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December 2013

Welcome to the bigger than ever Adelaide Mystery School newsletter coming to you slightly earlier than usual because some courses in 2014 begin in only 8 weeks! But before we look into next year, as I reflect upon the year almost gone, I feel such a sense of joy and gratitude for all the people who have shared and worked with us, through either private consults, or courses and workshops. We have been truly inspired and enriched by everyone, and the feedback for courses and workshops has been overwhelmingly positive, requiring us to expand and evolve courses into 2014. See below. Finally, beyond courses, students and teachers alike have made wonderful connections with others of like mind, heart and soul, so from our hearts to yours, Thank you all for a fabulous 2013.

In addition to courses and events we are also dedicated to bringing you interesting and exclusive articles written by our facilitators on all things spiritual and mystical. This newsletter’s

‘The Year of Hidden Fruit 2014 by William Carter. gives a wonderfully insightful glimpse into the energies of the year 2014, universally for us all.

We leave you in this holiday season with wonderful ‘Things

to Inspire’,

A Deep Relaxation for Healing CD by Anita Moorjani, what it means if a Dolphin has come into your day, an opportunity to Assist those still being affected by the devastating typhoon in the Philippines, and a new regular segment for the newsletter, Follow your Dreams.

We at AMS wish you a Peaceful & Joyous Xmas & A fabulous Magical New Year in 2013

~ We hope you enjoy ~

Successful Courses in 2013 Expanding and Evolving in 2014 so you can too! My own very full 12 week Psychic & Mediumship Course opened up new worlds and experiences for another wonderful 16 participants, with many choosing to continue their development, joining the new format ongoing weekly development group in 2014. For Registrations in 2014 click here:

The Ongoing Group is now on a completely new journey, from initially being primarily focussed upon meditation a few years ago, it has slowly been evolving into a new vision to facilitate those wanting to continue their psychic and mediumship development.

The 2014 weekly Group will be the first to embark on a possible 3 year journey building upon psychic & mediumship skills gained in the 12 week course and mediumship seminar of 2013. Year One will be a whole year of psychic development followed by two years mediumship development, giving participants the opportunity to grow more toward their potential as Psychics and Mediums. New details will be available here soon:

The Tarot Course was no less exciting or successful with participants experiencing the wondrous joy of being able to actually read the Tarot Intuitively by course end. The next course begins early Feb in 2014 and I look forward to more learning and sharing with more wonderful new people. Click here for Registrations:

The very talented William Carter joined us a little late for everyone who wanted to join his fabulous 2 Day Numerology Workshop, so you can jump aboard for the new start very soon, in early Feb. see below! This workshop is designed to give you the basics of numerology, which compared to other esoteric sciences like Astrology, is easy to learn and can be used easily and quickly, and with even just basic knowledge, in your everyday life in so many ways. Click here for Registrations:

The 2013 Special Mediumship Event with visiting Rev Dianne Parker was a full 24 people bringing to us some new faces and leaps of skill and awareness’s inspiring us all. By popular demand, Dianne will return in to AMS Adelaide in 2014 for another Mediumship seminar, and dates and registrations will be on site very soon at: She is also Facilitating a fabulous residential workshop in NSW in 2014 with other teachers of Arthur Findlay college in the UK. More information here:!lynn-probert-&-colin-bates-2014

AMS Course & Event Calendar 2014 Please note that most are run just once a year and in 2013 were fully booked out. Numbers are strictly limited to room capacity so please Register early (with deposit) to ensure your place.


Numerology Workshop ~ Beginners Workshop Sat & Sun 1st & 2nd, with William Carter.


Reading Tarot Intuitively ~ 11 week Course starts Tues 4th, with Cheryl Rae.


Ongoing Psychic & Mediumship Development ~ Year 1 starts Mon 10th, with Cheryl Rae.


Psychic & Mediumship Development ~ 12 wk Foundation Course starts Tues 29th, with Cheryl


Special Event 2014 ~ A Three Day Intensive Workshop with visiting International Tutor Rev Dianne Parker of ‘States of Grace School for Psychic & Mediumship Development’ Sydney. Date TBA

For Further Information and Registrations on all the above Courses please click below:

Consults Spiritual Healing with Toni Le Brun ~ Based in Tumby Bay or email for dates in Adelaide. Astrology Consultation with Lloyd Irving ~ Available at Adelaide Mystery School consultancy. Psychic Reading with Cheryl Rae ~ Available at Adelaide Mystery School consultancy. Intuitive Tarot & Numerology Reading with William Carter ~ Available in Adelaide area. For further Information & Booking Details on all the above please click below:

Feature Article The Year of hidden Fruit 2014 Written By William Carter From the Seed of Numerology

We pass from The Venus year of 2013 where Love, balance, family and friendship were the focus into the mysterious, Year of Neptune 2014. The Universal year number for 2014 is 2+0+1+4 = 7 A Neptunian number and corresponds to The Chariot in Tarot. Neptune is hidden in a gaseous atmosphere and those ruled by this number can be secretive, spiritual, analytical and comfortable in their own space. It is no surprise that secret service agent 007 went undercover to save the world despite the seductive distractions along the way. My story for 2014 will take a lot of will power, self-control and effort to reach the goal intended. This is a pilgrimage to The Universal Sacred Tree of Life to pay homage and respect. I am full of wonder of what I will

find along the way. With everything packed, The James Bond Chariot is ready for the trip to begin. God speed. Secretly I am in awe of that Big Tree that I seek. On the journey I meet an array of colourful people who teach me different customs, beliefs and ways of doing things. I am nearly seduced by a zealot fanatic who tried to convince me there is no Sacred Tree. I have time to reflect, assimilate and question all that I know. I find great solace in the beautiful pristine natural bush environs and breathtaking peace along the water bodies I pass. I come to the Tree refreshed. I arrive and can’t hide my disappointment of the Tree. What was I expecting? Surely some brightly colored exotic flowers or a bounty of luscious fruit on the tree? Neither greets me, only a plain green tree. I have come a long way to be let down. I start to analyse my motives. What was I thinking of? How did I get sucked into some fanciful ideal notion that I would find meaning at the foot of this tree? I slump and gaze at the green leaves. Ages pass and slowly the green leaves start shimmering, faint at first, then they take on a pulsing, sparkling emerald green light. The Universal Tree of Life began to speak, Dig deep my friend and question your mind. I offer you the Space to contemplate without distraction. What you can’t see on top is actually happening underground. My roots are drawing up the nutrients for the flowers and lush fruit to follow. Everything is a cycle. One follows the other. True to my Seed I follow its transformation into trunk, branches, leaves, flowers and fruit. Under the cycle of ebb and flow, this is an ebb year (root growth), a meditative time to allow my Consciousness to expand, my Being to unfold and my Knowingness to stand tall. I am not hindered by the razzle-dazzle of flower and fruit. I seek only the plain green Truth. I asked for some guidance in this Year of no Fruit. The Sacred Tree of Life laughed and corrected me. It said, My friend, the fruit is concealed from your eyes. The secret is that the fruit is hidden in the seed. You have to dig deep to discover your fruit. Any imitation will not do. Only authenticity bears fruit: True to your Seed. I thought a lot about this on the way home in The Bond Chariot. I saw the Universal year opening the Space for internal and external exploration. To reflect, re-search (look again), re-evaluate, recharge and resource up for that Harvest in the year to come. Exploring, studying, developing and connecting to who I Am. Maybe this year might expose my beliefs to lack substance and meaning. I will use this year to analyse, discriminate, sort and sift for the bottom line, the Truth. For it will stand out like a white mint amongst the licorice allsorts. I will wear my Truth with trust and openness. I will discover my secret fruit hidden in the seed and nurture its growth. On the world stage I think religions will come under the microscope with some revealing insights about their dogma and beliefs. A calling for a Spiritual Renaissance of the Truth, not power. Don’t be surprised to hear of some amazing discoveries excavated to unveil our ancient Earth history. Science and technology will take some big steps. Higher education, World heritage waterways, bush land and tackling pollution will also be in the spot light. Some very curious, simple Energy inventions will help Green the Earth. On a personal level, you may have a calling for travel (by water), study, spiritual exploration (especially meditation) and seeking wild natural environments to ponder that hidden fruit to share later. The year to nurture yourself, unwind and recharge the batteries. I wish you a great year to unearth your Fruits in 2014.

William is facilitating the New Numerology workshop for beginners in early February, (details below). He also recently launched his own website at,

Things to Inspire CD ‘Deep Meditation for Healing’ Anita Moorjani For regular readers you may recall my previous recommendation of Anita Moorjanis’ book ‘Dying to be Me’ earlier this year. Your feedback was fabulous, giving weight to my ranking it as one of the best on near death experiences! In September I finally got around to experiencing her CD as shown above, and in all honesty it is one of the best meditations I have experienced…and I have experienced a great many very good ones!!! Briefly, however the background for those who may not recall, is Anita Moorjani had lymphoma, which had spread throughout her body, and her organs were beginning to shut down. As she slipped into a coma, doctors were resigned to the fact that she was in her last hours of life. Yet Anita experienced what has been termed a near-death experience (NDE), and within 24 hours of coming out of the coma, she had a newfound knowing about her own life. Subsequently, her body healed very rapidly, and within weeks doctors found no traces of cancer. This CD was inspired by what Anita experienced during her own journey to healing, and was specially created to assist those who are currently going through physical challenges of their own. It contains a highly specialized program that uses sound at different frequencies to guide you to a state of very deep and meditative relaxation.

In a nutshell, the main reasons why I think this cd is highly recommended for EVERYONE are numerous. Primarily the sound frequencies are brilliant for inducing a very deep meditative state where you can really which itself allows all manner of healing. There is also no right or wrong and no agendas or preaching ‘the way’…just beingness! For anyone wanting to release fears not just around illness, but also generally the myriad of fears that inhibit us from being true selves and living life fully, I found it to be profoundly effective. Ultimately it is a very versatile beautiful meditation that will empower, enlighten and leave you inspired …regardless if you stay awake all the way through or not ! I cannot recommend it highly enough for anyone wanting to experience deep meditation/relaxation & enhance their self and their spiritual path. BEST OF ALL IT IS ON SPECIAL AT HAYHOUSE FOR $8.00 HERE:

Signs & symbols ‘Dolphin’ This is a picture of a dolphin that appeared in the waters by Toni’s home following a very hectic & busy time in Adelaide. Beyond the obvious joy of such occurrences, we can also look what they symbolise and perceive them as signs and messages that we receive from the divine every day, in many ways. Take note of the unusual or recurring events and look into the deeper meaning of events or happenings, and then see how that relates to your life at the moment, or near future. When looking symbolically, animals represent our own animal nature, or instincts, within our self. Some live in watery, (emotional/spiritual) realms, and others are able to fly enabling higher or broader vision than those of us walking on the ground. Dolphins represent the part of our self that is powerful and where we can play harmoniously in the protective emotional waters of family, relationships and life. Once we look at the possible meanings of events or occurrences jot them into your diary and ponder how this information may assist or guide you, or maybe affirm something about yourself, even warn you of something you need to be aware of in the coming days or weeks. From the smallest feather that floats into your day to the momentous, magic is all around us when we realise, in our everyday mundane life, there is meaning in everything.

Assistance for those affected by Typhoonh Hayan in the Phillipines Whilst a month since typhoon Haiyan hit the Phillipines, the needs of millions of people in the areas affected by Typhoon Haiyan are still immense and ongoing. More than 13 million people are still in urgent need of assistance, with over 4 million displaced from their homes. Typhoon Haiyan, which struck the northeast coast of the Philippines on 8 November 2013, is one of the strongest storms ever recorded. In the midst of the wreckage, families are now in desperate need of assistance to survive. UNHCR was one of the first agencies on the ground to respond to the crisis, and is working closely with the Government of the Philippines to reach those affected by the super typhoon. Our teams are working around the clock distributing emergency kits, family tents, plastic mats, blankets, kitchen sets, water containers, hygiene kits and other emergency items to the affected communities. Along with our prayers, those who are interested in assisting the individuals and communities can donate by clicking the link below. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Once you have made your donation online, a tax invoice will be emailed to you directly from UNHCR. Click link below: dium=banner&utm_campaign=Fairfax+CPC+Haiyan+banner+300x250#one-off

‘Follow your Dreams’ ~ A new regular segment Everyone Dreams, but when we remember our dreams we are, similarly to psychic work and in meditation, bringing insight and information from other realms into our conscious waking life. When we work with our dreams we are exercising that muscle and enhancing our psychic and mediumship abilities. They awaken us to the fact that we are spiritual beings, acting like a letter from the higher self, spirit, divine or whatever you wish to call it, to our conscious mind. Dreams give us messages about our daily lives, how to work through problems we are facing and even information about the future. Every night when we dream our consciousness expands beyond our physical body where we can visit loved ones in far away places, as well as those who have passed over into spirit. We can also connect with, gain insights and healing, and even profound life changing experiences with our guides and spirit masters to assist us in our growth. Whilst being psychic or a medium may seem out of the ordinary to some, pretty well everyone has had a dream that has made a real impact, and wondered if it means anything. My experience is a definite affirmative, even if they seem really bizarre, even outrageous. This is because most dreams are not literal, but similarly to most spirit communication we receive, they are symbolic and we need to decifer the meaning. So we come to including a regular dreams segment that, bit by bit, you can begin to unravel your dream messages and experience the magical journey with your very own personal guide, prompting, goading, and inspiring you in every aspect of your life. From how to handle the dodgy boss, to the wonderful positive, healing, peaceful and powerful feeling of connecting with the divine.

This edition we will begin with a recent short dream of my own which occurred the morning after the 3 day Mediumship seminar with Dianne Parker. It begins with me having the slow realization and sadness that I have not seen my cat for the past few weeks and that she is probably dead. Next I am out in a garden type setting and see, under a big bush on the boundary, a lovely cat and the 2 kittens that come toward me are mine! Feels wonderful. Then in the next scene, I am standing somewhere and I am directed to look overhead at what looks something like the power lines we have in the street from the power station. I can see it all very clearly and in detail. There are 4 power lines in a row all perfect and equally spaced apart running from high above in the sky, overhead, and to me, with another line coming down to earth on an angle. I am told that this is my new energy connection with the grid…and I know this is ‘spirit grid’. A savvy student of mine appears also beside me looking up with me to these lines and says to me, ‘I think you should put spacers between so you can keep them separate’ Whilst this may seem short and very straightforward every minute details is saying something, I will however be brief for this first time. The first part of dream is setting the stage of what area of life it relates to. There is a dawning awarenss and sadness of my cat being dead. Cats, especially in my dreams but often generally, represent our feminine, sensual psychic self, so there is an ending in this area of my life that is major, like a death. It has not been instant but a process over weeks, and I am slowly realizing this, and am a little sad about it. However, a new cat comes out from under a bush and the 2 new kittens who come out to me are mine! This indicates that out from being previously hidden I now have 2 new psychic energy/aspects that are just in the ‘baby’ stages. I am really happy about this too. The last part of the dream confirms and gives more information about this new energy both in the symbology of the power lines: they are the means by which energy comes from the power plant (source) into our homes (self), and the message I heard verbally. My student advising me to put spacers in, could possibly mean that it is best to not ‘let the lines touch or cross over’, possibly meaning that I need to keep the new psychic aspects and how I bring in and work with energy separate. Once we have looked at the symbolism it is equally important to note how we ‘feel’ about what is happening AND look at what is happening in our life at the moment that it could relate to. Since winter I had been focussing upon my energy levels, chatted with a few friends about it and ultimately changed how I work my energy, especially psychic energy in a number of ways. I had noted to close others the very real positive changes, recently , particularly in my own health/energy levels from this. Synchronistically, in Diannes workshop I also practised some Psychic & Mediumship exercises in new ways, even though some very different and some just slightly. The outcome on some were fabulous and on others the reverse because it was so different and would take practice doing a whole new way. Overall these profound ‘inner’ changes naturally began to flow into my private consultations and what and how I teach. The message here is very clear and That the ‘Psychic’ & ‘Energetic’ aspects much so in my spirit journey and work transformation into something that is mix them up.

relevant, affirming and encouraging. of myself, in health, personally, and very have gone through a complete totally new. Also perhaps that I do not

AND Most importantly that I love these new kittens/energy!

‘Quote for the Day’

We hope you enjoyed this December editions and look forward to the possibility of seeing you in 2014

Yours in Truth, Love & Light, Cheryl Rae, Lloyd Irving, Toni Le Brun, and William Carter

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