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Effie City Council meets

Representatives from some of the organizations who were staffed at the Salvation Army Christmas Red Kettles in Deer River were on hand Dec. 16 when the Deer River Coordinator Keith Matson presented Valerie Stevens, the Northern Minnesota Field Representative for the Salvation Army, with a check for $3,131.37. From the left are, Karen Prescher, Avenue of Pines Lions Club; Matson; Sharon Bain, Avenue of Pines Lions Club; Stevens; Dianne Sundquist, Deer River American Legion Post 122 Auxiliary President; and Dan Essig, who is the commander for the Deer River American Legion Post 122 and the Deer River Veteran of Foreign Wars Post 2720.

Salvation Army Christmas Red Kettle Campaign in Deer River by Louise H. McGregor, staff writer The two week Salvation Army Christmas Red Kettle Campaign in Deer River is finished for this year. Deer River Coordinator Keith Matson said, “We raised $3,131.37 for our 2009 campaign, which was our 14th year of participation in this program for the Salvation Army.” Matson was able to present Valerie Stevens, the Northern Minnesota Field Representative for the Salvation Army, with a check for that amount on Dec. 16. “This amount,” said Matson, “was less than our all-time high amount of donations, but we think this amount is very good, especially the way the economy is now.”

In 2008 the Deer River Salvation Army Red Kettle campaign raised $3,948.65. The total amount that has been raised in Deer River since the start of this annual campaign in 1996 is $37,550.82. The breakdown of the 2009 donations that added up to the year’s total were: checks-$410, $100 bills-$100, $50 bills$0, $20 bills-$60, $10 bills-$130, $5 bills$350, $1 bills-$1,425, there were no 50 cent pieces, quarters-$458.75, dimes$124.10, nickels-$45.25 and pennies$28.27. “That listing shows,” said Matson, “even pennies add up. One gentleman emptied his pockets of change so well that he almost lost his St. Christopher’s medal, SALVATION ARMY/To Page 4

by Julie Aakhus Resident Mark Krickhahn was the first to speak at the Public Forum for the Effie City Council meeting on Dec. 14. “I’d like to talk about my taxes. What is the total operating budget? My property tax increase went up 32%.” Mayor Matt David explained, “The tax levy is on the agenda for tonight. We are planning on discussing it and lowering it later this evening. It will go down. It does every year.” “You’re assuring me that they’ll go down?” Krickhahn asked. “I think that this is ridiculous. The projected budget from the county is different from what the City is. What I think is happening is not everyone is paying for the sewer system so to make up for it you’re increasing the taxes. When is it going to stop?” David again tried to explain that it would be discussed later on the agenda. Councilman Tim Stewart spoke, “I spoke to a lady at the County office and I asked her if we set the tax levy at a certain amount can we drop it lower later on? She

told me, no. It will be at whatever we set it at for the budget. That’s what the County Assessor goes from.” After much more discussion on the tax levy Councilman Liza Erickson asked, “Can we just put this on the table until next month when we have a few weeks to check into it and see what’s really going on?” David then closed the Public Forum and moved the meeting along. There are still problems with the sewer system blocking up and the control panel switching off. Gene Ward will be asked to look at the control panel and see if he can determine why it keeps kicking over. He will also be asked to look at the outside lights at the building to see why they keep burning out. Stewart asked if the sewer blockage was from people flushing baby wipes down the toilets. David didn’t think this was the problem but will wait and see what Gene finds out. EFFIE/To Page 8

Deer River City Council sets levy collectible in 2010 at $468,682 by Louise H. McGregor, staff writer There was a full house in the council chambers for the Deer River City Council meeting of Dec. 14 as this was the scheduled time to go over the 2010 city budget and levy. Several of the Deer River residents were concerned about the increased taxes on their homes. Itasca County Assessor Brian Connors attended this meeting to try and explain why the taxes had taken a big jump for some of the city residents. Connors explanation, which lasted about an hour, boiled down to the fact that the county does not have that much control in the increases. He said, “The county is trapped by state mandates.” There is a certain formula that assessors must follow in their assessments.

Two of the reasons that Connors listed as causes of the tax increase was the elimination of the Limited Market Value by the state, which in turn lowered the taxable value, that along with the lowering of the commercial value and increase in the residential value resulted in increased taxes for homeowners. Noticing that the mood of the residents had not lightened, Connors made an attempt to ease the tension with humor. He said, “You do know that it is illegal to tar and feather assessors in Itasca County don’t you?” That attempt didn’t seem to work. One of the residents attending this meeting retorted. “Not in Deer River it isn’t.” Many of the citizens attending the DEER RIVER/To Page 3

Itasca County Assessor Brian Connors attended the Dec. 14 Deer River City Council meeting to explain why residential property taxes have increased. Concerned citizens attending this meeting included Garry Frits, Dale Howg, Ronald and Marilyn Geving, Robert Mattfield, Steve Jurvelin, Dave Sorenson, Dave Bartick and Jim Liston. Two council members were absent for that meeting. In attendance were Mark Box and Barb Serfling and Mayor John O’Brien, along with City Clerk Victor R. Williams.

WIR, Thursday, Dec. 24, 2009, page 2

Higher education initiative targets tech programs

It’s Your Court by District Court Judge Paul Rasmussen SPEEDING TICKETS It is usually not front page news when a person gets a speeding ticket. People are stopped for speeding every day, and it is probably the most common contact between the public and law enforcement. On an average day over 125,000 people in the U.S. receive a citation for speeding. Speeding violations were recently in the news, however, when two Minnesota Vikings District Court Judge football players were Paul Rasmussen cited for driving over 100 MPH. A follow-up story reported that in the last five years more than 650 drivers have been convicted of speeding at over 100 MPH. The fastest reported speeding ticket may have been one issued in 2004, when a state trooper clocked a motorcycle at 205 MPH on U.SHighway 61 in southeastern Minnesota. The next fastest reported ticket was for 150 MPH in 1994 in Lake of the Woods County. We do not see many speeding tickets involving speeds of over 100MPH. High speeds are common, however, in cases of Fleeing a Peace Officer in a Motor Vehicle. Some people obviously have the need for speed. Speeding is a serious matter, however. Because speed kills. Excessive speed is a contributing factor in many fatal traffic accidents. At a higher speed you are not only more likely to be involved in an accident, you are also more likely to be seriously injured or killed. In 2006-2008 in Minnesota, illegal or unsafe speed was a contributing factor in 359 fatal crashes resulting in 391 deaths. Over two thirds of those crashes occurred in rural areas. Some of the most dangerous stretches of roadway are found right here in the Ninth District. In 2008, there were 455 traffic deaths in Minnesota. That was an 11 percent drop from 2007 and the lowest on record since 1945. Interestingly, it appears that the econ-

omy may have played a role in this drop, with high unemployment and high gas prices resulting in slower speeds and fewer miles driven. Minnesota has been fairly proactive in the pursuit of safe roadways. We have some of the toughest DWI and traffic laws in the country, effective law enforcement and continuous education outreach efforts. Most people who get a speeding ticket just pay it. Of those that request to appear in court, many, if not most, negotiate a resolution with the prosecuting attorney. Only a handful of speeding cases go to trial each year. Many defendants in speeding trials attempt to challenge the accuracy of the radar, arguing that there was some interference or other reason the radar reading should not be accepted. Others don’t challenge the radar, but give some explanation or excuse for their high speed. Most of the excuses do not constitute a valid defense as speeding is not what we call a “specific intent” offense. That means that the state need not prove that you intended to speed. Accordingly, if you are speeding it is not a defense that you had your cruise control set at 55 or that your speedometer was not working and that you honestly believed you were going the limit. Some folks come up with some creative excuses, and all judges have heard a doozie or two. A few years ago a man explained to me that his car simply could not go 75 MPH, and that at that speed the vehicle would break up due to the vibration. I convicted that guy, although I sympathized with him a bit. My Jeep rides like that. We will see what happens to our lead-footed football players. If they get convicted of speeding at over 100 MPH, our law provides that they will lose their driver’s license for 6 months. I hope you do not have the need for speed. Driving too fast is dangerous and can result in fines, higher insurance rates and the loss of your license. Life is not a race, and most of our rushing to and fro probably is not worth the few minutes of time we save. I wish you and your loved ones safe travel this holiday season. And, as always, remember….it’s your court. Paul Rasmussen is a District Court Judge in the Ninth Judicial District. He is chambered in Clearwater County and works primarily in Clearwater and Hubbard Counties. His e-mail address is:

by Beth Bily A higher education initiative approved by the Iron Range Resources Board this fall will make more technical education available to students in Northeastern Minnesota in coming years. The plan establishing the Arrowhead Institute of Technology (AIT) as the delivery mechanism is the beginning of the development process for higher education programs in five areas: industrial technology, process automation, industrial lab technology, industrial construction and information management. A looming gap between industry needs and the regional workforce skill set is a primary motivating factor for the higher education initiative. Even in the current economic downturn, $6 billion in mining and energy projects are under development, including Essar Steel Minnesota and Mesabi Nugget. Those projects combined with workforce vacancies created by retirement potentially leave a looming workforce shortage of more than 20,000. The new model will allow students to access higher education without leaving the region. It also aims to ensure an educated workforce that will meet anticipated business and industry needs. “AIT will deliver new technology-based programming at both the three and four year levels,” said Sue Collins, president of the Northeast Higher Education District that includes Itasca, Mesabi Range, Vermilion, Rainy River and Hibbing community and technical colleges. The AIT comprehensive plan was unveiled in midOctober. It was funded by Iron Range Resources and developed by Chisholm-based Sertich Consulting. The initiative builds on already launched Iron Range higher education strategies. The Iron Range Higher Education Committee, funded by legislative allocation of a 5-cent per ton taconite tax, approved a four-year engineering program last spring that will provide Iron Range students with hands-on training from regional industries. The new program builds on the successful two-year degree engineering model developed by Itasca Community College. In late July, the committee also approved a graduate level engineering program through the University of Minnesota Duluth’s Swenson College of Science and Engineering in cooperation with the Arrowhead University Consortium. Graduate level engineering instruction began this fall, taught by UMD faculty at Mesabi Range Community and Technical College. Collins, who also serves on the higher education committee, said AIT program design is just getting underway. She anticipates one or two new programs could launch by fall 2010. Beth Bily is a staff writer for BusinessNorth and a weekly contributor to this newspaper.

Deer River Lions Club fall raffle winners The Deer River Lions Club fall raffle week nine drawing was held at Surplus North. Winners are Tim Swanson $30; Kelly Heck $20; Nick Geiger $10.

On November 6 -7, the following students were selected to perform with the University of Minnesota Duluth High School Honor Band. Over 42 schools in Minnesota and Wisconsin were involved in the selection. Approximately 200 students were selected from over 500 student applicants. Congratulations to Annalee Sundin, alto saxophone, daughter of Jeff and Jane Sundin, Ashley Trout, flute, daughter of Wes and Julie Trout, Ginger Lund, trombone, daughter of Tim and Sheila Lund, and Erik Lind, euphonium, son of David Goodall and Anne Lind. From Left: Ginger Lund, Eric Lind, Ashley Trout, Annalee Sundin.

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WIR, Thursday, Dec. 24, 2009, Page 3

DEER RIVER/From Page 1

Local residents of Bigfork enjoying the Christmas Open House at the First State Bank of Bigfork. Photo by Julie Aakhus.

meeting had questions which Connors answered as fully as he could. At the beginning of his talk he advised those attending the meeting that he could not answer specific questions about individual properties at the meeting, but would talk in generalities and answer questions in the same way. Residents were invited to call the Itasca County Assessors office at (218) 327-2861 for answers concerning individual properties. Nothing can be changed for current taxes, but there is a possibility of adjusting future taxes. Property owners can challenge the value and classification set on their property, that resulted in an increase in taxes, at the Board of Equalization meeting in April 2010 and they are to be notified when this meeting is set. After a discussion on different ways to possibly lower the budget and levy, the council accepted the proposed 2010 budget which is set at $1,662,238. That is an increase of 1.73 percent from the 2009 budget. A motion was made and approved to accept the budget and set the Final Levy of $468,682, which is collectible in 2010 with Resolution 2009-35. This levy on property taxes increased 7.20 percent from the levy that was payable in 2009. Additional agenda items discussed and approved with motions include the following list. •Making a proposal to the Deer River Chamber of Commerce to increase the fee charged them for the Deer River City Hall to handle their business from $2,000 to $3,000 to cover the cost of employees’ time. •To leave most of the Deer River City Code license and fee charges as is except for the bulk water rate which increased to $20 per 1,000 gallons and to add a utility crew call-out fee at $40 an hour, with a two-hour minimum, for emergencies. This list was last updated Jan. 1, 2007. These rates are effective Jan. 1, 2010. The numbers will be run to see what changes there will be made to the city residential and

business water and sewer rates and this will be discussed at a later date. •Re-affirmation of Resolution 200927 for the vacation of a portion of the city street that had an incorrect legal description. It should have been, “That portion of Third Street lying and being East of and adjacent to Lots 13 to 22, inclusive, Block Five (5), Second Addition to Itasca City.” •Resolution 2009-34 accepting the $1,000 donation from the Deer River Lions Club for the Deer River Fire Department to use towards the needed purchase to update their Jaws of Life. •Acceptance of the report from Working Foreman Bradley Marlette, which included several items. The new jetter has arrived. It has been uncrated and assembled, and is ready to use. “It will be a multi-use machine,” said Marlette. The council will have to develop a policy for water line freeze-up use. There were other miscellaneous housekeeping items included and the note that the water tower is due for a cleaning on the outside and the inside. •Acceptance of the Oct. 31 Bank Reconciliation, Outstanding Checks list and the Investments Transactions. •The bills listed on the Nov. 30 ($14,925.86) and Dec. 10 ($23,798.02) Council Approval Report, plus the Nov. 30 payroll of $8,718.68. •The minutes from the Nov. 23 meeting. Sharon Geving had filled out an agenda request to speak to the council about the Deer River Hired Hands Inc. lack of compliance with the agreements made previously. She said, “There is still trash blowing in the yard all of the time.” The matter was discussed, but no formal action was taken at this time. The first step that the council will make is to have Deer River Police Chief Victor J. Williams check the situation out. Council had good news from the state. City Clerk Williams included the information that the city will receive the allotted amount of Local Government Aid for December 2009.

Shoppers at Kocian’s IGA in Bigfork enjoyed coffee and samples at the Christmas Open House. Photo by Julie Aakhus.

Residents of Bigfork enjoying treats and registering for door prizes at The Shop’s Christmas Open House. Photo by Julie Aakhus.

Garry Frits, in the center, representing the Deer River Lions Club, presented a donation of $1,000 to Mayor John O’Brien, on the left, at the Deer River City Council meeting of Dec. 14. This donation is for the Deer River Fire Department’s planned purchase of Jaws of Life equipment. Deer River Fire Department Fire Chief Steve Jurvelin, on the right, was grateful for this generous donation for this much needed equipment.

Deer River Publishing will be closed Friday, Jan. 1 for New Years The deadline for advertising for the Deerpath Shopper will be 5 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 30.

Happy Holidays! Owner of Your Style hair in Bigfork welcomes customers at her Christmas Open House. Photo by Julie Aakhus.

WIR, Thursday, Dec. 24, 2009, page 4

Looking Back Compiled by Joan Isaacs from the files of the Deer River Newspapers. 110 Years Ago—What Deer River needs most now is a doctor. Andy Ryan has opened up a blacksmith shop in the west end of town. The Itasca News is again the victim of a firebug...the post office is also damaged. 100 Years Ago—For some reason, perhaps on account of the dangerous condition of Turtle Lake, it being neither for boating nor ice walking, the mail from Bigfork has failed to make connection with the return trip of Carrier Shepherd at Marcell. As a consequence Bigfork mail and that of the offices beyond arrived here four days late. 90 Years Ago—Arthur Olson, 8, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Olson, North Oteneagen town, dies of pneumonia. Albert Becklund in his “Log Cabin Memories” recalls the death and his story describes the times. “ I went to see him and he was suffering a great deal. I think that he had pneumonia. The following morning as I drove to town for supplies, Jonas came out and told me he had just died and asked me if he could ride with me to town so he could report the death to the coroner. In town were two brother, Henry and Will Herreid. They had a store where you could buy just about anything you needed, such as food, clothing, and tools. Henry was the coroner as well as undertaker, so he sold Jonas a cheap coffin that we brought back with us. “The next day I went over to Olsons and the mother, Martha, was preparing the body for the funeral. She put a white shirt on him and laid him in the coffin...By this time both Jonas and Carl (Becklund’s stepfather) had left to work in a logging camp so Martha asked me to haul them and the casket to the cemetery the next day. “My mother went with us to the cemetery, as well as three brothers. The undertaker was supposed to meet us at the cemetery but he was not there. We found where

a hole had been dug, so we unloaded the casket there and then left.” 80 Years Ago—Pupils of Oteneagen School, under the direction of teacher Ruth Hildeton, will give a Christmas program. Deaths: Einar Brendin dies in automobile accident. Brother-in-law Peter Jorgeson is injured. Stephan Hagen, who had come to Itasca County in 1893, carved out a home in Island Lake area and moved to Grand Rapids in 1920. 70 Years Ago—The re-opening of the Rathborne, Hair and Ridgway mill will bring new faith that there is a Santa Claus, and that 1940 will for a time at least, be a happy New Year. 60 Years Ago—Christmas Seal sale is on. One American dies every 11 minutes from tuberculosis. It is the leading cause of death between ages of 15 and 34. Deer River Wood Processing plant is to be offered for sale or lease. In this issue of the Deer River News Prince Charles, son of Princess Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh, beams from his pram during an outing in Green Park, London. 50 Years Ago—Letter to Santa: My name is Robert Hron. I want a wagon, train, shotgun an two guns and spurs and a deringer and strap an I want a cowboy suit. I want some clouses to. Robert Hron. Please give my sister a doll. Please give my sister some Mexican jumping beans. Please give my brother a bow and arrows. Please give my brother a tank. Please give me a pair of skiis and a pair of skates. William Johnson. I would like a pencil box, a story book, a big red tablet, some clay, a color book and crayos and please a toy airplane. Your good little girl, Irene Goggleye. 40 Years Ago—Dianne Sinkola is home from Europe. She was an exchange student in Germany, was in Pakistan and in Belgium where she was employed by SHAPE. In the Service: S /Sgt. H.J. Rabbitt is awarded navy achievement medal in South Carolina. Merry

Christmas from the WIR staff - Dick and Fran Spadafore, Paul Schultz, Gladys Snyder, Norma Grife and Elsie Harmon. 30 Years Ago—Letters to Santa: I’m wondering how you are doing and we have a woodstove so you can come down it. Last year we did not have a woodstove so you had to go through the door. And I wish I had a cake maker. And what color is your sled. Sarah Williams. My name is Colleen Perirngton and my mom’s helping me write this to you. I’m seven years old and my brother, Cory, is two. I want a horse, Hungry, Hungry Hippo game, a Barbie doll and chalk board easel. Also an Etch-aSketch. Cory wants a play tractor, truck and maybe he would like an Etch-a-Sketch too. I would like a Spirograph set too. I love you, Santa Claus. Colleen and Cory Perrington. 20 Years Ago—Bigfork coach Jerry

This old logging era postcard was sent to Mrs. W.W. Holden, Winnebago, Minn. Postmarked June 7, 1920 the message on the back is as follows: “We came to Bemidji yesterday noon. Wallace is looking fine and will soon be up. This is a very pretty town. We are just going to lunch. Rich came this morn. With love, Marie.”



Chiabotti adds another achievement to his record as his basketball team amassed a streak of 39 consecutive regular season victories. Winners: Lions Club raffle: Chuck Ott, Don Guthrie and Paul Hager; the winner of Deer River Big Bucks drawing was Pat Schjenken. Tammy Clapistrant is crowned 1990 Lucia Queen by 1989 Queen Anna Rajala at 11th annual Sankta Lucia Brunch.. 10 Years Ago—Letters to Santa: Please bring me a rock-and-roll Elmo, and a bouncing Tigger. I’ve been a pretty good little boy. I’ll leave you some cookies and milk. Love, Tyrese Jackson. Dear Santa, I love you very much and I was hoping you could bring a Chia Pet, Batman toys. Love, Tommy Duoos. Dear Santa, I want a toy car, dog, glow in the dark stars, dress, hunting hat, radio, picsher, goldfish, spachala. Anna Sundin.

but we (Matson and his wife Jan) found it when we were counting up the day’s donations and the medal was returned to him.” Matson took charge of this campaign in Deer River when he was the commander of the American Legion Post 122, as a commander’s project. “I did this at the request of Wayne Mills,” said Matson, “who was then the regional Coordinator of the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign out of the Grand Rapids center. That center is now named for Mills, who passed away within a year or two after the start of this program in Deer River.” When the campaign was first started in Deer River, the volunteers stationed at the kettles were from the Deer River American Legion Post 122, American Legion Auxiliary, Veteran of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 2720 and VFW Auxiliary. It was during the second year of the annual campaign (1997) that the Avenue of Pines Lions Club and the Deer River Lions members began volunteering. “Now,” said Matson, “all of these organizations pro-

vide volunteer workers for four shifts during two days at each of the two grocery stores in Deer River, Miners USave and Northern Star Foods, for a total of 16 shifts per organization.” A Salvation Army Red Kettle is also set up at the Northern Star Cenex Convenience Store, but there have not been any consistent stationing of volunteers at that location. “Sara Bellefy took on the responsibility of getting workers to staff this kettle in 2006,” said Matson, “but the process of building up a working group to do this will take time and we are looking for more help in the coming years when hopefully more people will step forward to help out at this kettle site.” Matson has noticed that having an individual stationed at the kettles does increase the donations. He said, “Without all of the dedicated members of the various service organizations who staff the kettles and the giving, generous residents of the Deer River community who open their purses and wallets, or dig deep into their pockets, we would not have been able to make this another very good year of giving to the Salvation Army.”

Northern Lights Casino Hotel & Event Center 877 LIGHTS 9 Walker, MN Proudly Owned And Operated By The Leech Lake Band Of Ojibwe. Management reserves all rights. 23-24DWch


WIR, Thursday, Dec. 24, 2009, Page 5

Ashley Evans receives award at St. Cloud University On Nov. 19, 2009, the St. Cloud State ServiceLearning Advisory Committee and the Center for Student Organizations & Leadership Development, Volunteer Connection program hosted “Celebrating Connection: Showcasing Student & Community Collaboration”, a celebration of student and community collaboration which occurs in academic courses or student organizations. Students participating in the event were eligible to have their work recognized with awards in the categories of most creative project, best display/presentation, greatest community impact, most inclusive project, best connection to organization mission statement and best academic connection. Among the award winners is senior Ashley Evans, daughter of David and Tammy Evans of Deer River, who received the award for greatest community impact for her involvement in the Geography 460 course project. Evans is graduating in December with a degree in travel and tourism. The project required students to choose an endangered species and develop a presentation on the animal for elementary schools which they presented to area school children. The course was led by Professor Bel Kambach. “Celebrating Connection” gave students an opportunity to showcase their current community involvement to a wide audience of on and off-campus constituents. Examples of student and community collaboration include but were not limited to community based research, field experiences, service learning, volunteering, etc.


New Years Eve at Gosh Dam Place Karaoke with Karla 8:30-12:30 Dinner Specials: Prime Rib $19.95 22 Oz. Porter House Steak and Shrimp $25.95 All you can eat Crab Legs $24.95 New Years Eve party favors Pizza at Midnight Regular menu also available


THURSDAY, DEC. 24 •Information Center regarding domestic issues, 1-3 p.m., Deer River Family Service Center, or phone 326-0388 for further information or to schedule an appointment. •Bowstring Senior Center Lunch, 12 noon. Everyone welcome. •Dual Dependency Support Group meets, 7:30 p.m., Presbyterian Church, 703 Pokegama Ave. N, Grand Rapids, downstairs back entrance. Phone Greg 326-4433 for more information. •Deer River Foodshelf, open 10 a.m to 1 p.m., Goodall Resource Center, 1006 Comstock Drive, 246-2500. •Northern Itasca Foodshelf, open 12:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. on the side of the Over 50 Club on Main Street in Bigfork. •Parents Supporting Parents support group meets, Itasca Resource Center, 6:30-8:30 p.m.. Phone Janelle Diede, 327-6724 for more information. •AA meeting in Squaw Lake, 7 p.m., St. Catherine’s Catholic Church. •Community Cafe Dinner at the Golden Age Center in Deer River, 4:30-6 p.m. •WeeCare Hope Chest (free children’s clothing) open 9-11 a.m. at Deer River Church of God, 304 4th Ave. SE. •Eligibility Specialists with Itasca County Human Services will be at the Deer River Family Service Center. Phone 1-800422-0312 or 327-2941 for appointments. •Grief Support Group meets, 5-6:30 p.m., in the Fireside Room of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, 501 Northwest 16 Street, Grand Rapids. Potluck is served. For more information call Marion Leimbach, 327-6145. •Itasca County Housing and Redevelopment Authority meets at the Itasca County HRA offices in Grand Rapids, 8 a.m. Phone 326-7978 for more information. •Christmas Eve. FRIDAY, DEC. 25 •Deer River TOPS meets, 8-9 a.m., Bethany Lutheran Church, Hwy. 6 north, Deer River; information 246-2613 or 2462180. •Christmas SATURDAY, DEC. 26 •WeeCare Hope Chest (free children’s clothing) open 10 a.m. -12 p.m. at Deer River Church of God, 304 4th Ave. SE.

Assisted Living & Memory Care Communities 722 N Pokegama Ave. • Grand Rapids, MN 55744




MONDAY, DEC. 28 •AA and Al-Anon, 7 p.m., Bethany Lutheran Church, Deer River •Women's Journey Group, 5-6:30 p.m., Advocates for Family Peace Office at 1611 NW 4th St., Grand Rapids. Phone 326-0388 for more information. •Suicide Survivor Support Group meets, 6 p.m., 430 SW 2nd St., Chisholm. For more information call Carla 218-254-2619. •Deer River City Council meets, 6 p.m., City Hall. •Deer River girl’s basketball, Proctor Tournament •Huskie girl’s basketball vs Nashwauk-Keewatin, TowerSoudan, Cook, Babbitt-Embarrass, Orr, Cherry at Cook.

•Huskie boy’s basketball vs Nashwauk-Keewatin, Duluth Marshall, Hibbing, Chisholm, Ely, Cambridge-Isanti, EvelethGilbert at Hibbing. TUESDAY, Dec. 29 •Deer River TOPS meets, 5:00 p.m., Bethany Lutheran Church, Hwy. 6 north, Deer River; information 246-2180 or 2462467. •Support Group for female survivors of sexual violence. Phone 326-5008 for more information •Bowstring Senior Center Lunch, 12 noon Everyone welcome. •Community Cafe Dinner at the Golden Age Center in Deer River, 4:30-6 p.m. •Deer River Nursing Home Family and Friends Council meets, 6:30 p.m. in the Conference Room on the lower level of the Deer River HealthCare Center. •Deer River girl’s basketball, Proctor Tournament •Huskie girl’s basketball vs Nashwauk-Keewatin, TowerSoudan, Cook, Babbitt-Embarrass, Orr, Cherry at Cook. •Huskie boy’s basketball vs Nashwauk-Keewatin, Duluth Marshall, Hibbing, Chisholm, Ely, Cambridge-Isanti, EvelethGilbert at Hibbing. WEDNESDAY, DEC. 30 •Men’s Domestic Violence Program, 6-8 p.m., at Goodall Resource Center. Call Joel or Ann for more information 327-4062 •Bowstring Senior Center Lunch, 12 noon Everyone welcome. •Huskie girl’s basketball vs Nashwauk-Keewatin, TowerSoudan, Cook, Babbitt-Embarrass, Orr, Cherry at Cook. •Huskie boy’s basketball vs Nashwauk-Keewatin, Duluth Marshall, Hibbing, Chisholm, Ely, Cambridge-Isanti, EvelethGilbert at Hibbing. THURSDAY, DEC. 31 •Information Center regarding domestic issues, 1-3 p.m., Deer River Family Service Center, or phone 326-0388 for further information or to schedule an appointment. •Bowstring Senior Center Lunch, 12 noon. Everyone welcome. •Dual Dependency Support Group meets, 7:30 p.m., Presbyterian Church, 703 Pokegama Ave. N, Grand Rapids, downstairs back entrance. Phone Greg 326-4433 for more information. •Deer River Foodshelf, open 10 a.m to 1 p.m., Goodall Resource Center, 1006 Comstock Drive, 246-2500. •Northern Itasca Foodshelf, open 12:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. on the side of the Over 50 Club on Main Street in Bigfork. •Parents Supporting Parents support group meets, Itasca Resource Center, 6:30-8:30 p.m.. Phone Janelle Diede, 327-6724 for more information. •AA meeting in Squaw Lake, 7 p.m., St. Catherine’s Catholic Church. •Community Cafe Dinner at the Golden Age Center in Deer River, 4:30-6 p.m. •WeeCare Hope Chest (free children’s clothing) open 9-11 a.m. at Deer River Church of God, 304 4th Ave. SE.

WIR, Thursday, Dec. 24, 2009, page 6

Drotts, Juntunen and Martin place in top at Mt. Itasca meet The 2009-10 Nordic ski race schedule was set but the fickle winter climate has made those plans obsolete for now, requiring Deer River skiers to go where snow is being made. Last week at the Ely Invite, coaches gathered to pull together a race at Mt. Itasca in Coleraine, which was supposed to be held on Dec. 15. Then the temps dipped dangerously low and that meet was cancelled. A new race was quickly scheduled for Dec. 17 in anticipation of a slight warm up and so the Warriors took part in that race; the Mt. Itasca Classic. The varsity and junior varsity teams raced 5K and the junior high teams competed in a 3K race. As the name suggests, the skiers performed a classic (or kick) race format and awards were given out for first through 10th place. Mindy Drotts raced well against some serious girls’ varsity competition finishing fourth place with a time of 18:59.7. She was a mere five seconds behind third place finisher Amelia Black of Duluth East, 18:54. First place went to Marian Lund of Duluth East and second went to Afton Snyder of Grand Rapids with times of 17:36.6 and 18:43.3 respectively. Other teams participating at this meet were Duluth Central, Denfeld, Proctor, Two Harbors, Mesabi East/Virginia, Cook County, and Bemidji. In the boys’ varsity race, Kevin Drotts kicked hard on the first loop of the course but fell behind on the second time around finishing 20th with a time of 18:01.8. He also faced some tough competition primarily by the Duluth East team, which went on to cinch the team title by placing five skiers in the top 10.

Deer River had five girls in the junior varsity race. Kaila Juntunen looked good as she worked the course which has some steep climbs and a few sharp turns. Juntunen kept up her pace and finished in sixth place with a time of 21:34.8. Other JV finishers were Vanessa Perrington 12th, 24:26.6; Ashlea Grife 23rd, 27:52.6; Hannah Hron 24th, 28:00.4; and Caitlin Wilson 25th, 29:36.6 The team had a short break while the boys’ junior varsity race was in progress then the junior high girls were called to the starting line. Deer River had five girls competing in this race. The race got a little tricky when the skiers came into the stadium area because the track they used had not been used for the earlier races, so there were instances of spectators being on the course. And during the second loop of this race a large dog was on the loose and began chasing skiers, knocking several down. Fortunately no Warriors were hit by the dog. Tiffany Amy had the top finishing time for the Warrior junior high girls with 17:59.2 in 31st place. The rest finished in the following order: Karley Paulley 37th, 19:37.7; Ali Juntunen 38th, 20:22.0; Nikki Kellems 41st, 21:06.9; and RaeAnn Giffen 49th, 24:33.3. Liam Martin competed in the boys’ junior high race, the final go-round of the day. He put in a great effort and finished in ninth place with a time of 14:24.3. The Warriors were set to ski in Bemidji on Dec. 19, but lack of snow shut down that meet. Two races may be held at Blueberry Hills over the holiday break but their fate will depend on if (and how much) snow comes this way.

Deer River High School Freshman Kaila Juntunen glides to the bottom of a hill before entering the flat stadium area to finish the girls’ junior varsity race. Juntunen finished the 5K course in sixth place.

There was a good number of guests attending the Jurvelin Hardware holiday open house in Deer River on Dec. 14. These guests were encouraged to register for door prizes, look for specials, browse through the store and enjoy a lunch of salads, sandwiches and goodies. Customers shopping at the Northern Star Foods in Deer River on Dec. 18 were welcomed with snacks, eggnog, cider and cookies and encouraged to sign up for door prizes during the store’s Christmas open house celebration. From the left are Duane Sundquist, Northern Star employee Carol Williams, Gary Anttila, and Larry and Teri Vollbrecht.

Weekend Warriors Saturday • January 2nd, 2010 At the Northern Lights Event Center Starts at 1:00 pm • Finals at 7:00 pm

Watch local tough men duke it out for

Over $7,000.00 in Cash and Prizes! Two Weight Divisions


To enter call (218) 308-0865.

$30 - Ringside $25 - Gold Seating $20 - Silver Seating

Northern Lights Casino Hotel & Event Center 877 LIGHTS 9 Walker, MN Proudly Owned And Operated By The Leech Lake Band Of Ojibwe. Management reserves all rights. 21W22-23DW24Dch

The Itasca County Sheriff's Office recently received a donation of $1,500 from Walmart of Grand Rapids. The money was graciously donated to support the Sheriff's Boat & Water Programs in all Itasca Elementary Schools this coming spring. The money will be used to purchase safety items for free giveaways to children. Seen in photo is Recreational Deputy Paul Provinzino from Itasca County Sheriff's Office and Assistance Store Manager Lori Dettmer from Walmart.

WIR, Thursday, Dec. 24, 2009, Page 7

Bowling Scores ALL AMERICAN 12-16 70-35 GRV Gibbs 65-40 Carroll Funeral Home 64-41 Ott Drug Store 61-44 Denny’s Resort 60-45 Hastie Construction 51-54 Lucky Strike Lounge 38-67 Cherney’s Resort Team High Handicap Game: Cherney’s Resort 1196; Lucky Strike Lounge 1124; GRV Gibbs 1114. Team High Handicap Series: Cherney’s Resort 3298; GRV Gibbs 3260; Carroll Funeral Home 3198. Individual High Scratch Game: Brand Enger 255; Vince Cleveland 242; Bob Caven 230. Individual High Scratch Series: Vince Cleveland 669; Bernie Matlock 656; Jeff Gardner 639.

Santa has a busy schedule this week and on Dec. 21, he stopped in to visit the children at the three Headstart Invest Early classrooms at the Goodall Resource Center in Deer River. At this stop, Santa was in the Infant/Toddlers Invest Early classroom.

Youngsters had a lot of questions and requests for Santa when he stopped in at their Headstart Invest Early classroom at the Goodall Resource Center on Dec. 21. One of the children wanted to know where Santa’s reindeer were. He replied, “They are resting up for Christmas Eve.”

MONDAY NIGHT KEGLERS 12-14 59-39 Paul Bunyan 58-40 Blueberry Bowl 53-38 White Oak 53-45 Northview Bank 40-58 Co-op 31-67 GRV Wild Rice Team High Handicap Game: White Oak 967; Co-op 943; Blueberry Bowl 911. Team High Handicap Series: White Oak 2780; Co-op 2644; Blueberry Bowl 2601. Individual High Scratch Game: Ray Guertin 247; Jim Howard 226; Leonard Howard 213; Bernie Matlock 213. Individual High Scratch Series: Jim Howard 640; Ray Guertin 600; Bernie Matlock 595. Splits: Harry 3-10; Dick 310; Don Z. 3-10, 6-7-10; LaVerne 5-7; Wayne 4-7-10; Don S. 6-710. EARLY SUNDAY MIXED 12-20 63-42 Mixed Trix 58-47 Upnorth 4 45-60 Graveyard Shift 44-61 No Fear Team High Handicap Game: Mixed Trix 930; Upnorth 4 924; No Fear 866. Team High Handicap Series: Mixed Trix 2695; Upnorth 4 2668; No Fear 2536. Mens Individual High Scratch Game: Mick Hagen 227; Skyler Barton 201; Ron Shandorf 189. Mens Individual High Scratch Series: Mick Hagen 551; Ron Shandorf 528; Skyler Barton 516. Womens Individual High Scratch Game: Laurie Shadley 197; Kris Nelson 163; Barb Shandorf 153. Womens Individual High Scratch Series: Laurie Shadley 525; Kris Nelson 424; Felicia Shadley 411.

Splits: Laurie Shadley 5-79; Ron Shandorf 3-10; Felicia Shadley 3-10. 12-27 68-44 Mixed Trix 61-51 Upnorth 4 49-63 Graveyard Shift 46-66 No Fear Team High Handicap Game: Upnorth 4 942; Mixed Trix 887; No Fear 880. Team High Handicap Series: Upnorth 4 2627; Mixed Trix 2607; Graveyard Shift 2554. Mens Individual High Scratch Game: Mick Hagen 225; Skyler Barton 203; Ron Shandorf 191. Mens Individual High Scratch Series: Mick Hagen 563; Aaron Dunham 528; Skyler Barton 513. Womens Individual High Scratch Game: Laurie Shadley 185; Sue Hagen 161; Barb Shandorf 157. Womens Individual High Scratch Series: Laurie Shadley 500; Barb Shadorf 435; Sue Hagen 380. Splits: Steve Nelson 3-10, 4-5; Aaron Dunham 3-10. BLUE MOON LEAGUE 12-11 70-35 Sportsman Cafe 58-47 Rogers Ram/Jets 58-47 Whiteoak Casino 45-60 Big Winnie Bar 44-61 Tractor Club 40-65 Vet’s Club Team High Handicap Game: Sportsman Cafe 813; Big Winnie Bar 811; Whiteoak Casino 810. Team High Handicap Series: Whiteoak Casino 2403; Sportsman Cafe 2357; Rogers Ram/Jets 2318. Individual High Scratch Game: Nelda White 184; Edna Doty 184; Paula Jackson 182. Individual High Scratch Series: Nelda White 496; Fran Nason 493; Brenda Bixby 476. Splits: Christina Francisco 2-7. SUNSHINE LEAGUE 12-15 69-36 M&M’s 61-44 Blueberries 59-46 Gutter Gals 55-50 Jessie’s Girls 54-51 We Try 53-52 Shud A Bens 52-53 Rolling Pins 51-54 Loons 36-69 Jury’s Out 35-70 Honor Guard Team High Handicap Game: Gutter Gals 677; Loons 630; Rolling Pins 626. Team High Handicap Series: Gutter Gals 1877; Rolling Pins 1830; Shud A Bens 1768. Individual High Scratch Game: Pam Cherney 191; Kathy

Mrozowski 190; Robin Still 190. Individual High Scratch Series: Robin Still 519; Marilyn Roth 516; Kathy Mrozowski 514. Splits: Marilyn Leuko 5-10; Marilyn Roth 3-10; Jan Hill 5-10; Kathy Caven 6-7. PINPOUNDERS 12-08 38-18 Coors Light 34-22 Cen-XXX 34-22 Big Winnie Bar 33-23 Macharts 28-28 Northern Star Food 27-29 Advantage Water 23-33 D.R. Healthcare Center Team High Handicap Game: D.R. Healthcare Center 925; Cen-XXX 917; Big Winnie Bar 913. Team High Handicap Series: Cen-XXX 2689; Big Winnie Bar 2663; D.R. Healthcare Center 2578. Mens Individual High Scratch Game: Vince Cleveland 242; Willie Bixby 221; Jeff Gardner 218. Mens Individual High Scratch Series: Vince Cleveland 683; Jeff Gardner 607; Willie Bixby 596. Womens Individual High Scratch Game: Trudy Gardner 205; Nelda White 180; Laurie Chase 178; Mandy Reed 178. Womens Individual High Scratch Series: Mandy Reed 515; Trudy Gardner 491; Nelda White 490. Splits: Mike 5-10; Diana 25-7; Shane 4-5; Denny 2-7; Pat 56. FUNTIME LEAGUE 12-10 Most Single Pins Picked Up: Game I: A. Fern Jurvelin 3; B. Roger Chase 4; C. John Zeien 2, Don Stangland 2. Game II: A. Marilyn Roth 4; B. Marilyn Schoenrock 2; C. Ben Ziebell 3. Game III: A. Pam Cherney 3; B. Char Bieganski 2, Lloyd Styrwoll 2; C. Kathy Caven 2, Nancy Carlson 2. High Game: A. Butch C. 180; B. Marilyn S. 179; C. Linda Z. 181. High Series: A. Marilyn R. 493; B. Marilyn S. 478; C. Nancy C. 444. 12-17 High Team No Tap: Game I with 570, Butch Cherney, Roger Chase, Ben Ziebell. Game II with 610, Lamar Courrier, Marilyn Schoenrock, Linda Zeien. Game III with 595, Bob Caven, Dale Roth, John Zeien. High Game: A. Lamar C. 300; B. Mayfred D. 246; C. Bev 214. High Series: A. Lamar C. 756; B. Marilyn S. 591; C. Bev Z. 506.

The Fisher Residence in Effie. Every year there is something new added. For the 2009 Christmas season music was added. Photo by Julie Aakhus.

Santa’s regular elves were resting up for Christmas Eve when he stopped in to visit the children in one of the three Headstart Invest Early classrooms on Dec. 21. The substitute elf helping Santa out on this day was Dennis Hagen. He helped Santa pass out the bags of goodies to the children. These treats were supplied by the Deer River American Legion Post 122 and the Veteran of Foreign Wars Post 2720, from their Charitable Gambling 510 funds.

~Daily Lunch & Dinner Specials~

Florio’s Grill & Tavern Cohasset, MN • 218-999-7077

pecials8.95 S r e n n $ i

We have pull tabs now! All proceeds for GRAHA


Deer River Publishing Offers Laminating!! Call 246-8533 for details 15 1st ST. NE, Deer River

Fry t - Fish rime Rib h ig N y Frida ay Night - P ued Ribs Saturd ight - Barbec Burger N ck Sundayay Night - Bu gs 35¢ Each t d in n W & Ea Mo Night - 1/2 Lb. Peel y a d s Tue $5.95 ight sday N med Shrimp e n d e W tea Beer S

KITCHEN OPEN 10 a.m.-10 p.m. 7 days a week 42DWchtfn

WIR, Thursday, Dec. 24, 2009, page 8

Obituaries Kenneth Earl McLynn

Jack A. Wopata

Robert W. Nichols Sr.

Jack A. Wopata, 77, of rural Deer River, died Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2009 in hospice care at Evergreen Terrace in Grand Rapids. After his military service in Berlin, Germany, he worked as a chemical engineer, a science teacher and a small business owner. He is survived by four children, Marcelle Miles, Julie Renollet, Joshua and Scott; four grandchildren; a sister, Joyce Wopata Newton; niece, nephew and cousins; former wives, Gayle Chesness and Faith Wopata; and companion of his latter years, Barbara Cameron. Memorials are preferred to the Dorothy Day House of Fargo-Moorhead, the Natural Resources Defense Council, Doctors without Borders, and Compassion International. Burial with military honors was in the veteran’s section of Itasca-Calvary Cemetery in Grand Rapids. A remembrance gathering in his honor will be held at the Itasca Community College Library from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 14.

Robert W. Nichols Sr., 85, of Grand Rapids, died Thursday, Dec. 17, 2009 in his home. In 1924, he was born the son of Bernie and Bernice Nichols in Remer, where he grew up and attended school. He entered the U.S. Navy during World War II. He worked in the logging and mining industries and then was employed with the Itasca Memorial Hospital as an engineer for 23 years. He was a life-time member of the Grand Rapids V.F.W. He was preceded in death by his parents; a son, Bernie Nichols; first wife, Helen Nichols; brother, Edmond Nichols; and sisters, Fern Angel and Betty Shultz. He is survived by his wife, Betty; daughters, Kathy Nichols of Deer River, Clara Burgess, Margie McCabe and Debra Robertson of Grand Rapids, Helen Nichols of Duluth; sons, Arnie Nichols of Grand Rapids, Robert Nichols Jr. of Hill City, Donald Nichols; step-daughters, Brenda Riendeau and Betsy Sobolik of Grand Rapids; step-sons, Clayton Erickson of Marble, Byron Erickson of Grand Rapids, Tony Erickson of Phoenix, Ariz.; sisters, Dottie Allsup of Orange Grove, Fla., Ardell Morris of Kansas City, Mo.; brother-in-law, Scott Angel of Remer; numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren; numerous nieces and nephews. A graveside service was held Tuesday, Dec. 22 at Harris Cemetery, Harris Township. Arrangements are by the Rowe Funeral Home, Grand Rapids.

Jessine Lee Pike Sonstegard Jessine Lee Pike Sonstegard, 33, of Longville, died Thursday, Dec. 10, 2009 in an untimely accident. She was born July 22, 1976 in Herborn, Germany to Bill and Colleen (Haslett) Pike. Growing up in a military family took them to Colorado, Indiana, Georgia, and then to Bigfork, where she graduated from Bigfork High School in 1995. Following graduation she married Stuart Sonstegard and they lived in the Twin Cities prior to moving to Longville. She has worked at Northern Lights Casino since October of 2006. She was preceded in death by an infant son, Jeffrey; paternal grandfather, William Pike; two uncles, Roy Pike and Steve Haslett. She is survived by her husband Stuart Sonstegard; daughter, Cassie; parents, Bill and Colleen Pike; sister, Brandie Champa; brother Troy Pike; maternal grandparents, Allen and Mable Haslett; paternal grandmother, Cora Pike; and numerous uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews. Visitation was one hour prior to the funeral service held Thursday, Dec. 17, at 1 p.m. at Salem Lutheran Church in Longville.

Marguerite Vancampen Services to be held Saturday, Dec. 26, at 11 a.m. at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. Visitation will be at Carroll Funeral Home from 9 to 11 a.m. Burial will be in Wildwood Cemetery in Cohasset. Full obituary will be in the next edition of this newspaper. Paid Obituary

Deadline for news and advertising for the Western Itasca Review is Monday at Noon.

Paid Obituary


Mark Allen Nelson Mark Allen Nelson, age 45 of Deer River, MN died Sunday, December 13, 2009. Mark was born in 1964 to Robert and Helen Nelson in Maplewood, MN. The family moved to Deer River in 1976 where Mark graduated from Deer River High School in 1982. He worked in construction with his father and brothers at Nelson & Sons Construction and became partner in 1987 and coowner in 1992, upon his father’s death. Mark was married in 1984 to LeAnn Storlie and had two daughters, Kimberly and Brandi. He was an avid fisherman, hunter and camper. He was preceded in death by his father, Robert. He is survived by his wife, LeAnn of Deer River, MN; two daughters, Kimberly Nelson of Las Vegas, NV, Brandi Nelson of Grand Rapids, MN; his mother, Helen Nelson of Grand Rapids, MN; two brothers, Mike (Ann) Nelson of Tonka Bay, MN, Ron (Jill) Nelson of Grand Rapids, MN; one sister, Debra (Kirk) Davis of Grand Rapids, MN; many nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles. A Gathering of Family and Friends was held Saturday, December 19th from 10 a.m. until the 11 a.m. memorial service at the Bethany Lutheran Church in Deer River, MN. Rev. Dwight Rudquist officiated. Interment will be held in the spring, when Mark will be placed to rest with his father at Wildwood Cemetery in Cohasset. Arrangements by Rowe Funeral Home and Crematory of Grand Rapids. Paid Obituary

Thelma Kallroos Gibbs Thelma Kallroos Gibbs, 96, of Deer River, MN, died Saturday, December 19, 2009, in Deer River, MN. She was preceded in death by her parents, her husband, three brothers and four sisters. She is survived by numerous nieces and nephews. A memorial service will be held at a later date. Arrangements by Carroll Funeral Home, Deer River. Paid Obituary

Michelle Lynn (Grife) Bartell


Kenneth Earl McLynn, age 59, of Carpentersville, Illinois, died unexpectedly at his home on Monday, Dec. 14, 2009. Ken was born in Dodge City, Kansas on June 5, 1950. He was the son of late Norman and Amanda (Wheeler) McLynn. He married Catherine (Lang) McLynn on February 3, 1973 and was employed by Jim Hoolihan at Industrial Lubricant Co. in Grand Rapids from 1978 to 1993. He enjoyed hunting, fishing, and farming. He worked as a computer network engineer at Grand Victoria Casino in Elgin, Illinois since 1995. He was preceded in death by his parents and a brother, Dan. He is survived by his closest friend Susan (Crement) Schwab and her sons, Joseph and Jeremy Schwab; his wife, Connie McLynn; Catherine McLynn and his three married children, Christine (Michael) Partlow, Kathleen (Michael) Nelson, and Michael (Bonnie) McLynn; ten grandchildren; brothers, Don, Mark and Phil; sisters, Peggy and Vicky (Norman) Pink; and many nieces and nephews and friends. A Funeral Mass will be held at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Grand Rapids on Wednesday, December 23, 2009 at 4 p.m. after the 3 p.m. visitation.

ISABELLA BRIN EVENSEN Isabella Brin Evensen was born on November 3, 2009 at 3:22 p.m. at Saint Mary's Medical Center in Duluth. Her proud parents are Franki Leanne Oakes and David Roy Evensen of Bigfork. Isabella was born 5 weeks early and at birth she weighed 4 pounds 14 ounces and was 18 inches long.

EFFIE/From Page 1 After much discussion about the 2010 sewer budget it was voted for a 10 % increase with Stewart opposing the increase. “Someone Backed Out of the housing rehab project.” Stated David. “So there’s one spot left for another application. Jackie has the applications.” Erickson updated Council on the building committee. “There wasn’t a meeting this month because no one showed up but I did research dumpster rates. It isn’t in the budget for this year so I think it should be written into the user agreement that they need to take their garbage with them when they are done using the building.” There is some concern with the Effie Country Service Station having off sale liquor sales when the new building opens. Marshall Olemann, Owner of the Neighborhood Tavern is concerned. “I will be more than happy to help out to the best of my knowledge but I don’t think it’s right if this is allowed.” There will be a public hearing about the off sale of liquor on Jan. 11 at 5:30 pm, prior to the Council Meeting. This will give the residents and owners a chance to discuss their situations to the Council.

December 25, 1963 - October 10, 2009

Funeral Home & Crematory

Grand Rapids Chapel 510 1st Ave. N.W. ~~~~~~~

“Friends Who Care” Ben Passeri Ken Spangler • David Huso •On-site crematory •No cost pre-arrangement counseling •Custom monuments and markers

326-6505 or 1-800-557-5502 “Serving All Faiths”


Carroll Funeral Home

Locally Owned by Carl & Angie Williams

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas, Love your family, Cliff and Gerry Grife; your sisters, Arlene Grife, Pam Payne; your children, Greg Bartell, Heather Bartell and Nick Bartell; nephews and nieces, Sean and Jamie Schneider, Lisa Evans, David Peck and Sara Wilson.

Providing: Funeral Options, Cremation Options Pre-aarrangements, and Monuments Serving our neighbors since 1956

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You were the Christmas Angel brought to us this special day. We search for just the right words to say, as you are not here with us today. Memories of love are shared by us all, as we are learning there are many to recall. We miss your special touch, your smile, the heartfelt love you forever gave. We will miss you forever more and hold your goodness in our hearts.

WIR, Thursday, Dec. 24, 2009, Page 9

The Bible Says ... Merry Christmas by C. Marvine Scott Have you ever noticed how many feasts God originated? How many times were His people told to remember God through a feast and exchanging of food as well as gifts for the poor? I love it! Jesus said to His disciples at the last supper that He would not eat with them again until they ate together in the Kingdom. Have you thought about what that means? It means we will eat food in Heaven with Jesus (and ladies – not get fat!!). Now that is super cool! Through this season Ken and I have remarked how much we have enjoyed it. We have had Christmas instrumental music quietly playing softly in the background and we have decorated and made simple plans. But the quiet sitting and thinking about the goodness of God has blessed us immensely. The sweetness of the Presence of God is awesome! Tonight is Christmas Eve. Let’s spend time remembering and celebrating the day when Christ was born as a human being. Whether this is His actual birthday is immaterial! This is the day we celebrate His birth! Oh let’s spend some time this night in worship of our Wonderful God! O Holy Night

GLORY to the Name of Jesus! Once it stood for sin and shame. Now let all in earth and Heaven Join to bless His glorious Name! Have you ever thought about what you could give Jesus for a present on His birthday celebration? The following poem was written by Romana Waller as a very young girl and found its way into GRANDMA GRIER’S SCRAPBOOK. She gave permission for Charlie Grier to put it in his book of poems. A CHRISTMAS PRESENT FOR HIM by Romana Olson Waller Tonight I am thinking of Jesus, As I look at this beautiful tree, And wonder just what I can give Him Who has given so freely to me. I’m counting my treasures all over, And am wondering what He can use; In loving a Person so dearly It is really a problem to choose.

O Holy Night, The stars are brightly shining, It is the night of the dear Savior’s birth Long lay the world in sin and error pining Till He appeared, gift of infinite worth!

I wonder what really would please Him And just what should my gift for Him be? God gave HIM to us – oh! – I wonder, Do you think He would like to have ME?

Behold the Babe in yonder manger lowly, 'Tis God's own Son come down in human form:

I’ve hands that will work for Him gladly, I have feet to run errands of love, And lips that can tell of a Savior, Who came down from His home up above!

[REFRAIN] Fall . . . on your knees . . . ! O, hear . . . the angel voices . . . ! O night . . . divine . . . ! O night . . . when Christ was born, O night . . . divine! O night, O . . . night divine! O day of joy, when in eternal splendor He shall return in His glory to reign, When every tongue due praise to Him shall render, His power and might to all nations proclaim! A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn, Let’s thrill to the name of Jesus this night! God became man so He could redeem a sinful people. What a God! What a King! What a Savior! THE NAME OF JESUS by A. B. Simpson, D.D. GLORY to the Name of Jesus! Once it stood for sin and shame; Now the songs of earth and Heaven Join to bless that glorious Name. PARDON through the Name of Jesus! Free from guilt, and fault, and blame, We may stand beloved, accepted As we come in Jesus Name. VICTORY through the Name of Jesus! Once for us He overcame, And we conquer sin and Satan Only in our Captain’s Name. POWER through the Name of Jesus! All His power our faith may claim, God will work His wonders through us When we use that mighty Name. HEALING in the Name of Jesus! How it thrills our suffering frame When we learn to take from Jesus Life and healing in His Name. TELL abroad the Name of Jesus, ‘Round the world His love proclaim Till earth’s saved and ransomed millions Join to praise the Savior’s Name.

5:00 p.m. Everyone Welcome!


-Homespun Poems by Charlie Grier, Family & Friends (1973) p.28

I have also wondered what I should give Jesus for His Christmas Gift. Here’s my poem. A CHRISTMAS GIFT by Marvine Scott What can I give You, my Wonderful Lord; Once a small baby so sweet and adored, God of all Universe, Creator and King. This is Your Birthday – Oh, what can I bring? I give you myself, Lord – every last bit. I give you my home and all that is in it. I give you my husband and family to start But I wish for a present to give joy to Your Heart! TO give money to others – You must first give to me. The sky is the limit, Lord, what do we see? There are missions and missionaries, churches and staff Or we could give to a child so that child could laugh. Dear Jesus, I wish You a Happy Birthday. May others find You is what I really pray. May Christians draw close and grow in your grace sublime. I know what I’ll do, Lord. I give You my time.

Area Worship Schedule SQUAW LAKE Centennial Lutheran LC-MS Rev. James Anthony Sunday Service 8:30 a.m. St. Catherine's Catholic Father Thomas P. Galarneault (218)659-4353 Saturday Mass 4:00 p.m.

JESSIE LAKE Jessie Lake Baptist 832-3911 Rev. Howard Williams Sunday School 10 a.m. Sunday Worship 11 a.m. Wednesday Bible Study Jesse Lake Lutheran Pastor John Hanson Parsonage 832-3834 Church 832-3883 Church Service 8:30 a.m. Sunday School 9:45 a.m.

Clara Lutheran DEER RIVER 246-8191 Apostolic Faith Church Lay Pastor Pastor Timothy Schultz Peg Christensen 212 2nd St. S.E. 246-2243 Sunday School & Sunday School & Worship Service Worship Service 9 a.m. 10:00 a.m. Hwy. 6 N - Right on Cty. Rd. 142, Bible Study, Wednesday Left on Cty. Rd 144 - 1 mile. 6:00 p.m. Deer River Bible Church BENA 246-9570 St. Anne’s Catholic Pastor Gaylord Finch Father Stephen Solors Home 246-2093 Saturday Mass 7 p.m.. Sunday School 9:30 a.m. FEDERAL DAM Morning Worship 10:45 a.m. Sacred Heart Catholic Evening Service 6 p.m. Father Stephen Solors Family Bible Study & Prayer Sunday Mass 11 a.m. meeting Wednesday 7 p.m. 1 mile north on Hwy. 6


Evangelical Covenant Pastor Ron Grossman Sunday School, 9:45 a.m. Sunday Worship 11:00 a.m. Wed. Night Bible Study 7 p.m. 246-8062

MARCELL Marcell Community Church Pastor Paul Olson Sunday School 9:15 a.m. Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m. Wed. Bible Study 10 a.m.

St. Mary's Catholic Church Fr. Paul Larson Parish Office 246-8582 Saturday Mass 4:00 p.m. Sunday Mass 10:30 a.m. Confessions half hour before Saturday mass United Methodist Pastor Richard Wilder Sunday Worship 10:00 a.m. Office (218)246-8591 Cell (218)360-4795

Caribou Chapel Pastor Ron Grossman (218) 326-3574 Sunday 9 a.m. Bible Study Wed. 7 p.m. All denominations welcome! At Marcell Town Hall

SUOMI Suomi Evangelical Lutheran Pastor John Hanson Parsonage 832-3834 Sunday Service 10:30 a.m.

SAND LAKE Northwoods Chapel Rev. Howard Williams Non-Denominational On Corner of Co. Rds. 35 and 36 Sunday Service 9:00 a.m. Fellowship following Wednesday Bible Study For info 1-218-259-0425 Sand Lake Alliance Pastor Sam Muntean Cty Rd 4 just east of Anchor Inn Resort) Worship 10 a.m. Bible Study - Wed. 7 p.m. 218-798-2872

Redeemer Lutheran LC-MS Rev. James Anthony Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Worship Service 10:30 a.m. Evening Service, Thursday, 7 p.m. Memorial Day thru Labor Day Bethany Lutheran, ELCA Rev. Dwight Rudquist Highway 6 North, 246-8398 Worship - 9:30 a.m. Wednesday - ‘Club 100’ Sept.-May (1st-6th grade) "The Welcome Place" Oteneagen Chapel (An Independent Bible Church) 218-259-HOPE (4673) Church Services 10-11 a.m. Sunday School 11:15-11:45 a.m.

Effie Fredheim Lutheran Church ELCA Rev. Ryan Aarestad Office 743-3368; Parsonage 743-6986 Sunday Worship 8:45 a.m.

Thursday, Dec. 24

Marcell Community Church

“I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice…” Rom 12:1

My heart – it will love Him forever!


Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

There are souls I can help Him to win! Tonight I am giving – yes, giving myself As a Christmas present for Him!

Deer River Church of God (Pentecostal) Rev. Lee Pederson 246-8760 304 - 4th Ave. S.E. Sunday School 9:00 a.m. Sunday Worship 10 a.m. Sunday Evening Prayer 6 p.m. Wed. Night Bible Study 7 p.m.

Bigfork Lutheran, ELCA Rev. Ryan Aarestad Office 743-3368; Parsonage 743-6986 Sunday Worship: Bigfork Lutheran and First Presbyterian are having blended worship services at the First Presbyterian Church two blocks west of Bigfork City Hall at 10:15 a.m. Bigfork Assembly of God Pastor Mike Stevens 101 Golf Course Road Morning Worship 9:30 & 10:30 Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Evening Service 6:30 p.m. 218-743-6316 Riverside (Presbyterian) Chapel Sunday Worship 8:30 a.m. Cell (218)360-4795 Our Lady of Snows Catholic Father Thomas P. Galarneault (218) 743-3255 Sunday Mass 9:00 a.m. Wed., Thurs., Fri..- 8:00 a.m. First Presbyterian Church Rev. Ryan Aarestad Office 743-3368; Parsonage 743-6986 Sunday Worship: Bigfork Lutheran and First Presbyterian are having blended worship services at the First Presbyterian Church two blocks west of Bigfork City Hall at 10:15 a.m.

BOWSTRING Bowstring (Presbyterian) Chapel located 15 miles north on Hwy. 6, 1 block west on Co. Rd. 133 Sharron Lewis Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Sunday Worship 10:15 a.m.

Jurvelin Hardware Deer River 246-8628 Rajala Timber Co. Deer River & Bigfork

246-8277 or 743-3333

BALL CLUB St. Joseph's Catholic Father Stephen Solors Saturday Mass 5 p.m. Sunday Mass 9 a.m. Ball Club Assembly of God Church Rev. Greg Baudeck Pastor - 327-1005 Church-246-2511 Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m. Sunday Evening 6:30 p.m. Wednesday Bible Study 7 p.m.

COHASSET West Cohasset Chapel Pastor Joe Franzone Sunday School -9:15 a.m. Worship Service - 10:30 a.m. AWANA Wednesday - 6:30 p.m. 999-9030 On Hwy. 6 one mile north of Hwy. 63 St. Augustine’s Catholic Church Fr. Paul Larson Sunday Mass 8:30 a.m. Confessions half hour before mass Calvary Pines Baptist Church Pastor Charles Pratt 7 miles north of Cohasset at crossroads of Co. Rd. 256 & 62 Sunday School (ad. & youth) 9:30 a.m.

Worship Service 10:30 a.m. Sunday Bible Study - 6 p.m. Wednesday Bible Study - 7 p.m. Our Redeemer Lutheran Church Pastor Chris Gorshe Pastor Bill Zeige 35568 Foxtail Lane, Cohasset 328-5165 Sunday 9:00 Wednesday Evening 7 p.m. Sunday School & Bible Study 10:30 a.m. New Life Christian Fellowship 35 N.E. 3rd St., Cohasset, MN (Formerly Redeemer Lutheran Church behind SuperAmerica)

Sunday Prayer 8-8:30 a.m. 9:00-9:45 a.m. Sunday School Worship 10:00 a.m. Sunday Evening 6 p.m. prayer 6:30 p.m. Worship Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Bible Study Good News Bible Church Rev. Tom Adams 9 a.m. Sunday Wednesday 7 p.m. 326-5972

Deer River Publishing 246-8533 North Itasca Electric Co-op Bigfork Area 743-3131

Carroll Funeral Home Deer River & Bigfork 246-8181 or 1-800-457-8181

WIR, Thursday, Dec. 24, 2009, page 10

White Oak annual colonial dinner fundraiser Saturday, Dec. 12th. The White Oak Learning Center hosted their annual colonial Christmas Dinner. The guests arrived and were seated to the wonderful flute music of Emily and Ashley Trout. During the expanse of their delicious five course meal, served by white powder wigged servants, the guests were entertained with toasts and stories. Ending their meal with dessert and master top spinner Stan Watson from Grand Rapids. Stan demonstrated his skill with many different tops he acquired in his lifetime and impressed the guests with story and amazing tricks

with tops. The White Oak Society would like to thank the guests and the many volunteers who worked so hard to put on such a wonderful dinner this year. A special thanks goes out to Lisa Polchow (White Oak president) who worked so hard organizing and cooking the fantastic meal. The dinner went so well the Society is planning another dinner at the end of winter with a cabin fever theme. The Society would also like to remind the public of the upcoming spaghetti feed and breakfast coming up at the White Oak Classic Sled Dog Race in January.

Master top spinner, Stan Watson.

Ashley and Emily Trout.

Students Amy Gustafson and Kaila Juntunen honored our veterans on Nov. 11 at the Deer River High School Veterans Assembly. From left, Amy Gustafson, Kaila Juntunen.

Deer River Lions Club fall raffle winners The Deer River Lions Club fall raffle final drawing was held at Sportsman’s Cafe. Winners are Jerry Dedenck $500; Marilyn Roth $300; Karen Herrgard $100. Jeff and Nate.


NOTICE OF INFORMAL PROBATE OF WILL AND APPOINTMENT OF PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS AND CREDITORS: Notice is hereby given that an Application for informal probate of the above-named Decedent’s last Will, dated January 14, 2008, has been filed with the Court herein, and the Application has been granted informally probating such Will. Any objections may be filed in the above-named court and the same will be heard by the Court upon notice of hearing fixed for such purpose. Notice is hereby further given that informal appointment of Craig Santolin whose address is E4490 Pinewood Circle, Eleva, WI 54738, as Personal Representative of the Estate of the above-named Decedent, has been made. Any heir, devisee, or other interested person may be entitled to appointment as Personal Representative or may object to the appointment of the Personal Representative, and the Personal Representative is empowered to fully administer the Estate, including, after 30 days from the date of issuance of his letters, the power to sell, encumber, lease, or distribute real estate, unless objections thereto are filed with the Court (persuant to Minnesota Statutes §524.3-607), and the Court otherwise orders. Notice is hereby given that ALL CREDITORS having claims against said Estate are required to present the same to said Personal Representative or to the Court Administrator within four months after the date of this notice or said claims will be barred. Dated:December 16, 2009. (COURT SEAL) LINDA R. MACHEN ACTING COURT ADMINISTRATOR BY: /s/Judith L. McIlwain Judith L. McIlwain, Probate Registrar



Estate of Goldie Mae Miller

Court File No. 31-PR-09-3729 NOTICE AND ORDER OF HEARING ON PETITION FOR PROBATE DECEDENT OF WILL AND APPOINTMENT OF PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS It is Ordered and Notice is given that on January 11, 2010 at 9:00 a.m. a hearing will be held in this Court at the Itasca County Courthouse, 123 NE 4th Street, Grand Rapids, Minnesota, for the formal probate of an instrument purporting to be the will of Decedent, dated September 18, 1985 and codicil (___) to the will dated _____________, and separate writing (____) under Minn. Stat. 524.2513 (“Will”), and for the appointment of Carol Sue Stangler whose address is: 12476 72nd Avenue NE, Deer River, Minnesota, as personal representative of the Estate of the Decedent in an Unsupervised administration. Any objections to the Petition must be filed with the Court prior to or raised at the hearing. If proper and if no objections are filed or raised, the personal representative will be appointed with full power to administer the Estate, including the power to collect all assets, pay all legal debts, claims, taxes and expenses, to sell real and personal property, and do all necessary acts for the Estate. Notice is also given that (subject to Minn. Stat. 524.3-801) all creditors having claims against the Estate are required to present the claims to the personal representative or to the Court Administrator within four months after the date of this Notice or the claims will be barred. No formal hearing will be held unless written objections have been filed with the Court Administrator. If no objections have been filed, the requests made in the Petition will be granted by default. (COURT SEAL) /s/ Jon A. Maturi 12-7-09 Hon. Jon A. Maturi Linda R. Machen Acting Court Administrator

ATTORNEY FOR APPLICANT Leif A. Nelson (#78001) Lano, Nelson, O’Toole & Bengston, Ltd. Attorneys at Law 515 N.E. Second Avenue Grand Rapids, MN 55744 218-326-9603 23,24Wch

Attorney for Personal Representative: Andrew M. Shaw 205400 Law Office of Shaw & Shaw, P.A. Carlson Building By /s/ Marcia S. Brennan1 12-7-09 P.O. Box 365 Marcia S. Brennan, Sr. Court Clerk Deer River, MN 56636-0365 (218) 246-8535 22-23Wchaff

Deer River Publishing Business Hours Mon., Tues. Thurs. - 8:30-5:00 Wed. - Office Closed Friday 8:00-4:30

Public Notice Invitation to Comment on a Proposed Telecommunications Facility All interested persons are invited to comment on any potential effects that may be caused to historic properties, if any such properties are or may be located at or near the site, from a proposed 300-foot guyed telecommunications tower with associated equipment to be constructed west of County Road 133 in Bowstring Township, Itasca County, Minnesota. Comments may be submitted to the following contact as follows: Kaitlin Rinabarger, Edge Consulting Engineers, Inc., 624 Water Street, Prairie du Sac, WI 53578, Phone 608-644-1449, Email This notice provided in accordance with the regulations of the Federal Communications Commission, 47 C.F.R. Part 1, Appendices B and C. 23Wchaff

WIR, Thursday, Dec. 24, 2009, Page 11

Classified Ads FOR SALE For Sale: Comfortable Home in Bigfork. Call: 743-6554. .....................23-26DWpd For Sale: 1970 Colt 45 Model 1911 commemorating 25th anniversary of end of WWII Eastern Theatre, polished nickel in oak display box, $1,200 cash. 2469561. .............17W18DWtfnn/c

SERVICES Monuments and Markers: Available in granite and bronze. Also do final dating, cleaning and foundation work. FREE estimates Serving your area, Jerry Pula, Sales rep. (218)7433711. ......................05-25DW3 Deer River Area Food Shelf: 1006 Comstock Drive. Every Thursday from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .DWtfn Free Kid’s Clothing! WeeCare Hope Chest. Open every Thursday, 9-11 a.m. and last Saturday of every month, 10 a.m.-12 p.m. 304 4th Ave. SE., at Deer River Church of God. .........................16DWtfn

STORAGE Mini Storage Units. Five different sizes available at Northern Star Cooperative. Call 2468296 to reserve. . . . . . . . . . . . 12DWchtfn

FOR RENT For Rent: 1 bedroom $569/month, $569 deposit, available immediately, utilities included. Non-smoking. Laundry on-site. Wilderness Apartments, Effie, MN. Call Jeff or Paula 218-743-1618 day. 218-743-3859 evening. ......................19DWchtfn

For Rent: 2 bedroom $685/month, $685 deposit, available immediately, utilities included. Non-smoking. Laundry on-site. Wilderness Apartments, Effie, MN. Call Jeff or Paula 218-743-1618 day. 218-743-3859 evening. ......................19DWchtfn For Rent: 2 bdrm apt. $525/mo. + dep. Call 218244-6790 for details. ......................22DWchtfn For Rent: Super Efficiency Apartment. Available immediately. 500 month/500 deposit. Nonsmoking, utilities included, laundry on-site. Wilderness Apartments, Effie, MN. Call Jeff or Paula at 218743-3616 day 218-7433859 eve. ..............15W16DWchtfn For Rent: Condor Bigfork Apartments, Bigfork, MN. Applications are being taken for one and two bedroom apartments. 62 years of age or older, disabled or handicapped. Must meet certain income guidelines to qualify for Section 8 assistance. EHO. Contact (218)743-3735 or Oliver Management Service, Inc. (218)628-0311. ......................08DWchtfn For Rent: Business space in Deer River. Call 3275415. . . . . . . . . .18DWchtfn

FITNESS DRHS Fitness Center Holiday Hours: Closed Dec. 24, 25, 28. Open Dec. 29, 30, 31. 6:30-7:30 a.m.; 2-4 p.m. Free usage! ...................23-24DWchtr

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WIR, Thursday, Dec. 24, 2009, page 12

Santa Claus visited Bigfork School to have milk and cookies with the Preschool and ECFE children and took the time to talk with each of the youngsters to find out what they wanted for Christmas. Photo by Julie Aakhus.

Santa made time in his busy schedule to stop for a visit and sing with the youngsters in the preschool class at Bigfork School, before the big day when he has to make his 2009 Christmas Eve trip. Photo by Julie Aakhus.

Effie Country Station is still hard at work with their new building in December of 2009. Roof, windows and doors have been added and they are back in the business of selling gasoline. Photo by Julie Aakhus.

Winners of a survival whistle from the Itasca County Sheriff's Office at the 38'ers Snowmobile training class is from L to R: Allison Oberg, Michael Gau, Anna Yurrick.

In photo is Don & Phyllis Anderson from the 38'ers snowmobile club. They assisted with training course that was held at the Wabana Town Hall. Both volunteer instructors had approximately 40 years of training each in the field of snowmobiling.


President Mike Hughes from the 38'ers Snowmobile Club conducts the annual snowmobile safety training class from a few weeks ago. This safety course is for children ages 11-17 that will be operating a snowmobile on public lands and trails. This training course took place at the Wabana Town Hall. God so loved the world that He gave us His only begotten Son. While we reflect on the true meaning of Christmas, and the joys of the holiday season, we at Woodland Bank wish you and yours...

Deer River Publishing now offers

A Very Merry Christmas


Holiday Hours In celebration of this special season, we will close at 4 p.m. Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. We will be closed Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Hometown Banking Jenkins 218-568-5700

Remer 218-566-2355

Cohasset 218-328-5432

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WIR Week 23 Dec. 24, 2009  
WIR Week 23 Dec. 24, 2009  

Western Itasca Review, Week 23, Dec. 24, 2009.