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Mental Health Benefits of Quitting Drugs and Alcohol

Of all the risk factors for heart disease, the ones over which an individual has the most control are those related to “bad habits,� namely the use or abuse of alcohol, and illicit drugs. Numerous studies show that people who use these substances have a significant increase in risk of developing heart disease. Still, there is heartening news for longtime drug users, and heavy drinkers who quit . The increased risks can be lowered and even eliminated by giving up Drinking & Drugs and leading a healthy life. Talking about Drug, A drug is a substance, other than food, which is taken to change the way the body and/or mind function. They are chemical substances which seriously affect you both physically as well as psychologically. The prolonged use of any drug may lead to physical and/or psychological dependence. Overdose of most drugs leads to death.

There are many reasons why you might use drugs and/or alcohol. • Many people use them to deal with their symptoms of various mental illnesses. This is called 'self-medication'. • The inability to cope up with a severe loss a person might have suffered. • Some people use it as a cope up mechanism of an undesirable lifestyle. • A person may be forced by friends/ peer pressure OR simply bad company.

People use drugs and drink alcohol for lots of different reasons. Whatever may be your reason, usage of drugs or alcohol is bound to have a long-term negative effect on you. Giving up and quitting Drinking & Drugs are very cardinal to one’s lives. Alcohol is the second most common cause of preventable death after Drugs. It is toxic to literally every organ in the human body. However, it gets detoxified by the liver and does little or no harm when consumed in moderate amounts. Such beverages contain a chemical called ethyl alcohol (ethanol), which is metabolized in the body to acetaldehyde. In large amounts, both ethanol and acetaldehyde interfere with normal functions of organs throughout the body, including the heart. Most people cope with the problems of life without turning to alcohol and you can too. And if you drink to be one of the crowd or a good sport, or to impress others, you need to ask yourself if it is worth the risk of harming your relationships, your health and your self-respect.

Five factors associated with successful recovery that can be achieved by giving up Drinking & Drugs. 1.

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Social stability: ensure that your accommodation is safe, your employment is secure, your debts are being managed and your immediate relationships are secure. A strong new interest to distract you from thinking about drinking and in which you become keenly involved. Reminders that drinking is bad news for you: fridge magnets, messages on your bathroom mirror,friends who care about you and who will,when necessary,remind you that drinking is not for you and why. Reliable social support: establishing or re-establishing stable and supportive social relationships with people who are genuinely interested in your wellbeing. A source of inspiration, hope and enhanced self-esteem that takes you beyond yourself and encourages you to develop into a better person.

Some of the Mental Health Benefits of Quitting Drugs and Alcohol includes 1. Enhanced Mental Clarity 2. Reduced Risk of Mental Health Issues 3. Better Relationships with Family and Friends 4. Increased Self-Esteem 5. Improved Memory How to help others     

Get educated Know your facts Take interest inactivities and events that do not involve alcohol or drugs Choose to stay in control Take note of possible underlying problems (such as a variety of anxiety concerns, depression, self esteem issues, trauma, family and relationship concerns)

Mental health benefit of quitting drugs and alcohol  
Mental health benefit of quitting drugs and alcohol