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Volunteers Deliver the Gift of Reading Everyone who knows Books from Birth knows that thousands and thousands of books are sent to the children of Shelby County every month. How are children registered in the program? How do their parents hear about Books from Birth, or how are they found when they’ve never heard of the program? How are these kids kept in the program when they move and the post office is not allowed to forward a book? How exactly are over 34,000 books, labeled with a child’s name and address, sent to over half the children under the age of five in our county, at no charge to their parents? The answer often enough is through volunteers! And the numbers of ways that volunteers contribute is as numerous as the books that go out every month! Susan and Bob Batson have combined their inherently creative talents and their zeal for children’s literacy into, not only a “gift for the children of Shelby County,” but into a gift for their own family as well.

throughout the year which are done to honor the recipient. At Christmas this large extended family writes letters describing the gifts, and the letters are all compiled in a Christmas book of services and donations. How much does Books from Birth love being a part of this family celebration! Susan and Bob have contributed in so many different ways to Books from Birth and the cause of early childhood literacy in 2012. They have registered hundreds of children into the system we use to send books to preschoolers. They ran the Book It 5k in September, half the proceeds of which were given to Books from Birth. They have relabeled and used surplus Imagination Library books to donate to several classrooms at an inner city school and have staffed Books from Birth tables at various special events. And Bob and Susan have donated financially.

“The Joy of Reading” was the Batsons’ gift to their family this Like many other families, the Batsons and their relatives draw Christmas. It was a gift to Books from Birth throughout the year! names for a Christmas gift exchange. But rather than buying and Thank you Susan and Bob Batson! sending gifts, the Batsons then plan service projects and donations For more information on volunteering, visit us at w w w. b o o k s f r o m b i r t h . o r g / g e t - i n v o l v e d

A Note From Our Director Shelby County Books from Birth was started by a group of pioneers who saw a simple solution to a difficult problem, a lack of access to books. What has been established over the past decade is nothing short of amazing – 41,000 program graduates and over 34,000 currently enrolled children – reaching more than half of all children in Shelby County. These are more than just numbers, they represent children who have never known a home without books, parents who have a treasured resource at their disposal, and schools that are improved due to the fact that its students are now ready and excited to learn on the first day of school. The foundation that SCBFB is built upon is one sustained by partnerships. The first partnership is with the Dolly Parton Imagination Library (DPIL) and the Governor’s Books from Birth Foundation (GBBF). The DPIL works with book publishers to select appropriate books and deliver them directly to your home, which is a service made possible in Tennessee through a 50% discount offered by the GBBF. This partnership allows SCBFB special access to high-quality children’s books at a greatly reduced price. The second partnership is with community and nonprofit partners that promote the program and dedicated donors that pay the cost. Each month, over 1,000 new children are enrolled. Most are enrolled at birth through a local hospital, but others are enrolled at a pediatric clinic, a library, a community fair or even through our wonderful nonprofit partners like the Junior League and Porter-Leath. All of this work would be in vain if it were not for leadership gifts by BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee and United Healthcare. Their contributions cover about 50% of the total local cost associated with SCBFB. The remaining funds are given by local businesses, concerned donors and parents. Last year, SCBFB had donors from every community in the county, something that speaks to the wide appeal of the program. The final partnership is the one that happens every time a parent or caregiver sits down and reads with a child. Simply mailing books to kids does nothing, but when this tool is used to teach and to build stronger family bonds, everyone wins. We are often told by parents (and kids!) that they love Books from Birth. They cannot believe it is free and express a desire to give back, sometimes with money and sometimes with their time. While this partnership is not one we usually see since it happens in dens and living rooms through our county, it is by far the most important one. Thank you for your support, for spreading a love of reading, and for believing that all of our children should grow up reading the same stories. Peter Abell Executive Director

The Raleigh Pediatric Group The Raleigh Pediatric Group is an enthusiastic supporter and proponent of Books from Birth. Through several tries, this committed children’s clinic has refined the way it introduces patients to the Books from Birth program and encourages parents to register their children. According to Dale Farrimond, getting children enrolled is part of the “business” end of coming to the clinic, like signing in and updating address or insurance information. Newborns and new patients under age five are automatically given an enrollment form with their other paperwork when they check in at the front desk. Similar to a physician’s prescription pad, this “Prescription to Read” form came about through a grant and partnership with Junior League - Memphis and helps children get healthy through reading! Parents can fill it out as they wait and turn it in with their other forms, thus eliminating the lost opportunity when a parent gets home to other responsibilities and paperwork and never fills out the form. The forms are all collected by the office staff into a designated Prescription to Read box, which volunteers check routinely and then enter the data. There is also time to ask regular patients and make sure they are already signed up and receiving the books. Having a system in place to enroll children in Books from Birth is working for the Raleigh Pediatric Group. Their medical staff, which is always pressed for time, can count on the front desk staff to check on patients’ reading habits, and the business staff can count on volunteers to pick up the forms and get the children enrolled. The Books from Birth staff, as always, can count on people throughout the community who share the goal of having every child in Shelby County under age five receiving a book a month!


Program Services



Revenue Shelby County Books from Birth is made possible by major financial commitments from:



Investment Income

Thank you to our friends and supporters. Gifts of $100 and up made between May 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012

$50,000 +

BlueCross Blueshield of Tennessee City of Memphis United Healthcare

$10,000 - 49,999

Church Of The Holy Communion Gerber/Taylor Management Co The Fleetwood Foundation Mrs. Nell Levy McGehee Family Foundation

$5,000 - 9,999

FedEx Junior League Of Memphis The Schadt Foundation United Way Of The Mid-South Valero Energy Foundation

$1,000 - 4,999

Bartlett High School Buckeye Technologie Jackie and Jeff Capwell Walt and Diane Chambliss Collierville Contemporary Club Delta Kappa Gamma - Epsilon Chapter Dilettantes Chip and Tricia Dudley JW and Kathy Gibson James and Lucia Gilliland International Paper Foundation Tom Lee Andy and Kim MacQueen Combined Federal Campaign Thomason, Hendrix, Harvey, Johnson & Mitchell, PLLC Andy and Betsy Saslawsky Joe and Mary Scheuner Peter and Leslie Schutt Teri Shanahan Shelby County Head Start Rachel Smith and Kevin Olsen Dr. Bianca Sweeten Raymond Tanner

The Deupree Family Foundation Nick and Jenny Vergos Gary and Noell Wilson

$500 - 999

Dana Buford Ross and Nora Capwell Dr. Karen Fox Harry Freeman Robert and Kate Gooch Linda Hensley Robert and Cynthia Hoehn John Jackson Jack and Jane Morris Johnny and Kim Pitts Carol Seamons Kay Stavrum Corey and Mary Trotz Bob Vidulich and Diane Sachs Dr. and Mrs. Don Wagner Jane Walters Jason and Hallie Ward Warren Family Charitable Fund

$100 - 499

Sandra Abel Abe and Tammy Abuelouf John and Melissa Alexander Walter and Suzanne Allen Jim and Shirley Anderson Anonymous donors Ed and Margaret Apple Steven and Laurie Baker Jim and Alison Barton William and Annette Bickers Milton and Lenore Binswanger Charles and Carmen Blatteis Lucile Bondurant Lisa Bone Andrew and Juliet Boshwit Brandon/Fletcher Group Mary Brubaker Burch, Porter and Johnson, LLC Paula Camillo Mark and Laura Cary

Daniel Case Pat Chambliss Kemp and Anne Conrad Sarah Cowen Charlene Cox Craig and Margaret Cardwell Jim Curry Sally W. Davies Celeste Davis DelBrocco & Associates Cindy Dobbs Jed and Jeanne Dreifus Ms. Shelley Durfee Catherine Eddins Jeff and Tara Engelberg Jennifer Estes Sarah Exum Mr. and Mrs. Mason Ezzell John and Amy Farris Porter and Wendy Feild Bill and Sondra Fondren Carol Francisco Hugh and Margaret Fraser Sheila Freudenberg Gallery Group Book Club Corey Gallina Leesa Gavin Emily Gay Kathryn Gilliland Jennifer Goebel Geoffrey Goodin Richard and Karen Grant Madelyn Gray Chris Greer John and Bonnie Greer Brenda Grinder Megan Grinder Helen Gronauer Barbara Guyton J.S. and Claudia Hackett Lauren Hackney Harriett Halmon Diane Halperin Leigh Hamic James and Mary Hamlett Sherry Hanlon

$100 – 499 (continued) Geraldine Haspel Holly Hilsenbeck Judy Hoffman Tamiko Holloman Kathy Hughes Monique Jalenak Robbie Johnson Weinberg Fred and Dorothy Johnson Chantel Johnson Susan Johnson Les and Leah Jones Beverly Jordan Kim Jordan Phil and Deanna Kaminsky Haden Kane Ron and Lucy Keller Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kelly Dale Kelman Ken Kimble Roger and Ann Knox Landmark Woman’s Club Brian and Ann Lankford Kim Lasko Debbie Lazarov Cindy Lenoir Melissa Lessley Sumner and Phyllis Levine Joan Lightman Jay and Susan Lindy Joanna Lipman William and Ellen Losch Michael and Shirley Lupfer Milton and Jennifer Magee Katie Mallory Lee and Susan Mallory Belinda Mandrell Julia Maroda Paul Maxwell Kendall Maykowski Mack McCaul Aaron McDonald Denice McMahon Simone and Logan Meeks

Tracey Mendelson Margaret Metz (deceased) Katie Midgley Brenda Morris Janice Morris Jennifer Morrow Lisa Morten Joseph and Jeanne Morton Stephanie Nichols Barbara Holden Nixon Deborah Northcross Optimist Club of White Station Hallie Peyton Dan and Chloee Poag Gary and Lana Prosterman Mearl Purvis Jeana Ray Kathy Remsen Amy Rhodes Ridgeway Ladies Golf Association Trish Ring Neil and Judy Ringel Matt and Emily Robbins Hal Roberts Nancy Robinson Dr. and Mrs. Robert Ruch Diane Rudner Debra Saharovich Shaun and Jodie Sammons Edward Scanlon Pat Schoelkopf John Schwab Jeff and Mary Sexton Kush and Pooja Shah Jackie Shawkey Rita Shelby RD and Vicki Singh Ronald and Linda Sklar Robyn Slen Cameron Smith Dr. Chapman Smith Courtney Smith Nancy Smith Sheri Spurt Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stanton

May Stiner Jack and Cindy Straton David Strickland Carlin Stuart Carlton and Barbara Sumner Laurie Sutton Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Taylor Taylor Taylor The Assisi Foundation The Destination Diva Company The Wharton Firm Bradley Thomas Ashley Tobias Mary Todd Lisa Usdan and David Portnoy Chalmers Valentine Niranjan Vupppu Lorrie and Richard Wagoner Jeffrey and Jeannette Wallace Jennifer Watson Ted and Bobbie Waxler Judy Weatherly Jami Webb Jordan and Michelle Weinberg Lara White Neda White Weetie Whittemore Page and Gail Williamson Linda Wimmer Emily Woodside Victoria Wooten and Joseph Clark Diana Wright For a full listing of the almost 900 donors that made Books from Birth possible last year, please visit w w w. b o o k s f r o m b i r t h . o r g

Board of Directors Kim MacQueen – Chair L. Peter Schutt – Vice-Chair Matt Robbins – Past Chair Diane Chambliss – Secretary Mack McCaul – Treasurer Katie Midgley –Outreach Chair Betsy Saslawsky – Marketing Chair Mary Scheuner –Development Chair Kemp Conrad Sally Walker Davies Judy Drescher

David J. Harris D. John Jackson Jenny Mallery Vergos Lisa Chow Mallory Lisa Morton Chloee Poag, Ph.D. Carol G. Seamons Teri Shanahan Bianca Sweeten, M.D. Mary Trotz Hallie M. Ward

Peter Abell – Executive Director

Books from Birth is changing lives by promoting kindergarten readiness and strengthening family bonds in Shelby County. We greatly appreciate your support! 901-820-4501 Annual Report Credits

Editors: Betsy Saslawsky, Sally Walker Davies, Andra DeVincenzo Graphic Design: Alexandria Eddings

Books from Birth 2012 Annual Report  

An annual report that I designed for a local nonprofit. They provide a book every month for each child enrolled in the program from birth u...

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