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The Need of San Jose Child Support Lawyer As the face of the family continues to evolve in the United States, so does the law with respect to custody and visitation. During 1970s, about 80 percent of family households were made up of a married father and mother, and their own children. Census bureau figures show that today, the traditional mother- father-child family exists in only about one-third of households. The high rates of divorce rates during the 70s and 80s led to a high percentage of blended families, as new spouses brought their children with them when they remarried. Today, blended families comprise over 30 percent of family households. Another ten million men and women live together without marriage, and in about half of these cases, they have a child in common. There are also another ten million families headed by single mothers, and another two million headed by single fathers. Between one and six million more children are being raised in same-sex parent households. These nontraditional families may have their own biological child, may have adopted, or may have conceived through artificial insemination. Today, many fathers successfully hire San Jose child support lawyer in order to seek custody of their children because the emphasis is now on who is the best caretaker for the child. This is one reason why it is very important that the person seeking custody of a child has a history of full participation in the child's life. In many cases, the mother has been the primary caretaker for the child, so when a custody contest arises, a court may still award custody to the mother. With the changing face of family, custody laws today have also had to address situations where the breakup of blended families means that a stepparent, who has become the de facto parent to the child, seeks custody. Grandparents, too, are increasingly seeking custody or visitation with their grandchildren. Samesex parents and surrogates (a woman who carries a baby for another) are also posing new challenges to the law. Persons who have been a significant part of raising a child may be functioning as a psychological parent, if not a legal parent, and they may also attempt to claim a right to the care or custody of a child. Those who want to seek child custody for his or her child it is important to hire a reputed and well experienced San Jose child support lawyer. It is important to do some research before hiring any child support lawyer. For more information about san jose child support lawyer click here

The Need of San Jose Child Support Lawyer  

Grandparents, too, are increasingly seeking custody or visitation with their grandchildren. Same-sex parents and surrogates