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Meet A Psychotherapist In London Today It can be a difficult task to find the right therapist, or even to know when is the right time to seek help in psychotherapy. I would dare to say that there is no such things as the ‘right’ psychotherapist, or even the ‘right’ time to look for therapy. There are numerous psychotherapists London, many of whom have helped patients from all sorts of backgrounds and presenting the most varied of issues.There are many factors that influence in the feeling that this or that psychotherapist may be the right one, but the concept of right carries a sense of ‘ideal’ which is not always helpful. But if there is no such thing as the right therapist, there is indeed the right way of finding a psychotherapist. In this sense, there are ways in which choosing a psychotherapist in London can be a more conscious and informed choice. Firstly, it’s important to notice whether the therapist is accredited or registered with at least one of the reputable professional bodies in the UK, such as BACP or UKCP. This can reassure the client that the psychotherapist works under ethical guidelines, and that he or she has worked very hard to achieve and maintain professional registration. Registration or accreditation is not yet required by law in the UK, and this may leave room to untrained and unqualified people to practice and call themselves psychotherapists or counsellors. This is why it’s important to look for therapists who are registered. Referrals from GPs or other health professionals can be a good indication of the reputation of the therapist. Also, how the psychotherapist ‘presents’ him or herself in advertising (website, directories, etc) can give a good clue about aspects such as qualifications, training and degrees, experience, etc. There are other more subjective aspects that can help a person find a therapist. How the client feels in working with the psychotherapist is very important, an this can be worked out in the first contact, and further thought about in the consultation, which is when psychotherapist and patient meet for the first time. The psychotherapist will help the client to make sense of this experience. So it’s important to go for a consultation prior to deciding to undergo psychotherapy, which should help the person with such decision. If there isn’t such a thing as the right therapist but there is the right way of finding a psychotherapist in London, what about the question of the right time? People seek the help of a psychotherapist in London for many different reasons. There is never a ‘right’ time for doing so, as each circumstance in life presents the individual with different challenges. Procrastination in this sense can be a sign of anxiety, and one can certainly find many reasons for why not now. However, be it in the middle of a crisis or when things seem to better, psychotherapy will help the patient to make sense of what goes on in the mind, re-organising challenging aspects of the self and offering support through change as the individual makes sense of feelings, thoughts and relationships. Psychotherapy is more of a journey of self-

awareness than a quick fix solution for problems. Solution is a desirable by-product of the psychotherapeutic process, and so anytime is the right time to seek the help of a qualified and accredited psychotherapist EC1.