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Useful Tips on How to Quit Marijuana We all may need some useful how to quit marijuana tips in some point of life or another. Lethal Marijuana temporarily creates a feeling of high among users but eventually leads to addiction. It devastates one's personal as well as social life and the withdrawal symptoms and cravings make it almost impossible for the user to quit. So, if you are an addict, here are some how to quit marijuana tips. Follow them carefully or it will one day surely take its toll and cut short your life. The first positive step towards rehabilitation is acknowledgment. You have to admit to yourself that a problem actually exists. Mark on the calendar every time you smoke and at the end of the month see for your self how many times you have resorted to marijuana. This wake up call and 'rock bottom feeling' will motivate you. Confide in someone who can help you to stay away from it and even help and guide you if there is a relapse within a few months. Another tip is to detoxify your body off THC, which is the prime constituent of marijuana. As natural detoxification is very time consuming you can resort to products that are available across the counter, which will pace up the detoxification process. Detoxification will protect you from withdrawal symptoms like insomnia, anxiety, appetite loss and even irritability. Rehabilitation centers around the globe have specially tailored programmes for marijuana addicts. It is important to be around people who sympathize with your problem, feel the pain and extend a helping hand. Here your efforts to resist the desire to smoke will be appreciated. This mode of treatment however may last for quite a few weeks. Life is beautiful. Do not throw it away for a few moments of pleasure. I have provided you with some how to quit marijuana addiction tips. Take the right steps in that direction, identify your 'temptation triggers' (it could be music, movies, posters anything), detoxify your body off THC, turn your life around, you will find a whole new world waiting for you with open arms. Find some unusual tricks to quit smoking marijuana in Bobby Min's website and kick off this nasty addiction for good! Useful Tips on How to Quit Marijuana ! Copyright 2010 by

Useful Tips on How to Quit Marijuana