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Role & Importance of an ASP DotNet Developer in Software Development A Brief History of Asp .Net .NET software development has experienced many notable changes. Asp .Net has played a major role in developing web applications and dynamic websites. During the course of its process of calibration a lot of advantages and drawbacks have emerged. Regardless of those upsides and downsides, ASP.Net application development has become very high. It has given rise to the programming and deployment of much different app .Net software development primarily includes the function of creating, building and deploying the applications and 2nd generation elements. First version of .Net was released by Microsoft on January, 2002 with the dot net framework. The next version of it, 1.1 was launched on April, 2003, whose main goal was to give complete support and compatibility for mobile devices. The Microsoft commercialized the Asp Dot Net framework mainly for web applications and web services. This provide best subscription services that facilitate rendering custom-made access and provide products and services to the clients from a fundamental point for handling arrange of application programs that could be software like .NET, Office and an email .ASP.Net mobile web development is not significantly different from website development for desktop. This is wholly combination of two main Microsoft technologies, Dot Net and Active Server Pages (ASP). ASP is actually an old version, which serves in an excellent way providing complete web solutions, helps to design websites at a fast rate where as Dot Net is a new version in which programming block excels in development services. This .Net app brings it with a system, called as Web Mobile space. This system connects with mobile web development that contains key capabilities such as authentication handling, be it desktop or mobile. Advantages of Asp .Net:Demand of .Net has being increasing because of its easy coding and well improved features. Best part of handling Asp.Net software development and programming projects it is not must for the developer to have knowledge of ASP. The knowledge of HTML is than more than enough to develop catchy web pages. As the newer versions of Asp .Net are rolled out which are easy to handle and totally user-friendly, as it helps in designing web pages as well helps to link to the browser directly which is to be used. This serves as the right option, where it helps to save a lot of time and rise in productivity. To enjoy the complete benefits, it is must to upgrade or add the software by adding ASP.Net to the previous old version. There are many websites which are

developed on Asp .Net platform, which provides a great deal of information and access to its users. Role of Asp .Net programmers in Software development:As Asp.Net software holds great deals of advantages, the programmers are also in high demand. The programmers should have four years of educational qualification in the software development stream, as they also work as freelancers or full-time developers according to the requirements of the project. These programmers are usually hired while handling outsourcing projects. The benefit includes, they can save time in hiring or training candidates according to the projects, housing expenses and other charges barred by the clients. However, people should be careful and vigilant while choosing one Net software development company in the industry. Since there are many companies and service providers, people may find it really hard to choose the most competent and professional company from the bunch. It is wise to search at web forums and directories online and also asking friends and colleagues for recommendations and references.

Role and Importance of an ASP DotNet Developer in Software Development  

.NET software development has experienced many notable changes. Asp.Net has played a major role in developing web applications and dynamic w...