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OBJECTIVE OF THE SESSION • What are we going to Understand ? •  What is Digital Marketing •  Use of Digital Marketing •

Modules of Digital Marketing

•  Importance of Digital Marketing •  Digital Marketing Strategies •  Who can do this course •

Google Certification

•  Career Opportunities

What is Digital Marketing INTRODUCTION: • It also knows as 'online marketing', 'internet marketing' or 'web marketing’. • The term digital marketing was first coined in the 1990s. • The proliferation of devices' capable of accessing digital media led became more sophisticated in the 2000’s and the 2010’s. • Digital media growth was estimated at 4.5 trillion online ads served annually. • Hence, digital media spend at 48% growth in 2010. • Survey found that it was growing in 2012-2013 rapidly. • Digital Channels such as Google and Bing search, social media, email creates the bridge to connect with the prospective customers.

Use Of Digital Marketing - Analysis Factor

Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing


Limited to Area



Not Specific

Very Specific


Very Expensive

Not Expensive


Not Guaranteed


Modules Of Digital Marketing INTRODUCTION:

Importance Of Digital Marketing Opens up growth options for small businesses

Potential to earn higher revenues,It Helps Generate Better Revenues.

The conversion rate is higher and Increases.

It Levels the Online Playing Field

Customer support has become a priority

Increase the trust for your brand

Get connected to the mobile customers

Digital marketing is cost effective than Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategies - SEO

Digital Marketing Strategies – Social Media Optimization

Digital Marketing Strategies – Google AdWords

Digital Marketing Strategies – Google Analytics

Digital Marketing Strategies – Email Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategies – Bing Marketing

Conversion Tracking How to improve Quality score User experience for landing page Other Imp Bing PPC Activity Campaign Reports

Digital Marketing Strategies – Video marketing

Importance of Video Marketing Create Channel and profile Create First Video Campaign Benefits of Video Marketing Uploading Video on Video Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategies – Mobile Marketing

What is Mobile Marketing Benefits of Mobile Marketing Understanding Mobile devices Mobile marketing Trending Targeting ads on apps Targeting ads via location Targeting ads on search engine

Digital Marketing Strategies – Google Webmaster

Introduction of Google Webmaster Tools Importance of Google Webmaster Tools. Setting Up Google Webmaster Tools Account Adding Websites to Google Webmaster Tools Tracking the performance of website Checking Crawling Status, Crawling Errors and Indexing Status How to add sitemap in Google webmaster tool

Digital Marketing Strategies - Online Reputation Management.

Basics of Online Reputation Management Introduction to Social Media Online Monitoring/Brand Monitoring How to Analysis clients Business Engaging with customers Building Positive links

Digital Marketing Strategies – Blogging

What is blogger Benefits of blogging How to create Blog on BlogSpot How to create blog on WordPress How to create new post How to create page Earn Money from Blogging How to customize and manage setting How to promote blog website

Digital Marketing – Who can do this course

Anyone with basic understanding of Internet No core Programming or Website Knowledge Basic English/Communication Skills are Must Interested and Enthusiastic in Technology

Digital Marketing Certification

Google Certification Exams Exam Format and Pass Percentage Sample Exam Questions PPC Interview Questions Exam Guides in PDF Imp of Certification Video Note for Exam

Digital Marketing – Career Opportunities

Entrepreneur Start your own Business Freelancer Work on individual projects Online Earning Earn from AdSense/Affiliate Professional Job Work for a company

Digital Marketing as – Freelance Online Money Earning

• Google AdSense

• Affiliate Marketing

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