, historian, and vice president. I ended up graduating in the year 2007 in a BS in Health Education. I decided to switch career paths due to many experiences and I am currently a graduate student at Lamar University for a Masters in Speech Language Pathology. I heard of NSA when I was in high school, through my cousin who was in the association at that time and truthfully that’s why I initially I decided to join. Shortly after, I fell in love it because I had the chance to mingle with people of the same culture who had great ambition, and gave great encouragement to each other in every aspect of life. My best memory may not have been a positive one at that moment, but was a lesson learned. When I ran for president in the year 2006-2007 two weeks before elections, I broke my leg playing intramural soccer for NSA. Then a friend of mine named Ikenna Anyikam decided to run against me. He gathered all of his friends out of the woodworks, made them become paid members and attend the election. Of course, I was not able to attend because I just got out of the hospital. He said his speech and ended up winning the election! Lol! There is more to the story but Ill keep it short! Lol..NSA molded me to be a mature individual with great responsibility and high expectations. I learned how to be a confident leader, very meek, Wetin Dey Vol I

humble, hardworking, very ambitious and how to be a strong competitor! Though we were all young and learning through experiences, I was lucky that God blessed me with a circle of friends and mentors who guided me into the right path to push me to be independent and utilize my talent dance. I have always wanted to own a dance school/studio for kids but I didn't think it was possible right after I graduated because I had no money. But I notice my friends Kim and Ofili started their businesses shortly sfter they graduated without alot of money and I also realized that the demand for african dance and dancehall was high. So I got a few advice and a huge push from my friends that I met through NSA and I started the B SPOT on August 14th 2009. Though I am still learning how to running a business, the qualities that I acquired when I was apart of NSA are of great use till today. Hence for you the upcoming generation of NSA, though your academics should be priority being apart of this association is not only a great experience but it teaches you how to deal with people, and develope qualities that will help you mature and understand who you are! Make sure to balance your priorities appropriately, be passionate about the association but do not become so immeresed to where you are not acheiving your goals. Surround yourself with great, smart people for this is the time that you create your path for your future! I wish you all the best and keep up the great work! I am proud. Thank you so much! like we used to say in 2002 "NSA all the way!" Â

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My involvement in NSA for 2 years was me being the Treasurer and head of the Fundraising department. I was also an avid “cheerleader” of the soccer team and played on the NSA basketball intramural team. My major is Industrial Engineering and graduated December 2010 and I currently work for GE oil and gas as a Sales Engineer. I joined NSA (at first) because of the beautiful girls I saw when I was a freshman. Otunba Wole was the guy who convinced me to get more involved only to realize he wanted me to run for treasurer in order to assist him as He would soon become president! My best memory as an NSA member was me winning the Treasurer position for the first time. I think all the girls voted for me because I was wearing a blouse that showed my chest and the girls loved my deep voice. NSA has helped me to gain more leadership experience and to better my speaking skills when I’m in front of a large group of people. It has also allowed me to build strong networks with other Nigerians/ Africans which in turn helped me to join other groups like AfriPro where networking is key to actually being involved in the organization. My advice for the next generation of NSA members

NSA Involvement: E-Board Secretary 2009-2010 school year Dance Team 2009-2010 Flag Football Team 2007-2009 Member from 2007-2010 Current School: Baylor College of Medicine, M.D. candidate (class of 2014) Why and How I joined NSA: I initially heard about NSA my freshman year but was hesitant to join until I was dragged to a meeting by a friend during my sophomore year. After seeing the comradery and friendship that embodied the very fiber of NSA, I was hooked from then on. Also, being around Nigerians and Africans alike, people I can relate to, made my undergraduate experience quite special. Best memory as an NSA member: Trinity Weekend in San Marcos in Spring of 2010

and leaders is to just have FUN! No matter how you choose to get involved in NSA make sure you have the most fun you can ever have in your life! Nigerians are good people to have fun with so make use of them. I remember going to my first NSA weekend at UH, it was one of the best times I’ve ever had in college and is exactly what sparked my interest in continuing to be involved with NSA. Even as a board member, we would have our retreats over night at a hotel, those hours we spent getting to know each other is something I will never forget. As a regular member going to my first NSA/ASA weekend at UTA was a really good experience that helped me get closer to all of my fellow members and truly develop relationships that would last a lifetime. I truly believe it is important for we Nigerians, when we are with one another, to fully maximize the experiences we have and share with each other because one day you may never have that opportunity again for it truly is an privilege.

skills and also to broaden my horizons in general. With a lot of my peers pursuing careers in health, engineering, etc. NSA helped me to stay motivated to achieve my goals so that when we all reach our career promised lands we can celebrate together. Also, I love to dance as much as the next person, but being on the dance team was an afterthought until I joined. The experience in itself was much more than dance, as I forged lasting and memorable friendships that would not have occurred in any other setting. Advice for the next generation of NSA member & leaders: Be open to making new friendships and acquaintances within NSA and everywhere you go. These are your brothers and sisters within the unique family that is NSA. You will be surprised how you can influence, motivate, and have lasting impacts on one another. Make sure to stay focused on why you are in college and what your end goals are. At the same time don't get to caught up in the grind of academics to forget to live life, as to live life is to learn life's lessons. Also, always remember to celebrate every "victory," no matter how small. Live well, laugh o

How NSA has helped in my acdemic careers: NSA helped me in allowing me to improve on my networking

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Inside NSA Happy 10th Anniversary Nigerian Students Association


igerian Student’s Association is more than just a social organization, it’s a family oriented group. Our traditions have enabled us to impact the lives of various people. This tenth year anniversary allows us to reflect on the Nigerian values, customs and the organization’s success. One of the customs we indulge in is going to weekends hosted by various universities. In this way, we are able to fellowship and reach out to our Nigerian brothers and sisters all across the state of Texas. We are also blessed to provide scholarship opportunities at our annual Rising Star Awards Banquet held at the end of each school year. One of our new traditions Jollof Rice and Friends enables us to come together and socialize while enjoying one of our popular Nigerian dishes. NSA meetings are often centered around topics that include current events that are prevalent in Nigeria. We are given the chance to learn about who we are and what we have the potential to be. Around Valentines Day we normally engage in events such as the Valentine’s Day Ball and Speed Dating. With these events we are fortunate enough to building lasting relationships and friendships. Furthermore we are blessed to have strong and dedicated Executive board members to lead the organization in the most productive pathway. Our past and present leaders have imparted a positive influence in terms of helping our community while maintaining our Nigerian roots. From Nwando Obigbo & Blessing Adodo

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NSA in the community This year one of our goals was to ensure that NSA creates a positive image for Nigeria in our community by volunteering in different community service projects. We helped to feed the homless at the Houston Beacon, we made christmas cards for children at St Judes and we worked with other organizations to host a toy drive.

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Youth Organizations Ask Nigerian Presidential Candidates –“What About Us?” By BellaNaija


uilding on momentum from a mass voter registration drive, a coalition of several youth empowerment groups and blogs are calling for the first-ever presidential youth centered debate in Nigeria. Looking ahead to the April elections, the debate would focus on the key issues affecting a critical voting demographic, with the age group of 30 and under representing 70% of the population. The debate will be a direct conversation with Nigerian youth, inviting presidential candidates to answer questions posed by young Nigerians, at home and abroad, via social media networks including Facebook and Twitter, text messages and phone, about key topics of concern. For the first time, the candidates will have platform to share

their agenda with the nation in a livetelevised format, laying out specific and concrete solutions. The debate is tentatively scheduled for the last week of March 2011. “It is easy for politicians to promise change without having a clue about the realities Nigerian youth face every day. However, we know that their decisions now will largely determine our future so we want to know where they stand. This time around, we are engaged, aware and empowered, and believe that our vote should be earned and not expected,” the group said in a joint statement. The group’s mission started on January 11th, 2011, with the #IfNaijaVotes donate your status initiative, prompting Nigerians across the globe to voice their predictions on the nation’s prospects

if free and fair elections are held, The group now seeks to further educate the Nigerian youth on the missions and motives of presidential aspirants and will continue to collaborate on various initiatives to drive voter awareness and participation. More details on participating groups for the initiative can be found on our website, or Facebook page,

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Phyllis Fisayo





Ikenna Nebo

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Ore Ayodele Computer Engineering Technology Played roles in NSBE (20082009) Secretary, Marketing Director for CEO, and other professional organizations. Best known for designs and stuff like that. Born in Ibadan, Nigeria, raised in Southwest of Houston, Texas. (Here for 20 years) plans on moving to Chicago within the next few years. Aspires to be an inventor, entrepreneur, engineering and eventually own my own design firm. Played roles of organizing events in NSA, helped raising funds and membership participation., etc

Kim Okafor profile picture: attached  major: Electrical Engineering  NSA involvement: Member  favorite quote: the only thing that you can trust everyone to be is human  short advice: In life, put yourself in a position to learn. I'm not tlaking about in school or in a classroom but in LIFE. Don't lie of ignore the mistakes you make, learn from them. You mistakes are the fertilization of your growth.

OlaideQuadry Quadry Olaide Industrial Engineering & Minor in Mathematics UH involvement: UH NSA member for 4 years as well as NSA Eagles #1 defender. I enjoyed playing Rugby, being UH NSBE Vice-chair & being a Resident Assistant. Quote: “I Never ride S.O.L.O. so i stay Humble” Advice: Enjoy college and get involved with diverse activities (good ones). God bless.

Clara Chinyere Emeghebo Major: Kinesiology concentration, International BusinessQuote: Make 2011 full of POSITIVE thoughts and WISE decisions!!!NSA involvement: N/AShort Advice: In all that you do in life follow your true passion and God given gift in the end you will be more than happy... Many Best wishes....

Ogechi Carrie Nnabuife Major: Biology with a minor in Psychology (PA career path)active in Dance Team and Community ServiceFavorite quote: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”- Winston ChurchillShort advice to the rest of the family: Don’t be afraid to put yourselves out there, and immerse yourselves in things that interest you. Be involved in your chosen career and know the kind of responsibilities that come with that career.

Uwaila Osemwota Major: Phamarceutical Studies. Our Dear Uwaila has been a member of NSA since 2007. She has always been active, supportive and inspiring . She and her friends always bring pleasant vibes to NSA and we admire them for it. We would miss her a lot

Valentine Ike Major: Electrical Engineering NSA involvement: Freshman Mentoring Favorite Quote: “Your character speaks so loud that i can’t hear what you are saying” Advice: The road has been rough but thank God, my family and you for making me enjoy the journey. Your best years are yet to come. As Africans and most especially Nigerians, lets make an impact in our own little world. There will always be negativity out there but what makes us different is the fact that we embrace positivity. Be you and thats all that matter. I Love and will miss you guys. Cheers and long live the Queen. 

Nneoma Ezeobele Major: Accounting and Supply Chain Management. Treasurer, Dance Team and magazine editor. Quote: “Dont sweat the small stuff and its all small stuff.” Best Advice; take advantage of the opportunity you have, never stop trying it pays. Be yourself and you’ll always be pleased.

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