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Basic Steps on How to Stop Smoking Marijuana For the sheer thrill that marijuana gives, we rush for it. Little do we realize that the momentary pleasure will turn into lifelong problem. If you are addicted then it is high time you leaned how to stop smoking marijuana. The first step towards quitting the dreadful herb is an understanding of the extent of harm it can do to you. The moment you realize this, half the battle is won. The next step is rather vital when you have to answer the question why. It is important you comprehend why you wish to stop smoking. The queries you make to yourself may bring out many answers. Most of these are actually not very convincing. Your initial response may be that you think it is detrimental to your body. This is not a very reliable reasoning that will help you get rid of smoking marijuana. A deeper understanding will help you recover fast from its grip. If and when you understand that your smoking frequency is more than what you actually need, you will gradually learn to quit it. The day you realize that you are smoking beyond necessity, you will automatically reduce the frequency. Once you are convinced that you have smoked enough, the next stage is to regulate your smoking urge at regular intervals. It is impossible to stop in a day but your realization will create a motivation strong enough to regulate the urge to smoke. It is only when your inner being is convinced that you have smoked beyond necessity, marijuana will lose its attraction. This is why it is important to repeat to one's self the reason why you want to stop smoking marijuana. Time and again when you tell yourself that this herb is a menace, the core of your being gets convinced about it, only then. Find some unusual tricks to quit smoking marijuana in Bobby Min's website and kick off this nasty addiction for good! Basic Steps on How to Stop Smoking Marijuana, Copyright 2010 by

Basic Steps on How to Stop Smoking Marijuana