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Suspicious EBay Auction System About eBay bidding procedure EBay is a popular website to buy and sell things and if you are new to it, then you’ll have to learn more about bidding and item pricing. At eBay, you could sell or buy items with two different methods. One is through fixed price method, and the other is eBay auction, wherein people could bid and you could sell your product to the highest bidder. Fixed price items prices are listed next to the “Buy it now” option and you can buy these items easily by clicking on the button. On the other hand, for auctioned items, you have to enter the bid amount in the assigned text box. Current bid value is exhibited right next to it. These items are valid for a fixed period of time and finally, the item is sold to the bidder offering to pay good price. EBay bidding problems There are lots of problem associated with this bidding system. The problems occur due to violation of eBay rules, sniping, misunderstanding a seller and eBay’s inefficient communication channels. Sometimes, software problems also contribute to bidding errors. Some of the rules embedded in biding are • • •

EBay accepts bid only for limited amount of time Your bidding value must be higher than the current bid If you win the bid, then you must buy the item by paying less than the next highest level bid. Sometimes scammers also participate in the eBay auction and raise the bidding amount which makes the buyer to pay more money than usual. This bidding system of eBay cannot be trusted fully because of the loopholes connected to it. About eBay PayPal suspension policies Your eBay PayPal account will be suspended for the following reason • • • •

If you have not used the eBay account for a while If you are not using a secured browser with https prefix If the user attempts to sell low cost items in bulk If you access your user account from a suspicious or banned regions

If your eBay account is blocked due to eBay PayPal suspension policy, then your PayPal membership is also put on hold or limited. If your account is suspended, the balance in it will be suspended for 180 days. This usually takes place, when you make a lot of money by selling or buying in bulk. These policies ruin business reputation among your clients. Sometimes the accounts are suspended without any reason. If you call or contact their customer service representatives, they do not provide with any valid reason for your

suspension. The eBay PayPal suspension rule is the main reason behind, why people hate PayPal and eBay. Please visit our website today to get free tips to save yourself from eBay PayPal suspension policy. We also provide you support and guidance to learn more about the effective eBay auction tricks.

Suspicious EBay Auction System  

EBay PayPal Coupons must not be used as these fake coupons allow hackers and cheaters to access your account.

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