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SECOND PRIZE (FICTION) Bojana’s Choice by Mara Blazic Bojana’s Choice is an account of the true event of John Nash, an amateur clairvoyant who predicted an earthquake and tidal wave would obliterate Adelaide on January 19, 1976. The media publicity caused widespread panic, particularly among some non-English speaking migrant communities. Written from the perspective of seven-year-old Bojana, the child of Serbian parents, Bojana’s Choice is a beautifully written portrayal of the strange combination of innocence and shrewd observation which characterises the child’s perspective. The wry humour of the writer and the symbolism of the Barbie dolls work particularly well in portraying the dangerous potential the media has to spread misinformation in the community. SECOND PRIZE (POETRY) Distillation by Casey Michell-Tonkin Distillation is initially surprising with it’s ‘ jarring’ use of unexpected line breaks. The use of a word from a line often being dropped down to the one below unsettles and makes it difficult to relax into the poem. But soon this own ‘anti-form’ is a rhythm in itself and one which, as it progresses, turns out to suit the content of the poem. And as the imagery and descriptions darken to their topic; from lines like “empty used condom” to the use of horror culture references we end up with a powerful, compact work.

84.11 Hearsay  

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