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C h a t 1 0 Lo o k s 3 Author: Emily Har t Some people are good at getting onto things early in the game. Those of us who do not fall into that categor y know the joys of stumbling across a series well down the track: it means that you have a whole bankup of episodes to watch, read, or listen to, and it saves you the pain of listening to people bang on about something that you discovered ages ago, just as I am about to do now. I was vaguely aware that political journalist extraordinaire (and for mer On Dit editor) Annabel Crabb and 7.30 Report host Leigh Sales were doing a podcast together. Somehow, I hadn’t gotten around to listening to it, even though I am a massive Crabb fangirl. Everything she says, cooks, wears, and writes is pretty fantastic; Kitchen Cabinet is one of my most iViewed shows (who needs Netflix?) and her book The W ife Drought is a recommended read for anyone who is a woman or who has ever met one. I wish Annabel Crabb was my best friend. Alas, her best friend is Leigh Sales and that brings me back to the actual focus of this review: their podcast. The title Chat 10 Looks 3 is a playful twist on the name of a musical theatre tune because Leigh Sales loves musical theatre (who would have guessed?). In the first episode, they even sing a little theme song. If you are not musical theatre inclined, please do not let this put you off. (I’ve seen The Lion King musical three times and I don’t even get it. Probably because the song is not actually from The Lion King.) The premise is that Crabb and Sales get together whenever and wherever is convenient for their hectic lives (at their kitchen tables, in the car on their way to work together, onstage at the Sydney Writers’ Festival) and record their chats about whatever they have been reading or watching or cooking recently (and whether they got onto it early in the game). These often dissolve 46 Chat 10 Looks 3

Being privy to the friendship of two of Australia’s funniest and smartest women is pretty rad. into discussions of strobe cream, fairywrens, and general nothingness. In the most recent episode, they are getting ready for a ball, putting on makeup together in a hotel kitchen whilst discussing The Killing Season and Hugh Laurie; it is recorded on an iPhone because they forgot to bring a microphone. Basically, this podcast is an excuse for Crabb and Sales (who refer to each other as Crabb and Sales throughout) to catch up, but they’ve thoughtfully included us as well, which is nice of them. It might not sound like much, but being privy to the friendship of two of Australia’s funniest and smartest women is pretty rad. I have absolutely no idea how they manage to read, watch, and cook so much with all the other things that they do, but this means that you never have to think of what to read, watch, or cook again. They even provide links on their website to the things that they discuss, so you probably don’t even have to use Google again. You are set for life. The first couple of episodes got me through a reasonably traumatic blood donation experience, and then, of course, I had another nine or so hours worth of episodes to listen to. What a dream. If Crabb and Sales ever need a third member to complete their gang, I will definitely be applying – hopefully they accept late applicants. You can listen to Chat 10 Looks 3 on iTunes or at It comes out every now and then – they are busy ladies; bear with them.

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