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Angry Birds Rio is an extension of the original Angry Birds franchise. This serves as a companion to Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Chrome. This game was released in conjunction with the Disney movie, Rio, set in the beautiful city of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Marmosets are the main adversary in this game, replacing the heinous pigs that we are so used to bombarding. The introduction to this game starts off with the two main birds being locked in cages and taken by the Big Boss Macaw away to Rio. Once the birds make their escape, they are determined to exact their revenge on pigs, marmosets, macaws or anything that stands in their way. The marmosets are holding captive Blue & Jewel, who are the main stars of Rio. The birds are determined to do everything in their power to free them. This article is meant to serve as a written tutorial on how to successfully advance to the next stage with three gold stars. The setting takes place in an old abandoned warehouse looking environment. This stage finds 6 cages full of trapped birds, set on wood crates and cardboard boxes. Your objective is to fling your bird in the slingshot and free all of the birds. The first attempt is with your basic red bird and you want to aim the bird for the lowest row of cardboard boxes. The bird will slice through the boxes easier than the wood crates, so the weakest spot on the tower is the two cardboard boxes at the base of the structure. If you are able to slice your bird through those two cardboard boxes, they will ricochet into the remaining crates for added point values. Meanwhile, the giant structure will collapse in a giant heap. All six cages will break open and the birds will fly away to safety. The trick to the beginning stages is to inflict the most amount of damage with the least amount of birds. You need to top 60,000 points, in order to get the three gold stars. As you continue to work through each stage, you should take note of some of the items that lurk in the background. Some great points of reference are the box fan high up in the ceiling, the thin pipe that moves horizontally underneath the fan and along the entire playing environment. There are also white pickets that board up a window and regular shaded fence pickets that line along the back wall. All of these items will serve as great landmarks for when and where to fling your birds.

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Angry Birds Rio 1-1 Strategy Guide  

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