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Seven Steps To Makeup Perfection Getting the perfect look each day does not have to require spending an hour in front of the mirror applying your makeup. You can follow a simple seven step application process to reduce the time you spend prepping for your day. Use the following guide to get the perfect look in as little as seven quick steps.

Before applying any makeup to your face, be sure to cleanse your skin thoroughly. Make sure that you get the areas around your nose as that is a place where dirt, oil and dead skin will accumulate. Once your face is cleansed, apply a quality moisturizer that is formulated for your skin type. Apply from the top of your forehead down to the bottom of your neck to provide an even base for your makeup.

Use concealer to cover up any blemishes, dark spots and circles around the eyes. Find a concealer that is a shade lighter than your natural skin tone. If you have especially dark circles around the eyes, going with a yellow tone concealer in these areas might be beneficial to you.

Apply your foundation next. If you have a very even skin tone, you may be able to skip the use of foundation. If not, find a foundation that matches your skin tone as close as possible. Also, find a product that is not too heavy. There are mousse type products on the market these days that do not go on as heavy as the standard foundation does. They will help you get an even application and will not bring out any wrinkles in your face.

Press or loose powder is next on your list. Use a nice big brush to apply it. Do not go too heavy with the use of the powder as it can sit in the cracks and wrinkles on your face and make you look older than you want. The color of the powder should match your foundation which should match your skin tone.

Apply blush that is a natural color that will coordinate well with your skin tone. You want it to accent your cheek bones. Begin at the apple of the cheek and work the brush back past the cheek bone to the hair line. Keep the application light and natural to avoid looking like a clown. If you have a very light skin tone, you may also want to very lightly apply a bit of blush on the chin and top of the forehead.

Select an eyeliner that matches your natural hair color. Apply it carefully around the outer edges of your eyelashes sparingly. Once applied, use your finger or a Q-tip to blend it in. This will create a smokey eye effect and keep it looking more natural than simply applying it.

Apply lip gloss or creamy lipstick to your lips. Keep the color subtle and natural to your skin tone. If you have very light colored lips, you may want to use a lip liner that matches the color you are applying on your lips.

With practice, you will be able to fly through these seven steps and walk away with a finished look that only took you minutes. You do not need an hour to accomplish a beautiful look with makeup any longer! Click here to find out more

Seven Steps To Makeup Perfection  

You can follow a simple seven step application process to reduce the time you

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