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Welcome to the quarterly AMS newsletter to all our friends in this last month of winter. It is during the stillness of winter that we as humans cosy up in our beds and by our fires, and venture into our ‘caves’ to rest, reflect and regenerate. So as I write, It seems timely that our next upcoming workshops are Follow Your Dreams and Spiritual Healing, to warm your heart, giving everyone the opportunity to explore, experience and heal with like minded others. We return to our normal format this newsletter with a featuring the article written by Amy Taylor-Kabbaz


Other news is that I have launched a new since the mystery school makeover so we can, update regularly, facebook and offer more videos on teachings, meditations and messages the flesh! Let me know wot you think.

...We Hope you Enjoy... Upcoming Courses at AMS Follow your Dreams Workshop ~ Saturday 25th August 2012 1pm to 5pm Registrations close Friday 17th Facilitated by Cheryl Rae and Lloyd Irving Why Work With Your Dreams? Our dreams can be profoundly useful in so many ways guiding us on our path, but only when we pay attention, understand and act upon them do we gain their full value. Dream Work Enhances other Psychic Abilities. There is an interlacing relationship between our meditations, our intuitive awareness and our dream level and each aspect of self we enhance brings new capabilities to the other For Information and Registration here ~

Spiritual Healing Workshop ~ Saturday 20th October 2012 from 1pm to 5pm Facilitated by Toni Le Brun Spiritual Healing Basics FOR EVERYONE …for your own self and working with others After sharing the basic principles of what spiritual healing is, Toni will give a demonstration. After feedback from the first successful afternoon, there will be even more time and emphasis for you to gain the skills, experience and confidence to embark on this wonderful practice. Participants will be both giving and receiving hands on healing with each other under Toni’s guidance. For Information and Registration here ~

Reading Tarot Intuitively ~ Please note: Starting date is deferred to early 2013 as Cheryl is on a 3 month break.

For further information & bookings on all the above and more courses and consultations, go to 1

Consults Spiritual Healings with Toni Le Brun ~ Available when Toni is in Adelaide ~ October 2012 Astrology Consultations with Lloyd Irving ~ Available to end of year. Psychic Readings with Cheryl Rae ~ Available up until end of September only in 2012 so book now if required, then resuming again from January 2013.

Things to Inspire May I humbly suggest ~ Hear Cheryl on Video segments ‘I See Dead People’ (Previously ‘Living with Spirit”) Earlier this year I was interviewed by Rob Parnell of R & R Books, Film, Music, for a Documentary on Spiritualism called “Living with Spirit”. Prior to the full doco he has released 6 video segments where you can listen to Cheryl and others talk about mediumship. Click here for parts 1 & 2,then re-visit later, as we will add parts 3-6 very soon. The Body, Mind & Psychic Expo The big Psychic expo in June was, as always, a fabulous success, thank you to all of you who came and said hello. Now there is th th another one at the Adelaide showgrounds on the weekend of the 29 and 30 of September. Adelaide Mystery School will not have a stand here and this is run by interstate expo people, but if you missed the other one, or just can’t get enough of the good stuff... you can do it all again!!! Astro Babble ~ Those Loony Lunar cycles !!! Being a Cancerian moon girl, as well as daily astrological aspects, I especially take note of the moon phases from day to day. The old saying that cancers have many moods is directly related to the fact that whilst other planets may take weeks, months or many years to circle the zodiac the moon whips around in a mere 28 days, and aspects all the other planets in the process. But even for all the other signs a new moon and the following week or so signals a time of beginnings and renewal, and the full moon brings things, emotions and awareness’s rise to their fullness. So I know that I, and others, will be feeling the fullness of joy, sadness or whatever when the full moon peaks and make allowances for ‘over’ emotionality, being more in the public spotlight or even the culmination of a project or aspect of my life. Conversely I know that it is easier to ‘begin’ or launch new enterprises, relationships or ideas following a new moon when the energy is on the upswing so to speak. Delving further, I can see what area of my chart the new or full moon is in to see which area of life it pertains to. If you want to keep abreast of the lunar cycles click below for the handy Lunarium site.

Article ‘Sixth Sense - Knowing me, Knowing You’ THE CONCEPT OF THE SIXTH SENSE, OR EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION, HAS GAINED A CARNIVAL FREAK SHOW REPUTATION, BUT IN REALITY IT'S AVAILABLE TO ALL AND CAN HELP YOU LIVE A BETTER LIFE. By Amy Taylor-Kabbaz Ever since a cute little boy came out with the famous line "I see dead people" to Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense, the term that covers everything from clairvoyance to telepathy has assumed a very different image. For those outside the world of the mystic, thanks to Hollywood, the sixth sense is often associated with ghosts and haunting images of dead people. Or it is simply a party trick involving tarot cards and "telling fortunes". For those who are blessed with a sixth sense - and, yes, most will tell you it truly is a blessing - it is something very different, It is not only a way of helping and inspiring others with their life journey but a step towards a greater understanding of how the universe and its energies work, and therefore a greater sense of your true self and, with the right skills, is something we can all tap into. What is sixth sense? Stuart Wilde, British author and metaphysician, explains the sixth sense as "a power that encapsulates a dimension of awareness ... Once you pass through, your life changes, and you move to a higher oscillation." For Cheryl Rae, director of the Adelaide Mystery School and 2009 South


Australian Clairvoyant of the Year, it's a little more practical. "I would explain the sixth sense as a sense that goes beyond normal senses and thought processes. It is an awareness." In layman's terms, the sixth sense is the ability to send or receive information beyond the realm of the five senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. As a Western society, we are conditioned to receive messages and information through the left side of the brain. The sixth sense, however, operates through the right side - the creative side. The term was used by the German researcher Dr Rudolf Tischner, whose book Telepathy and Clairvoyance was published in the 1920s. However, Dr Tischner and other scientists only confirmed what mystics and sages have always known - that everything is made up of energy. It is this sharing and reading of energy that is considered the sixth sense, although there are many who still doubt the legitimacy of ESP and clairvoyance. There are many examples of the sixth sense and clairvoyance at work throughout history. Shamans - believed to be the messengers between the human and spirit worlds - are said to have a sixth sense and clairvoyance is listed in ancient Hindu texts as a result of dedicated meditation. The Celts of the Scottish Highlands are renowned for their ability to receive prophetic visions, or darna shealladh in Gaelic. "Second sight", or extra-sensory perception, in the form of a vision of future events has also been recorded among the Sami and Native Americans, the Zulus of South -Africa and the Maoris of New Zealand. These visions and insights into the future are often believed to be communications from gods or the dead, but are sometimes attributed to illness or insanity, especially if accompanied by seizures or fits. Mostly, however, those displaying telepathy or sixth sense have been deemed sacred and blessed and their skills called upon before any major decision is made. The truth is, a sixth sense experience is common. In fact, many of modern humanity's inventions and scientific ideas came from a hunch, a dream or a flash of inspiration. It's said that even Albert Einstein received his vision of the theory of relativity in a dream. Almost all of us have had some form of extra-sensory perception: prophetic dreams, psychic flashes, strange coincidences. Maybe you've been thinking about someone and then call. Or you have a feeling about a distant relative, and, once you enquire after them, it turns out they were unwell. The reality is we are all naturally psychic and, by tapping into our intuition and our natural sixth sense, we can begin to transform our own lives. The three components of sixth sense To truly understand the sixth sense and therefore begin to strengthen your own skills, it's important to understand its various components. The sixth sense is divided into three main categories: the psychic sixth sense, the intuitive sixth sense and the all-knowing sixth sense. The psychic sixth sense is the process in which one person picks up on the feelings or experiences of another. Thoughts and information jump between people, allowing a psychic to either see thoughts in their mind's eye (known as clairvoyance, from the French clair - clear, and voyant - seeing), hear words or voices in their head (clairaudience from clair - clear, and audience - hearing) or feel the emotions of others (clairsentience from clair - clear, and sentience - feeling). Clairsentience is different from clairvoyance as it is more an actual feeling about an injury or illness rather than seeing it in your mind - you distinctly feel the pain, or the sickness, in your own body. Psychic readers often use tools to tap into another's feelings and thoughts, such as tarot cards, crystals or palms, to help them focus. In fact, tarot cards have been used by mystics and psychics since the 18th century. The cards, however, simply help the psychic attract the thoughts in their clients' minds to their own mind - one way in which the psychic asks for messages and information to come forward. Using common sense, a basic understanding of people and the ability to really open their eyes and see the person in front of them, a psychic can delve into a person's true self and gain insights into their world and perhaps their future. The second form of sixth sense is intuition. Intuition is the sudden appearance or understanding of something that was previously unknown to your conscious mind, or a subliminal message. This is how many inventors and scientists received their ideas. Subliminal information is stored in our subconscious, most of which comes from the bits and pieces we pick up during our day-to-day activities. Therefore, an intuitive feeling you have about a project, for example, comes from the subtle messages you pick up from people around you throughout the day. Your subconscious stores that information, sorts it out, and then when you are open and ready, later sends you a "hunch" or a "feeling". Intuition is simply the accessing and retrieving of information that is buried deep within you. The final form of sixth sense is the all-knowing sense. This is the most obscure, as rather than coming from another person, it is a sense of knowing from the universe as a whole. All knowing doesn't mean you are always all-knowing, but rather you have flashes of all-knowing visions or feelings. It's the ability to know something without knowing how or why you know it. These messages often deal with the spiritual side of life - sudden insights into life's meaning. Stuart Wilde says the all-knowing "usually operates when you're on your own, once you've developed serenity and silence in your life". A clairvoyant experience For Cheryl Rae, it was the pain from a severe accident that led her to the path of clairvoyance. Although on reflection she believes she's always been aware of the spirit world and remembers being scared of "people in her bedroom" when she was a child, it was only after taking up meditation to help relieve the pain suffered during her accident that she became conscious of her skills. "I was so excited when I realised what


was happening. I'd always been fascinated in the spiritual world and I suddenly realised that this was where my journey was meant to take me." When conducting a reading, Cheryl always begins with being open and relaxed. "If you try too hard, it's almost like you'll block it. It's like asking a musician to go into a room and create a masterpiece in 10 minutes. You have to relax, breathe and be open to any messages there may be." It is only then that Cheryl can begin her readings, often receiving a very specific message or feeling about a person. She says if the person she is reading has had an accident, she feels it very distinctly in her own body - she will get a very definite pain in her leg, for example, if someone has broken a leg or sustained a significant injury. Sometimes, she hears a voice in her head, a specific number or name, which she then repeats to the client. Then there are times when she sees things in her mind's eye. "People expect the images I see to be very clear - it's probably the hardest type of reading for others to understand, but it's almost like your imagination. You have to allow it to flow and don't block it." The readings, however, can be very fleeting and Cheryl says the messages she receives really depend on what she focuses on. "As soon as I pick up something, I acknowledge it, then it disappears." Despite this, she says there has rarely been a situation in which she hasn't been able to read someone. "Over the years, it might have happened two or three times. It's hard when you are learning, but if you can't read anything, you may not be the best person for that particular reading, or maybe they shouldn't know something just yet. You can't blame yourself." Cheryl, who now runs courses on how others can develop the sixth sense, believes everyone is channelling all the time and it's only a matter of focus and clarity to tap into your own clairvoyant abilities. Tapping into the sixth sense The first step towards understanding your sixth sense is having the right intent. Simply start by asking. Commit to learning and being open to the messages and symbols around you and your own sixth sense will begin to flourish. Cheryl says you must allow yourself the time and space to be receptive, and begin to take notes of everything around you. "Intent is everything. The next time you need guidance, ask, listen and watch for the symbols around you and you will find the answer. You may be surprised at the mystical, magical world that has been right under your nose all along." It's also important to clear your mind and your own issues before embarking on this journey. If your mind is already cluttered with past issues, hang-ups and energy blocks, you will be unable to receive any new messages and energy from the universe. "You are a channel and the clearer you are, the better you can receive divine messages." Try a detox if you feel blocked. This will help cleanse not only your body but also your mind. Clear out the space around you, too. If your home is full of junk and items from your past, there will not be enough room for any new messages to enter your world. Take a look around you and begin to make space for your sixth sense to emerge. The next step in understanding your own sixth sense is learning the language of symbols. This enables you to begin to interpret the answers to the questions you have asked. As Westerners, we often look for practical and logical answers to our questions, but this is not how the spiritual world communicates. The answers we need are often shrouded in symbols. As Cheryl points out, "The unfolding of every day holds meaning and significance; all we need to do is simply pay attention to the symbolic meaning and voilà !� Sometimes, these symbols show up in our dreams or pop into our minds when we are quiet or reflective. A good dream book is a wonderful place to start to interpret these messages. Be aware, too, that other parts of your life may be symbolic. Take note of what is happening with your vehicle and your house. Has your bathroom flooded or your taps begun leaking? Water symbolises emotions, so perhaps your emotions are overflowing and you need to pay attention to them. Has your car broken down? Perhaps you are you stuck on your particular path in life. This is also applicable if you dream these things or they come to you in a meditation. Any sign that is particularly "out of nowhere" or "out of the blue" should be taken very seriously. These messages are usually straight from the universe and are often quite profound. Animals, in particular, are very symbolic. A snake, for example, represents a powerful transformation and bees symbolise productivity and community. Once again, use a dream book to help decipher the meanings. Take note of animals that may appear in your real life, too. Perhaps you have been asking whether you have what it takes to succeed in a new job and then you notice a bird not normally found in your area, flying high up in the sky, reaching the peak of the tallest building. This is the spirit world answering your question. Cheryl Rae says, "In all honesty, if you have good intent, and start focusing on meditation and dreams, it will happen." Open your eyes to what is around you, especially to repetitive dreams and thoughts. When spirit wants our attention, it often repeats messages, accidents or events until we take notice. Cheryl also suggests honing these skills in a group. "Being in a group or going to a school teaches you to develop your imagination. Like a baby learning to walk, you have to learn to stumble and fall over a few times first, and you can do this in a group situation." Working with others can also help you see messages and symbols you may have been missing or misinterpreting. It also gives you the chance to practise reading others.


Finally, Cheryl suggests practising meditation. "As the saying goes, praying is asking God; meditation is listening to God." Through meditation, we can learn to quieten our Western trained minds, block out our daily worries and begin to be open to the universe's energy. It also allows space to interpret the messages you may have been receiving. If, after meditating and researching the meaning of a symbolic message, it's still not clear, just make a note of it in a notebook. As Stuart Wilde suggests, "Some symbols you don't unravel until years later. They are predictions, signposts to your future or visions that lead you in a direction from which the answer will eventually come." Just remember that everything has meaning. Protecting yourself Once you start tapping into your sixth sense and becoming aware of the energies and messages around you, learning how to protect yourself from negative energies and people is very important. The reality is spiritually evolved people are very receptive to all manner of energies and, without consciously taking care of themselves and their own aura, can easily take on others' negativity. This skill is not just for those who are learning how to do psychic readings but is also a wonderful skill for those working in health and caring roles, law and order and, of course, the spiritual or alternative health industries. In order to protect your aura from the toxic energies around you and from those you are reading, it's important to first cleanse any negativity you may have accumulated. Cheryl suggests practising your clearing in the morning before you venture into the day. First, call in your guides and request to be "cleared on all levels of all inharmonious energies". Visualise this happening, perhaps through a violet flame burning off the negativity, a shower washing away the bad energy or a gust of wind blowing through you. Once cleared, you can then begin to protect yourself. First, call upon your spirit guides once again and this time request "protection on all levels". Again, use your visualisation. Perhaps picture a coat of armour you put over yourself or a protective bubble around you. "Just as you put on physical clothes every morning, it's important to put on your psychological and spiritual clothes," explains Cheryl. "Visually clothe yourself in the attributes you want to wear that day, be it personal power, unconditional love or protection." You can then call on at any time during the day you feel bombarded by others' energies. This is especially important once you have tapped into your sixth sense and are beginning to pick up on the messages around you, As Cheryl says, "Often on my way into shopping centres, hospitals and cemeteries, I call upon my guides and ask for my protection to be tenfold and visualise my aura strong and close to me." The power of the sixth sense Realising your own sixth sense is not just about reading other people's energies and auras. The true power of the sixth sense is in opening yourself to the awe-inspiring energies of the universe. It is becoming aware of the symbols and messages that are all around you - and realising that the answer to any question you have ever had is right there in front of you. As Stuart Wilde describes, "In reaching for a higher state of awareness, a higher ability and a greater spirituality, you come to a more profound sense of self." Through the development of your extrasensory perception, you gain a new awareness of who you, and those around you, really are. It is a blessing. Cheryl Rae summarises: "If I had to say what it is I do - I inspire people. I feel so blessed." Amy Taylor-Kabbaz is a broadcaster and freelance writer with a Passion for social issues. She currently writes a weekly blog on the trials and triumphs of motherhood, called The Mummy Monologues, for the ABC website in Adelaide ( From magazine WellBeing 2009 Edition - Mysteries – Beyond the Boundaries of the Known

The thought for the day 'Love one another and you will be happy.' It's as simple and as difficult as that. There is no other way. ~ Michael Leunig,

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