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The Needed Will-Power to Quit Smoking Pot Many of the people who fall prey to taking drugs would like to quit smoking pot. However, that's easier said than done. For one, like in any case of smoking, the first and foremost requirement is that the desire to give up smoking pot should come from deep within oneself. If the person concerned himself is not convinced about the pitfalls of taking marijuana or is half-hearted about his attempts to give it up, quitting smoking will never be successful. No matter how much he may be hounded by well-meaning family or friends, the addiction will not be given up if the will-power is lacking. Marijuana, being a comparatively softer drug than cocaine or heroin is considered to be less addictive and destructive. Smoking marijuana does not affect the receptors of the brain in the same way hard drugs do but it certainly gives a high and this haze-induced pleasurable feeling is what makes people take it up. Smoking then turns into a mere habit with perceived feelings of pleasure. Moreover, smoking pot is usually a group activity and it turns into a social thing inducing a false feeling of bonding with the group. Pot is not chemically addictive, so, quitting pot is slightly easier than giving up hard drugs as there may be no cravings or relapses. But, users may have to deal with anxiety or depression initially. This may hold truer for users who have been smoking pot for a long time as habits are difficult to break. The trick would be to find some hobby or take up sports to get that same adrenaline rush after you have quit smoking pot. Once you realize that smoking pot simply gives a false sense of pleasure at the cost of your health, it will become easier to give it up. Learn how to quit smoking pot with some more help from Bobby Min He gives the answers to how to quit marijuana in his newsletter. Look for it today. The Needed Will-Power to Quit Smoking Pot - Copyright 2010 by

The Needed Will-Power to Quit Smoking Pot