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June 2012

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June 2012

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InstaVIN Vehicle History Reports Give Automotive Dealers Choice, Value

Contributed By: Edie Hirtenstein

reports a feature of their services that dealers can take advantage of, allowing potential buyers gain trust in both the dealer and their vehicles. Dealers that use reports like this can run up quite a tab each month when using the wellknown, national brands. All of the television and online advertising used by these reporting services costs a lot – and dealers subsidize the report’s brandbuilding with their report purchases. However, few dealers know there is a viable alternative that provides similar information for a fraction of the cost. instaVIN vehicle history reports, launched in 2009, provide dealers some important advantages over the national brands:

Most auto dealers now know that vehicle history reports give them an edge throughout the used vehicle lifecycle. Dealers routinely use VIN check reports when: • Taking a vehicle on trade – this ensures proper valuation. In many cases with trades, new car sale are won or lost on the valuation. When there is not an issue reported, a dealer can offer more money for the trade-in, thus saving the new car sale. When there is a reported issue, the dealer can properly value the negative information and correctly position the valuation to the buyer. The right positioning of the vehicle value in either case can mean the difference between a made sale and a lost sale. • Purchasing vehicles at auction or wholesale – knowing The Complete Automotive the history before you buy isn’t a tagline just for consumers! Dealers should check to be sure that the vehicles that they are purchasing aren’t reported to have a major issue before they get them on their lots. • Marketing vehicles to their customers – dealers often will show reports to their Publisher: Michelle Dones potential used Assistant Publisher: Linda Clemons car buyers or Editor: Patricia Gehring place them on the Staff Writers: Nina Way, Leah Mendoza dashboard. Many Web site providAdvertising Specialist: Barbara Howe ers make linking Graphic Designers: Lynn Martin to vehicle history

• NMVTIS-sourced DMV title information – the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) is the federal database mandated by the Department of Justice. State DMVs use NMVTIS when checking the titles for out-of-state vehicles. The NMVTIS title information available in instaVIN reports is updated almost in real-time so dealers get the freshest data available. Time matters with title brands like Salvage, as the vehicle can be cleaned up and sold before the title brand is available in the national brands’ databases. • Access to more than 40 million NMVTIS-sourced insurance total loss, salvage and junk records – NMVTIS mandates Continued On Page 20

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The "Happenings" Section

Sanford Auto Dealers Exchange says Customer Service is what they do best. With 2000+ consignments every week from over 50 new car dealers, it’s a must attend sale. Weekly sales are every Tuesday starting at 2:00 p.m. Call 407-328-7300 to register. McNutt Auto Transport is your Auto Transport Service. McNutt is the only Transport Company that offers you the free price quote generator. It’s quick and easy to move your vehicles with the most reliable transport company in the industry. Reliable Quality service is always a guarantee. Call 800-755-2324 or e-mail Discover the difference with Dealer Services Corporation. DSC offers innovative solutions, outstanding service, and great people. Carolina Auto Auction Plan to attend the auction which always offers 8 actionpacked lanes in their stateof-the-art facilities. Carolina always have what you need, and you can view, pre-bid, and bid live online at www. For more sale information call 864-231-7000. Indiana Auto Auction offers 8 action packed lanes each week with over 600+ vehicles, 4 lanes available online, weekly promo sales, and on site floor planning, what more could you want in an Auction! Contact the sales team at 260-489-2776 for more details. Dealer licensing in 21 days. Need help Call Rey at 305-758-9321. With locations all throughout Florida and offering services such as Finance License, Corporate

Updates, FEIN and Sales Tax Numbers, Bonds and Insurance. Go With The Experts! Do you have an antique you need appraised? Are you hosting an antique car auction? Collector Cars will come to you. With over 40 years of experience, do business with someone you know you can trust. Call Lew Lazarus today at 888-980-2477 or 815-983-0006. You can also e-mail him at carappraisls@ Calling all dealers, auctions, and dealer suppliers! If you are not a member of the Florida Independent Automobile Dealers Association you are missing out. With a two for one membership package, you have a voice not only in Florida, but in Washington as well. To join or more information log onto www.fiada. com Rawls Auto Auction is GM Financial’s Southeast Region Auction of Excellence Winner for the First Quarter of 2012. Come and experience the difference. Check out this month’s ad on page nine in the magazine for this month’s sale dates and times, or log onto www.rawlsautoauction. com. ASI is the #1 choice for Management Software at Independent Auto Auctions in North America! Auction Software Incorporated www. The Boat Nanny wants to service your Marina kept boat. Serving all of Southwest Florida. Call 305-281-5620 to set up your monthly maintenance plan. Quincy Auto Auction says “Mondays are Quincy!” With 19 years of auction excel-

June 2012

lence they are the northeast auction to attend. Mike Cooley and the gang have all your needs covered from transportation to online bidding. For more information log onto Namco Manufacturing offers ZEP Superior Solutions to you. Need to clean that vehicle before auction? Having a big sale on your lot and like to offer the cleanest cars? Namco has you covered. Call 877428-9937. Tallahassee Auto Auction celebrates 28 years of auction excellence on Friday, June 22nd starting at 9:00 a.m. featuring over 500 vehicles. For more information see the ad on page 11. A Dealer’s Journal is the only automotive and powersports publication that offers you three for one advertising. Print, Online, and Direct E-mail Marketing for one low monthly price. Contact the sales team at 877-331-4350 or at sales@adealersjournal. biz to secure your place today! We are the Complete Dealers, Auction and Powersports Magazine. Attention Dealers, Auctions, Transporters, and Suppliers; Do you have something going on that you would like to share? An upcoming event or special sale? How about a new product release? E-mail us at and tell us about your upcoming event, sale, or special. We will run it in the next issue of A Dealer’s Journal in both print and online. And don’t forget, we are the only automotive and powersports publication for the industry!

June 2012

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June 2012

Dealers Hurt As Consumers Keep Used Cars Longer

As consumers keep their cars longer, dealers face a double whammy of slower new-car sales and a smaller pool of used vehicles to offer By: A Dealer’s Journal Staff

Auto sales have yet to fully recover from the economic downturn and dealers say they are facing a stubborn obstacle: Your used car is working just fine. For years the auto industry has counted on car owners wearing out or tiring of their current rides and buying new. But owners are holding onto their cars much longer now, in part because cars last longer than they used to. Not only is this stunting sales of new cars, but also depriving dealers of an important source of secondary income used cars they received as trade-ins. “The cars on the road right now are the best they’ve ever been,” said Ernie Boch Jr., whose sales network includes 10 dealerships in Massachusetts. “There are cars that you look at today and say ‘well, that’s a cheap little car,’ that are probably the safest cars ever made available to the public.” Though sales have improved since the recession bottomed out, they are still off their peak of the last decade. Nationwide, the industry is on pace to sell 14 million vehicles this year; in Massachusetts, registrations with the state motor vehicle agency suggest sales so far this fiscal year are not far off the pace of 2007-08, before the economy tanked. The average age of cars on American roads is more than 11 years old, a significant increase from just a few years ago when the average car was 9 years old, according to auto industry researcher Polk. And it is not just

individual consumers who are learning to make a car last longer. Even rental companies and government agencies are holding on to their fleets longer. The auto industry’s own problems the bankruptcies of General Motors and Chrysler and the credit crisis have not helped, either. With lenders and car manufacturers tightening

financing, many dealers cannot afford to lease stock that lingered on the lots. No customers with cash, no new cars sold. No new cars sold, no trade-ins to resell. “If you think about the market, if you don’t have enough new cars, you add a third shift at the factory and production goes up,” said Paul Taylor, chief economist for the National Automobile Dealers Association. “If you’re out of used cars, you’re stuck.” Prices for used cars are up nearly one-third since 2008, in part because buyers were looking for cheap used cars during the recession and drained inventory, driving up prices. And without a steady stream of trade-ins, dealers have not been able to replenish their inventories of used cars. Dealers had to change their businesses to keep up. Before

the recession, Taylor said, dealers were selling six new cars to every four used models. Used cars were profitable, but not overly so. The recession flipped that ratio and gave used cars the majority of sales in cash-strapped markets. With used-car prices rising, dealer profits on those vehicles increased for as long as they could keep the lots full. At Herb Chambers’s Boston dealerships, two out of every three car sales are new. Ideally, Chambers said the mix would be 50-50, to take advantage of higher used-car prices. Instead of sending higher mileage trade-ins off to auction for other used-car dealers, Chambers has been trying to sell those cars directly. Expecting the trend to continue, dealers are trying different tactics to get customers to turn in their vehicles. Using their service departments to monitor mileage among customers, dealers are trying to butter up owners with free food, cappuccino, and iPads while they wait for repairs and service. Chambers, for example, is pressing more of his regular customers to sell their cars back to him at low mileage. Another challenge facing dealers is that in the last two years automakers have cut cash incentives on new cars, making it even harder to lure customers into trading in their used cars. A trade-in has great value in 2012, but more than ever requires more effort from the dealer. “You have to be responsive to the customer,” Chambers said. “You have to keep the customer coming back to the dealership.”

June 2012

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June 2012

Colorado VW Dealer, McDonald Volkswagen, Holds Successful Owner Appreciation Event

Littleton, CO,-- McDonald Volkswagen, leading Denver Volkswagen Dealer, recently invited new Volkswagen owners to their showroom for their New Owner Appreciation Event. The Colorado VW team welcomed new Volkswagen owners into their showroom for complimentary drinks, dinner, and hands-on demonstrations of how to operate the advanced technology in their specific Volkswagen model. The workshop reviewed how to change a tire, explain the different attributes of their VW entertainment systems, and take an in-depth tour of their VW safety features. “Thanks so much for a fun night,” exclaimed Giga, an attendee to the event. “Thanks also to Jamie for hanging with my kiddos, and to everyone on the staff for being so wonderful and friendly!

McDonald Volkswagen is a leading VW dealer in Denver. Their excellent customer service skills are evident both online and in person. Many Denver Volkswagen shoppers have given McDonald Volkswagen top reviews for their commitment to satisfying the needs of new and used car shoppers. Consumers who have recently purchased a new Volkswagen vehicle from McDonald VW are encouraged to learn more about the new owner appreciation events. Denver VW shoppers can gain a full understanding of the entertainment and safety features offered in their Volkswagen cars. VW models offer the utmost in technology, comfort and convenience. The staff at McDonald VW will show Denver VW shoppers how to get the most out of their vehicle. Denver VW shoppers who

would like to learn more about upcoming new owner appreciation events should call McDonald VW or visit them online at www. About McDonald Volkswagen: The McDonald family has been selling and servicing vehicles from the Littleton location since 1965. Today, with three sons by his side, Douglas McDonald and his family own and operate some of the largest and fastest growing dealerships in the United States. In addition, Douglas McDonald has served as chairman, vice-chairman and district director for the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association and chairman of the National Volkswagen Dealer Council. In 1991, Time Magazine, in cooperation with the National Automobile Dealers Association, honored him with the Quality Dealer Award.

DALLAS, TX -- Santander Consumer USA Inc. (“Santander”), an industry leader in auto financing, has expanded its Santander Auto Finance lending program to include the prime tiers. This new “full spectrum” of auto lending will make it easier for dealers to sell more vehicles while helping more consumers purchase a car or truck. In the past, the Santander Auto Finance program has primarily focused on auto loans for customers with near-prime, nonprime and sub-prime credit. The new program allows Santander Auto to fund car loan deals inclusive of consumers in upper or “prime” tiers. The program will provide competitive market pricing for any approved loan

application received from the Santander dealer base. For the dealer, the new program simplifies the process of auto lending by creating a oneclick destination for every application/customer. Dealers can send all of their applications through Santander Auto Finance for decision making without having to think through which lender or program is best suited for a customer based on credit type. “As leaders in automotive lending, adding the prime tier to the Santander Auto program is a natural extension to our business,” says Matt Fitzgerald, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Santander Consumer USA. “This will be a

huge benefit for dealers, because it takes the guesswork out of matching customers with lenders based on credit quality.” This new program is beneficial for car buyers as well. For more than a decade, Santander has specialized in lending to consumers with less-than-perfect credit, and that won’t change. “Because we have broad buying power and are truly a full-spectrum lender, we are still dedicated to financing the consumer who needs help,” explains Fitzgerald. “Historically, our company has been the place where credit-challenged buyers can go and get a second chance. We won’t walk away from that responsibility.”

Santander Consumer USA Expands With Full-Spectrum Auto Lending

June 2012

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June 2012

What Your Customers Are Not Telling You

By: Michelle Dunn Author Of The Guide To Getting Paid

I have been a bill collector for more than 24 years and want to share some inside information with you that will make it easier for you to keep your customers on track, paying on time and in full. One of the most important things you can do right now is to keep an eye on your accounts. In this economy, more and more people are having trouble paying their bills. You don’t want to notice this when the account is already very past due, so keeping an eye on all accounts can help you spot some that start paying slower and slower as each month passes. Many times customers that become past due are juggling their money and using the money they owe you for a vacation, going out to eat, or buying something new that they can’t afford and sometimes just robbing from Paul to pay Peter. This isn’t always the case but it is true in many cases and your customer certainly doesn’t want to admit that to you when you call looking for the money they owe you. By having conversations with the customer and taking notes each time you call, you can piece together their finances and know if you need to contact them more often or talk about alternative

payment or collection actions. You can learn when someone gets paid, what bills they have, which bills may be past due, if they are making purchases, going on a trip and much more. This is why it is key to keep the lines of communication open at the first signs of trouble and to listen more than you talk. When you make calls on past due accounts, especially during the summer, keep this in mind, I have had some customers tell me they can’t pay the bill because they just got back from vacation and don’t have any money left. As crazy as that sounds, I have been told this on more than one occasion. People feel an entitlement to a summer vacation, even if it means not paying another bill that they don’t deem “as important”. They feel as though they work hard all year, they don’t ever get a reward, and that vacation is their reward. When you can understand your customers lines of thought, it can help you get paid more quickly and before anyone else who is calling them for payments. My top 3 hidden secrets your customers are hiding from you:

1. They have the money – but want to use it for something else.

2. They are getting money back on their income taxes that they could use to pay you but they want to go on vacation. 3. They are really struggling, maybe lost their job or their home but are embarrassed to tell you. If you are aware of how money flows with your customers, and you should be if you gave them credit, you can make sure to be paid on time and in full. Unfortunately, you have to make the extra effort or in most cases it will not happen. Be careful and make sure to re-evaluate their credit with you if they become past due or slow paying. You don’t want to be your customers “bank”. Michelle Dunn is an award winning author and columnist frequently featured in the Wall Street Journal, CNN and Forbes. Look for her newest book by Wiley Publishing titled, “The Guide to Getting Paid, weed out bad paying customers, collect on past due balances and avoid bad debt”, available now everywhere. Also check out her new titles on Kindle. Visit Michelle online at &

Car Dealers Must Tell Buyers Why Loan Interest Rates are Raised

By: A Dealer’s Journal Staff

A federal judge has ruled that auto dealers must tell consumers with lower credit scores why they are charged higher interest rates than those charged to the majority of car buyers. U.S. District Judge Ellen Huvelle from Washington, D.C.,

upheld a Federal Trade Commission decision that dealers must comply with a provision in the Fair Credit Reporting Act requiring lenders to provide notice to consumers and provide instructions on how they can obtain a copy of their credit history report and, if necessary, correct any

false or incomplete data. One of the purposes of the statute is to provide consumers with information that might be helpful in preventing identity theft. Dealers must comply even when a dealer makes a loan then Continued On Page 14

June 2012

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June 2012

Tesla Expands Retail Network Before Model S Deliveries

PALO ALTO, CA--- Tesla Motors is growing its network of retail stores across the United States in preparation for deliveries of Model S, the world’s first premium electric sedan. Tesla will open its first U.S. store of the year at The Westchester shopping center in White Plains, New York. Tesla is reinventing the car-buying experience with its unique retail model. Tesla Westchester, the first store of its kind on the East Coast, will feature a handson exhibit of the Model S drivetrain, a Design Studio where customers can customize their own Model S, and an interactive touchscreen experience designed to engage and inform customers about Tesla’s advanced technology and the benefits of driving electric. The store will open with four Model S Betas on display, a record number of vehicles at a Tesla store opening. “Our sales strategy is very different from the rest of the automotive industry -- we put our stores in high foot-traffic locations so we can tell as many people as possible about Tesla’s incredible cars,” says George Blankenship, Tesla’s vice presi-

dent of worldwide sales and ownership experience. “Opening our own stores allows us to ensure consumers interested in learning more about Tesla will receive an amazing customer experience from the moment they walk through the door.” Tesla Westchester will be the 22nd company-owned store worldwide. The company will open four additional stores this summer at 3rd Street Promenade

in Santa Monica, California, Fashion Square in Scottsdale, Arizona, Washington Square in Portland, Oregon, and on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, Florida. These stores will expand Tesla’s “new retail experience” to both new and existing markets. Model S was designed from the ground up as an electric car. Engineered for performance, it offers a premium ride, great handling and accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour in as little as 4.4 seconds. With seating for five adults and two children in optional rear-facing seats, plus ample cargo space, Model S blends smart design with

cutting-edge technology. The 17” in-dash touchscreen with wireless capabilities allows for streaming radio, navigation and web browsing. Model S is offered with three battery pack options to suit a variety of drivers’ needs, and can be recharged using any conventional outlet. Tesla has more than 10,000 reservations for Model S worldwide. Tesla’s attention to a high quality customer experience extends to vehicle service. Tesla owners can service their cars at one of Tesla’s regional service centers. In addition, Tesla Rangers travel from service hubs to perform annual inspections, firmware upgrades and other maintenance at customers’ homes or offices. About Tesla Tesla’s goal is to accelerate the world’s transition to electric mobility. Palo Alto, California based Tesla designs and manufactures EVs and EV powertrain components for partners such as Toyota and Daimler. Tesla has delivered more than 2,250 Roadsters to customers worldwide. Model S, the first premium sedan to be built from the ground up as an electric vehicle, begins deliveries in June 2012.

June 2012

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June 2012

Cont: Car Dealers Must Tell Buyers Why Loan Interest Rates are Raised Continued From Page 10

immediately assigns the loan to a third party, such as a bank or finance company. The National Automobile Dealers Association argued that auto dealers should be exempt from providing this notice. The FTC concluded that the auto dealers actually use the credit report even if they do not physically obtain it, and so must provide the notice to consumers. NADA sued the FTC, challenging this interpretation. The court agreed with the FTC’s position in its ruling. “This ruling will make it

easier for consumers to learn about unfavorable information in

their credit reports,” said Stuart Delery, acting assistant attorney general for the civil division. “The auto dealer is in the best

position to provide this information because the dealer interacts directly with the consumer.” Under NADA’s interpretation, the consumer would never receive this disclosure from the dealer or lender. The dealer association said it will appeal to the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. “Contrary to the Justice Department’s statement, dealers did not seek an ‘exemption’ from applicable requirements; they merely sought clarification of what Congress meant,” NADA said in a statement.

June 2012

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A Dealer's Journal

PowerSports Section

PAGES 15 - 18

PowerSports Dealers Finally Have True Vehicle History Reports PowerSports dealers, take heed. Your ride has finally arrived. For many years, the mainstream, national vehicle history report companies ignored PowerSports industry requests for vehicle history information. The companies said that the PowerSports market was too small; the data too hard/expensive to obtain, and decoding the VINs was too much trouble. So how do dealers selling PowerSports vehicles – specifically motorcycles and other titled vehicles – get good quality VIN Check reports? Now, instaVIN is here, giving the PowerSports dealer market their first real history service. Not only does instaVIN have the DMV title data for motorcycles and the 40 million+ junk/salvage and insurance total loss records available through NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System) that other services have, instaVIN gives dealers access to other valuable data: • Open lien (loan) information. When reported to instaVIN, the motorcycle might have an

unsatisfied loan or lien on the title. • Open and historic theft information. instaVIN lets the dealer know if the vehicle is considered to be in active theft status or has historic theft history. • Export and impound records. instaVIN shows if the motorcycle has been reported as presented for export or reported as impounded. • Vehicle inventory information. instaVIN reports when a vehicle has been made available for sale online from leading listing Web sites. • Key vehicle specifications. instaVIN supplies up to 14 decodes for your motorcycles, including year, make, model, engine type and emission code. InstaVIN reports are interactive online and offer clean printed copies via PDF and can be saved for sales archive purposes. There are no contracts to sign, or hidden fees. Dealers pay as little as $3.99 per report when buying in bulk. Now that both selling and

taking in trades of used motorcycles is an important part of how PowerSports dealers are increasing revenue, there are some key times when using instaVIN vehicle history information makes sense. • Evaluating a motorcycle on trade-in. Dealers need to check instaVIN for problem history before taking a motorcycle in on trade. It can change the amount dealers pay for a tradein. • Before going to auction. Dealers can run an instaVIN reports before going to auction. • Marketing vehicles to their customers. Dealers can use instaVIN vehicle history reports to give more confidence to their used motorcycle buyer – in both the bike and the dealer. Best of all, instaVIN reports cover every vehicle type, so modern and classic car dealers, PowerSports and RV dealers and even heavy truck dealers can use instaVIN vehicle history reports to check for DMV title brands and other issues.

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa — Dropping gas prices and a rising economy have lifted boat sales in the Cedar Valley. Dealers of recreational wa-

tercraft say sales rebounded last fall and also got an early strong start with unseasonably warm weather late winter and early spring.

“People were excited to get out,” said Darrin Siefken, owner of CrawDaddy Outdoors in Waverly.

Contributed By: Edie Hirtenstein

Boat Sales On The Rise With Summer Season Starting To Heat Up Continued On Page 17

Page 16

June 2012

Subprime Retail Lending Option Available For Texas Dealerships By: A Dealer’s Journal Staff

Go Pro Powersports has formed a partnership with a new lender for Texas dealers only that provides retail financing for 500plus credit scores, “I dealt a lot with this group when I worked at Bert’s Megamall,” said Go

Pro Powersports principal Jim Anderson. “They have 46 years in the subprime lending business. They handle subprime to A/B credit for motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs and PWC. Texas is usually among the top three states every month in retail

sales, so we’re very excited to bring this opportunity to Texas dealers and help them be the hero by saying ‘Yes’ more often.” The partnership includes a first-time buyer program, as well as online processing and 24hour funding.

MRP New Online Ecommerce Solution Reaches Milestone MIAMI, FL – Martin Racing Performance, a Miami-based supplier of OEM and performance parts, announced today that it has signed on five top US Scooter dealers for its new online drop shipping program. Joel Martin president of MRP announced “We have reached a milestone in online drop shipping since the dealer now has in real time the ability to synch with our inventory getting the part number, quantity, description, and pricing allowing them to sell for us straight to the consumer without seeing the product with 17,000 SKUs four times all the other scooter distributors in the industry.” Mr. Martin went on to state “Many of the current distributors offer drop shipping files updated once a month or once a week for generic websites or are drop shipping from other retailers meaning they have limited choices. Our company is the first to offer them not only over 3,000 unique accessories, but real time links which will be the trend in the future, not a file but a real time link.” The company expects to sign on several major dealers

in the next few weeks with the new 2012 program. To sign up or inquire about how to sell parts for scooters online contact MRP at You can meet with MRP at Dealer Expo 2013 (http://www. and at the new American International Motorcycle Expo in Orlando Florida ( MRP is

also the first US scooter company to sign up for AIME. The new AIME show is a trade and consumer show for the motorcycle industry, timed to align with the annual reveal of new motorcycles, aftermarket products, safety equipment, and accessories to the press, motorcycle dealers, and consumers. It is intended to create a greater efficiency for the industry to conduct business with retailers, promote new product to the press and consumers, while creating a heightened interest for motorcycling as both sport and as a viable, green transportation alternative. It

will take place Oct. 16 – Oct. 18 2013 MRP (http://www.mrp-speed. com) has consolidated much of the US Scooter Industry the past four years including the assets of United Motors of America (private label Hyosung and Wangye), Diamo Motorsports – LS Powersports, TNG Scooters CMSI, CPI Scooters Taiwan, Powersports Factory –Andretti by QJ, Cubik Motors – Keeway Southeast, Daelim Motors, having parts for almost every brands of Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, and European scooter on the marketplace. Based in Miami Florida since 2000 the heart of the American scooter import scene MRP distributes OEM parts for TNG (CMSI) select models of CF Moto China, Daelim Motors Korea, Malaguti of Italy (www.Malaguti. com) Keeway (Keeway Vento QJ Andretti Yamati models) CPI Taiwan Powersports Factory Brands PSF Diamo Cubik (matches OEM Vento part numbers) as well as QJ and ZNEN (who manufacture bikes for a variety of scooter importers) such as FlyScooters Lance BMS Qlink and more.

June 2012

Page 17

Cont: Boat Sales On The Rise With Summer Season Starting To Heat Up Continued From Page 15

CrawDaddy Outdoors specializes in Kayaks, which Siefken said sales never really bottomed out but did slow down before picking up last fall. “I haven’t looked closely at the numbers, but I’d say we’re up about 25 percent this year”. Siefken’s estimate matches statewide numbers compiled by the National Marine Manufacturers Association. Iowa boat expenditures in 2011 were up 29.2 percent to $153.8 million last year from $119 million in 2010. That’s the most Iowans have spent on recreational boating since 2007 when $157 million was spent in the state that year, according to NMMA. “2006 was the last year we saw a general increase across the board,” NMMA spokeswoman Ellen Hopkins said. “We’re being cautiously optimistic but I think boaters are ready to get back out

there.” At Midwest Boat Sales and Repair, 6818 Streeter Road, sales of all crafts there are up this season. “It’s the earliest I’ve seen it start,” said Terry Kuchenberg, Midwest Boat Sales and Repair owner, adding sales haven’t slowed from the early start. “It’s been a continuous flow.” Kuchenberg said fishing boat sales were the first to pick up as the spawning season began early this year. After that, power boat sales rose. Since then, all recreational watercraft have had steady sales. “I don’t think I’ve sold more of any one thing this year,” he said. A healthier economy may be a reason for the rebound in sales, but Kuchenberg also noted a local incentive getting Cedar Valley boaters out on the water closer to home. The bladder dam on the Cedar River in downtown

Waterloo raises the water level upstream to allow larger recreational boats to use the river. “That used to be a great recreation and fishing area for years,” Kuchenberg said. “I’m glad people are going back there and starting to use that waterway.” Lower fuel prices after a rise in April has also likely spurred boaters along with the warm weather and early start to the outdoor recreation season this year. As Iowa’s numbers look up, they reflect a national trend that indicates the recreational boating industry is rebounding. The NMMA annual report shows retail sales of boats, accessories and marine services in the U.S. were up 6 percent in 2011 to $32.3 billion. The big sales figures doesn’t just mean people are buying big boats.

Captain Bill the “Boat Nanny” Keeps Your Boat Going

Maintainance Plans Starting At $200 Per Month You’ll Never Need To Worry Again.

Call Captain Bill at 305-281-5620 or email him at

Serving West C the entire oast of Florida !

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June 2012

Four Hundred And Thirty- Five Percent Sales Growth For Specialty Mobile Apps Parent Company By: A Dealer’s Journal Staff

Specialty Reports, Inc., a subsidiary of Sparta Commercial Services, Inc., announced a 435 percent sales increase for the fiscal year-ended April 30 compared to the year-ago fiscal period. The sales figures include the following products offered by Specialty Reports, Inc.: Cyclechex, the specialty online motorcycle history report for consumers, powersports dealers, auction houses, insurance companies and bank/finance companies; RVChecks, the specialty online recreational vehicle history report for consumers, recreational vehicle and motor home dealers, auction houses, insurance companies and bank/ finance companies; and Specialty Mobile Apps, the mobile app solution developed expressly for powersports, auto, RV and marine dealers.

Global sales for Cyclechex have expanded to 30 countries, with visitors from more than 150 countries, thereby demonstrating the demand for this product around the world. For Specialty Mobile Apps, interested parties can visit the product website, learn all about the many valuable features, and schedule a product demonstra-

tion at their own convenience. “We’re pleased with the sales performance of Cyclechex, RVChecks, and Specialty Mobile Apps,” said Anthony Havens, CEO of Sparta Commercial, Inc. and Specialty Reports, Inc. “With the motorcycle and RV season now upon us and with our increasing expansion into the au-

tomobile market, we’re confident that sales both domestically and internationally will continue to grow and prove the value and acceptance of these products in the marketplace. We’re particularly gratified to see the increase in sales we have experienced since our products began to appear on key partner websites, including two dominant online sources for values of preowned motorcycles and RVs. As motorcycle and RV enthusiasts in ever growing numbers learn that these products are available, they will have the opportunity to make more confident and informed choices in the vehicle purchases they’re considering. We like being the company providing that confidence and protection to consumers. We’re also very enthusiastic about the growing acceptance of our Specialty Mobile App product and service.”

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June 2012

June 14

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July 19th

s e z i r P y l k e e W

Page 20

June 2012

Cont: InstaVIN Vehicle History Reports Give Automotive Dealers Choice, Value Continued From Page 3

that every insurance company, salvage auction and junk yard report total loss and damaged vehicles to the database. Heavy fines ensure nearly 100% participation by these private companies. instaVIN reports have more of this “worst of the worst” information than the national services. • Open lien information – instaVIN reports contain valuable “open” lien information that lets the dealer know that the vehicle might have an unsatisfied loan – a possible red-flag to both the dealer and buyer. This data is not currently available to the national brands. • Open and historic theft information – instaVIN lets the dealer know if the vehicle is considered to be in active theft status or has historic theft history. • Export and impound records – shows if the vehicle has been reported as presented for export or reported as impounded. instaVIN reports this to you. • Vehicle inventory information – instaVIN will show when a vehicle has been made available for sale online from leading listing Web sites along with the listing date, current odometer reading, photographs and other information. • Key vehicle specifications – instaVIN supplies as many as 22 vehicle decode fields for your

passenger cars and light trucks. • No contracts – instaVIN does not require a contract. Dealers just agree to the terms of service. • Interactive reports – instaVIN reports are interactive online and print in a nice PDF format. Reports can be saved indefinitely for virtual deal jackets

and dealers can use the available interactive link to make reports available on dealership Web sites. • Full reports cost as little as $3.99 each – when dealers buy in bulk, reports are significantly less than the national brands. Dealers pre-pay the price down by choosing to buy more, then use when they need them. No billing – all transactions are done by credit card. • Integrate with your Web site or application – instaVIN has a straightforward API that can be used by dealership Web site companies and other application providers to integrate instaVIN reports automatically. In addition, California dealers are affected by a new law going into effect on July 1, 2012. California law AB 1215 law, enacted in September 2011, requires

all used vehicles marketed by dealers to run a NMVTIS-based vehicle history report before they make a vehicle available for sale on their lots or online. If a vehicle is reported to have a junk, rebuilt or salvage brand, total loss event or other indication of major damage, the dealers are required by law to affix a red warning sticker to the vehicle. Only NMVTIS vehicle history reports sold by authorized NMVTIS resellers lawfully fulfill this requirement. Other states are reported to be considering similar legislation mandating the use of NMVTIS vehicle history reports prior to used car sales. Since instaVIN provides NMVTIS data, plus open lien, open theft and other information, California dealers using instaVIN before retailing the vehicle are in full compliance with the law. instaVIN has printable forms for both the red “negative” sticker, and one that shows that the vehicle has been properly checked for problems and found to be free of issues. Most dealers won’t have any red sticker vehicles on their lots. Best of all, instaVIN reports cover every vehicle type, so modern and classic car dealers, PowerSports and RV dealers and even heavy truck dealers can use instaVIN vehicle history reports to check for DMV title brands and other issues.

Blog About Your Business For Free At And Don't Forget To Find Us On Twitter, Auttr, DealerElite and Facebook.

June 2012

Page 21























OCT. 11-13, 2012 bOCA rEsOrT bOCA rATON, FLOrIDA














HErE Is A GLIMPsE OF WHAT YOU WILL LEArN AT THE ANNUAL CONVENTION & EXPO: Maximize efficiency New Business Strategies Compliance and Regulatory Rules Create a Motivated Workforce Digital Technology and Social Platforms AND MUCH MORE! PLUS...Take a tour of the best auto dealer industry Expo in the state, packed with leading vendors and suppliers that can help your business succeed! FIADA April 2k12.indd 31

















April 2012 — Independent Dealer — 31 4/20/2012 9:30:00 AM

Page 22

June 2012

New Site To Compete With Automotive Industry Giants

VALLEY COTTAGE, N.Y., -ReviewItOnline, a car review and research website, has launched its new and improved website at The new design and approach to content reflects a wildly innovative and intuitive way to provide information on cars compared to other larger competitors in the online car review space. David Cohen, co-founder and CEO, commented that “ the big players in the online car review game provide great information to consumers, but given the amount of information, and its technical nature, most people get lost in it very quickly. ReviewItOnline seeks to present the same information but in a much

more intuitive and interactive format to consumers. We provide useful information on all vehicles including the best trucks and best SUVs which are huge areas in the market.” From a quick glance at www., you will immediately notice that user interaction is a key component of the site. Users are encouraged to provide and publish their car reviews on the site. The About Us Page on the site demonstrates both founders’ philosophy on the importance of user reviews - “We realized very early on that most users searching for products and services online will read and rely on reviews written by their peers, peer reviews are crucial in your

decision making process.” There is obviously much thought and common sense that has gone into the creation and development of the site. The company has announced that a further update to the current design will be rolled out in June 2012 with more information about the best cars, eye-catching design features and some fun facts that will grab the attention of readers. About is owned by Shark Tooth Ltd., a company founded by David Cohen and Elad Domb. The Company has offices in New York, USA and Tel Aviv, Israel.

June 2012

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Your A

d Cou

ld Be


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Print Online Direct E-mail Marketing & Social Media! Call our professional sales staff at 877-331-4350 or e-mail them at

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June 2012

Bucyrus Timken Plant To Add Jobs By: Leah Mendoza

BUCYRUS - Good news for Bucyrus could be on the way. Timken will close its plant in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada, and move its operations to four other plants, including the one in Bucyrus. Details regarding the movement of product lines from St. Thomas to Bucyrus and the North and South Carolina plants are to be determined, said company spokesman Dan Minnich. “For Timken, the St. Thomas plant was operating at just 20 percent capacity, and the closing of the plant there will take place over the next 12 months,” Minnich said. The St. Thomas plant was built in 1946 to serve the Cana-

dian automotive market. “Our customer base has changed since we built this plant more than 60 years ago. That change has accelerated recently as the impact of our mobile industries strategy is affecting demand for this type of bearing,” said Richard M. Boyer, director of global manufacturing for the Mobile Industries Group. “As a result, it’s now become clear that we have lower demand for the products made at St. Thomas. With similar capacity available at plants located closer to customers, this is a necessary step to improve our service and competitiveness across North America.” Timken manufactures tapered roller bearings for heavy truck, automotive and industrial

applications. “The pre-tax charges associated with the St. Thomas closure of $60 million to $70 million are the company’s estimate of charges for severance and employee separation costs, environmental remediation costs, relocation of assets, pension curtailment and settlement charges, asset impairments and accelerated depreciation on property, plant and equipment,” Minnich said. The Timken Company centers its business on friction management and power transmission products that allow machinery to perform more efficiently. Timken made sales of $5.2 billion in 2011 and had 21,000 people operating from locations in 30 countries.

ern Canada to accommodate its expanding Canadian customer base. About Copart Copart, founded in 1982, provides vehicle sellers with a full range of remarketing services to process and sell salvage and clean title vehicles to dealers, dismantlers, rebuilders, export-

ers and, in some states, to end users. Copart remarkets the vehicles through Internet sales utilizing its patented VB(2) technology. Copart sells vehicles on behalf of insurance companies, banks, finance companies, fleet operators, dealers, car dealerships and others as well as cars sourced from the general public.

Online Vehicle Auction Company Copart, Inc. Acquires Diamond Auto Bids and Disposals By: Leah Mendoza

Copart, Inc, a leading online salvage vehicle auction company announced it has acquired Diamond Auto Bids and Disposals, a privately-held automotive auction with locations in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The acquisition provides Copart its first locations in West-

J.D. Power Study Shows Good Online Experiences Translate To Dealership Visits

By: Leah Mendoza

The common argument against online car shopping is that the buyer still needs to test drive the models before making a decision. However, a recent study from J.D. Power and Associates says that buyers are significantly more likely to visit a dealership if they have a good online shopping experience. According to the J.D. Power and Associates 2012 Canadian

Manufacturer Website Evaluation Study, 76% of highly satisfied shoppers (those scoring 976 or higher on a 1,000-point scale) are more likely to visit a dealer showroom for a test drive, compared with just 14% of shoppers who are less satisfied (satisfaction scores of 500 or lower). Now in its seventh year, the study measures the usefulness of Canadian automotive manufacturer websites during the

new-vehicle shopping process from the perspective of online shoppers who intend to purchase a new vehicle within the next 12 months. The study asked 3,078 respondents (in February and March 2012) to rank websites on four factors: information/ content, speed, navigation and appearance. “As more shoppers use manufacturer websites to conduct Continued On Page 31

June 2012

Page 25 Releases New Blog Content About Shipping Cars

Phoenix, AZ -, a site that offers free car shipping quotes with savings potentials of up to 55%, has published new blog content with pertinent information regarding shipping cars. The newest blog posts are entitled “Transporting a Classic Vehicle” and “Shipping a Car Overseas.” The blog post titled Transporting a Classic Vehicle advises readers on some precautions to take when shipping a classic car. The blog notes that parts for classic cars are difficult, if not impossible, to come by, meaning that any damage to such a vehicle carries a high degree of financial burden. The article recommends that shippers choose a transport company by utilizing referrals from classic car mechanic and members of local classic car clubs, or by filling out the site’s free quote form. For shippers with highly valuable autos, always suggests using enclosed

auto transport services to provide the utmost in protection during shipping. Finally, the blog describes how detailed the final inspection should be upon delivery of a classic car. The latest blog update, Shipping a Car Overseas, describes the lengthy process of international car shipping. determines that two major transport methods are used by boats that ship internationally: container shipping and roll-on/roll-off shipping. The latter is suggested as being the cheaper and easier method, though advantages of the former are also calculated. The blog investigates some of the factors that make international car shipping prohibitively difficult, including the potential for very high tariff fees and strict emissions testing performed in some countries. Shipping a car from another country to the US is also mentioned to some extent. Marketing representative for Charles Carmichael stated, “We will continue to add and refine new and existing content for We have always felt that providing an important resource for readers to understand the auto transport industry is incredibly empowering, and really boosts the quality of quotes that we can provide. Working with some of the best auto transport companies is only possible by establishing ourselves as one of the premier suppliers of car shipping quotes.” About is a free online resource for car transport quotes that has been operating since 2002. The site strives to offer visitors quotes only from companies that are licensed, insured, and bonded in accordance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Up to seven quotes are provided when visitors fill out a simple quote form.

QuickQuote. QuickQuote is the first mobile phone text message service where potential car buyers can get competitive car insurance quotes in seconds. This new service means customers can get a quote anytime and anywhere through their mobile phone, stopping customers leaving the show room. QuickQuote allows new car hunters to find out the price they could expect to pay for car insurance on a vehicle at any place or time; and for car dealers, this means forecourt selling could be easier and quicker. This new service offers quotes from over 130 insurance providers from all in a matter of seconds. has one of the largest motor panels in the comparison market and can provide a wide variety of competitive quotes in seconds. Mike Hoban, Marketing Director at, said: “ revolutionized the search for car insurance 10 years ago with the launch of “For car dealerships QuickQuote is a perfect way of helping secure that sale, Customers do not need to go away and spend time online searching for the cheapest insurance deal; it can all be done through the touch of a button.

QuickQuote Can Help Car Dealerships Get More Sales By: A Dealer’s Journal Staff has launched a new revolutionary mobile text message service called QuickQuote, which can help car dealerships seal the deal on a new sale. With this new text message service car dealerships can provide their customers with not only the cost of the car, but the insurance costs too just by the touch of a button. With 76%of people saying that buying a car is one of their biggest life purchases; car dealerships need to give their customers as much information as possible to secure that sale and with the help of, this can be achieved through

Page 26

The Auction Guide Alabama South Alabama Auto Auction LLC

Alaska Dealer's Auto Auction of Alaska Arizona Manheim Tucson Arkansas Arkansas Auto Auction California Canada CAG Vancouver Colorado Colorado Auto Auction Connecticut Central Auto Auction 185 Welton Street Hamden, CT. 06517(New Haven) Phone: 203-787-2277 Fax: 203-787-6564 E-mail: Pres./ Gen. Mngr: Peter Saldamarco, V.P./Acting Office Mngr:Sally Saldamarco, Sales Mngr: Anthony Saldamarco, Operations Mngr: Michael Saldamarco, Dealer Liaison: Tori Richnavsky, Ove.Com Coordinator: Elise Gallup, Fleet Liquidation Specialist for Banks, Credit Unions, Leasing Companies, Rental Companies, Ect. #1 Choice of Commercial Consignors serving New England and New York, Best Pricing, Best Service, and Superior Results. Sales every Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. Dealer Consign, Absolutes, Repo's, F/L, New Car Dealer Trades, Utility Vehicles, Municipalities, Donation Vehicles, INOP Sale Via Slide Show Live & Online Thursdays 9 a.m - 4:30 p.m. Sealed Bid Sale, at www.ove. com 24/7. Transport, Detailing, Mechanical, Body Shop, PDR, Chip & Scuff Touch ups, MAFS, DSC, AFC, Auto

Use, Major Credit Cards/Sale Streaming Live at Delaware Delaware Auto Exchange Florida BSC America Tallahassee Auto Auction 5249 Capital Circle, SW Tallahassee, FL 32305 Phone: 850-878- 6200 * Fax: 850-942-9830 E-mail: General Manager: Doug Rodriguez Fleet Lease Manager : Kyle Williamson Operations Manager: Mike Atkinson Sales Manager: Anna Johnson and Angelia Messick OVE Associate : Jackie Gordon Regular Sale FRIDAY @ 10:00am ET Featuring Approximately. 300 cars each week in three lanes. All lanes broadcast live via Simulcast. National Fleet/ Lease accounts include. Wells Fargo Dealer Services, PHH, ARI, Automotive Fleet Management and U-HAUL Fleet sales, many local banks and credit unions. All new facilities, including 2 Bay Mechanical Shop and Reconditioning Facility, Postsale inspections including a complete Auto Check history. 3rd Friday of the Month— Power Sport , RV and Marine Sale, Five day front line sale 3rd Friday. Mechanically challenged (Inops) sale 1st and 4th Friday of each month. We accept floor planning through MAFS, AFC, DSC, Car Bucks, FMC, World Omni, and others. Virtual solutions include OVE and Smart Auction - the wholesale marketplaces open 24/7. Check out our all new renovated facilities, and new full service detail shop available on site to clean your vehicles prior to the sale. Cocoa Auto Dealers Exchange 500 Cox Road Cocoa, Florida 32926

June 2012

Phone:321-636-2886 Fax: 321-636-9212 Sales are held every Thursday @ 4:30 pm. For further information contact GM John Puhl Sanford Auto Dealers Exchange 2851 St. Johns Parkway, Sanford, Florida 32772 Phone:407-328-7300 Fax: 407-321-4466 GM: Joe Killory Ext 112 AGM: Richard Galway Ext 113 Fleet Lease: Ed Murphy Ext 122 Floor Plans: Nancy Boren Ext 105. Sale Day is every Tuesday @ 2:00 p.m. with 2000+ consignments every week from over 50 new car dealers & banks statewide.GMAC Smartlane @ 3pm in lane six and online. Keep it moving with SmartAuction, sell your inventory all week long. For details call Sean Callahan Ext 104. 70 Acre facility with 6 auction lanes, business center, restaurant, brand new state of the art bodyshop & Recon center. Transportation and on site floor plan companies. Georgia Perry's Auto Auction Hawaii Manheim Aloha Auto Auction Idaho Dealers Auto Auction of Idaho Illinois Indiana Manheim Indianapolis Indiana Auto Auction 4425 West Washington Center Rd. Ft. Wayne, IN 46818 Phone: 260-489-2776 Fax: 260489-5476 Gen. Mgr: Eric Autenrieth Nat. Accounts Mgr: Don Elliot, Fleet/Lease Mgr: Chad Horn Thurs Weekly: 10:00 a.m. Fleet, Repos and Dealer Consignment, 9:00 a.m. Wrecked & Damaged; Tues: 2:00 p.m. MonthlyHD

June 2012

Truck Repo Units featuring: ACC, AMerican General, CNAC, First Investors, Hyundai Capital Finance, Pro Fed, RSA, SAC Finance, SCS Credit Corp., Vehicle Remarketing Services, Fleet lease units featuring: ARI, Avis/Budget Group, Dollar Thrifty, Emkay, Enterprise RAC, Fleet Street Remarketing llc, Flexco, Nationwide Fleet, Norfolk Southern, PAR North America, Union Bank. Major New Car Dealer Trades Featuring: Bob Rorhman Auto Group, Kelly Automotive Group, Preferred Automotive Group. Iowa West Central Auto Auction Kansas Mid America Auto Auction Kentucky Louisiana Louisiana's First Choice A.A. Maine Port City Auto Auction Maryland Bel Air Auto Auction Massachusetts Michigan Flint Auto Auction Minnesota Mid-State Auto Auction Mississippi Rea Brothers Mid South A.A.

Auto Auction of New England New Jersey New Mexico Manheim New Mexico New York State Line Auto Auction North Carolina Ellis Auto Auction North Dakota ADESA Fargo Ohio Complete Auto Auction www.completeautoauction. com. 21799 Northwest Parkway, Marysville, OH 43040 Ph: 937-642-1937, Fax: 937642-1943 Full Service Auction, 25 miles northwest of Columbus Ohio. Auctions every Tuesday afternoon at 3:00PM EST, come in person or bid on line through our web site. Vehicles failing to sell on Tuesdays are posted to our Buy It Now site with reduced prices by Thursday. We are the only auction site Honda Financial Services sells at in Ohio! See vehicle run-lists, photos and CRs at We can pick up and deliver. Great rates for Dealer Consignments. Special rates on mechanical and body work for cars bought at our auction. Buy it, fix it, ship it by Friday! Oklahoma Dealers Auto Auction of OKC

Missouri Popular Bluff Auto Auction

Oregon Brasher's Cascade Auto Auction

Montana Auto Auction of Montana


Nebraska Lincoln Auto Auction Nevada Brasher's Reno Auto Auction New Hampshire

Mason Dixon Auto Auction 12876 Molly Pitcher Highway Greencastle, PA 17225 Phone: 717-597-3121 Fax: 717-597-0220 E-mail: General Manager: Judy Haw-

Page 27

baker Dealer Registration: Cindy Oberholzer +/- 500 units weekly including selections from Frederick Cheverolet, Piazza Management Group, Criswell Chevrolet, Hagerstown Ford,Kent Parson Ford, and Hoffman Chevrolet. Rhode Island Ocean State Auto Auction South Carolina Carolina Auto Auction, Inc. I-85 (Exit27) & Hwy 8, Webb Road Williamston, SC 29697. Ph: 864-231-7000 Fax: 864231-7900 Every Wednesday @ 10 am, Large weekly consignment. Salvage Sale 1st & 3rd week of every month. Powersports Every 2nd Wednesday. 70+ acres, 8 Action- Packed lanes. Go to for run lists, market reports, and online bidding. South Dakota Black Hills Auto Auction Tennessee Chattanooga Auto Auction Texas Manheim Dallas-Fort Worth Utah Brasher's Salt Lake Auto Auction Vermont Virginia Bryan Buchanan Auto Auction Washington DAA Northwest Washington D.C. Capital Auto Auction West Virginia Wisconsin Airport Auto Auction Wyoming

Page 28

The Transportation & Suppliers Guide

Alabama Roll Seal, Inc. Hicks Auto Air Bag Covers AutoCheck Winns Warranty

any point in the U.S. Visit us online at http://www. or call our car relocation specialists at 888-6668929.


CERTIFIED COLLECTOR CAR APPRAISALS The family has continuously been in the automobile business in Illinois since 1913 & the dealership still inventories some 500+ 1920s-1990s collector type vehicles from projects to show cars in all prices & conditions. Lewis Lazarus, our senior CERTIFIED appraiser has been professionally appraising vehicles since 1966 & travels nationwide. He sits on the NADA collector car appraisal guide advisory board & has been sited 3 times in “The Guinness Book of World Records” for cars he’s owned & sold for record prices. Please visit the web site: or e-mail 815-983-0163 OR toll free 888980-2477 voicemail.

Arizona Bank One Arkansas Auto Services Company California OPENLANE Promotional Products Safelite of America Inc. F & I Systems, Inc. TNT Auto Transport Canada Carmel Colorado Pass Time Enviroguard Connecticut RVI Group Earmark Trivin Inc. Delaware Master Buyers Service Florida Millan Auto Salvage & Towing Sadisco Of Florida Automotive Finance Corp. Auto Auctions Solutions Inc. Georgia Hawaii Idaho American Associated Auctioneers Illinois Montway Auto Transport ® is a nationwide car shipping company. Montway offers expert car shipping services. We are located in Chicago, however, as both carrier and a broker, we can pick up and deliver a vehicle from and to

Indiana Transwheel Corporation ENTEK Corporation Aftermarket Solutions Mito Corporation Autolookout Inc Iowa W.W. College of Auctioneering Budget Car Rental & Sales Kansas Blue Book Values Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Triad Financial Carcannon East Coast National Auto Auction Association

June 2012

Massachusetts Royal Administration Services AutoUse Michigan Time Auto Transport Northwood University Insight Network A/T Automotive Credit Corp. Minnesota Lomen Auto Transport Inc. 1216 Scheffer Ave St. Paul MN. 55116 Phone 800-697-0757 Fax 651-698-0811 Email or online at Providing Prompt, courteous, reliable, damage free delivery since 1975. From 1 car to 1,000 we do it all. Mississippi Missouri McNutt Automotive Logistics has long been a prominent and renowned member of the auto transportation industry since 1995. With a nationwide footprint, we have earned our reputation for setting benchmarks in auto transportation by focusing on timely deliveries and exceptional customer service. We service all auto auctions, dealerships, finance and insurance companies, remarketers, asset recovery specialists and private individuals. We have long standing partnerships with many icons of our industry including Ally|SmartAuction, Carmax, Thrifty, Manheim, OVE and many others. We are also past recipients of Auto Remarketing’s Top 200 most influential businesses in the auto remarketing industry.We want to EARN your business! McNutt Auto Transport 7485 NE 401 Rd Lowry City, Missouri 64763 Phone: 800-7552324 Fax: 417-644-2920 email:Sales@McNuttTransport. com www.McNuttTransport.

June 2012

The Transportation & Suppliers Guide

com Montana Nebraska Road Warriors Easy-Haul Trailers Nevada Western Funding Inc. New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York Automate AllState Security North Carolina Mendenhall School of Auction-

Page 29

eering N.A.P.A.A.

Servnet TPC Management

North Dakota Ohio Micro21

Texas Utah Vermont

Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Guardian Warranty Co

Virginia East Coast Auto Transport NADA

Rhode Island Cisco Performance Auto South Carolina Chapman Enterprises South Dakota Owner's Auto Mart Tennessee

Washington Electra Start Inc. Washington D.C. AFSA West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

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Dealer Notes:

Lane Information:

Vehicle Information:

June 2012

Additional Info:

June 2012

Page 31

Cont: J.D. Power Study Shows Good Online Experiences Translate To Dealership Visits Continued From Page 24


initial vehicle research, the need to create a great first impression is imperative,” says J.D. Ney, automotive account analyst at J.D. Power and Associates. “The significant gap in the intent to test-drive is a reminder that first impressions matter and weigh heavily on the shopper’s mind when considering a new vehicle.” The study also showed that expectations of online newvehicle shoppers are constantly shifting and the more active a manufacturer is in adapting its Web presence to these changes, the more likely shopper satisfaction with the website increases. On average, overall newvehicle shopper satisfaction with manufacturer websites has increased significantly in 2012, with an average of 821 points (up 37 from 2011), with satisfaction increasing in all factors of web-

site performance – speed (up 42 points from last year), appearance ( up 40), navigation (+34), and information/content (+33) – of all which contribute to the rise in overall satisfaction. Redesigns and refreshes are found to help with higher scores, with even very small updates to processes and individual elements enough to boost satisfaction scores of frequently used site features, such as a payment estimator tool. “The key is not to refresh or redesign the entire website constantly, but to understand specifically where problems with content and navigation are in order to allow shoppers to find exactly what they need,” said Ney. “Those strategic changes, whether big or small in scale, show the shoppers that (site creators) are listening to what they want.” The study also showed that,

like the vehicles themselves, luxury brand shoppers expect more from the brand’s websites than do those of mass market brand shoppers from their respective sites. Among online new-vehicle shoppers, mass market brands’ websites have a higher average overall satisfaction score (822) than do luxury brands (818), although the luxury brand opinion rating is significantly higher than mass market brands (4.38 vs. 4.00, respectively, on a five-point scale). “Shoppers have much higher expectations of luxury brands and expect those expectations to be conveyed on their websites as well,” says Ney. “When perception and reality do not match, the shopper’s satisfaction with the website drops. Luxury brands need to put more effort toward making their website a premium experience.”

1600+ Units

200+ Units Every Week @ 3:00 p.m.

every Tuesday @ 2:00 p.m.

PH: 407-328-7300

Other GM Independent Auto Auctions Servicing You:

Tuesday GM Closed Sales Brasher’s Salt Lake Auto Auction Salt Lake City, UT (801) 322-1234 Dealers Auto Auction Of Oklahoma City Oklahamo City, OK (405) 947-2886 Dealers Auto Auction Of The Rockies Denver, CO

(303) 289-7716 EL Paso Independent Auto Auction (ALLY Open Sale Only)

El Paso, TX

Buy Online Via

(915) 496-6000 Greater Milwaukee Auto Auction Milwaukee, WI (414) 365-3500 Greensboro Auto Auction Greensboro, NC (800) 772-9898 Mid-South Auto Auction Pearl, MS (601) 956-2700

Sanford Auto Dealers Exchange (ALLY Open Sale Only) Sanford, FL (407) 328-7300

Wednesday GM Closed Sales Bel Air Auto Auction Bel Air, MD (800) 764-7400 Columbus Fair Auto Auction Columbus, OH (614) 497-2000 DAA Northwest (ALLY Open Sale Only) Spokane, WA (509) 244- 4500

Dealers Auto Auction of Alaska (ALLY Open Sale Only)

Anchorage, AK

(907) 563-8343

Flint Auto Auction Flint, MI (800) 280-0034

Thursday GM Closed Sales ABC St. Louis Centreville, IL (618) 332-1227 Brasher’s Idaho Auto Auction Boise, ID (208) 345-7345

Greater Rockford Auto Auction Rockford, IL (800) 830-4722

Pittsburg Independent Auto Auction New Stanton, PA (724) 925 -4700 State Line Auto Auction Waverly, NY (607) 565-8151

Southern Auto Auction East Windsor, CT (860) 292-7500

For More Information On These Independent Auctions, Visit

Page 32

June 2012

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