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nocturnal Dunnart

The Nocturnal range of interior and exterior lighting products have been designed to withstand all elements. Designed and manufactured in Australia using the best materials and electronics. The range can be made with several finishes and LED colours to suit your design.

The Dunnart surface mounted wall light is suitable for interior and exterior applications. Clever design with a concealed mounting bracket gives a clean appearance. Available in a range of finishes and LED colours.


code NL1525-SS-FX NL1525-BZ-FX NL1525-AB-FX NL1525-BS-FX NL1525-BK-FX NL1525-WH-FX

Flex Dunnart, Nickle Flex Dunnart, Bronze Flex Dunnart, Aged Bronze Flex Dunnart, Brass Flex Dunnart, Black Flex Dunnart, White

NL1525-SS-6W NL1525-BZ-6W NL1525-AB-6W NL1525-BS-6W NL1525-BK-6W NL1525-WH-6W

6W Dunnart, Nickle 6W Dunnart, Bronze 6W Dunnart, Aged Bronze 6W Dunnart, Brass 6W Dunnart, Black 6W Dunnart, White


Aged Bronze

Suffix: NW = Neutral White, WW = Warm White, C = Custom Colour dimensions

Designed & Manufactured in Sydney. Available from Add Lighting Pty Ltd NSW

technical LED Source:

KKDC KKFX Strip (FX), Citizen CL-L103 (6w) Neutral or Warm White RGB & Colours available upon request.


Anodised Aluminium / Solid Bronze, Conformal coat sealed LEDs. Suitable for IP65.


24v DC Constant Voltage (FX), 12/24V DC Constant Voltage (6w)


Surface mount, concealed mounting bracket.


NL1525-AB-6W NL1525-BK-6W NL1525-BS-6W NL1525-BZ-6W NL1525-SS-FX NL1525-AB-FX NL1525-BK-FX NL1525-BS-FX NL1525-BZ-FX Anodised Aluminium / So...

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