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I found audience feedback important to know the positives and negatives of my designs in order to come out with the best result, most suited to my target audience's wants and needs. The feedback allowed me to gain a range of views, helping me better my work as I could know what they liked or disliked about my work. Prior to the construction process of my music video, poster and digipak, I used online surveys so I could get anonymous feedback, which was important as it meant that any bias was avoided as people would be more honest with their identity hidden. It also allowed me to get a large amount of opinions, by sharing the link on my social medias, reaching out to a wide range of people. For example, I asked people who fit my target audience, what style of music video they would most like to see so I could then make the appropriate choice for the basis of my pieces.

The result from a question using Survey Monkey – this showed that people prefer a narrative style so I would mainly concentrate on this to gratify the audience’s wants.

Asking this also helped me decide on which song to use that would fit with these themes that the audience was interested in. I chose the top two choices to focus on as these were much higher than the others and would be fun to plan.

To help me choose a song, I also conducted an online poll so that I could narrow down the options of what my music video should be about, taking the themes into consideration. - My first idea was: A relationship falling apart due to alcohol/drug addiction - My second idea was: The point of view of someone while on a drug trip (which would be animated) - My third idea was: Being trapped in the mind of an addict trying to recover

The voting results presented a strong favouritism for the narrative involving a relationship, followed by the second choice of being trapped in the mind of an addict trying to recover. This audience feedback was useful in deciding on an idea for my music video. I decided to combine the selections, with less emphasis on the second idea as this got no votes. This was an original approach as the genre usually follows just a narrative and performance style. I chose this because they could all tie in with each other to encode an important message and make interesting watch.

Music Video Draft 1 After making my first draft of my music video, I got feedback from several people who viewed the video together. What I learnt from my draft 1 feedback was that the music video is easy to follow and understand. The good points are the editing, but the bad points are that there wasn't enough variety of locations.  I also got verbal feedback from someone who fits in with my target audience. However, I count her as my secondary audience due to her age not being within the standard range of teens to young adults, yet she still likes the genre of music. From this, the same good and bad points were raised as before, additionally, a positive was the unique idea that came with it as other EDM songs typically put drug use in a good light, which I didn’t agree with. From this, I planned to film more clips in different locations, which would have the same appeal as those already used, and continue experimenting with editing, by watching tutorials and guides on YouTube and related sites, so I could further my skills in this area.

Music Video Draft 2 With my second draft, I also got paper feedback with similar questions as I felt these questions were most useful to improving my product. From the first question, I learnt that they liked: - location variety - shot variety - story line They said the lip syncing editing was sometimes out of sync and that the gaps needed to be filled, as this wasn't a completed version yet, so I had left out about 20 seconds of footage. My plan of action from this feedback was to continue the style of editing I was doing, including stereoscopic, fast paced cuts and black and white filters. I also planned to review certain areas of the music video which were out of sync to try and put this right, despite facing the problem of the software lagging. Also, more clips needed to be gathered or reviewed in order to fill in the gaps so it would be fully completed.

Music Video Draft 3 Using a question on SurveyMonkey, I then asked 20 people if they liked my final music video, having completed it the whole way through and having made adjustments to the lip syncing. I gave the audience a simple yes or no option and 19 people answered with yes, which was a good result and so I felt I matched their needs well in this final attempt. The one person who answered no was therefore an outlier and didn’t impact the final draft. I also asked for opinions from Stephen, my actor, to see if he could add anything to it as he knew what I wanted it to be more than anyone else as he was most involved.

Additionally, the upload on YouTube gained outside attention from a channel who seeks out music video remakes and they left a comment in favour of my editing, interpretation of song and creativity. Therefore, I considered this piece successful.Â

Digipak Front Cover After having finished the front cover design, I wasn't sure on which font style to go along with for the rest of my digipak design and also the poster. Therefore, I used social media again, such as Snapchat, to gain responses. People mainly chose the second option, the one on the right, which I agreed with and went for. My final front cover:

Digipak Middle Page I had a few options of what to include for my middle page design. With the four designs, I printed them out and sent the sheet around my media class so I could gain votes on which to use. Some people also included reasoning, such as liking the top left due to the 'e' logo and the lyrics as it's conventional, and the bottom right as it matched the title of the album. As the audience voted the bottom right highest, I used this one for my final middle page design. It matched the title of the album and matched the rest of the colour scheme best, as well as relating to the artist as the evolution is shown as becoming a singer.

Digipak CD I printed out my first CD design draft and got written feedback of this. From the first draft, the layout and design was good but the artist name was missing. My second design had the artist name, however, I changed my editing software and lost the copyright information so comments were left about that. My third design had everything it needed on the CD but the font of the album name wasn't linked with my front cover which was commented on. Therefore, my final draft had the relevant changes made to it and people preferred this design overall.

Digipak Back Cover Draft 1 After having a few people annotate my first draft I analysed the notes and concluded that the good points were: - The use of colour making it clear to see - The central positioning was helpful - Includes everything needed on the CD The bad points were: - The logos are too big, or too high up on the page - The red is more vibrant on the back cover than the front Therefore, I planned to move around some of the information, such as the label logos and small print so it would all fit along the bottom.

Digipak Back Cover Draft 2 Again, using the same form of annotations for feedback, I gained similar comments. POSITIVES: - Colour flows - Positioning of everything is clear and not crowded - Includes everything needed on the CD NEGATIVES: - The background is a bit light, hard to read the ‘CALVIN HARRIS + EXAMPLE’ text. From here, I plan to darken the background so the text is easier to read. I will keep the positioning of everything the same as the audience liked this.

Digipak Back Cover This turned out to be my final design due to the feedback being all positive. I created a poll and asked 10 people within my target audience if they thought my back cover was good to use conventionally, in terms of appearance and if it contained all the information relevant. Do you think my back cover is conventional, appealing visually and has all the information needed? 12 10 8 6 4 2 0

YesBack Cover No

Advert Draft 1 Using Messenger, I was able to easily send screenshots of my poster design and ask for feedback. The main feedback was liking the layout as it was clear and ordered well, but the font and edit of my artist needed improving, in order to match the album and look better. Acting on this, I plan to match the font to the digipak, and edit the artist so it looks less out of place.

Advert Draft 2 For my second advert, as I was creating this, I screen shared so I was gaining feedback in real time while constructing this. The feedback in the end was that using the photo of Stephen didn't look good in the design as it looked too busy and crowded, which wasn’t conventional of EDM adverts due to them usually being simplistic. Therefore, for my final design I planned to remove the image and improve the background so the 'e' stood out more and further related to the album, in terms of colour as the green didn’t match with my digipak or music video.

Advert Draft 3 I created another poll to see if Is this advert aesthetically pleasing and well informed? there was anything else my target audience would change about my advert. As the results were completely positive, I made this my final design due to it including everything needed, relating to the digipak as well as the artist branding, due to the ‘e’ logo.



Would you change anything?



Conclusion To conclude, I feel my audience feedback was crucial in order to have a final design that appealed to my market and target audience. It meant that I didn’t miss any conventional information on my products and that the design throughout all linked and looked legitimate. If I was to do this again, I would prefer to get a wider range of feedback. Despite gaining feedback in forms of annotations, verbal real time feedback, podcast style feedback and polls, there could be more in depth feedback given. However, I chose not to do this due to the time restrictions in place; it was hard to find someone that was available for a long discussion of my products. Also, I would gain more feedback from people in terms of numbers, as the more people who I gain feedback from, the more representative my data would be of my target audience. Again, this wasn’t as easy to do due to the risk of anonymous people leaving irrelevant feedback on my work, such as through posting the survey link on social media, or handing out paper surveys. Therefore, I had to select people who I new fitted my target audience to ensure my feedback was appropriate to me.

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Q3 Evaluation

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