Finding A Psychotherapist London

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Finding a Psychotherapist London London is a great city! It offers a myriad of choices, whether it’s restaurants, entertainment or services. The same applies for the healthcare sector: there is a wide choice of doctors, hospitals and treatments available. For those struggling with more psychological difficulties, London also hosts a variety of different psychotherapists and counsellors, working in a number of ways to help those struggling with emotional or relationship difficulties. However, having too many options can add to the anxiety when it comes to finding suitable help for mental health issues. So this article is to help those who may be anxious about finding a suitable psychotherapist London. Make your research It takes great courage to recognise the need for help, especially when it comes down to emotional, psychological or relational problems. But once the decision is made, it is good to make a little bit of research into what sort of therapies are available out there. There is a wide choice in terms of approaches and techniques in counselling and psychotherapy, such as psychoanalytic/psychodynamic, integrative, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), humanist, transactional analysis, etc. Whilst some of these types of therapies are more focused and brief, others can be more open-ended and less directive. A good place to do some research is the Mental Health section on the NHS website (, which has important information on different therapies available as well as other insights on mental health issues. A good old chat to your GP can also be very elucidating, so don’t be afraid of contacting your doctor to discuss the treatment options if you are struggling with your internal world. But what psychotherapist should I go for? Once you made your research into the different types of therapies available and perhaps formed an idea of what sort of approach may be more suitable to you, the next challenge comes up: finding a suitable psychotherapist. This is not an easy task, as London offers a wide choice of professionals, many of whom can be found online. And like with everything else, this convenience can put you in contact with therapists that are not properly qualified or experienced. So again, it’s important to go back to basics. When you are looking for a psychotherapist in London, try and verify if the therapist is registered with or accredited by a professional body. The main ones in the UK are the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy), BPC (British Psychoanalytic Council) and BPS (British Psychological Society). You can search their

registers to find out whether the therapist you have in mind is accredited or registered with them. This is important because it means that the psychotherapist is experienced and qualified up to their standards, works under their strict ethical guidelines and is involved in continuous clinical supervision and professional development. So once you found a psychotherapist in London, whether online or referred by your doctor or someone you know, make sure you look into what professional body the therapist is registered or accredited with. The importance of a consultation So you made your research into the treatments available, and you picked the professional you want to contact. It is likely then that you will be invited for an initial consultation, which is an important opportunity for you and the therapist to meet and have time to explore what it is you’re looking for and how you and the psychotherapist can work together. There will be enough time for you to talk about your issues, but of course not everything can be covered in this process. Nevertheless, with the initial consultation an experienced psychotherapist will be able to form an idea of what areas you need help, what your difficulties may be related to and how these can be worked in psychotherapy. The consultation is also an opportunity for your to have a taste of how it feels working with the particular psychotherapist, as it is very important to feel comfortable enough to trust and open up to this qualified stranger. The consultation will provide the space for you to clarify questions and discuss practical aspects of the treatment, such as frequency, fees, breaks, etc. Psychotherapy is an intense experience, a journey that will most certainly help you make sense of your feelings, your thoughts and your relationships. It’s not easy to become vulnerable to a stranger, and so this is why it’s so important to think carefully before embarking into this journey. I hope this article helped a little in the process of looking for a psychotherapist London.