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To put it bluntly, exercise burns fat. While it’d be silly if you expected abs to pop up after a 30 minute run, it would definitely help to make you feel comfortable in your carefully planned General Pants approved university outfit. There’s a confidence in yourself and in your body that comes from consistent exercise that is difficult to emulate (though bless them, Woman’s Day tries). Realising that you can affect the way you look is a powerful idea, a notion that can be dangerous when fully exploited. Be healthy with your body, not destructive. Whilst being healthy is sexy in its self, feeling healthy can increase your self-esteem. If you genuinely feel sexy, chances are, other people think you’re sexy too. Also, gents, the fitter you are the longer and more sustained you can last in the bedroom, a lack of which can definitely be a deal breaker, amirite ladies.


There’s a certain satisfaction to speeding past those waddling nine-to-five office folk as I, unbeknownst to them, blast Rage Against the Machine, FLUME or Vanessa Carlton in my headphones. You’re in your own little world, left entirely to your own thoughts and ideas. I more or less planned my entire 21st birthday party while on my bi-weekly run. If you’re lucky enough to live near a park or some expanse of vegetation, take advantage of it. Although, be careful at night. I have always enjoyed being in the natural environment, and the city of Adelaide has some of the best park systems in the country. Knowing that his descendants would be utilising and enjoying his carefully laid out parklands would have made my urban design buddy Colonel Light proud as punch. Or absynthe. Not sure what they were drinking back then.


I can’t remember the last time I entered the Zambero’s premises sober. My Saturday night alterego, whom we shall name Samantha, is a notoriously hungry entity. Every other day of the week I am relatively okay with keeping my food intake healthy (apart from those damned Cheese Breads at Taste Baguette in the Hub. Man, those things are delish) but the amount of utter rubbish I eat when I’ve had a few drinks is staggering. I generally have no control over Samantha, so I play my part by counterbalancing with some good ole Kath And Kim-style powerwalking. Not that there’s anything wrong with every now and again spending a night sitting on your couch eating a wheel of Camembert with a knife, but sometimes it’s also sensible to take control and try to reverse all those Mi Goreng dinners. As people around us grow older, we begin to see the effects that bad lifestyle choices have later on in life. There’s no better time than the present to start attempting to change that. I would love to see Australia remove itself from the top of the world obesity list, and this can only happen with changes in generational perceptions. The amount of cynicism that gets loaded on the healthy living movement is just so overwhelming, I hope it’s been refreshing and relatable to hear from a fellow student about the ease with which it is to begin these changes. So, there you have it. If you’re feeling adventurous, chuck on some tights (kidding) and contact me if you want to go for a walk together. Up and at ‘em students of Radelaide!

Ben thinks they should re-write the fourth season of The OC to include Marissa’s death every episode a la Kenny in South Park.

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On Dit Edition 82.6  

INSIDE: What the 2014 Federal Budget means for students.

On Dit Edition 82.6  

INSIDE: What the 2014 Federal Budget means for students.