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Practical Tips on Quitting Smoking Marijuana It is imperative to circulate tips about quitting smoking marijuana if mankind wants to keep its flock healthy, wealthy and wise, cutting across all national borders. Marijuana is usually smoked as a cigarette, cigar or through a pipe and often is mixed with another similar drug called crack. Some mix it with food while others brew it like tea. Marijuana leads to one becoming high and euphoric but the longterm side effects are deadly to say the least - memory loss, distorted vision, thinking and coordination problems and increased rate of heart beat. One starts off on marijuana mainly because of easy availability, peer pressure and when one wallows in self-pity. Thus the most important tip about quitting marijuana is to find why and how it started and to tackle it at the root. Being addictive by nature it is difficult to overcome the habit that has enslaved both the body and the mind. So it requires not only mental will power to train the body to reject it. A good way is to write down the blessings one has got in life and focus on that instead of the negative aspects. One should understand the damages done to the body, mind, social prestige and the purse by marijuana. It is better not to try to give it up suddenly but in stages. This must be accompanied by physical exercise especially walking and taking an interest in the outside world. A cup of weak coffee first thing in the morning will counter effectively the withdrawal symptoms. Throughout the day one should eat well especially fruit juices, milk and fresh salad. Finally the help of a doctor can be taken as regards help through mild medication. The bottom line is individual will power and here auto suggestions come into play. Repeatedly suggesting to oneself "I can" works wonders. Find some unusual tricks to quit smoking marijuana in Bobby Min's website and kick off this nasty addiction for good! Practical Tips on Quitting Smoking Marijuana, Copyright 2010 by

Practical Tips on Quitting Smoking Marijuana