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April 2013

A joyous welcome to all our readers of the AMS newsletter coming to you in Autumn of 2013. The weather may be cooling down outside but in this edition we have information about some very exciting courses and events still to come this year to light your fire, including..... International Tutor Reverend Dianne Parker, of ‘States of Grace’ Sydney, is coming to Adelaide for a fabulous & 3 Day Workshop fully devoted to Mediumship including a Mediumship Demonstration. and Psychic & Mediumship Development Course with Cheryl Rae in August is now expanded, by popular demand, to 12 weeks to allow for more mediumship development. As well as courses and events we are also dedicated to bring you interesting articles on all things mystical. This newsletter’s Feature article by Astrologer Lloyd Irving is titled ‘What’s your Sun-Moon Blend?’ While most of us know our Sun sign, considering your moons sign as well opens a whole panorama of further understanding. A person with an Aries Sun, Aries Moon blend is very different to someone with Aries Sun, Pisces Moon blend. Have fun discovering & learning about your own and loved ones ‘blends’. Last but not least are the ‘Things to Inspire’, good reading, loony eclipses and great work being done. ~ We hope you enjoy ~

Upcoming Courses & Events at AMS in 2013 June

Body Mind & Psychic Expo Come and chat with Toni or Fran, or have a Reading or Astrology st

consult with Cheryl, Lloyd or others. Adelaide Showgrounds: Stall 189, the 1 & 2



of June.

Psychic & Mediumship Development Twelve week course starts Tuesday 13th August. Go to: for more information/registration.

Special Event ~ October 2013 th



Friday evening 18 October, and 3 full days Saturday 19 to Monday 21 October

Reverend Dianne Parker - International Tutor from ‘States of Grace’ Sydney, is coming to Adelaide for a fabulous 3 Day Intensive Workshop fully devoted to Mediumship Dianne has studied and tutored internationally and in Australia since 2000. She brings to Adelaide her wealth of spiritual wisdom and knowledge, and teachings

from the acclaimed world centre of mediumship development, the Arthur Findlay College in London. This is a wonderful opportunity for your Mediumship Development right here in Adelaide and is open for novice to intermediate level in 2013

Dianne is a Clairvoyant and a Mental & Trance Medium and tutors with unconditional love and compassion to encourage the awakening of the spirit within. She tutors with passion and sincere encouragement for the development of every student. To read more about Dianne go to: An informative and fun seminar packed with Learning, Experimentation, a Mediumship Demonstration and the opportunity to connect with like minded spirits...

Very Limited Numbers so please REGISTER YOUR INTEREST NOW to ensure your place. For Registrations & further Information click here: .

Consults Spiritual Healings with Toni Le Brun ~ Based in Tumby Bay or email for dates in Adelaide. Astrology Consultations with Lloyd Irving ~ Available at Adelaide Mystery School consultancy. Psychic Readings with Cheryl Rae ~ Available at Adelaide Mystery School consultancy. For further Information & Bookings click here: Please Note Change of Phone Number soon for AMS, Cheryl Rae and Lloyd Irving ~ (08) 8299 0276

Article What’s Your Sun-Moon Blend? Lloyd Irving | Astrologer | Just think of it - if you consider the role of the other great luminary in Astrology - the Moon - there becomes a panorama of possible blends within each Sun Sign, adding nuance to popular understandings of the Sun Signs. There are 12 Sun Signs of course. Adding the Moon blends creates 144 possibilities (12 Sun and 12 Moon sign combinations become possible rather than simply 12 Sun signs). This can be very helpful indeed when it comes to discerning the difference between, say, a person with an Aries Sun - Aries Moon blend and a person with an Aries Sun - Pisces Moon blend. Here is where the elements of the particular Signs (fire, earth, air and water) start playing a more prominent role. For example, with a person with an Aries Sun - Aries Moon blend we have a Fire - Fire blend (since Aries is a fire sign) as contrasted with a person with an Aries Sun - Pisces Moon blend, which is a Fire Water blend (since Aries is a fire sign and Pisces is a water sign). How do you think these blends may play out in the personality?

Already you may appreciate that the fire and fire blend is more straightforward than a fire-water blend. Fire and fire are likely to co-operate, almost to the point of excess, where fire and earth and likely to need careful handling to achieve balance, and there may be lots of experimentation, or instances where a person with such a blend might have to make mistakes in either direction (water or fire) to get to that equilibrium. This is not just fanciful speculation !!! Ask someone with an Aries Sun - Aries Moon blend how they live their lives. And ask someone with an Aries Sun - Pisces Moon how they live theirs. So what would you expect to encounter? Tyl describes the Aries Sun - Aries Moon person along these lines: the need to be no 1 is overwhelming - you can anticipate these sorts of behaviours - disruptiveness, rebelliousness, trend-setting, original - strong self confidence, lots of impulsive action - totally egocentric. the rest of the chart of course comes into play, but this is where we start. Tyl describes the Aries Sun - Pisces Moon person along these lines: The ego-focused, energy becomes diluted (water and fire don't mix - water puts out and quells fire). There is not so much a need to trumpet the self - "me, me, me". The energy goes rather into an ideal, something you can believe in, have faith in (here is the Pisces Moon kicking in) and exploiting this. The personality can dare to gain appreciation through this means, tho balancing the energy for prominence with the need for being understanding and socially sensitive is difficult. - see Noel Tyl's, Synthesis and Counseling, 1998, p77 So, after even an initial meeting with an Aries Sun - Aries Moon person you would feel all that egocentric energy pulsing out - and you can't get much more energetic than this blend in Astrology ! And, after a meeting with an Aries Sun - Pisces Moon person - you may or may not get the same sense. Perhaps you would get mixed messages, depending on how the balancing process was going. This is one of the beauties of having a nuanced view of Astrology. This is not news, of course, as astrological writers have always understood this. However, it has only been introduced in popular form - as far as I know - since the time of Grant Lewi in his book Heaven Knows What, first published in 1935 in the USA. And, as noted above, Noel Tyl uses these blends as a staple of his way of approaching astrology. There are specific books on this: the aforesaid Grant Lewi's Heaven Knows What Jefferson Andersen’s book Sun Signs Moon Signs, 1978 (apparently this book is quite rare - if you have one at a reasonable price I'm interested in buying a copy!) Charles and Suzie Harvey, Sun Sign, Moon Sign, first published in 1994 As part of his Manual on Consulting Astrology, Noel Tyl lists the blends and their significances in his Synthesis and Counseling in Astrology fist published in 1998 Tyl has a short article on this from his website - and I have found a very interesting web site which contains some of the 144 blends in a highly entertaining and readable format (with YouTube videos illustrating the points made): North Bay Astrology

Check out whether your blend is listed ! There are also the following websites: Hugh Fox III Pop Culture Creation, Exploration, Synergization and More! which has all 144 sun and moon sign combinations listed The 12 Houses - Personality and Psychology around the 12 Signs of the Zodiac - an excellent treatment on the 144 combinations The Astrology Sun and Moon Combinations - having the 144 combinations - this is the work of Michael McClain from his website Astrology Numerology. How do I discover my Moon Sign you say? There is a web site that helps you with this too - see Moon Sign Calendar Lloyd Irving

Things to Inspire Book ‘The Language of Miracles’ with Foreword by Dr Bernie S. Siegel Amelia Kinkade, a celebrated Psychic who teaches and works around the world, including Buckingham palace, for celebrities and television shows, teaches you to talk to animals. She shares techniques, tools, and exercises for developing your ability to communicate with animals as well as amazing success stories from her students. Reading this book can forever change your perception of the relationship between humans and all animals. For me, as well as practical instructions to enable any reader to develop this skill, it is really about connectedness, oneness and pure love...the invisible, indelible glue that binds us. A must for all animal lovers, her website is:

Those Loony Lunar Cycles ~ the Eclipses are coming! Whilst I am not an astrologer, as a Cancerian, I am very aware of the moons cycles and how my moods and inclinations wax and wane with her!!! We have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio April 26 at 5.27am and a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus two weeks later Friday 10th May. Eclipses can, well, ‘eclipse’ whatever area of your life in which they occur in your chart, and for Taureans and Scorpios this will be their own self and relationships. Seemingly sudden or unexpected events, information, opportunities or people can spring out of nowhere and change life forever! For everyone, the two weeks between the eclipses can be quite ‘loony’ or emotional, but try and go with the flow, whatever happens trust that the divine is getting you ‘on track’ with your life plan! Go to Aussie, Yasmin Boland’s, ‘Moonology’ site where she is covering eclipses in her members club at, or Susan Millers site where monthly forecasts include eclipse information for each sign where applicable at

The Story of Power of the Heart Teen Tees – Affirmation Range I came across some of the wonderful designs of a possible new jewellery range by this young woman, and upon viewing her website, I was so impressed with her inspirational T Shirts, her philosophy and the story behind her business I was keen to share from Simply Fabulous!!! In her words... ‘My name is Montana Daniel founder of Love Tana. I started Love Tana at thirteen years of age. Starting my own business helps me to inspire all children and their parents from all walks of life when dealing with everyday issues that we face. I want to make their dreams come true through affirmations & positive reinforcement. I will be selling t-shirts, tank tops & baby clothes as well as other products with inspirational messages. I plan to donate part proceeds to charities and educational organisations. This will be my personal initiative towards society as a humanitarian approach and my commitment by helping the needy. Note*** February 2013 A couple of weeks ago part proceeds from the sale of t-shirt range was donated to my favorite charity, the heart foundation which is very personal to me. Share the love ♥’ Montana Daniel

‘Quote for the Day’ ‘You don’t get what you wish, you get what you believe, our bodies & life reflect back what we truly believe’ ‘Oprah Winfrey’

The Oprah & Deepak 21 Day Meditation Challenge ~ Health

Please Note Change of Phone Number soon for Adelaide Mystery School, Cheryl Rae and Lloyd Irving to (08) 8299 0276

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