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Hypnosis For Weight Loss: Remove Blocks That Keep You Stuck Keeping your weight under control, especially as you age, is an important part of staying healthy and vital. Extra weight is known to cause many health-related issues over time. If your current weight is more than 20 pounds above the ideal weight for your body type and frame, you are putting yourself at risk for a long list of health concerns that include heart disease, diabetes, cancer and sleep apnea. Additionally, many overweight people find it very uncomfortable to engage in regular exercise which only complicates the situation. If your lifestyle is basically sedentary, and you carry excess weight, you have a much greater risk of developing cardiovascular and other health problems.

Ready for some good news? Studies have proven that even modest reductions in your weight can trigger dramatic improvements in your health. If you can reduce your body weight by just 10 percent, you will be able to lower your cholesterol, triglycerides and blood glucose level. Because excess weight is an issue for so many people, doctors continue to develop different types of treatments that work for a variety of people.

One weight loss aid that many people have had success with is hypnosis. However, many people do not understand how hypnosis works, and tend to think that any doctor that practices hypnosis is a "quack." Hypnosis has proven effective for many other health conditions besides weight loss, including smoking cessation, increased confidence, insomnia and recovery from traumatic experiences. To help you understand more about how hypnosis works to boost weight loss efforts, continue reading.

Hypnosis is a very powerful tool, and if not done correctly by well-trained personnel, could have very poor results. Even if you feel confident that hypnosis will not harm you, it is important to work with a qualified, experienced practitioner that has the skill to make hypnosis work for you.

Unfortunately, hypnosis alone will not cause the pounds to drop and cause you to lose weight. Most weight loss experts agree that weight loss hypnosis is a great add-on to a regular diet and exercise program. However, to expect hypnosis to work as your sole weight loss treatment is not realistic. Additionally, if you only go for a single session of hypnosis, this is not enough to make any real difference.

When you are working on losing weight, using hypnosis along with sessions with a therapist is much more effective. Many people have emotional reasons that lurk, hidden, behind their overeating. Hypnosis can help with deep relaxation and positive messages, but a qualified therapist is sometimes necessary to get to the bottom of the overeating triggers.

Hypnosis allows a therapist to really go into the subconscious mind of an individual. Once the person enters the hypnotic trance, her body responds much more easily to suggestion because all of the conscious resistance is out of the way. However, do not think that hypnosis can allow someone to reprogram your entire mind. Hypnosis offers positive suggestions to your mind, but your subconscious still makes decisions about whether the suggestions are beneficial to you or not.

Hypnosis is nothing magical, spooky or paranormal. Rather than being a standalone weight-loss solution, hypnosis is a way to facilitate increased success with your other weight loss efforts. This means that combining it with a good eating program and adequate exercise can provide you with a turbo-charged weight loss regime. The result is that you will lose more weight, and have a refreshed, positive and relaxed frame of mind while doing so. And you know the saying -- healthy mind, healthy body. Click here to find out more

Hypnosis For Weight Loss_ Remove Blocks That Keep You Stuck  

risk for a long list of health concerns that include heart disease, diabetes, cancer and sleep apnea.

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