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‘A Night at the Opera’ (pen and ink)


ack Lowe has an obsession that creeps into almost every corner of his life. Whether he’s waiting for a lecture to start, in transit, or trawling through assignments, it’s there. Thankfully it’s just drawing, and rather benign. Jack is currently in his second year of a double degree in chemical engineering and biotechnology. He is influenced by a bounty of art genres including surrealism, baroque, renaissance art, art nouveau as well as 19th century illustration and etching. ‘I guess drawing is something that has been important to me since I was very young. There was rarely a blank sheet of paper in any of my exercise books throughout my schooling. Even now I can’t help but fill up blank space when I see it. ‘I’ve always found that being creative is an important part of me as a person. The act, and time, taken to produce a drawing function as a sort of counterweight – to the more restrictive side of my studies, as well as life in general. In engineering there are set rules and methods that must be respected and followed, like gravity. Doing so brings much success in creating a functional and efficient design,

‘Untitled’ (blue pen)

which is definitely something to be marvelled at. However rendering images from my imagination through art facilitates a different side of creativity – a side that may not have such a practical use, but is just as fulfilling all the same. ‘The genesis of a drawing is often a scratch or two on the corner of a dog-eared page or serviette. From this I may create drafts or immediately commence a final copy. Although I do take everything I produce seriously, I’m not someone who creates an image first then tries to attach to it some grandiose philosophical statement. I’ll plan then execute a drawing or painting in a methodical manner if I want it to have a clear meaning, using form and symbolism to make my statement. In contrast, though, I often create something based on a thought that

‘Tea Time’ (wax based coloured pencil)

‘Radioactive Mermaid’ (graphite pencil)

simply amuses me. In this instance the purpose of the drawing is often to entertain myself while I’m creating it and others if they see it. Some might consider such an image to be shallow or lacking in weight. But to me, I think that if I can communicate that idea for even a moment to a viewer then I’ve succeeded, without the image straining to be something more than it is.’ Jack is a regular illustrator for On Dit and his work can also be seen on the front cover of this magazine.

On Dit Edition 82.6  

INSIDE: What the 2014 Federal Budget means for students.

On Dit Edition 82.6  

INSIDE: What the 2014 Federal Budget means for students.