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Why Build Android Applications Gone are the times when a basic mobile's feature was to attend and make calls. The far reaching technology has brought innovation in this sector, which has resulted in a new surge in the mobile arena. Now, Android is playing a key feature in the development of unique and dynamic applications for entertainment, calender, diary, games, and more that makes a mobile not just a mobile but a smart-phone too. The rising demand for Android Application Development has lead companies to invest in apps, while building powerful platforms for mobiles. The mobile developers aim to meet the users demands by providing the best suitable options after a thought out research. This is an instinctive platform, which contains a brilliant feel and look of the mobile devices. Developers with the help of Android can build quick and simple applications that use the latest Android versions. Designed by Linux Kernel, it is an OS and a mobile software platform developed by Open Handset Alliance and Google. The applications can be customized at a low cost, including the support for Java, this further assists in the creation of third part applications. Its various features include: ➢ Touchscreen, accelerometer, GPS, video camera, and magnetometer. ➢ P2P using Google Talk. ➢ Libraries for 3D and 2D graphics. ➢ Data storage using SQLite. ➢ Rending and receiving of data with the help of Bluetooth, EV-DO, EDGE, GSM, CDMA, Wi-Fi, and UMTS. ➢ Range of libraries for audio, video, and image file, including WAV, MP3, JPG, PNG, GIF, MPEG4, MIDI, AAC, AMR, and so on. ➢ IPC message passing. Android Applications includes an SDK that provides tools and huge libraries, including Google map, music player, browser, e-mail, and SMS applications, picture viewer, Amazon MP3 store, etc. Broadcast receiver, content provider, activities, and services are the four components on which Android Applications are developed. There are several factors that make Android apps highly demanding: 1. Affordable- This is the factor that makes Android apps popular as the involvement of resources are minimal. 2. Integrated- These are ideal for integrated applications. This technology is a perfect knit to connect different apps. 3. Huge Profits- Using this technology lead to low investment and high profits. Now, maximum mobile developers are adopting Android for the creations of innovative apps. 4. Syndication- This helps in the syndication of different programs.

5. Open Source- As an open source, the developers have the freedom to utilize the resources of the huge libraries. Today Android Applications Development is a grooming business. Outsourcing Android services is also immensely popular.

Why build android applications  

Gone are the times when a basic mobile's feature was to attend and make calls.

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